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A Kennedy getting ready to run for Illinois Governor…

Robert F. Kennedy’s son is setting up to run….

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Businessman Chris Kennedy is interviewing potential pollsters and consultants as he moves toward a possible 2018 gubernatorial run, sources close to Kennedy told POLITICO Illinois.

Kennedy, son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, has increased his public profile since the spring and has publicly discussed the possibility of running for governor — without making commitments.

Top Illinois Democrats who have met with Kennedy say they would welcome his candidacy but were not sure if he’ll actually make the run, given his flirtations with higher office in the past.

But a top aide to Kennedy told POLITICO Illinois on Tuesday that he is preparing to file papers with the state board of elections “in short order … some time in the next month.”

“He’s making pretty aggressive outreach across the state,” said the aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “He has made a decision internally that he is going to move forward.”…..


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Illinois Governor: State AG Lisa Madigan won’t run for Governor, Will seek Re-Election…Daniel

Democrats have lost their Top Political Prospect for the Illinois Governor Race as State Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D-IL) yesterday announced she won’t run BUT instead seek Re-Election as AG.
Democrats are now stuck with unpopular Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL) and former Obama WH CoS & Clinton Commerce Secretary William Daley (D-IL)
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Illinois Executive Mansion contest in 2014: is Gov. Pat Quinn in danger of being lame-ducked if he loses his re-election bid ?…CD

The Public Policy Polling (11/26/12) shows IL State AG Lisa Madigan (D) leading the pack with 46 percent, while former WH Chief of Staff William Daley (D) is at 39 percent and current Gov. Patrick Quinn (D) in third place with 36 percent in a potential 3-way contest for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Quinn’s approval ratings are not good despite improvement in running state government unlike his predecessor, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D), who is in federal prison for corruption.

On the Republican side, IL State Treasurer Dan Rutherford (R) leads a pretty crowded field for the GOP nod with 24 percent, while potential contenders US Rep. Adam Schock (R-IL) has 23 percent, State Senator and 2010 GOP nominee for Governor Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) got 20 percent, State Senator Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale), outgoing US Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) is at 15 percent….


Daniel….Illinois Governor: AP, CNN & NBC NEWS projecting Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL) WILL WIN over Bill Brady (R-IL)

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The AP, CNN & NBC NEWS are PROJECTING that Incumbent Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL) WILL BE re-elected to a second Term over Republican State Senator Bill Brady (R-IL)

Illinois Governor

(Vote Totals from the AP, CNN and NBC NEWS)

Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn (D)  1,721,812 Votes  =  46,6 %
State Senator Bill Brady (R)  1,702,399 Votes  =  46,1 %
Scott Lee Cohen (Independent)  134,219 Votes  =  3,6 %
Rich Whitney (Green Party)  99,625 Votes  =  2,7 %

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Daniel…..Illinois Governor: Quinn (D) 39 % ; Brady (R) 38 % ; Cohen (I) 4 % ; Whitney (GP) 3 % / WGN-TV Chicago Tribune

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A new Survey for the Illinois Governor Race commissioned WGN-TV and the Chicago Tribune conducted by Market Research Corporation shows Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL) has eked out a 1-Percentage Point lead over State Senator Bill Brady (R-IL).

Independent Candidate Scott Lee Cohen (I-IL) draws 4 %, Green Party Candidate Rich Whitney (GP-IL) draws 3 % and Libertarian Rex Green (L-IL) gets 2 %.

12 % of Respondents remain “Undecided”

Chicago Tribune / WGN-TV / Market Shares Corporation Survey

Illinois Governor

General Election

Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn (D)  39 %
State Senator Bill Brady (R)  38 %
Scott Lee Cohen (Independent)  4 %
Attorney Rich Whitney (Green Party)  3 %
Auto Worker Rex Green (Libertarian)  2 %
Others  2 %
Undecided  12 %

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Daniel…..llinois Governor: Brady (R) 42 % ; Quinn (D) 35 % ; Cohen (I) 6 % ; Whitney (GP) 4 % / Public Policy Polling Survey

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I knew something was wrong with the Illinois Governor Race when CNN yesterday released a Poll yesterday showing State Senator Bill Brady (R-IL) only ahead by two Points over Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL)


This Morning Public Policy Polling also released a new Illinois Governor Survey showing a different Picture. Brady leads Quinn by 7 Points and Cohen only gets 6 % of the Vote.

Public Policy Polling Survey

Illinois Governor

General Election

State Senator Bill Brady (R)  42 %
Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn (D)  35 %
Scott Lee Cohen (Independent)  6 %
Attorney Rich Whitney (Green Party)  4 %
Auto Worker Lex Green (Libertarian)  2 %
Undecided  11 %

Full Results of this Survey can be found here:


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Bill Brady The Clear Winner For Governor? Nate Silver Gives Brady 86.7 Percent Chance Of Winning Illinois Governor Race

On Labor Day, President Obama made an impassioned plea to progressives–hoping they will vote in the midterm elections and avoid giving Republicans “the keys back.” In Illinois, however, Republicans are looking to take the keys for the first time in a long time.

Legendary statistician Nate Silver, whose “Five Thirty Eight” blog is now available on theNew York Times website, is predicting that Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady has an 86.7 percent chance of winning the race for Illinois governor.

Chart from “Five Thirty Eight” blog at the NYT:


As for how the state will vote, Silver predicts that Governor Pat Quinn will take 44 percent of the vote and Brady will receive 51.5 percent.

“Silver’s prediction for the Illinois governor’s race is gonna give lots of Democrats a bad case of heartburn,” Rich Miller of the Capitol Fax blog wrote Wednesday.

Silver’s predictions for the Senate race are a lot closer–but still bad news for Democrats:



Thanks Illinois Jim….

Brady leads Governor Quinn in Illinois Governor race polling…..

I won’t rule Democratic Gov. Quinn out after his come from behind win for the nomination in the Primary……

From Politicalwire…..

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Illinois shows a lack of enthusiasm for the gubernatorial candidates with Bill Brady (R) at 34%, Gov. Pat Quinn (D) at 30% and Green Party candidate Rich Whitney (G) at 9%.

Analysis: “The main thing driving this race continues to be Quinn’s unpopularity. He has only a 27% approval rating with 50% of voters disapproving of him. Brady is an unknown to a majority of voters in the state with the ones who do have an opinion splitting evenly, as 22% see him favorably and 22% unfavorably. But with Quinn’s numbers what they are it really doesn’t matter yet whether voters know Brady or not- they just know they want a change.”