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Trump budget funds Mueller probe into 2019….

While Donald Trump’s lawyers keep him calm by relling the Robert Mueller investigation of all things Trump will be over yesterday?

Thye budget writers have included funding for Mueller’s operation into next year….


President Donald Trump’s new budget projects that special counsel Robert Mueller’s office will still be in business in fiscal year 2019 — even though White House officials have repeatedly said they expect the probe to wrap up soon.

The budget projects that Mueller’s team will keep spending at its current rate of about $10 million per year in the next fiscal year, which starts in October.

Mueller’s prosecutors have a criminal case pending against Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and deputy Rick Gates. No trial date has been set, but the judge suggested last month that a trial could start in August or September. If it does, the trial and any appeal would almost certainly extend into the next fiscal year.

The White House has said it expects Mueller to finish soon; spokesman Raj Shah told Fox News last month that officials “believe it will end soon.” But White House attorney Ty Cobb said Monday that Trump’s team is not looking for Mueller’s office to shut down its operations entirely, merely to resolve the parts of its investigation that focus on Trump…..


Mueller has stayed away from Vice President Pence so far….

TalkingPointsMemo (TPM), has a piece out questioning why Vice President hasn’t been really associated with the Robert Mueller investif=hgation into ALL THINGS Donald Trump?

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The piece lists a few times that Pence was around when some nefarious  stuff could have gone down…But points out that except for Pence’s lawyer talking to the Mueller people early last year?

There hasn’t been any look reported….

The piece begs that Pence make an appearnce before the Mueller people, but that is just one person’t view…

Here’s another persons view….

If the Mueller people fell that they are developing a strong case against a sitting President?

If they think that their case is so STRONG that Donald Trump will have to step down, weither the House holds impeachment hearings or not,  and the Senate never even gets their chance to deside to convict , Trump would STILL be forced out?

Who gets to move into the White House?

Mike Pence, of course…

Removing a President is HEAVY LIFT that HAS a history


Going after his Vice President , who may have known somethings, but isn’t the ringleader would probably doom Mueller’s push as overeaching and dangerous for the Republic….

But my view doesn’t mean that I belive that at some point?

Mike Pence will have to answer some questions…

….it’s puzzling that Mueller appears to have made no attempt to talk to the administration’s second-highest-ranking official. Pence’s lawyer met with Mueller last year to offer Pence’s full cooperation.

“It’s a bit of a mystery to me that Pence’s name hasn’t really surfaced at all,” Michael Zeldin, a former federal prosecutor who worked closely with Mueller in the Justice Department’s criminal division, told TPM. “There are things that Pence seems to be relevant to. So I’m surprised.”

Pence’s lawyer, Richard Cullen, declined to comment to TPM on the record, while the special counsel’s office declined comment. Pence press secretary Alyssa Farah did not respond to TPM’s request for comment, but in December forcefully denied to CNN that Pence’s office was preparing for a meeting with Mueller.

As of mid-January, NBC reported that the special counsel had made no overtures to Pence about an interview.

 By now, over 20 White House officials have been interviewed, including top Trump allies like Jared Kushner, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and White House Counsel Don McGahn. Former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon is scheduled to sit down with Mueller next week.

Former White House lawyers caution that much of what Mueller’s team is up to is happening far from the public eye. After all, one noted, no one saw the indictment of George Papadopoulos coming.

But they offer a few explanations for why Mueller appears to be keeping his distance from Pence, at least for now….


Trump puts Democratic House Russian probe Intel Memo on ‘hold’….

His people are citing ‘numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages’….

Trump’s spokesperson has advised that Trump would ok a revised version of the document…(Trump ignored CIA , FBI and DOJ objections to release the ‘Nunes’ Memo though….

The ‘Nunes Memo’ from Republican members on the committee was reportedly 3 1/2 pages…The Democratic memo, a rebuttal to Nunes view of things is said to be 10 pages….The Democratic memo also casts a positive eye on the actions of FBI agents….Nunes and Trump have been attacking the agency, saying they have a political tilt against Trump and his Admin, which they ARE actually part of?

The entire House Intelligence committee voted to release the Democrats Memo…

Democrats and others are worried that Trump’s action are political in nature and self serving…

While many Republicans said their memo showed evidence of political bias present in the early stages of the Russia investigation, Mr. Trump went farther, claiming, incorrectly, that the Republican memo “totally vindicates” him from the investigation.

Since the intelligence committee voted on Monday to release the Democratic document, as well, Democrats have worried that Mr. Trump might try to black out portions of its contents for political reasons or block the document altogether.

It was not immediately clear what recourse they might seek. The Democrats, led by Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, would need the support of Republicans, who control the committee, to force the a House vote on the matter. Republicans eventually voted in favor of releasing the document, but their support for overriding the president to make public a document meant to undercut their own is another matter.

Democrats say their 10-page memo corrects key mischaracterizations and crucial omissions in the Republican case…



The House CAN vote to overule Trump and release the memo anyways if it so chooses to…

A Majority of American’s think Trump should step down or be impeached…Poll

The poll was done  PublicPolicyPoilling (PPP) ….

The outfit is considered Democratic leaning….


With THAT out of the way?

It’s not hard to understand the numbers…..

Donald Trump’s average disapproval has been steadily dropping in the last few weeks….

Two nights ago his gut, Roy Moore lost to a Democart in the  Red (Republican) state of ALABAMA….

Trump’s past sexual misconduct actions are back on the front pages of newspapers and news channels….

The Republicans are forging forward on a tax bill that is unpopular to a large amount of Americans who will probably see their taxes go up…..

The same group of law makers are also hell bent on knocking millions of Americans off healthcare coverage and cutting their socal safety net benefits….

Oh, and the guy keeps talking like he wants to get invcleved in World War III with North Korea?

Add to ALL of this farmers who are scared he’s gonna wipe out their export makerts and of course the BIG ONE!….

He’s increasingly being shown as a President who tried to stop an investiagtion of WTF he’s been trying so hard to get in bed with the Russian President who it appear had a massive effort to penetrate this countries upper government….

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The poll says voters would take Obama back by a 56/39% margin….

PPP’s newest national poll finds that a majority of voters think Donald Trump should resign from the Presidency because of the allegations of sexual harassment against him. 53% think Trump should step down to just 42% who think he should remain in office. 53% of voters believe the women who have accused Trump of harassment, to 31% who think they aren’t telling the truth….

In general Trump voters seem relatively unconcerned with his behavior toward women. Just 45% say they would disapprove of Trump sexually harassing women while 22% actually say they would approve of him doing so, and 32% express no opinion either way. Trump voters are also somewhat skeptical of the ‘Me Too’ movement, giving it just a 37/33 favorability rating, compared to 74/10 among Clinton voters. Overall voters agree with Time Magazine’s decision to give the ‘Me Too’ movement its Person of the Year award 51/35, but there is predictable disagreement on that too with Clinton voters saying 82/6 they support the honorees and Trump voters saying 75/15 it instead should have been Trump.

The reaction of Trump voters to the recent charges against Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort is…fire Robert Mueller and hate the FBI. 56% of them think Mueller should be fired to only 17% who are opposed to such a move. 53% say they disapprove of the job the FBI is doing, to just 24% who approve…

One thing that’s not helping the GOP is the tax bill- only 29% of voters support it to 49% who are opposed. And by a 23 point margin voters say they’re less likely to vote for a member of Congress next year who supports it- 49% say support for the tax bill makes them less likely to vote for someone, to only 26% who consider it a positive.

And the more tuned in to the tax debate voters are, the worse it gets for Republicans. Among those who say they’ve heard ‘a lot’ about the tax plan 62% oppose it, and that group of voters gives Democrats a 63-33 advantage on the generic House ballot. Only 26% of voters think the middle class and small businesses will be the primary beneficiary of the bill, with 61% thinking it will be the wealthy and large corporations….

-Only 38% of voters think he’s honest, to 57% who say he’s not. 55% flat out call him a liar, to only 39% who disagree with that characterization.

-62% of voters still want to see his tax returns, to 31% who say it isn’t necessary.

-51% of voters believe Trump is mentally unbalanced, to 44% who say they think he’s mentally stable.

-Just 37% of voters think he’s delivered on his core campaign promise to ‘Make America Great Again,’ while 57% say he hasn’t.

-For the first time we find a majority of voters- 51%- support impeaching Trump to 42% who are opposed….

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