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Press Pound to to Escape Political Robocall Lists….

Press Pound to to Escape Political Robocall Lists

Image via TheGiantVermin.

He, he, he…Horayyyy!….There is a way to duck the calls!

The National Do Not Call Registry doesn’t cover political messages, and you’ve probably noticed that lately. One reader suggests that pressing pound (#) during robocalls can get you off at leastthat caller’s list, but an expanded button combo might work better.

PatrickRothschell dropped a note in our Tips box that pressing pound during a political robocall often triggers a prompt to remove you from that calling list, or might even drop your number automatically. We’re eagerly awaiting our next call from a candidate Working For Us to try it out, but a commenter at a New York Times blog post about those awful, terrible car warranty calls of old suggested a Star-Pound-Zero combination trips up nearly any auto-calling system, or at least covers most of the bases likely to get you into an opt-out dialog. It’s fairly similar to the one-star-pound method of skipping cellphone voicemail instructions…….More….

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