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Was the media a bit unfair to Hillary Clinton?…Probably….

She joins Donald Trump is complaing about how the media covered her ….

She has company even in Nate Silver the guy who writes about the media also…

But the media IS a fact of life for politicians …

They must lve with its good and bad…

The media’s numbers ARE better than eithe Clinton or Trump….

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In “What Happened,” her book about the 2016 campaign, Clinton lets the news media have it.

While she stops well short of blaming news coverage for her loss to Donald Trump, she sees it as one of the many ill winds that whipped up a perfectly awful storm.

She makes a convincing case that coverage of her email practices as secretary of state was way over the top.

“None of Donald Trump’s scandals . . . generated the kind of sustained, campaign-defining coverage that my emails did,” Clinton wrote in her instant bestseller.

She dings the press for its failure to focus on substance, and for giving Trump far too much uncritical exposure during the primary season.

It’s all true, though Clinton must share in the blame because she failed to do what successful candidates must: generate news, drive home a clear message and provide at least some measure of excitement.

Clinton herself acknowledges the charisma gap: “You’ve got to give it to Trump — he’s hateful but it’s hard to look away from him.”

Mostly, she complains about the way the press tried to even up the vastly different flaws of the two candidates.

“If Trump ripped the shirt off someone at a rally and a button fell off my jacket on the same day,” the headlines would put it this way: “Trump and Clinton Experience Wardrobe Malfunctions, Campaigns in Turmoil.”

Clinton did get a raw deal from the press, which largely ignored her on serious policy and allowed Trump to frame the coverage.

The campaign exposed the worst characteristics of the media — its addiction to the sensational, its propensity for overkill, and its profit-driven desire for clicks and ratings.

As a Harvard study noted, the major TV networks gave 220 minutes to policy in 2008. In 2012, it was 114 minutes. In 2016, it was 32 minutes.

The email story, by contrast, got 100 minutes of airtime….



We have never let Hillary Clinton speak for herself….


By DiesIrae  @Daily Kos…..


Say what you want about her politics — love her, hate her, oranything in between — throughout her career one thing is constant. No one has ever accepted Hillary Clinton’s right to speak for herself.

In the early 90s, it was all about how she was too liberal. It was the conventional wisdom that she was far more liberal than her husband. I still remember all the attacks on her for being an outspoken feminist, and the refusal to accept her desire to work for the public interest.

In the late 90s, she was attacked relentlessly for choosing to stay with her husband despite his affair. Never mind that being her personal choice. Then when she got into politics, she was smeared with all the usual tropes against strong women in politics: ambitious, calculating, ruthless.

(Is it any wonder that she reacted by forming a shell? The media, led by certain outlets we all know and love, spent a decade tearing her to shreds not just as a politician, but as a person. She emerged with a siege mentality which arguably handicapped her for the rest of her political career).

In 2008, she lost a heartbreaking primary. She dealt with defeat in an incredibly graceful way, endorsing her opponent unambiguously, with passion, and working her heart out to get him elected. After the election, she accepted an offer to serve as his Secretary of State.

What did she get in return? She became a lightning rod for grievances against the president from the left. All of Obama’s deviations from perfection — not to mention her husband’s — became her responsibility. In late 2015 and early 2016, she was accused at every turn of being a secret Republican. Of being against universal health care despite having proposed it and fought for it in the early 1990s. Of being singlehandedly responsible for Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other foreign policy mistake over the last 25 years (say what you want about her decisions, some of the criticism was far over the top). Of being a tool of Wall Street. Hell, she was accused of being anti-choice.

The fact that these criticisms were the exact opposite of the criticisms thrown at her in the 1990s was irrelevant. Neither narrative really matched reality. Clinton has been a fairly mainstream Democrat for her entire political life…..


How Hillary Clinton learned to keep the Media out of her life…

Politico is out with a good piece that goes into probably why Hillary Clinton will never be other politicans and give close-in looks at what she’s thinking….

At 68 years old she has had enough of people knocking her print….

While almost everyone who actually spends time with her likes her, including Republicans she worked with as a Senator ….

Vast amounts of the public, who have never have met her don’t….

A good amount of this is blamed on Clinton aversion to being open with the media, which does NOT like to go hungry….

But as the Politico piece points out….

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In Clinton ‘s MidWestern upbringing, in her time with her husband as the Governor of Arkansas, and being the First Lady during Bill Clinton’s two terms as President ,she has had to endure  ridicule for being who she was, and is…

This Hillary Clinton is now running against a guy who LOVES the spotlight …Who KNOWS that by saying WHATEVER comes out of his mouth he will be able gain a following….He is guy who has NONE of the introspection that Hillary Clinton has or needed to get thru her life….Being rich from the start has afforded Donald Trump the security to say and do almost anything he wants…And he did this without the almost anyone’s saying much in public , unlike Clinton, who has lived most of her adult life IN the publics eyes…

And so…

As you check the daily media sites , newspapers and TV show’s you will find Donald Trump ALL over them ALL…That while Hillary Clinton has to fundraise TONS of money to buy her controled ads to get her message out….

Most of us KNOW she’ll be alright as President…But the hard part for her is actually running for the job…..

Hillary Rodham Clinton was once willing to share her deepest thoughts and feelings, as she did in a 1993 speech on “the politics of meaning,” delivered as her father lay dying, in which she said the country was suffering “a sleeping sickness of the soul,” and urged her fellow citizens “to remold society by redefining what it means to be a human being in the 20th century.”
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Her reward? She was roundly, relentlessly ridiculed, most infamously in a New York Times cover story, titled “Saint Hillary,” by the late Michael Kelly, in which she expounded at even greater length on her personal passions, unaware that Kelly would use them to mock her for high-minded earnestness. In those interviews, the public Hillary Clinton was altogether different than the one the public sees today: less guarded, more candid, far more eager to embrace the “larger message” she’s so often criticized for lacking now. When Kelly suggested to her that she was “trying to come up with a sort of unified-field theory of life,” she responded in what he described as “excited” tones: “That’s right, that’s exactly right!”

“She is, it develops in the course of two long conversations,” Kelly wrote then, “looking for a way of looking at the world that would marry conservatism and liberalism, and capitalism and statism, that would tie together practically everything: the way we are, the way we were, the faults of man and the word of God, the end of Communism and the beginning of the third millennium, crime in the streets and on Wall Street, teenage mothers and foul-mouthed children and frightening drunks in the parks, the cynicism of the press and the corrupting role of television, the breakdown of civility and the loss of community.”

Clinton would arguably never again sound so open, so vulnerable, so searching, so full of hope. Slowly, inexorably over the years, she has grown a harder and harder shell until, like Marley’s ghost, she now wears the chain she’s forged in life, link by link and yard by yard. The effects of that armor plating are obvious. A desire for privacy has congealed into a demand for secrecy. Candor is dangerous; artifice is safe. Full disclosure is for suckers; hunkering down is the only way to win. Above all, too much honesty about yourself brings you only more grief.

It’s a lesson that’s been drummed into Clinton over and over again for the past quarter century…

So nowadays, almost no one outside Clinton’s innermost circle ever sees the tender side that loyal aides and friends insist is such a palpable part of her personality, but I can attest that it is there. When my father took his own life 20 years ago, she left me a solicitous voice mail, recommended books on suicide and months later was still asking how my family and I were coping. She shared her own grief over the suicide of her friend Vince Foster in an utterly unguarded way.

No more.

Today, Clinton is within reach of her longtime dream, becoming the first female president. But the latest polls show that she is still struggling against a GOP candidate whom even many of his fellow Republicans have described as unfit and whom most smart money says she would be trouncing if she didn’t have serious candor and credibility issues of her own. That’s the Hillary Clinton who provokes roughly 6 in 10 voters into repeatedly telling pollsters they do not see her as honest and trustworthy. The Hillary Clinton who can’t seem to get out of her own way, even when it comes to a simple story of whether she had the flu (her husband’s account) or pneumonia, and whether she was fine or not….



With Trump moving up in the polls…Hillary courts the media…

Hillary Clinton REALLY does NOT trust the media…

But Donald Trump seems to be inching up in the polls and the media HAS been crying louder in the last few weeks….And concerns being whispered by some Democrats about her lack of pulling away from Trump, due to his mishaps in public…

Up to this point ?

She has kept the Media  at arms  shouting  length….

So with less than 60 days to go to Election Day and voting beginning in weeks ….

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She has relented and begun answering questions from the national news media in an attempt to deal with her old issue of coming across as closed off from people…

By the end of this week, the first in which she has traveled on the same plane as her press corps, Clinton had appeared four times before their cameras to answer questions.

Clinton also played to the cameras and showed a flash of irreverent humor Friday when, after she had left the podium following a short press conference on national security issues, she paused and then returned to answer a shouted question about Trump. With dramatic timing and a sardonic smile, Clinton slowly shook her head and took a breath before addressing Trump’s perhaps ill-advised appearance on a television network backed by the Kremlin.

“Every day that goes by, this just becomes more of a reality-television show,” she said. “It’s not a serious presidential campaign. And it is beyond one’s imagination to have a candidate for president praising a Russian autocrat like Vladimir Putin and throwing his lot in with him,” Clinton said.

Clinton also addressed head-on the perception that she is chilly or aloof, telling the online interview site Humans of New York on Thursday that her natural reserve is born of the “hard path” she walked as a professional woman.

“I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions,” she wrote. “And that’s a hard path to walk. Because you need to protect yourself, you need to keep steady, but at the same time you don’t want to seem ‘walled off.’ And sometimes I think I come across more in the ‘walled off’ arena.”

She continued: “And if I create that perception, then I take responsibility. I don’t view myself as cold or unemotional. And neither do my friends. And neither does my family. But if that sometimes is the perception I create, then I can’t blame people for thinking that.”

In addition, a television ad released Friday features a relaxed-looking Clinton speaking directly to the camera and making a bipartisan pitch that weaves in some biographical high points from her long career. It was the first positive ad released recently, after a string of harsh ones that mostly use Trump’s own past statements against him while barely mentioning her.

“We’ve got to bring people together. That’s how you solve problems, and that’s what I’ll do as president,” she said in the ad…..



Hillary Clinton does her first presser in a LONG Time…..

In answer to the media grippoing about her NOT talking DIRECTLY to her?

She has invited them to ride on her campaign plane and then has held a impromptu face to face press Q & A with national media on the plane…

IN FLIGHT - SEPTEMBER 05: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks to reporters on her campaign plane enroute to Iowa on September 5, 2016. Hillary Clinton is kicking off a Labor Day campaign swing to Ohio and Iowa on a new campaign plane. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Political reporters covering Hillary Clinton will have to find something new to whine about: Clinton spoke to reporters on her campaign plane on Sunday, amounting to a—gasp—press conference. Clinton answered very important questions about whether her cough will feed conspiracy theories that her health is secretly awful (as if anything could deter these people) and about her electoral prospects (news flash: she’s “not taking anything for granted”), but also got the chance to talk a little substance about, for instance, closing Guantanamo:

“It’s been a goal of President Obama from the very beginning of his administration, and it should remain the goal of the next president. Guantanamo Bay, as I think we all recognize, became a symbol of a lot of the problems that were started under the Bush administration and which have not served us well in terms of relations around the world. So, I would like to see it closed.”

Meanwhile, Time’s Zeke Miller and the New York Times’ Jonathan Martin took to Twitter to remind us all what good reason Clinton has to hate reporters. Miller tweeted a snippet of a pool report describing Clinton as having a “big scarcastic smile on her face” as she welcomed reporters on the plane. (There’s video. It wasn’t all that sarcastic. Or presumably scarcastic either.) But Martin wins the prize for this one:


Clinton gets a new plane and the Media gets to come along…

As the Presidential campaign moves into the last 60 days Hillary Clinton has moved to larger B-737 airplane to crisscrosses the state’s….

Painted up Hillary Blue , the pane has accommodations for Clinton, staff,  her security team and yes…The Media….

The Clinton campaign unveiled the Democratic nominee’s new plane on Monday.

Monday’s flight to Cleveland, Ohio reportedly marks the first time Hillary Clinton will be on the same plane as her press corps….

On Twitter, people began suggesting nicknames for Clinton’s new ride, which has her campaign slogan “Stronger Together” plastered on its side.

“The Clinton campaign’s new press plane: Hill Force One? Stronger Together Express?” tweeted Merica…..


As some polls tighten The Media keeps up it’s pressue for more access to Hillary Clinton…

The Hill is out with a piece today which joins the steady complaints of the media, and some Democrats, that Hillary Clinton should be granting them more face time….

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Clinton  has never made it a secret that she does NOT like the media, which has NOT been kind to her and husband for decades …..

She also does NOT like the large rally, good media type events….

The Clinton campaign HAS been making the candidate available to local media, which tends not to be so ‘gotcha’ as the national media stars…..

They have also been content to let Donald Trump lead in the media , watching him wonder around tripping all over himself…..

But alas, the Clinton campaign has announced that their candidate will move up to bigger campaign plane for last 60 days of the race and will allow a small press contingent to travel WITH the candidate …..

They didn’t say that she would hold a full blown press conference though….

“It used to look like Clinton should just spend the fall at the International Space Station watching Trump implode, but it raises the question of whether you can disappear from the campaign trail without it having some effect,” said Marquette University pollster Charles Franklin, whose Wisconsin survey found Clinton’s favorability declining across every metric.

Clinton has gone days between events in some cases and hasn’t given a press conference in more than 270 days, a fact that Republicans have been eager to highlight.

The press has badgered Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine and other top surrogates, Vice President Biden among them, about Clinton’s whereabouts and why she has kept such a low profile with the election only two months away.

“I don’t think anyone can tell her story as well as she can, so she needs to be out there telling it,” said Democrat Nina Turner, a former top spokesperson for Bernie Sanders. “You have to face the voters if you want them to vote for you. You have to be out there talking to them and engaging with them and having real conversations and dialogue.”

As Clinton has been off the grid, Trump has been ubiquitous and is increasingly engaging in high-stakes gambits meant to get him back into the race…..



On Hillary Clinton and the Media….

Alert political junkies have seen periodic crying by media types about Hillary Clinton NOT holdinga formal news confrenece’s for a LONG time…..

She held a ‘quickie’ last week…It was held at a Hispanic event and it involved only a few reporter’s who asked 5 questions…

Hillary Clinton has been very smart in the way she deals with the media….

While Donald Trump is ALL over….

During the Republican Primaries he would call reporters to chat.

But now?

If a reporter or media outlet writes something he doesn’t like?

They are barred from his events, and Trump regularly makes fun of the media with his rally crowds …..

Hillary Clinton seldom does HUGE rallies….

She has never made a secret that she does NOT like them….

She also does NOT like the National media, hasn’t for decades, as they tend dwell on ‘between the Beltway stories’….

The Clinton campaign has their candidate do small groups meetings when Hillary Clinton campaigns….

Those meetings will have LOCAL media , who are happy to get the most likely first Woman President in front of their camera’s….

(Before the Convention’s she sat down face to face with several major news anchors….She doesn’t do that anymore since Bernie Sanders is not an issu,e and  she grabed the lead in the polls…)

Those reporters are not gonna ask Clinton about ‘beltway’ stories….

They are going ask about local issues which play to Clinton’s ‘nuts and bolts’ politics ….

On days where she IS out infront crowds Hillary has gone out to challange the Trump ‘foot in the mouth’ story of the day….focusing on Trump …And after she leaves the stage?

She…, unlike her husband …Will NOT engage the National Media…..

But move on ….Not giving them ammunition to write about her negatively….

Which is what Donald Trump has been doing ever since he won the Republican Nomination….

image…of Clinton talking to a media group BACK in June….Politico(Getty).Com

Clinton advertises her meeting with Elizabeth Warren….

Hillary Clinton could have met with Elizabeth Warren without fanfare…..(She has actually quietly had several previous get togethers with Warren)

She didn’t….

Public dances with Warren helps Clinton AND Warren…

The Clinton campaign is taking pages from Trump’s book….

They are stealing the media cycle’s….

The women have had several conversations over the past month, including one that lasted around half an hour, sources told The Washington Post. The conversations were broad and focused on large topics and issues, rather than the nitty-gritty of the campaign. Their staffs have been engaged in more tactical discussions.

The two women do not have a particularly deep relationship, but that could change as Clinton rallies Democrats around her in the wake of winning the Democratic nomination in recent days. There were three big endorsements that could have meaningfully helped Clinton wrap up the nomination battle: Warren, President Obama and Vice President Biden. Clinton secured all three on Thursday.

Clinton, a Yale-educated lawyer, like Warren, a Harvard Law professor until she was elected in 2012, is a policy wonk at heart. So the two might talk in more detail about how Clinton could embrace pieces of the progressive agenda that allowed Bernie Sanders to win more than 20 states.

Warren is late to get on the Clinton bandwagon, but her support is crucial nonetheless to Democratic unity efforts. When all of the Democratic women in the Senate endorsed Clinton very early in the campaign,Warren was the lone holdout. She had earlier been the target of efforts from the left to draft her into the presidential race as an alternative to Clinton.

The Massachusetts senator justified staying on the sidelines until now by telling Rachel Maddow on MSNBC Thursday night that she thought it was “really important” to let voters choose in the primary and that the debate has been “constructive.”

“Hillary Clinton won,” Warren said. “And she won because she’s a fighter.”


Hillary Clinton goes after that FREE Media….

Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination Monday night…

And celebrated with a Great speech last night…..

But something most people haven’t realized in the 48 hours….

Hillary Clinton has been ALL OVER the airwaves doing interviews and dominated the news cycle in a positive way…..



Never mind not having a news conference….

Hillary Clinton has been having almost ALL of the major news and cable news channel’s talk to her…..

That Accessibility has translated into something Donald Trump has mastered….Free stuff…

She’s learning….

She’s getting Better….

image…CBS NEWS

Hillary Clinton responds on email concerns…’it was still a mistake. If I could go back, I would do it differently….’

Instead of doubling down on circling the wagons?

Hillary Clinton tries to get AHEAD of things by GOING to the MEDIA something she wouild have NEVER done in the past….

She admits she made a mistake….

She doesn’t dismiss people’s concerns, but adds that she HAS done a WHOLE LOT of GOOD things besides this mistake…

She reminds people that the only other choice they have in this election is Donald Trump….

Her initial response, delivered in an interview Wednesday with Univision’s Marie Elena Salinas, was robotic and rotely defensive — not to mention inaccurate on several points.

To her credit, Clinton (and her team) realized that what she had said wasn’t enough. So she set about trying to fix it. She called in to Chuck Todd’s “Meet the Press Daily” on Thursday and offered this up:

….’I said this many times, it was still a mistake. If I could go back, I would do it differently. And I understand people have concerns about this, but I hope and expect voters to look at the full picture of everything I’ve done and stand for. And the full threat posed by Donald Trump. If they do, I have faith in the American people that they will make the right choice.’…..


Why does Hillary Clinton NOT trust the media?

Politico features a story that give several recent examples why….

While Donald Trump says just about ANYTHING that comes to his mind out loud?

Hillary Clinton get’s innuendo and outright incorrect headlines rained down on her….

That from an media that is MUST generate attention for it’s advertisers, to general profit for it’s corperate owner no matter what any media person might preach to you….

The Clinton email story seems never-ending…

The Trump entertainment show the same…

The Clinton email issue involves a mistake but not a scandal. It involves a judgment call but emphatically not a crime by Hillary Clinton — a charge that is the biggest lie in American politics today.

When The New York Times ran a front-page story that falsely suggested Clinton was being criminally investigated — a false charge that remains negligently legitimized by many media organizations today — at least the Times ultimately ran a correction of that sterling example of media malpractice.

Regarding the emails themselves, based on all public evidence, Clinton did not send one classified email and did not receive one classified email. Anyone who has handled classified information, which I did during my days working for Democratic leaders in Congress, knows that classified information is clearly marked and labeled “confidential,” “secret,” or “top secret,” or whatever level of classification is justified.

Hillary Clinton did not send or receive one classified email. Not once. Not ever. If others sent her emails that included materials that should have been classified, but were not, or were classified, but not labeled as such, for any in the media to treat this as a criminal scandal against the candidate is media malpractice of the first order. When Republican partisans level this charge it is the professional duty of legitimate journalists to report and explain the facts and not repeat and legitimize the lie.

In another example of media malpractice, CNN on Wednesday released a poll that showed Clinton defeating every Republican opponent by between 6 percent and 10 percent. If this margin victory for Clinton occurs on Election Day, it may bring Democrats back into control of the Senate and give Democrats some chance of regaining control of the House, especially if Clinton wins by the 9 percent that the poll showed her defeating Jeb Bush by.

And yet, in a stunning example of media malpractice, many political commentators stated that a poll showing Clinton winning by such large margins is a setback for the Clinton campaign, and proof of her faltering campaign.