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Scott Walker is watching Iowa slip away from him….

The Wisconsin Governor has slipping in the early polling ….

He is now behind Trump , Carson and Cruz…..

When Scott Walker returns Monday to campaign at the Iowa State Fair, he’ll be in an uncomfortable position, watching competitors in the crowded GOP field threaten his hold on a state he needs to win to survive.

After seven months as the clear favorite to win this first-in-the-nation caucus state, the Wisconsin governor is suddenly sinking in the polls— overtaken by the summer’s massive anti-establishment wave and at risk of losing his grip.
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“He’s lost a lot of momentum here because he didn’t convert that early momentum into committed caucus-goers. Now he’s got to re-start his engine here, and that’s not easy to do,” said Doug Gross, a GOP operative who supported Mitt Romney four years ago and has yet to commit to a candidate this cycle.

The silver lining: The race is still winnable for Walker because other top-tier candidates have yet to ignite. Jeb Bush, despite having the strongest organization in Iowa, isn’t a natural fit in a socially conservative state. Others like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both of whom hold strong appeal to social conservatives here, seem to be focusing their efforts elsewhere.


Political Roundup for May 7, 2015..Walker leads in Iowa…Red Racing Horses

by: izengabe


Iowa GOP Caucus: The latest Quinnipiac poll of the GOP Iowa Caucus has Scott Walker leading  the field at 21%. Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are tied for second with 13%, Ted Cruz is right behind them at 12% and Mike Huckabee is at 11%. Ben Carson polls at 7%, Jeb Bush at 5% and no other candidate is above 3%

Hillary: Millionaires love Hillary Clinton! Despite “dead broke” Hillary’s attempt to position herself as the candidate of the 99%, the 1% seems to love Hillary Clinton. According to a CNBC poll of millionaires Clinton would lead an unnamed GOP hopeful 53% to 47%.

Paul: Rand Paul paid $100,000 for the domain name RandPaul.com shortly before announcing his bid for President. The payment is an enormous sum and well above what most political cybersquatters get.

Fiorina: In an interview for Yahoo News Carly Fiorina nails Katie Couric on Couric’s double standard defense of Hillary. After Couric bashed Carly Fiorina’s credentials Couric complained about Fiorina’s criticism of Hillary’s. Fiorina shows off why she could be formidable in any debate by nailing Couric on her obvious bias.

Sanders: Bernie Sanders hires Obama campaign veterans to run his 2016 digital operations. Sanders’ team wants to focus on the small online donations that so far has brought in over $3 million in his first four days as a candidate….