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Is it Hillary or her Campaign?

We recently had a back and forth about this question here at the PDog….

The consensus is a bit of both….

Hillary Clinton I’m sure is very nice and well qualified person to be President….

She has had more experience leading up to now that anyone in the running….

But people don’t get elected on that….

They get elected on selling themselves thru a smart well run campaign for the job to over a hundred million Americans across the country….

While the polls show one picture now a year and a half out form the election….

A year from now Americans will start to seriously think about who they want to LEAD the country….

That is entirely different from the dog and pony show going on now….

Hillary Clinton is NO Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, who had the ability to Wow crowds ….

She is NO Donald Trump….REAL Rich, Blunt and with No political experience , free to say ANYTHING even if its off the walls….


Hillary Clinton and her campaign handlers ARE going to HAVE to get a bit better at selling Hillary Clinton to the American voter….

That or the Republicans are gonna nominate someone so bruised and locked in Donald Trump’s foray into the political entertainment field (and even a third party run)  that she will be a welcome relief….

Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged that her 2016 campaign would be better than her 2008 campaign. And it has been.

She has hired the best and brightest of Democratic staffers. She has purposely downplayed her celebrity and has tried to personally connect with voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. She has focused on telling her personal story rather than trying to constantly answer the “is she tough enough to be commander in chief” question.

And yet, here we are. Clinton is in the midst of a full-scale Democratic freakout due to her faltering poll numbers and ongoing questions about how she has handled her private e-mail server. Joe Biden is considering running. Al Gore’s name — yes, Al Gore — was even floated!

What gives? Increasingly, Democrats — privately, of course — have begun to wonder whether the problem is not the campaign but the candidate.

“She has always been awkward and uninspiring on the stump,” said one senior Democratic consultant granted anonymity to candidly assess Clinton’s candidacy. “Hillary has Bill’s baggage and now her own as secretary of state — without Bill’s personality, eloquence or warmth.”