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DC Comics changes up Superman a bit….

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The man of steel gets a bit human in Superman  #41……

It’s a time for reinvention for DC Comics, which kickstarted a new comic book universe earlier this month. That means new takes on beloved superheroes, new series and an overall new creative direction.

It also means big changes for the grandaddy of all superheroes, Superman.

Don’t fret too much, purists. The Man of Steel still sports his trademark blue, red and yellow uniform, with slight alterations, and he still has mild-mannered Clark Kent reporter as his alter ego. But he now has a new superpower — the ability to generate solar flares, an outgrowth of his heat vision — that also saps him of power and renders him human for a short while. This, in turn, creates opportunities to enjoy things he never really could before, such as getting drunk — he really can’t hold his liquor too well — and scarfing down junk food. There are drawbacks, though.

To explore these ideas, which were developed by DC creative chief Geoff Johns, the company has enlisted acclaimed graphic-novel writer Gene Luen Yang, a two-time National Book Award nominee. Yang’s run on the title starts with Superman No. 41, which goes on sale June 24.

“He’s not Batman. He’s not somebody who’s used to operating without super powers,” said Yang,  who added that “14-year-old me would pee in his pants” if he found out that he would eventually write for Superman. “To go from one of the most powerful beings on Earth to someone who’s a little bit more humanized is going to make him vulnerable….