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More on those Census numbers and redistricting….Democrats may NOT be doing so bad after all….

I mentioned yesterday in a post that most of the gains in population in the Southwestern states have to be Latinos….

And that they are gonna trend  a good part (not completely) Democratic….

I also mentioned that in time this would turn to the Democrats favor…

Well…Here’s a couple of pieces that reaffirm that this ole’ Dog maybe on the right trail here….

When the United States Census Bureaureleased its new 2010 population data on Tuesday, the biggest headline—other than our arrival at the crucial benchmark of 308,400,408 people in America—was that the numbers favor Republicans in 2012. That’s true on its face: Several red states got more House representatives, while blue states lost some. But that ignores the shifting demographics of the country, which in the long run favor Democrats.


……. trends over the last decade or so suggest the country is becoming bluer. When we talk about population growth in the United States, we’re almost invariably talking about a group that votes Democratic. Political scientist Ruy Teixeira, who co-authored The Emerging Democratic Majority back in 2006, points out that minority voters have grown by 11 percent over the last 20 years while relatively conservative white working-class voters have decreased by 15 points. Emory University’s Alan Abramowitz projects that nonwhite voters will constitute one-third of the electorate in 2020. (By 2042, the entire U.S. population will be more than half minority.) College-educated women, 65 percent of whom supported Obama in 2008, went from 8 percent of the over-25 female population to 28 percent over the last 40 years. Young voters, who went for Obama 66-32, add 4 million new members to their ranks every year. Professionals, 68 percent of whom voted for Obama, are the “fastest-growing occupational group,” according to Teixeira. And, adding insult to injury, the fastest-growing religious population is “unaffiliated” voters, three-quarters of whom voted for Obama…..


Texas lawmakers expect redistricting battle after state gains four House seats

Next year’s messiest redistricting fight is likely to take place in Texas, the same state that saw an all-out brawl the last time House districts were redrawn.

Texas gained four new House seats under the numbers released by the Census Bureau on Tuesday, and Democrats and Republicans alike expect a struggle that will be decided in the courts.

Republicans control the Legislature and governor’s mansion, leading Democrats to worry the GOP will opt for a power-grab and rewrite districts to ensure Republicans gain more seats.

“The question now is whether the State Legislature will be reasonable or whether they will look at this as an opportunity to basically overreach,” said Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D-Texas). “I anticipate that reason won’t prevail.”

Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas) said Tuesday that the goal for the GOP is ensuring the newly drawn map is “fair to everybody,” but he indicated that Republicans were ready to go to the mat for a map that increased their edge in the state’s congressional delegation.

“We’re a Republican state,” said Olson. “And we think most of those seats should be red seats, reflecting the people in our state.”

Since Texas is a Voting Rights Act state, the new map will need the approval of the Justice Department. Democrats predict that for the map to pass DoJ muster, two of those four new districts should be Democratic-leaning Hispanic-majority districts……

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