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Republicans now admit they are in trouble for November’s Midterms…

We assume somebody told Donald Trump this WILL be HIS problem come next year?

I know they can read the media , pundits , polling and tea leaves….

But the Grand Ole party people admitting this also is early cry to their supporters to get ready to vote….

It IS also a unconscience prod to Republican law makers to begin to work WITH Democrats and stop following everything Donald Trump says or wants…

Donald Trump has been told  this WILL also be HIS problem come next year?

Oh, and Robert Mueller’s investigation keeps leaking all over Donald Trump and company…

The ‘choas’ continues, and it’s NOT helping Republicans, who have an increasing number of their fellow party members bailing out of the Congress….(That probaly will include the current GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has indicated his wish to bail also …)

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Trump’s day of reckoning … The one thing that could dramatically diminish President Trump’s chances of avoiding impeachment and chalking up legislative wins is Democrats winning the House.

  • And, thanks to series of recent developments, Trump knows this no longer just seems plausible, but probable.
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  • Hill sources tell us that a House Democratic takeover is now likely.
  • One strategist close to Republican leaders believes that a loss of the House is “baked in,” and said top Republicans don’t see a way to avoid it.
  • It would take a flip of 24 seats for Dems to take over. The average loss for the president’s party in his first midterm is about 32 seats, and we’re hearing forecasts of 40+ losses.

You can’t predict outcomes this far out, but these hard facts scare the hell out of Republicans:

  • Eight House GOP chairs have retired: You don’t climb to the top of power in Congress and leave unless you feel confident your reign will soon end. (Another factor: Chairmanships are term-limited from a Gingrich-era reform.)
  • Record retirements for GOP: Already, 29 GOP seats are open, a pace far exceeding the past two elections that saw power change hands.
  • Democrats outperformed their norms in turnout, and in total votes, in all seven 2017 elections. This is a clear indicator of energy…


Democrats have benefited from significant recruitment advantages — there are at least a half dozen former Army Rangers and Navy SEALs running as Democrats this year, for example — as Republicans struggle to convince incumbents to run for reelection.

At least 29 House seats held by Republicans will be open in November following announced retirements, a greater number for the majority party than in each of the past three midterm elections when control of Congress flipped.

The president’s own job approval, a traditional harbinger of his party’s midterm performance, is at record lows as he approaches a year in office, according to Gallup. Polls asking which party Americans want to see control Congress in 2019 show a double-digit advantage for Democrats.

“When the wave comes, it’s always underestimated in the polls,” said a conservative political strategist who has met with GOP candidates. “That is the reason that Republicans are ducking for cover.”….




This prediction/forecast stuff is a waste of time if Democrats and unhappy Republicans and Indepedents DO NOT VOTE in November…Remember?….Midterms elections do NOT typically draw a lot of voters…

House Speaker Ryan…on Trump comments…”very unfortunate” and “unhelpful”…

Republican Ryan went on to review his Irish family history and the slights and comments they dealt with….Ryan also praised Haitian’s he knew and African that have come to become past of America today…

The House Speaker quickly moved on from the Trump question to doing a deal on DACA/Dreamers and getting increased Border/Immigration funding…

Ryan did NOT KNOCK Trump strongly as he has in the pass on his views knowing that Trump WILL be listening ti his comments in the media…

Senate Republican Leader McConnell worries about the 2018 Democratic wave forming…

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Mitch McConnel ALWAYS knew that the Democrats would benefit from his parties getting in bed with Donald Trump and the parties conservatives….

He faught against the parties lawmakers moves away from dealing with the Democrats but was beatdown by Trump and Steve Bannon….His submission has earned the party a tax law that is unpopular just as Trump signed the bill into law as I type this…

McConnel has been talking to Democratic Minority leader Chuck Schumer all thru this….Schumer has had no leverage up to now….

But with a budget and other legislation coming up soon?

McConnel knows that the specter of a blowout Democratic freight train coming and House GOP Speaker Ryan getting off the train will leave him standing at the station with nothing but a blabbering Donald Trump….

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has been privately saying that Republicans could lose both the House and Senate in the 2018 midterm elections, according to a Politico report.

Politico reported Thursday that McConnell has been sharing the concerns privately as GOP leaders worry about losing control of Congress in the midterms.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel also presented a report to White House chief of staff John Kelly showing how the GOP had lost favor with female voters, according to Politico.

And Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has also told donors that he’s afraid that GOP lawmakers in swing districts could retire, opening up House seats to Democrats.

A string of Republican lawmakers have already announced their retirements, and the GOP will only hold a one-seat majority in the Senate once Sen.-elect Doug Jones (D-Ala.) is sworn in….


“The two biggest policy efforts Republicans have worked on have been very unpopular; health care and the tax bill are both really unpopular,” Fried said in an interview Monday.

Democratic candidates also hold a 10-point edge — the biggest margin of the year — over Republican candidates if House races were held today.

Elections in the middle of a presidential term tend to heavily favor the party that doesn’t occupy the Oval Office. In 18 of the past 20 midterm elections, the president’s party has lost more House seats than it’s won, losing around 30 seats in each race.

Trump’s approval rating among U.S. adults is 32 percent, the lowest level since President Ronald Reagan’s in 1981 among presidents nearing the end of their first year in office, according to a Pew Research Center survey published Dec. 7.

At the same time, the mounting pessimism against Ryan and McConnell has come from different factions of voters, both posing disparate potential electoral pitfalls….



The Republicans ARE in deep trouble in 2018 Generic House polling…

The people over at PublicPolicyPolling/PPP have done a lot of polling of House seat’s that Republicans won to have their majority in Congress….

The result’s RIGHT NOW are ASTOUNDINGLY Democratic….

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We are less than eleven months from the 2018 Midterm Elections and Republicans are besides themselve because they just passed a tax cut/giveaway bill….But they have a budget bill to wrestle with…They have a Presidential leader with an OVERALL approval number in the mid30’s….They some members talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare and the prospect of their leader being accused of Obstructing Justice to get in bed with the Russian’s…..

A wave seems to be forming for the Democrats to take back the US House ….That will be a BAD LOOK for Donald Trump & Co.

Here’s a look at things from PPP  via twitter….

Democrats will go after more Republican House Midterm seats…

Excited  and emboldened by their win in the Virginia Governor’s race and other local and state post Trump win?…The Democratic  House ( Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ) people are moving to increase fundraising and target more House districts….

That includes the one Republicans Speaker of the House Paul Ryan reps in Wisconsin ….

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has added 11 Republicans to its 2018 target list, including Speaker Paul D. Ryan.

The DCCC is now targeting 91 GOP districts next year. Twenty three are districts that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won last year, and 68 were won by President Donald Trump. The new targets were first reported by the Washington Post.

“The DCCC has successfully built the largest battlefield in over a decade, with strong campaign ready tow in tough races across the map in 2018,” chairman Ben Ray Luján wrote in a Thursday memo marking one year until the 2018 midterm elections.

Republicans are largely on defense in the House, and acknowledge that historic trends could work against them. On average, the president’s party loses 33 seats in the first midterm elections of the administration.

The DCCC’s new targets include districts that Trump won handily, as well as newly competitive districts. Their original target list indicated Democrats would be going after Republicans in Trump country…..



The above linked Roll Call piece DOES show that some of these added on seats have little chance of turning over for Democrats…

House GOP Speaker says he’ll stick with Trump…

No surprise in this….

Paul Ryan is between a rock and hard place….

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House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Wednesday said Republicans are sticking with President Donald Trump and his policies, despite a thorough state-level rout Tuesday night as Democrats won coast-to-coast victories.

“Democrats are saying, this is the beginning of our turnaround. What do you take from Ed Gillespie’s significant loss yesterday?” Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asked Ryan on his radio show, referring to the Virginia gubernatorial race.

“Obviously, you know, Democrats are going to do that, and we would be saying the same kind of thing,” Ryan said. “That’s the way the spin works on these things.”

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) swept to a blowout victory in Virginia’s gubernatorial race over former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie.

Ryan said the election results show that Republicans need to pass legislation.

“We’ve got to get our job done,” he said.

Asked whether elected Republican officials are having second thoughts about adopting Trump’s policies and positions wholesale after their Election Day rout, Ryan said Republicans “already made that choice.”…



Speaker Ryan…Feds MUST help Puerto Rico…But…

The Repulican Speaker of the House is backing cutrrent effort to provide disaster assistance to the American island and will visist ther tomorrow…

But because he KNOWS Trump is ever listening made sure to back Trump’s comment that the island’s people will have to work to reconstruct their island when some of the Federal help leaves…

We ALL KNOW that help rushed to the islnad will have to ramp down…

But this cerainly isn’t the time to use that comment as a foil against the mayor of San Juan ( and outspoken woman)  which Trump seems to be doing….

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Thursday that Puerto Rico is facing a “humanitarian crisis” and argued that the federal government has a responsibility to provide personnel and aid to the hurricane-ravaged island territory.

But Ryan also appeared to defend controversial remarks by President Trump that federal resources cannot remain in Puerto Rico “forever,” saying the territory needs to get back “on its own two feet.” The president did not make similar comments about two other regions that have been slammed by hurricanes, Houston and south Florida.

“Yes, we need to make sure that Puerto Rico can begin to stand on its own two feet,” Ryan told reporters at his weekly news conference. “They’ve already had tough fiscal problems to begin with. … We’ve got to do more to help Puerto Rico rebuild its own economy so that it can be self-sufficient.”

The speaker visited the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters last week and is leading a bipartisan congressional delegation to Puerto Rico on Friday to see firsthand the damage and recovery effort. Thousands of Puerto Ricans are still without power, water and health care, according to news reports….



The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) affirmed Thursday that it would continue to support Puerto Rico after President Trump suggested the agency may be pulled from the hurricane-ravaged island.

FEMA “will be w/Puerto Rico, [U.S. Virgin Islands], every state, territory impacted by a disaster every day, supporting throughout their response & recovery,” the agency’s deputy director of public affairs Eileen Lainez wrote on Twitter….



The House easily passed legislation on Thursday to provide $36.5 billion in aid for communities affected by recent hurricanes and wildfires, despite concerns from some conservatives about the growing cost of disaster aid.

All of the votes in opposition were from Republicans in the 353-69 vote.

The package includes $18.7 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) disaster relief fund — including $4.9 billion for a disaster relief loan account — $16 billion to address national flood insurance program debt and $576.5 million for wildfire recovery efforts. It also provided $1.27 billion for disaster food assistance for Puerto Rico….


Will Paul Ryan have a problem holding his second job?

His first job is a memeber of thge House of Representive in the US Congress…

His second job is leading that legislative body….

With low polling numbers?

And the political sniping between him a Trump?

Could the guy be in trouble?

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“Do you plan to vote against Paul D. Ryan continuing his speakership?”

It was an easy-sounding question, asked at the end of a friendly Republican candidate forum at Minnesota’s state fair. To the pleasant surprise of Democrats, four of five Republicans seeking to flip House seats next year declined to support the speaker of the House, offering instead criticisms of Paul D. Ryan’s leadership.

“I think he’s going in the wrong direction,” said state Rep. Tim Miller.

“I would prefer someone else,” said commercial pilot Dave Hughes.

“We’ll see who runs for speaker,” said businessman Jim Hagedorn.

“He might not even run for speaker,” said St. Louis County Commissioner Pete Stauber….

“Speaker Ryan has been instrumental in the passage of key House legislative items and the successful election of four new Republican members in 2017. We’re thankful for his leadership.”

Public polling, however, has seen Ryan’s favorable rating and approval rating tumble since the start of the Trump presidency. According to HuffPost’s poll tracker, Ryan’s approval rating was barely underwater, 35/41, the week of Trump’s inauguration. Today, it’s underwater by close to 20 points, 30/49; Pelosi’s rating is 29/49. A Bloomberg poll, conducted shortly before the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed in the Senate, found 61 percent of Republican voters approving of Ryan, with every other voting bloc viewing him negatively.

“His numbers are no better than mine,” Pelosi said after Democrats lost a special election in Georgia’s 6th District. “The difference is we don’t engage in the politics of personal destruction.”…



House Speaker Ryan defends Mueller against Trump knocks…

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While Donald Trump continues to knock Robert Mueller personally and his investigation….

Increasingly , Republican establishment types have switched sides and are defending the Mueller probes process…(Mueller has served  under a Republican President…and has been a Republican longer than Trump )

Maybe they are hedging their bets?

Being ready to stand back if things go bad fro Trump?…


Being able to stand with him if Mueller does NOT find anything against Trump himself?

“Remember, Bob Mueller is a Republican who was appointed by a Republican who served in a Republican administration and stayed on until his term ended,” Ryan responded. “But I don’t think many people are saying Bob Mueller is a person who is a biased partisan. He’s really sort of anything but.”

“The point is, we have an investigation in the House, an investigation in the Senate, and a special counsel, which sort of depoliticizes this stuff, and gets it out of the political theater,” Ryan continued. “That is, I think, better, to get this off to the side. I think the facts will vindicate themselves. And then, let’s just go do our jobs.”…



Republicans’s endure Town Hall beatdowns back home…

Away from the protections of Trump and House Speaker Ryan in the nations capital?

Republican lawmakers take it on the chin back home from energized  (Mostly liberal) crowds voicing there support for Obamacare, Immigration of some sort, and worries about a President who seems to be learning on the job on how to BE President…


Thus continuing to remind Republicans that there STILL is a  LOT of Americans AGAINST them and the guy who lives in the White House….

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) “endured a brutal face-to-face confrontation with angry constituents Thursday as liberal voters dominated a standing-room-only audience at a town-hall meeting in downtown Mesa,” the Arizona Republic reports.

“Even before he took the stage, the audience chanted ‘health care for all,’ showing their support for former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the health-care-reform law that Flake has opposed. Flake was battered with questions about that issue as well as President Trump’s proposed border wall; his resolution to stop an Obama administration-era rule on internet privacy; his opposition to taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood; and his support for eliminating the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees to secure the confirmation of Trump’s pick, Neil Gorsuch.”

“But the conversation kept coming back to health care.”

“An angry, overflow crowd of about 500… gave Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) an earful Wednesday about his positions on health care, immigration and climate change. Two hours later, an even larger, more vocal group did the same,” according to the Oregonian.

“The twin bill marked the nine-term Republican’s first town halls since he helped craft a controversial GOP health care bill that would have ended coverage for some 24 million Americans by 2026. He closely aligned himself with House Speaker Paul Ryan, the primary sponsor of the legislation, even though more than a third of his constituents in the sprawling 2nd Congressional District are covered by Medicaid, the federal health care program for the poor.”

Above from Politicalwire....

Russian supported efforts against House Speaker Ryan and GOP Senator Rubio?

It appears that the Russian efforts to cause political problems for America politicans are extensive and ON GOING….

Two high-profile Republican members of Congress may have been targets of Russian social-media campaigns to discredit them as recently as this past week, an expert in Kremlin influence-peddling told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

“This past week we observed social-media accounts discrediting U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan,” Clint Watts told the committee in a rare open hearing that leaders billed as a “primer” on Russian influence-peddling.

Watts, an expert in terrorism forecasting and Russian influence operations from the Foreign Policy Research Institute, also said he believes Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) “anecdotally suffered” from online Russian campaigns against him during his presidential bid.

Ryan’s office was not aware of an effort against him, according to a spokeswoman. Rubio said later Thursday that his campaign staff had been “targeted” twice “from an unknown location in Russia,” once in July 2016 and again at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday. Both attempts were unsuccessful, he added, without providing further details.

The revelations widen the scope of politicians who have become the subject of Russian-backed hacking operations and online smear campaigns, allegedly a central part of a Kremlin strategy to spread propaganda in the United States and undermine its democratic institutions….


House Speaker Ryan has a Boehner problem with his hard right Conservative members…

Republican House Speaker John Boehner quit the job and Congress because of the friction caused by Tea Party House members anger at not getting their way….And by the leadership controiling the bill’s progress without minute by minute memebers input…

It appears that the group, now calling itself the Freedom Caucus , is again at odds with it’s parties House leadership and is trying to go around Ryan to gain leverage by forging a connection with White House aide Stephen Bannon…..

Conservative lawmakers have proven adept at exploiting similar divisions in the White House to build momentum for their cause. Administration sources say they stovepipe their concerns to Bannon because of his relationships with the far right, and they warily eye others aligned with chief of staff Reince Priebus, who is closer to Ryan.

They’ve found sympathizers in the West Wing for complaints that leadership has excluded them from the legislative process. One senior administration official told POLITICO that “House leadership cut them out of the process totally.”

“We opened up a direct channel” with Meadows, fellow Freedom Caucus leader Jim Jordan and Sen. Ted Cruz, the source continued, “to get the real issues on the table.”…