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The NYPD is looking at ways to cut down low level arrests…

NYPD Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, under pressure from the City Council is trying to figure out how to switch certain low level criminal offense’s from being considered crimes, but NOT taking away New York City Police Officers abilities to request ID from people they stop…..

For Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, keeping crime low in New York City hinges on the power of officers to make arrests for low-level offenses. Not that they must actually do so.

Mr. Bratton, speaking to reporters on Thursday, said that he was exploring the possibility of officers’ giving warnings in lieu of arrests, or even criminal summonses, when confronting first-time offenders for minor violations of law.

His comments come against the backdrop of widespread debate and street protests in some areas over the policing of minority communities, and amid a fast-moving conversation in the city about altering some practices.

The debate in New York City represents a shift among police reform advocates, from a focus on unconstitutional police stops to an attack against misdemeanor arrests and criminal summonses, which they say disproportionately ensnare minority communities in the criminal justice system.

In recent days, the way the city handles the lowest-level offenses, such as riding a bike on the sidewalk, public urination and drinking in public, has been the subject of a back and forth between Mr. Bratton and the City Council, which has proposed civil penalties in place of the current criminal process.

“I am very intent on protecting the right of the officers to start the process, with the stop, with the identification,” Mr. Bratton said at the Police Academy after a speech on Thursday…..


LA Mayor Garcetti orders LAPD body camera’s….

The Los Angles Police Department will join other police departments in turning out its men and women on patrol with camera’s….

The New York City Police Department has started a pilot program already….

In these days of social media, no privacy and camera in phones one should expect that police officers will soon have body camera’s as standard equipment like guns, badges and bullet-proof vests….

The introduction of camera’s on cop’s has lowered the number of complaints dramatically in most places…..

Mayor Eric Garcetti is set to announce today the rollout of on-body cameras for LAPD officers citywide and how the department will carry out this ambitious plan.

Body cameras for officers have become a major issue in the wake of the shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer and the conflicting accounts of what happened.

Advocates say the cameras will be a valuable tool for the department. The ability to record audio and video of police encounters with the public, they say, could help guard against officer misconduct and clear cops falsely accused of wrongdoing.

Steve Soboroff, president of the Police Commission, has spent months raising private money to outfit officers with on-body cameras. He said the mayor’s plan would supplement the contract the LAPD was already negotiating with the camera vendor, eventually bringing more cameras to officers on the streets.

More than $1 million raised through private donations will help pay for the cameras, thus avoiding City Hall budget constraints and bureaucracy-hampered efforts to install cameras in LAPD patrol cars.

Soboroff called the mayor’s plan a “very big deal,” saying the LAPD’s use of the cameras could set a precedent for law enforcement agencies nationwide.

“There are more and more advantages of having cameras than we’ve ever thought,” Soboroff said. “It’s music to the ears of the LAPD and law enforcement and the community.”