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President Obama has pulled back proposed new national smog standards…..

Election time is among us folks…..

Don’t look for ANY BIG sweeping Legislation or Rules coming down the pike for the next 15 months….

Liberal, Environmentalist’s and Progressives aren’t gonna be happy…

But they should know better that expect this stuff to go forward the way things are…

Politically AND Economically…

The rules come back up for review in 2013….

Leaving them as they are will keep Bush era thresholds in place…..

In a statement, Obama praised EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s effort to improve the nation’s air quality but said he had asked her to withdraw the draft standards since they were scheduled to be reconsidered two years from now anyway.

“Work is already underway to update a 2006 review of the science that will result in the reconsideration of the ozone standard in 2013,” Obama said. “Ultimately, I did not support asking state and local governments to begin implementing a new standard that will soon be reconsidered.”

Ground-level ozone is formed when emissions from power plants, other industrial facilities, vehicles and landfills react in the sunlight. Smog can cause or aggravate health problems such as asthma and heart disease, and it has been linked to premature death.

The federal government normally reviews the standards for ground-level ozone — a “primary” standard for public health and a “secondary” one aimed at the environment — every five years. The George W. Bush administration set the primary standard at 75 parts per billion in March 2008, but Jackson chose to revisit the standards early because that level was significantly higher than the 60 to 70 parts per billion recommended by the EPA’s scientific advisory committee at the time…..


Is Civil Rights Enforcement back?……..Good, but lets face it…..it's gonna cost him…….

The New York Times reports that the Obama Justice Department, under the Eric Holder is ‘recharging’ the Civil rights division announcement. They are adding $22 million to the group and hiring more staff. While the second half of the piece seeks to water down the basic announcement the fact is clear. With the election of a black (actually mixed) president Civil Rights is back.  Me, I’m glad…….With the Bush administration the Civil Right division was probably last in line, after the dogs…..

Of course, this is a political blog……..so here’s the other shoe……While this will make the Liberal, progressive and minorities happy…….this is gonna cost anguish for the ‘Blue Dogs’……..Listen Obama had decent coattails in his win last November……the Blue Dogs (and Republicans, of course)  are already gonna leave him because of the ‘public option’….now, bringing the Civil Rights issue into the light is going to bring back the old order of things, and cost several new House members their seats…….they will be unable to hold the line against Republicans fighting ‘change’, public financing of healthcare, the economy spending, and lastly, the old boogie man Civil Rights……..

But I give Obama his props for forging on….but, some of the troops are gonna take a hit in 2010……. no doubt………

Healthcare revisited……Internal dissent……..and Organizing…again….

I have highlighted the fact that I believe President Obama wants a healthcare bill …….period……..I am even more convinced after I have started reading Richard Wolfe\’s book about Obama , Renegade.…..in the early part of the book Wolfe describes how Obama embraced the  Judge Robert’s appointment to the Supreme Court ( he actually wrote to DailyKos supporting it) …a fact few people know….. it just illustrates to me that Obama …like Bill Clinton…is a politician…and is always willing to compromise, knowing how to get what he wants in the end……..by fighting for a Robert’s pick, Obama, at the time, hopped to establish his independency, which would desensitize and disarm republicans to the fact that he was a black senator from Chicago…a condition that helped him get elected president …..

So aanyway…..I have come upon a piece in mydd.com by desmoninesdem that touches on the internal democratic problem……Obama wants a healthcare bill…with  Ted Kennedy gone he’s below 60 votes in the senate……while the progressives and liberals in his party want a ‘public option’….it may be impossible to do so…….my belief is Obama will take a bill with out it. desmoniesdem points out that this litmus test is straining the internal cohesion displayed with the democratic party that backed Obama’s march to the presidency, and that the Clinton/Obama questions will get thrown into the mix as a loyalty test. Obama got the left wing of his party starting in the primaries in Iowa…and has had them wanting ever since……

He further reveals that these groups are beginning to organize (a’ la election style) grass route organizations in several states, to exert pressure from the bottom ……This may be all good….But the simple thing is Obama has the votes for a bill without the ‘option’ ….Will he fight the battle for a bill with the option?………Only he will know the answer…..

Question for the President…….how bad do you want this bill?

Politico does a piece this morning that addresses the cumulative results from last weeks healthcare noise in the hustings……..It quotes Bill Clinton (who has dusted himself off, and is back) at the Netroots convention giving this advice……Get ready to bargain for a healthcare bill…….for Clinton, who never was a liberal, its natural to be the guy to wake up the left wing of the party to the fact that even with democrat leads in congress……… this bill, as written now, will never get passed. So now, the President  ( who knows what I just said) will have two or three weeks to decide if he wants a bipartisan bill that will pass, or fight for a democratic bill that will not pass.

Politics 101…the American political process is about compromise, and the drama last week, got everyone’s attention.  The republicans are not dead folks….and they are not stupid………