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NY Islanders Pro Hockey team wants to relocate to Belmont Park….

The Team is currently playing in a place they tried and do NOT like….

They want back to Nassua County….

The site at Belmont Park is the one they hope Governor Cuomo will make happen for them….

“We are locked and loaded on Belmont,” Ledecky told reporters in Manhattan. “We have blinders on for Belmont. We are not looking at other places or other opportunities. We want to make Belmont a reality.”

The Islanders and the Barclays Center both have the option to opt-out of their agreement in January, Newsday reported.

The Islanders submitted a bid last month after Empire State Development Corp. put out a request for proposals in July to develop 36 acres of underutilized parking lot space. A bid for the same property was planned in 2012 but eventually scrapped, ESPN reported.

Newsday reported the new Coliseum was not in the running for the next Islanders arena, even temporarily, with Ledecky citing low capacity and a lack of luxury box suites after the $165 million renovation.

According to ESPN, many fans have complained about the views at the Barclays Center, including obstructed seats and poor sight lines for hockey.

“Barclays is a great place and it gets better year after year,” Ledecky told reporters. “Unfortunately when the facility was built, it was not built with hockey in mind. It’s not a facility in its current form that one could be in and have a successful place as a hockey team.”

Ledecky added, “The best home and the only home for the New York Islanders moving forward should be the Belmont arena.”….


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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo vs New York City Mayor Bloomberg…..Ouch!

I’ve posted on this before….

New York State Cuomo has not seemed to be in awe of billionaire Mayor Mike Bloomberg….

Bloomberg , who sometimes forgets that the City of New York operates under Charter from the State of New York has met his match…

New York State Governor Cuomo (Who has poll numbers MUCH higher than the Mayor and will run for President probably in the NEAR future) has made no secret that he IS his own man and will do what is right for him….

Not Bloomberg….

One year into Mr. Cuomo’s first term, it is something of an open secret that the relationship between the billionaire mayor and the gubernatorial scion has taken a deeply sour turn.

The men haggle for credit on all sorts of issues, like passing the same-sex marriage law and providing translation assistance to immigrants. When Tropical Storm Irene blew in, the governor tried to bar a state official from appearing at the mayor’s events. Some of their aides snipe and spar.

This week, when Mr. Cuomo convened a news conference in Albany to announce a deal on Mr. Bloomberg’s plan to improve city taxi service, the mayor was not given enough notice to trek upstate. Instead, he spoke briefly via speakerphone, his voice hanging over the podium where Mr. Cuomo was flashing a grin.

In public, the two remain circumspect, insisting that talk of any conflict is fiction.

“We’ve never had an argument,” the mayor said this week, before adding, “We’re not always going to agree on everything.”

But in private conversations with lawmakers and friends, they confide frustrations.

The governor portrays the mayor as inflexible, sanctimonious and someone who treats the democratic process as an inconvenience, according to people familiar with his thinking.

And Mr. Bloomberg is said to see Mr. Cuomo as the epitome of the self-interested, horse-trading political culture he has long stood against.

Each is ambitious, tough and accomplished, but the tension, as much about style as substance, has become a key factor in city-state relations, making it more difficult to settle complex issues. And as the ascendant Mr. Cuomo builds his national profile and the term-limited mayor seeks to solidify his legacy, the conflict is unlikely to disappear soon.

People who know both men are reluctant to discuss their relationship on the record, describing the subject as something of a minefield. (“Both of them will kill me,” one person who declined to comment said.)



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