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Kneeling isn’t hurting the NFL…Overexposure is….

The idea has been brought up that the kneeling during the national anthem was the causing the National Football owners a loss in viewership….

A few of those owners have been quietly expressing frustration with the continuing of the action by their players…

But the Wall Street Journal is out with different reason for a decline in people watching NFL games…

Too much product ….

Image result for National Football League

Media executives are rallying around an explanation for the National Football League’s declining TV ratings: too much football available in too many places.

Total NFL ratings through the first seven weeks have declined 5% compared with last year and about 15% versus the same stretch in 2015, which was a very strong season for the league.

The league’s aggressive media strategy in recent years has led to a flurry of new offerings: an increase of Thursday night games; games available on Verizon mobile phones and Amazon’s streaming service; highlights on the NFL-owned cable channel RedZone and social-media platforms; and full-game replays on an NFL subscription service called GamePass.

The fear among TV executives is that this has backfired, devaluing the programming.

“I think there’s a question mark for the NFL, which is just to think hard about how they are licensing,”…



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Breaking…Judge throws out Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension…Update NFL will appeal…

The New England Patriots NFL Quarterback gets a good pass from the judge over the head of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s head….

Play Ball!

Tom Brady is free to play football next week after a federal judge overturned the four-game suspension that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued Brady earlier this year for his role in Deflategate.

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman’s ruling sent a shocking message to Goodell and the NFL: The commissioner’s seemingly limitless powers can indeed be benched.

The long-awaited ruling by Berman opened the door for the NFL to appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the ruling, an uncertain process that could take months to resolve itself….



Here’s the decision …..


…via twitter…

The Boston Globe ‏@BostonGlobe
Roger Goodell vows to appeal #Deflategate ruling, read the full statement: http://bos.gl/mGqiY9A

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Dumb Stuff… Trying to Ban Gay NFL Players….

This IS some REALLY Dumb shit…..

Washington lobbyist Jack Burkman on Monday said he is preparing legislation that would ban gay athletes from joining the National Football League.

Burkman in a statement said he has garnered political support for the bill, though his statement didn’t mention any specific lawmakers who are behind it.

”We are losing our decency as a nation,” Burkman said in a statement. “Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man. That’s a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country. What in the world has this nation come to?”

Burkman said he came up with the idea after college football star Michael Sam publicly revealed he is gay a few weeks ago. If drafted, Sam would be the first openly gay player in the NFL.

Jason Collins on Sunday became the first openly gay athlete to play for a major men’s professional sports team when he suited up for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets against the Los Angeles Lakers.


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The Seahawks beat the 49er’s and will meet Denver in the Super Bowl…

seahawks 49ers

photo…Jonathan Ferrey /Getty Images

….from The Huffington Post Sports…

 Russell Wilson threw a 35-yard touchdown pass on fourth down and Seattle’s top-ranked defense forced two late turnovers, lifting the Seahawks into their second Super Bowl with a 23-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC championship Sunday.

Seattle will meet Denver for the NFL title in two weeks in the New Jersey Meadowlands. It’s the first trip to the big game for the Seahawks (15-3) since they lost to Pittsburgh after the 2005 season.

The conference champs had the best records in the league, the first time the top seeds have gotten to the Super Bowl since 2009.

San Francisco (14-5) led 17-13 when Wilson, given a free play as Aldon Smith jumped offside, hurled the ball to Jermaine Kearse, who made a leaping catch in the end zone.

Steven Hauschka then kicked his third field goal, and Seattle intercepted in the end zone on the 49ers’ final possession….


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The New York Giants vs. The New England Patriots Super Bowl XLVI

Usually I am blogging about my opinions of Pro Basketball but this week, I believe it is important to cover one of the biggest weekends of the year.

Super Bowl XLVI weekend is upon us ladies and gentlemen and I couldn’t be more excited. Many of my peers who know me are shocked that I am involved in Football. After the NBA had a lockout for 3 months last fall, I was turned to Football by one of my best friends Nick Binioris. He insisted and persuaded me to watch nothing but Eli Manning and the New York Giants. The loyal Giant fan held high hopes that I would embrace the culture of the game. Week after week, I started to watch and learn what the G- Men were all about. Long story short, Nick was successful. This Sunday I will be rooting for the Giants. Now some may say “Gee he’s just hopping on the bandwagon just like every other New Yorker.” The difference is come next year win or lose, I will still be a Giant fan.  I know some people who will get off the wagon if they lose on Sunday. Over the last two weeks, New Yorkers have gone above and beyond to prepare for this epic battle. I am convinced all Models in New York are sold out of Eli Manning jerseys. Sundays game is not just about the Giants and Patriots. This game has  3 significant meanings to it.

1.) THE REMATCH– In 2008, the Giants upset the Patriots in what was “supposed” to be a perfect season for New England. Quarterback Tom Brady seeks revenge and his 4th Super Bowl ring.

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NFL Playoff Power Preview – The Divisional Round…Daily Kos….

by sk7326Follow for The Wide World of Sports @ Daily Kos….

Well, THAT was interesting.  Well, the wild card weekend delivered a couple of genuine surprises, one mild surprise and one not surprise at all.  Obviously Tim Tebow’s continuing crusade to bring Jesus and the single wing to towns like Pittsburgh (and now Foxboro and the rest of the 6-state region of New England) has left many football fans perplexed in its wake – not the least of which is simply being perplexed by why Pittsburgh had no deep help at all in a non goal-line situation.  But I’d also add the way the Texans laid waste to the Bengals in the surprise category.  I know I thought it would be a close game, but yet that rugged running game of the Texans pounded the Bengals into dust.  On the bright side, the Bengals have pieces – now it just has to get better.

The Giants executed a mild surprise in how easy it was to dust Atlanta.  On the other hand, we should have seen it coming to a degree – Atlanta’s ceiling was so much less than the Giants.  Yeah the Giants have been inconsistent, but their best is so much better than Atlanta’s best, and they brought it.  Finally there was New Orleans rallying to blow away Detroit – but they have been breathtaking on offense under the Dome the last month and change.  In any case, now the big kids show up to the playground.  How does it go?  As always, we’ll use the adjusted scoring margin as a starting point.



4:30 New Eauxrleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers

Well, with LSU delivering its stink bomb against Alabama last night, someone has to carry the banner for competent Louisiana football.  New Orleans has been just marvelous down the stretch with the most exciting offense in football.  Yeah, Green Bay, New England, Detroit all bring various levels of comparable thunder, but no team has the same cornucopia of formation and personnel variety.  Sean Payton thinks of ways to run plays that nobody else does – it is fun to see what they come up with.

Of course this matchup is an irresistible force-immovable object clash with the 49ers hard core defense and meat and potatoes offense (or quinoa for the vegans).  It is also a test of the indoor team going outside for a big game – which is always a challenge.  Yeah, San Francisco is no frozen tundra, but the grass will slow the Saints down a little – maybe?  Really fascinating to see who prevails here.  In the rankings this is our #2 vs #5, good anyway, but you take the adjusted scoring margins and it gets better.  The Saints +13.0 vs the 49ers +12.3 implies the 49ers as a field goal favorite or so when home field is considered.  Can the 49ers keep this close, slow down the Saints enough for their great kicking game to finish it off?

8:00 Divine Providence at City of Providence

I did not think I would be typing words pertinent to this matchup.  Yep, it’s Tebow and Brady – your Week 15 matchup redux.  The Patriots, as you recall, got gashed early, but then did a really good job on the Denver zone option.  Their strategy of ignoring the pitch and hitting Tebow created a couple of ghastly turnovers that sent the snowball down the hill.  Also, in a game plan designed to take the great Rob Gronkowski away, the Patriots ended up getting a huge performance out of the pretty darn good Aaron Hernandez.

The Patriots of course have not won a playoff game in 4 years,  This team is not ideally suited to go long.  At the same time, if they could get to the Super Bowl – the overwhelming likelihood is that it would be against a team that could facilitate a track meet – where their defensive deficiencies are less dire.  The Patriots have traded in stiff yardage defense for takeaways and touchdown prevention.  Hardly shutdown – but there have been few big numbers either.  The Patriots +12.9, Denver -0.7 sets up New England as a 17 point favorite.  Denver could win this by just outpossessing and crushing the Patriots physically.  But New England will not make the same mistakes Pittsburgh made defensively – they will force Tebow to be patient and to make the sorts of decisions and throws that he is less comfortable with.  Plus, there is that offense – and can Denver really stop it enough to be a factor?  It is hard to envision the Patriots losing (ducking lightning bolt) …


1:00 Houston Texans at Baltimore Edgar Allan Poems

THIS looks like a playoff game.  Two rough and tumble defenses, two rugged running games.  Baltimore has not hosted a playoff game in forever – despite having teams whose status would warrant something, life with the Steelers.  Last week, Houston was able to beat Cincinnati with a running hammer and a powerful defensive performance.  However, Baltimore the skill level in the running game is better – and Flacco is at least as dangerous as Andy Dalton when his offensive coordinator is not neutering him.  The Dickson-Pitta TE combination is no Gronk-Hernandez, but is very very productive in its own right.  I know last week I said a lot about the Texans being a very average team in the TJ Yates incarnation, but yet little came to fruition against the Bengals.  Of course maybe I should have seen the Bengals as a team that had issues beating good teams all season.  Baltimore of course has no such problem.  The scoring margins place this as Ravens +10.4 vs Texans +9 (or +1.5 or so with Yates).  The with Yates number implies a 13 point favorite, compared to the 4 point or so gap with the entire season.  Frankly those margins sort of seem to indicate my view of wear the teams stand.  Baltimore ain’t losin this.

4:30 Northern New Jersey Giants at Green Bay Communists

If you came from outer space and watched the Giants play the last three weeks, you’d have had no idea that they were a fairly mercurial lot the 14 games previous.  The Giants went 9-7 this season, but as Giants commenter expert Roger Fox noted, three of those losses came in games 9-12 before they jelled, and as sk7326 noted, against the 49ers and Saints, their two toughest opponents (considering the road).  Their loss to Green Bay stands as the most entertaining game of the season – and their destruction of Atlanta showed what happens when two teams of widely differing ceilings meet in the playoffs.  Atlanta’s consistency masked an inability to really be better while the Giants inconsistency revealed a really good team hiding in there somewhere.

Of course, none of this considers the Packers, a team more beaten up in the offensive line than in the first meeting.  If the Giants can pressure with four, their improving but still not exactly a percentage play secondary can be best handled.  If you saw how quickly the Packers marched for the winning score in their first game, or how their JV squad torched the Lions in Week 16, the offense is very, very good.  The defense has given up tons and tons of yards, but it is a big play outfit – like the Patriots and Saints, they clearly value possessions more than yards.  If you look at the numbers, GB = +15.1, Giants = +4.1 … but there is no way the Packers are a two touchdown favorite, though at Lambeau a blowout possibility is there.  However, the Giants have swagger now – and that counts for a lot.  I am enraptured.

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The Mannings of New Orleans will root for the Colts……

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning with his father, former NFL quarterback, Archie Manning, after the Colts’ 30-17 win over the New York Jets on Jan. 24.

Archie and Olivia Manning’s galleried Greek Revival home is well known in this legendary city. It is a recommended site for visitors touring the city’s famed Garden District. While the building, a tan house with a front porch swing, is storied for its architecture, it may be most famous for being the childhood home of the N.F.L. quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning.

But outside its black wrought-iron fence on a recent afternoon was a white Kia Sorento with “♥ Saints ♥” and “Who Dat?! Here We Come!!” written on its windows in white shoe polish.

Such a sight would not usually be remarkable, but with the New Orleans Saints making their first Super Bowl appearance in the franchise’s 43-year history Sunday against Peyton Manning and the Colts in Miami Gardens, Fla., it illustrates the predicament of Archie Manning, a former Saints quarterback.

“I appreciate the Saints, but I can’t cheer against my own son,” he said in a telephone interview.

Regardless of the outcome of the Super Bowl, Archie Manning and his family will continue to be revered here. They are lauded by city leaders as national ambassadors and praised locally for their charitable and civic involvement, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation four and a half years ago.

The family operates a football camp in the area, and Archie makes appearances on behalf of the Saints.

While Peyton attended Saints games growing up, he never talked about someday playing in the Super Bowl, let alone against his hometown team, Fountain said.

Fielkow, the City Council president, called the Saints’ and Colts’ conference titles “the dream scenario for New Orleanians.”

“As the season unfolded and you saw the success that the Saints and the Colts were having,” he said, “you kind of hoped that this would be the ultimate matchup.”

And it is one that is a win-win for this vibrant city, regardless of Sunday’s outcome.

The Dog calls the game for the Saints……

Who DAT!…..Here They Come!

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The Dog's call for this weekends NFL Playoff Games…….

Here’s the Dog’ s NFL Championship Games calls…….

The Colts over the Jets……..

The Saints over the Vikings…….

Please Note…The Dog expects the most exciting game of the season….Including the Super Bowl….. should be the Saints vs The Vikings game…….Ruff…Ruff…..

UPDATE…..The Colts win the AFC…. 30 to 17 over the Jets……

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The New York Giants suck…..

The team has had no Defense all season.…and today the whole team quit……plain and simple……

They ought throw in the towel…go home ,and start all over for next year…..and trade every member of their defense away…..I mean it…

It’s embarrassing…….

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Bret Farve is the real deal…..he ain't ready to quit yet!…..

Some words about the ex-Green Bay Packers, and now Vikings quaterback ,and all out wonder boy…who has confounded all of us………..



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Cheerleaders of the NFL……

Here’s pictures of your favorite NFL team’s cheerleaders to view…………

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The NFL is thinking of adding two more games to the season……..

Why?…….I don’t know?….probably more money…but as this piece suggests…the biggest problem is going to be injuries, which have dogged teams more and more…..

My suggestion….have ony two pre-season games…..keeping the total number of games played the same as now, for the wary, and stressed players…….

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