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NYC Mayoral Dem Primary 9/3/13 Q Poll has De Blasio over the magic 40% line….

If the poll is correct on election day …7 days away….

…..Bill De Blasio will become the next Mayor of New York City in November…

He should have no run-off…after next Tuesday’s election…..


There is no GOP candidate that can touch him….

Bill Thompson moves into second place…and Poor Christine Quinn is in third place with Mike Bloomberg draging her out of the race….

With 47 percent of black voters and 44 percent of women voters, New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio surges to 43 percent of likely voters in the Democratic primary for mayor, passing the 40 percent cutoff and possibly avoiding a runoff, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.
Former City Comptroller and 2009 Democratic nominee William Thompson is at 20 percent, with 18 percent for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, 7 percent for former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, 4 percent for Comptroller John Liu, 1 percent for former Council member Sal Albanese and 8 percent undecided.
This compares to results of an August 28 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN- uh-pe-ack) University which showed de Blasio at 36 percent, with 21 percent for Quinn, 20 percent for Thompson, 8 percent for Weiner and 6 percent for Liu.
In today’s survey, women likely Democratic primary voters go 44 percent for de Blasio, 19 percent for Thompson and 18 percent for Quinn. Men go 41 percent for de Blasio, 20 percent for Thompson and 18 percent for Quinn. Black voters go 47 percent for de Blasio, 25 percent for Thompson and 6 percent for Quinn. White voters go 42 percent for de Blasio, 28 percent for Quinn and 16 percent for Thompson.
“Can Public Advocate Bill de Blasio keep his surge going for seven more days?


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How Christine Quinn doomed her chance to be the New York City Mayor….

First it was Anthony Weiner….

Now it’s Bill De Blasio…..

Christine Quinn has been in second place in the polling for the Democratic Primary to become the Mayor of the City of New York most of the last six months

The Major reason for that is one thing….

Her support and actions in assuring Mike Bloomberg a Third term as Mayor….

On a December day in 2007,Christine C. Quinn, the speaker of the City Council, called herself utterly immovable on the question of overturning New York’s term limits law.

“I am today taking a firm and final position,” she declared. “I will not support the repeal or change of term limits through any mechanism, and I will oppose aggressively any attempt by anyone to make any changes in the term limits law.”

The next 314 days turned an implacable opponent of tossing out the law into a primary architect of its dismantling.

It is an about-face that haunts her still.

An angry public has viewed Ms. Quinn’s decision to undo the law as a back-room deal — a simple tit-for-tat that guaranteed Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg a third term in exchange for his blessing for her own eventual bid for City Hall.

But a close-in examination suggests that her reversal was an act more of self-preservation than of favor-trading, driven by intersecting motivations: avoiding the wrath of term-limited Council members who could undermine her speakership, distancing herself from an embarrassing scandal over City Council budgeting that had damaged her own mayoral prospects and, above all, protecting a political identity that hinged on a working partnership with the popular Mr. Bloomberg.


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Another poll confirms De Blasio is pulling away from the NYC Dem Mayoral Field…

This time it’s the NY Times/Siena Colleg Poll…..

Bill Thompson comes in second and Christine Quinn third…..

I wouldn’t look to this Dog as a expert forecaster….

But  it does look like this is gonna be the finals come September 10th when th vote comes in….

Now can De Blasio avoid a runoff by gettting more than 40%?

New York City is looking at it’s first Democrat in 20 years, and a guy who has a past Clinton connection….


With 11 days remaining until the primary, the new survey shows a drastically reshaped race as a broad cross-section of voters embraces Mr. de Blasio’s candidacy. It found that 32 percent of likely Democratic voters supported Mr. de Blasio, who is the city’s elected public advocate, compared with 18 percent forWilliam C. Thompson Jr., the former comptroller, and 17 percent for Ms. Quinn, the speaker of the City Council.

Mr. de Blasio’s campaign, fueled by a relentless focus on economic disparity and a searing critique of the Bloomberg administration, has transcended the city’s traditional demographic divisions: he is drawing higher levels of support from men and women, older and younger, than any of his rivals. He has won the backing of those who think the city is headed in the right direction and those convinced it is on the wrong track.

With so little time left in the primary, Mr. de Blasio’s commanding lead will quite likely force his Democratic rivals to recalibrate their strategies, intensify their attacks and seek to land decisive blows against him during the final televised debate next week.

The citywide Times/Siena College poll was conducted on landlines and cellphones from Aug. 19 to 28 with 505 likely Democratic primary voters. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus four percentage points.

As voters prepare for a change in City Hall, the poll shows that Democrats remain deeply conflicted over the state of the city: they are evenly split over whether they approve or disapprove of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s job performance, and over whether the city is headed in the right or wrong direction.

Mr. de Blasio’s campaign has sought to capitalize on that unease, especially among the city’s liberal voters. But the survey suggests that his appeal has reached beyond the left-leaning constituencies he cultivated first as a councilman, then as public advocate…..


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Political Roundup for August 27, 2013…SC Gov Haley has GOP stars on hand for 2014 run rollout…Red Racing Horses

by: James_Nola
RRH is still accepting applications for a new Editor. If you meet the qualifications and think you have what it takes to join the Elite Red Robes of the front page, apply here. Other

SC-Gov: Gov. Nikki Haley kicked off her re-election campaign last night, with several GOP stars, Govs. Bobby Jindal (current RGA chair), Rick Perry (former RGA Chair), and Scott Walker (future RGA chair), as well as Sen. Tim Scott in attendance. There had been some speculation that Haley may retire, given the intense personal attacks she has faced in office.

NYC-Mayor: Chris Quinn and Joe Lhota had a nice few days, picking up the endorsements of the NYT and New York Post. Winning all the major paper endorsements has been something of a coup for Quinn, who’s candidacy has been faltering of late. This still does not feel like, to me anyway, a primary that is only 2 weeks away……


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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest 8/16/13: Second poll confirms Bill De Blasio surge in New York City race

Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by David Jarman

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Leading Off:

• NYC mayor: We’ve gotten some confirmation that Tuesday’s Quinnipiac poll of the New York City mayoral race — which had one-time afterthought Bill De Blasio surging into an unexpected lead — was no fluke. Thursday’s new Marist poll of the race (on behalf of the Wall Street Journal and NBC) finds similar numbers, although they see a tie between De Blasio and Christine Quinn rather than an outright lead.

The new poll finds De Blasio, the city Public Advocate, and city council president Quinn tied at 24 each, with ex-Comptroller Bill Thompson at 18, ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (who now has 63% unfavorable among Democrats) at 11, and current Comptroller John Liu at 5. Compared with the previous poll, Quinn is down by 2 points, while De Blasio is up by 7. De Blasio’s gains are coming mostly within the African-American community, as he moved up from 10% to 20% support among blacks; that’s probably thanks to his stance against the city’s stop-and-frisk policies, which became much better known in recent weeks thanks to this ad starring his son. Most observers consider De Blasio as generally the most progressive member of the mayoral field (though Thompson would take issue with that).

Unlike the Quinnipiac poll from earlier this week, though, Marist finds Quinn still competitive in a runoff, which will happen if no candidate breaks 40% in the primary. De Blasio beats Quinn in a head-to-head runoff by only 44-42; similarly, Thompson beats Quinn 44-43. In a De Blasio/Thompson contest, De Blasio prevails 44-36.

Finally, Marist also has data about the downballot races. Ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer leads Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer 54-36 in the Comptroller primary, while the Public Advocate primary is led by city councilor Letitia James at 16, followed by Catherine Guerriero and Dan Squadron at 12, and Reshma Saujani at 3. And while it’s easy to forget, there’s still a Republican mayoral primary, too: former Metropolitan Transit Authority president Joe Lhota leads John Catsimatidis and George McDonald, 33-22-12.

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New NYC Mayors Race Q Poll 8/13/13…de Blasio, Quinn, Thompson and Weiner

Here we go folks!….

We have four weeks to go and the lead changes AGAIN…..

Things ARE Fluid……

Quinn is already having a  hard time after the judges ruling on ‘Sop and Frisk’……

Just on that she loses the lead….

In this poll Anthony Weiner has lost his grip on his black voters….

Bill de Blasio seems to be the recipient of the voters who have soured on Weiner, Quinn  and aren’t happy with Thompson….


With strong support from white Democratic likely primary voters and voters critical of the so- called stop-and-frisk police tactic, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio leads the Democratic race for New York City mayor with 30 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

With four weeks to go, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has 24 percent, with 22 percent for former Comptroller William Thompson, 10 percent for former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, 6 percent for Comptroller John Liu, 1 percent for former Council member Sal Albanese and 7 percent undecided, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.
Stop-and-frisk is excessive and harasses innocent people, 60 percent of likely Democratic primary voters say, while 31 percent say it is an acceptable way to make the city safer. Among those critical of stop-and-frisk, 34 percent back de Blasio, with 24 percent for Thompson and 22 percent for Quinn.
Democratic likely voters support 66 – 25 percent the creation of an inspector general to independently monitor the New York Police Department.
There is a measurable racial divide as black voters go 39 percent for Thompson, 22 percent for de Blasio and 18 percent for Quinn. White voters go 39 percent for de Blasio, 31 percent for Quinn and 12 percent for Thompson.
Gender does not appear to be a factor as women go 31 percent for de Blasio, 26 percent for Quinn and 23 percent for Thompson. Men go 30 percent for de Blasio, 22 percent for Quinn and 20 percent for Thompson.
“A few weeks ago, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio looked like an also-ran. Today, he’s the leader of the pack, and a winner in the runoffs. Follow the bouncing ball, folks. This line-up keeps changing,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

“Nobody thinks former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner will pack it in, but 52 percent of likely Democratic primary voters wish he’d go away and 51 percent say they’d never vote for him,” Carroll said….



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In NYC Quinn wants Govt Student subsidized student loans and deBalzio want’s free Pre-K…

These two are are running for Mayor in the City of New York…

They’re trying to sprint over Anthony Weiners media foilables…..

You KNOW there ain’t any serious GOP oppostion with these two pitches to use taxpayer money on education….

City Council Speaker and New York City mayoral front runner Christine Quinn is out with what seems to be a proposal for government-subsidized student loans for toddlers:

Families with children between the ages of 2 and 4 can get loans up to $11,000. In the first year, they’ll be available to 40 eligible families.

“Early-childhood education is one of the most important investments a parent can make,” Quinn said……


Compare this to Bill de Blasio’s plan to pay for a universal preschool programwith higher taxes on high-income New Yorkers. That’s certainly a plan open to all the usual criticisms leveled at tax hikes. But it also seems like the sensible way to propose an expansion of public services. You have a service you want to offer, you have an estimate of what it would cost, and you have a proposal to obtain the money necessary….


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Open Thread for July 30, 2013….Anthony Weiner….

I REALLY want this thing to be OVER in a month…..

I really thought Anthony Weiner was gonna be the next Mayor of the City of New York…

They we found out that he’s pretty dumb…dumb…dumb….

He said he was over with the flirty thing on-line but he wasn’t…

We now have the New York and to some extend national media doing a dance to hound him out of office…

We have his wife , who urged him to run, getting attacked in the media also….

The last two polls out have Christine Quinn in first place  and Bill Thompson , and Bill de Blasio back in the picture….

But there is about 40 more days to go….

Weiner isn’t going to drop out and HE has MORE money than ANYONE in the race….

I really don’t know how this is gonna end up….

But I certainly would NOT be surprised if either Thompson, Quinn or Weiner end up in a runoff…..


Enough Already!


Eliot Spitzer has to be having the biggest laugh of all….

He’s crusin into the NYC Comptroller job after doing worst things and having HIS wife getting ready to divorce him….

Go Figure?

No photo….

Everybody knows what the guy looks like….

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Breaking…First Snap Poll after Weiner stuff finds Quinn back in the lead in NYC Mayor Race…..

Marist is out with the first poll of the NYC Democratic Mayoral Primary Race after the latest Weiner revelations aired and it shows  Weiner dropping behind Quinn for the first time in a while….

Weiner stays in second place…Bill Thompson is tied for third with de Blasio….

In light of new revelations that Anthony Weiner continued to engage in lewd online behavior after he resigned from Congress two years ago, Weiner now trails Christine Quinn in the Democratic primary for New York City mayor.  In this first poll conducted entirely after the latest scandalous details emerged, Quinn now outdistances Weiner by 9 percentage points.

Among registered Democrats in New York City, including those who are undecided yet leaning toward a candidate, if the Democratic primary were held today, here is how the contest would stand:

  • 25% Christine Quinn
  • 16% Anthony Weiner
  • 14% Bill de Blasio
  • 14% Bill Thompson
  •   7% John Liu
  •   2% Erick Salgado
  •   1% Sal Albanese
  •   2% Other
  • 19% Undecided

Click Here for Complete July 25, 2013 NBC 4 New York/Wall Street Journal/Marist Poll NYC Release and Tables

“For many Democrats the latest revelations about Anthony Weiner are more of the same, only more so,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.  “Weiner has lost his lead and his negatives are at an all-time high.”

There has been a 14 percentage point swing in the contest between Quinn and Weiner.  As noted, Quinn leads Weiner by 9 percentage points….



Come back in a week about a moth out from the election and we’ll see how hard Weiner is damaged.

At this point he’s still in a probable run-off position….

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Christine Quinn carries Mike Bloomberg on her back in her try for NYC Mayor…It hurts…


She is dropping in the polls like a stone….

Anthony Weiner is moving up to the top….

And Bill Thompson is just a inch behind her….

When her campaign volunter’s ring doorbells….

They remind them that Christine Quinn helped Mike Bloomberg do what they th voter did NOT want him to do….Hustle a third term…..

She’s iS  in trouble….

In the Bayside section of Queens, a volunteer had barely begun her sales pitch for Christine C. Quinn’s mayoral campaign when the middle-aged man who answered the door cut her off. “She was the one responsible, in the City Council, for giving Bloomberg a third term,” he barked. “I hold that against her.”

The volunteer calmly countered that it was New Yorkers, not Ms. Quinn, who “voted the mayor back in.”

In Astoria, Queens, a woman in her 30s told another Quinn volunteer that the candidate’s sometimes brash personality had rubbed her the wrong way.

The volunteer gamely explained that Ms. Quinn’s flashes of temper “come from a place of love and passion.”

For all its financial might and political firepower, Ms. Quinn’s once high-flying bid for mayor has suddenly plummeted back to earth, shedding its coveted front-runner status and foreclosing the possibility of a painless path to City Hall. So with two months left in an increasingly unpredictable Democratic primary, she is dispatching a volunteer army unlike any in the race to every corner of New York City, determined not just to promote her campaign, but also to systematically ferret out and rebut voters’ reservations and resentments toward her.

The work of these 1,822 volunteers has taken on an urgency now that polls show her rapidly losing ground, above all to former Representative Anthony D. Weiner, who was all but written off by party leaders and is now running neck-and-neck with her.

Aides to Ms. Quinn are sounding rattled. “The confidence that existed four months ago doesn’t exist anymore now,” one said, speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of offending Ms. Quinn.

When Ms. Quinn, the Council speaker, entered the race in March, her candidacy was guided by a set of seemingly solid assumptions: that most voters were happy with the direction of the city; that her sizable lead was stable; and that the political embrace of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was assured.

But the electorate seems unsettled and the strains in her relationship with Mr. Bloomberg have intensified, while her campaign, described by those close to it as cautious and incumbentlike, has so far failed to stir voters.

She now risks appearing robotic and uninspiring next to the spontaneous and wisecracking Mr. Weiner.


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A Look at the NYC Mayors race from the UK’s Guardian…6/28/13


This piece basically repeats what was said when the Marist and Quinnipiac polls came out this week….

Marist has Anthony Weiner up 5% points over Quinn…..The Q Poll has Quinn up by 2% over Weiner and has him tied with Thompson, who lost to Bloomberg four years ago…..

There  are two story lines here….

Weiner has gained as Quin has faltered……

Thompson has gained…..

It is this Dogs view that a possible run off would involve Quin or Thompson AND Weiner…..

It is also this Dogs view that Anthony Weiner would win in a one on one against either….

The New York City mayoral race is a zoo, and we’re all witnesses to it. Over the past two months, I said Anthony Weiner was stronger than initial polling suggested, Christine Quinn might not make the runoff (held if no candidate reaches 40% in the first round) and Bill Thompson probably would end up in the second round. The polling that came out this week makes me doubt none of these beliefs, yet the race remains very unsettled.

This week Marist and Quinnipiac released polls with slightly different, though, mostly consistent results. Marist had Weiner at 25%, Quinn at 20%, Thompson at 13%, Bill de Blasio at 10% and John Liu at 8%. Quinnipiac put Quinn at 19%, Weiner at 17%, Thompson at 16%, de Blasio at 10% and Liu at 7%. You’ll note that both surveys paint Quinn, Thompson, de blasio and Liu in nearly the same place and any differences are within the margin of error. Weiner’s higher percentage in the Marist poll may, as Mark Blumenthal noted on Wednesday, be because he’s in the news a lot and is benefitting from Marist pushing undecideds harder.

That should not be mistaken for Quinn having any sort of strong support. The Marist poll finds that among those who strongly support a candidate Weiner’s lead over Quinn’s extends to 17pt – 40% to 23%. Quinnipiac has her unfavorable rating among Democrats climbing to 31% – 12pt higher than in May and by far her highest of the year. What is going on?

While many analysts were stuck claiming that Weiner was a product of name recognition, they failed to recognize the same and perhaps to a greater extent was true of Quinn. I wrote in March that Quinn didn’t have a record that some Democrats would like once they got to know it. Anti-Quinn advertisements have been running in New York, and they clearly have had an effect.

Quinn had also been polling particularly strongly among African-Americans and Latinos in prior Marist surveys, which didn’t make much sense. Quinn is seen as a kind of heir apparent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg who polls worst among minorities. The latest Marist poll has her falling back to third among blacks at 19% and second among Latinos at 16%. Those numbers may fall further.

Weiner, meanwhile, has seen his numbers climb. In the ballot test, he’s at his high point in both the Marist and Quinnpiac polls. He’s cut his deficit in a potential runoff against Quinn from 15pt down to 2pt per Marist. Marist has his net favorable among Democrats rising from 0 to +16pt in the last month alone, while Quinnpiac show the percentage of Democrats thinking he should run for mayor up to 52% from 41% last month.

It’s easy to say that Weiner’s rise is because more people are hearing his name, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true.



My reasoning is that the Black vote will not be enough for Thompson to beat Weiner  who is a carismic campaigner…..In addition, Weiner will carry the Jewish vote along with East Indians who will be sensitive to his wife ‘s  Huma Abden’s background….Finally, Weiner should somewhat split the black vote (Which tends to NOT be that strong in NYC) in my opinion…..I agree that Chritine Quinn is probably NOT gonna be able to keep with Weiner and Thompson….She’s too closely tied to Bloomberg who is NOT liked very much and who manoeuvred a third term with her assistance….

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Christine Quinn is invisisble in the 2013 Mayors race…


The Speaker of the NYC Council just came out with a book….

It sold 100 copies the first week….That’s alll…

She has NO friends at the New York Times which has dogged her with a spotlight on her close ties to the New York political establishment and again….Rich Mayor Bloomberg…

With Anthony Weiner stealing ALL the New York City political oxygen…..

Quinn has fallen to the wayside…

…..this week, the New York Timesreported that her memoir sold a mere 100 copies in its first week on shelves. Maybe the stunningly low number has more to do with the publishing industry’s troubles, but I suspect that, simply, Quinn isn’t as famous as people want her to be.

Who are the “people” in question? Well, aside from whatever poor editor was responsible for inking her deal and the campaign staff tasked with raising awareness of their boss and the magazine editors eager to anoint a new, substantive It Girl: the people of New York. Although Quinn has been the frontrunner since long before the campaign actually started, there has been a distinct lack of enthusiasm for her candidacy. Even Mayor Bloomberg, whom Quinn supported steadfastly even when it cost her support among progressives and whose administration she is tacitly promising to continue if elected, reportedly cast about for alternative candidates, all of whom were more famous than Quinn. It is difficult to separate out Quinn’s strength from her weakness. Part of the knock against her is that she is a creature bred of her environment, the backrooms of New York politics—the knowledge of which forms the capstone of her campaign. And yet what Bloomberg seems to believe—and what, perhaps, the massive changes that the city has undergone in his three terms proves, in some measure—is that it takes not a compromised operator but a presence to get things done in New York. Bloomberg is clearly of the opinion that you hire a CEO from the outside, not promote from within the ranks.

New York City exceptionalism has always been a thing. But over the last 12 years, the city itself has gotten shinier, cleaner, richer, more full of tourists. The city’s self-image—at least as I, who have only known it in the Bloomberg era, understand it—has less to do with fuhgeddaboutit scrappiness than it used to. Despite the European tourists and the bikesharing, New York has more in common with mainstream American than it used to, and there is nothing we Americans like more than celebrities. Meanwhile, Anthony Weiner, the one genuine national celebrity in the race, performs a burlesque version of that old-school New Yorkese.


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The Washington Post does a review of the currant NYC Mayor Race….Anthony Weiner and everyone else…

The piece IS about Anthony Weiner and everyone else…..

My question is Can Christine Quinn hang on against Weiner in a final face off?

A rush of city officials, ambitious pols and gadflies are seeking to take the place ofMayor Michael Bloomberg, a municipal giant who has served three terms, played on a national stage and is one of the most consequential mayors in the city’s history. There is no obvious heir apparent. The result is arguably the most significant and screwball race in the country, a Cannonball Run that could elect the first Democratic mayor here in more than 20 years.

Weiner is by far the most politically gifted and attention-monopolizing candidate in the Sept. 10 Democratic primary race. But it’s not yet clear what that gets him, in a crowded and still-volatile field. The putative front-runner is Christine Quinn, the speaker of the City Council and Bloomberg’s preferred choice. A potentially historic figure as the first female mayor and a lesbian, and the only Democratic contender to have wielded significant power in city government, Quinn leads in public polls but has yet to inspire much excitement. (Her campaign-season memoir, relating her past struggles with bulimia and alcoholism, has so far sold 100 copies, according to the New York Times.) Bill Thompson, a mild-mannered former city comptroller whonarrowly lost to Bloomberg in 2009, is the only African American in the race and is making sure that everyone knows what he looks like this time around. The city’s politically talented comptroller John Liu would be the first Asian American mayor except for a nagging federal investigation, and the campaign of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has prominently featured his black, former lesbian wife in an effort to boost his progressive appeal.

No candidate is likely to get 40 percent of the initial vote, triggering an Oct. 1 runoff between the top two finishers. The Democratic nominee will face off against the Republican primary winner and assorted third-party candidates in November’s general election…..



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On Christine Quinn…Who’s running for NYC Mayor….


The New York Times looks at the current fron runner for the NYC Mayor’s job…..

(Currently the race for the job is just between Ms. Quinn and Anthony Weiner….Both are Democrats…The Republicans are just not it this time., which is the first time in 20 years)

…..a review of Ms. Quinn’s early career in the city suggests that she has preferred the insiders’ game from the start. During her first decade after college, when she worked as an advocate on housing and gay rights issues and as an aide to the city’s first openly gay councilman, she honed the work-the-system strategy that has brought her both criticism and praise in more recent years.

At the Anti-Violence Project, Ms. Quinn doubled the organization’s budget and expanded its national profile, earning plaudits from the board of directors. But the advocates in her midst viewed her actions as a betrayal. Staff members threatened a walkout; many later resigned.

In an interview this month, Ms. Quinn readily acknowledged that she viewed consensus and compromise as the most effective route to bringing about change, be it as an advocate or an elected official. “It isn’t about getting some good housekeeping seal of approval from whoever gives that out on the left wing,” she said. “It’s about making people’s lives better and helping them when they’re in a time of need.”

“Being an activist is about getting things done,” she added. “It’s not about standing around shaking your fist in anger.”

Ms. Quinn, a native of Long Island, got her start in activism as an undergraduate at Trinity College in Hartford, where she joined the campus chapter of the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group. She worked briefly after college as a political organizer in Massachusetts; she then moved to New York City, where, after a few months as a fund-raiser, she was hired as lead organizer of the Housing Justice Campaign, which advocated for tenants and affordable housing measures.

Ms. Quinn quickly established herself as a tireless and creative advocate, working the phones until late into the night. “She was the best organizer we ever had,” said Jay Small, a former colleague. “She was fearless, in a lot of ways.”

So unafraid was Ms. Quinn, that, even as a new hire in her early 20s, she showed the brazenness of a politician twice her age, directly approaching board members to criticize the parent group’s executive director, Bonnie Brower, who had hired her just months earlier.

Ms. Brower recalled being impressed with Ms. Quinn’s energy. “I can actually picture her in my office, during the interview, and she seemed ready to go,” she said. But after the episode, she revised her view.

“She has used the Housing Justice Campaign to earn street cred as a progressive, but in reality, I don’t think she had a passion for principle,” Ms. Brower said…..



The spotlight in this race has been entirely on Anthony Weiner for the last several weeks…..

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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest 5/29/13: Marist offers first numbers for an NYC mayoral runoff

Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by David Nir

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Leading Off:

• NYC Mayor: In a first this cycle, Marist has tested a number of matchups in a hypothetical NYC mayoral Democratic runoff, which would be required if no candidate receives 40 percent of the vote in the primary. (Why does New York even have runoffs?They’re a relic from the past.) Of course, New Yorkers first have to whittle the field down to just two names, but with ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner’s entrance into the race, the primary picture is as scrambled as ever (April trendlines in parentheses):

Christine Quinn: 24 (26)
Anthony Weiner: 19 (15)
Bill de Blasio: 12 (11)
Bill Thompson: 11 (11)
John Liu: 8 (12)
Undecided: 23 (22)

Weiner keeps gaining, and Quinn keeps tumbling, but with this many undecideds, and the race still barely begun on the mass media level, I’m loathe to make any predictions. Despite everything, though, Quinn still does seem likeliest to make the runoff, so that’s whom Marist tested everyone against. As the best-known candidate in the field, with a 60-26 favorability rating, she prevails against everyone (favorables for opponents in parens):

44-34 vs. Thompson (52-17)
48-33 vs. Weiner (44-44)
48-30 vs. de Blasio (50-19)
53-25 vs. Liu (45-31)

But as you can see, these numbers don’t seem to correlate much with favorability scores or even name recognition. Liu, for instance, does considerably worse than Weiner, despite Weiner’s extremely poor ratings. (Remember, these are among registered Democrats only; it’s pretty rare for members of your own party to view a candidate so poorly.) Meanwhile, Thompson and de Blasio have very similar favorables, but Thompson comes much closer to Quinn. This may be one of those cases where intensity of voter feelings matters more than raw positive/negative scores.

Whatever the case may be, you could certainly argue that Quinn is in an enviable position. After all, she leads the pack, right? But given her drooping primary numbers (something also seen by Quinnipiac), I could readily believe that she has further to fall, and that could extend to the runoff as well—assuming, of course, that she makes it there…..

Continue Reading

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Weiner NYC Mayor Campaign roll out see’s him gain on Quinn to within single digits…

The race for New York City Mayor IS a two person race with Anthony Weiner steady gaining on the front runner NYC Council Leader Christine Quinn…

And contrary to those who focused on Anthony Weiner’s Social Media foibles….

That will be a none issue….

There is a very good chance that if Weiner keeps getting good press from the national media that he will catch Quinn in the polls because she has been losing approval numbers steadily since Weiner started letting the media know he was doing a run for Mayor….

This Dog smells a underdog race….


 “The Democratic primary for mayor remains wide open,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “It is likely to come down to who can punch their ticket for the runoff.”

In April, amid speculation Weiner would enter the race for mayor, he garnered the support of 15% of registered Democrats.  Quinn at that time received 26%, a lead of eleven points.  12%, last month, indicated they would vote for John Liu.  Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson each received 11%.  Sal Albanese had 2%, and 1% mentioned another candidate.  22% were undecided.

The race continues to be fluid although slightly more Democrats are committed to their vote than in April.  39% of Democrats who have a candidate preference are strongly committed to their choice, and an additional 35% are somewhat behind their candidate.  25% might vote differently, and 2% are unsure.  In April, only 34% strongly supported their choice, 30% somewhat supported their candidate, and 35% reported they might vote differently.  Two percent were unsure.

Intensity of support varies for the two frontrunners.  Among those who support Christine Quinn, 30% are strongly behind her, and 42% somewhat support her. 24% say they might vote differently, and 4% are undecided.  Anthony Weiner’s supporters are a bit stronger in their backing.  43% strongly support him while 38% are somewhat supportive. 17% might vote differently, and 2% are unsure.

Among Democrats who are likely to vote in September’s primary, Quinn receives 24% followed by Weiner with 19%, de Blasio with 14%, Thompson with 13%, Liu with 8%, Albanese with 1%, and Salgado with less than 1%.  21% of likely Democrats are undecided…..


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