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Boston Red Sox are looking for a new manager …

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Over five years, John Farrell emerged as one of the most successful managers in Red Sox history, winning a World Series and becoming the first to win three AL East titles. Yet on Tuesday night, one day after the Red Sox had been dismissed in an AL Division Series for the second straight year (this time by the Astros in four games), they elected to fire Farrell.

President of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski recommended the firing, and ownership supported the decision. The prevailing theme among team officials was that the organization simply had arrived at a point where it seemed change would be beneficial moving forward.

“You weigh a lot of different things that become involved, and to me, I thought it was the appropriate time to make a change for the betterment of the organization moving forward,” said Dombrowski, who declined to detail those considerations….


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Major Laegue Baseball changes due to Less risk….

The game has gotten MUCH more technical……

The NY Times does a piece on a few Major League records that seem to be safe from being beaten because of  the way the game is being played these days….

Better players and Baseball has become more of a analytical game these days….

75 Stolen Bases

Last accomplished: Jose Reyes, 2007

Jimmy Rollins was born in Oakland in 1978, months before Rickey Henderson began his career with the A’s. When Henderson led off a base, the excitement rippled through the television and captivated the young fan.

“I used to steal bases with him in my living room,” Rollins said. “I’d slide into the couch and everything.”

In Rollins’s first full season, for Philadelphia in 2001, he led the National League in steals with 46. Henderson topped that total 14 times. Henderson is the stolen base king, of course, but his success — and that of contemporaries like Vince Coleman and Tim Raines — has taken the fun away from future generations.

“These slide steps, these defensive shifts, guys not wanting to ‘give away outs’ — they’re stopping the running game,” Rollins, who now plays for the White Sox, said. “They figure if you’re not safe 80 percent of the time, it’s not worth the gamble. And it didn’t used to be that way.”

Again, as Rollins suggested, the rise of analytics takes some of the blame — but only some. The first factor he mentioned is the most important.

“Guys have become better at holding runners, being quicker to the plate and giving the catcher a chance,….



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