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Jersey people don’t ask their Governor about Bridge-Gate anymore….

New Jersey Governor Christie has held a couple of Town Hall meetings recently….

During those meetings national media types have been astounded to see that the Republican Governor has not been asked once about his dealings in the Bridge-Gate lane closure scandal….

That’s right….

NOT a peep about the Governor’s troubles…..

Even though 93% of people in the state are thought to knowledge of the scandal….

(Christie’s polling numbers HAVE dropped but his approval in the state these days is around 50%)

When governor Chris Christie announced the first town hall meeting of his second term, speculation was rampant that the governor would face a mob demanding answers over his role in the now infamous bridgegate debacle.

But while that meeting, held last week in Middletown, drew some residents peeved over the government’s response to Hurricane Sandy and the red tape they must navigate to fix their homes, not one attendee posed a question about the George Washington Bridge.

A fluke, many thought. Surely this week’s town hall meeting in Morris County would produce somebody – even if it was a plant by those eager to bring down the governor over the incident – who would step up to the microphone and take the governor “for a walk” as he likes to say, over bridgegate.

Nope. Not one.

So what gives?  Is Christie lucky?  Are the questions planted? Or does the general public just not care that much about bridgegate?

“I live in New Jersey and if you ask me to rank in order the things that are important to me to make my quality of life better – things I’m going to ask the governor if I only have one shot to ask a question- it’s not going to be about bridgegate,” said Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray. If I have 10 questions, maybe. But not when I have just one chance.”

As for whether New Jerseyans actually care about the issue, Murray said they do, just not more than the things that effect their day to day quality of life….


Here’s Chris Clilzzia @ The Washington Post on the same question (I’d think he read the above linked piece also)…

No matter the reason, the lack of bridge-related questions is somewhat remarkable given the intense focus in both the state and national media on the story. Of course, if Christie continues to do town halls — and he will — there will likely come a time in the not-too-distant future where he will face a question about Fort Lee and how his Administration acted. That answer, which you can be certain Christie has rehearsed in his head (and maybe out loud with his aides), will be incredibly closely watched, re-watched, parsed and then re-parsed. It’s somewhat amazing it hasn’t happened yet….



Has the Media overplayed this story in New Jersey?

On David Wildstein…..

The New York Times takes a behind the scenes look at the ex-Port Authorty, ex- Chris Christie buddy, looking for a deal guy, who actually ordered the George Washington Bridge lane closures, David Wildstein….

The guy is a political junkie, a former blogger (who went by the handle Wally Edge) and is in up to eyeballs in Bridge-Gate…..

Mr. Wildstein, the former director of interstate projects for the Port Authority, is now the wild card in the scandal surrounding Gov. Chris Christie and the revenge-fueled closings of lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge in September. Last week, his lawyer released a letter saying that “evidence exists” to show that the governor knew about the closings while they happened, contrary to what he had said at a marathon news conference. The lawyer also wrote that Mr. Wildstein himself had evidence to show that the governor spoke inaccurately about Mr. Wildstein, whose hiring he had authorized at the agency that runs the bridge.

Mr. Wildstein is in a position to know the back story of the lane closings: He took the order from a staff member in Mr. Christie’s office to create “traffic problems” near the bridge.

While it is unclear what his evidence is — his lawyer is not saying — Mr. Wildstein’s time as Wally Edge reveals much about how he approaches politics, and, former sources and staff members say, much about his motivations and strategy now. And it marked an important — and at times, mutually beneficial — moment in his relationship with Mr. Christie. Eventually, he would become a crucial person for the governor at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and find himself in the middle of the scandal…..