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President Clinton vs Speaker Ryan…How would it work?

Someone out there pointed to a Clinton mandate is Hillary Clinton can garner the Obama Electoral College numbers…

Mandate ?

I SERIOUSLY doubt That …..

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The same intransigence shown to President Obama will probably be future for Clinton and US House under Rep. Paul Ryan’s leqadership…

The last six years in Washington are on track to look like a golden age of cooperation compared to what’s coming if Hillary Clinton wins the White House and Paul Ryan keeps his GOP majority in the House.

The 2016 races are far from over, but the trends, if polls are right, might be irreversible. And for the Clinton and Paul insiders now drafting their bosses’ 2017 agenda, a realization is dawning that the dynamic between these two could determine whether any actual lawmaking happens.

For Clinton, who seems poised to win the presidency with her position on major Democratic policy priorities squishy at best and unknown at worst, progressives are pre-programmed for disappointment. And on Ryan’s side, while handicappers still show him retaining a Republican majority, the 2016 season will have delivered a different kind of conference after Democrats pick off many of the moderates who gave him the leeway to keep the Freedom Caucus in check, even as he says privately and publicly that he believes rebuilding his party is about passing bills again.

They’re interested in making moves and have all the political reasons to do so. But while sources close to both camps say Clinton and Ryan would probably get along and might even agree on a handful of priority issues, they would be coming into their shared mission with a relationship that so far has been nothing more than handshakes and pleasantries and a few conversations about State Department funding while she was secretary and he was running the Budget Committee.

Add in Ryan’s expected run for president in 2020 and the thought that either the first-term president or her likely future challenger would share credit with the person who might soon be starring in the other’s campaign commercials leads to rapid onset depression for some of the aides closest to these two principals.

“The next four years are going to totally suck,” said a person close to Ryan….


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Bill Clinton will try get some White Guys to vote for his wife…

Good Luck  Sir…..

Ya gonna need it….

This isn’t the 1990’s….

In interviews with more than a dozen party leaders close to the former president, or involved in his wife’s campaign, Bill Clinton’s allies discussed his personal connection to the voters who have slowly deserted the Democratic party — and how that has only increased his personal desire to win them back. “Whoever he thinks he can’t get, he doubles down,” psychoanalyzed one longtime associate, “It’s the Bill Clinton nature. He knows that he connects with those voters. He knows that from his prior elections, from being out the road and it galls him that they are not swooning for his Hillary.”

His wife’s campaign sees the value in letting him take up his personal challenge.

“We can use President Clinton with any audience that is part of our base or the swing universe that we are reaching for,” said Clinton’s senior strategist Joel Benenson. “He obviously has value with white working class and middle-class voters, especially older ones who remember his presidency fondly.”

But Bill Clinton following his gut hasn’t always worked out so well…


Clinton campaign sources said the campaign is considering sending Bill Clinton to the Rust Belt, and to Florida, where he can speak to older voters, beginning in September. The hope is that Bill Clinton doesn’t focus on the old map instead of the new. But there are some signs that he still wants to campaign on his home turf. “They are not giving up or conceding any state across the country — especially the South,” insisted Clinton friend Alison Lundergan Grimes, the secretary of state in Kentucky, who ran unsuccessfully for Senate in 2014, and is one of the last remaining Democrat elected statewide.

“He talks the language,” Rendell said, recalling a campaign stop in Pittsburgh in 1996 where Clinton won over gun-toting union voters. “He said, ‘listen to me clearly: since the Brady Bill’s been in operation, half a million criminals and crazy people have been denied guns — and not one of you has lost a minute in the deer woods.’ He said ‘deer woods’ like someone who’s a real hunter. The beauty of Bill Clinton is in western Pennsylvania and Kentucky, he’s a hillbilly.”

This year, Rendell said, “Bill Clinton’s not going to persuade us to get 60 percent of the working class white vote in Ohio. But if we get 40 percent, we’re in business.”



Hillary Clinton winning speech April 16, 20016…for Pennslyvania, Maryland and Delaware Primaries…

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accompanied by former President Bill Clinton walks to stage at her presidential primary election night rally, Tuesday, April 26, 2016, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Hillary Clinton made a speech that moved to praise her opponent Bernie Sanders….

She thanked voters for their support …..

Then went down the list of Sanders points and said she agreed with his views in general…Then turned to the direction of the whoever would the Republican nomiee and pointed out that she needed the party to be united in her efforts going forward….

Hillary Clinton won primaries in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware Tuesday, while Bernie Sanders scored a win in Rhode Island. Connecticut’s Democratic primary has not been called.
With the victories in Pennsylvania and Maryland, Clinton claimed the night’s biggest prizes.

The results follow a week in which the two campaigns dueled over the state of the race, with Clinton’s camp presenting her nomination as inevitable and Sanders insisting the contest was still in full swing.

Clinton’s Tuesday night appearance demonstrated that her pivot to the general election is fully underway. She took a conciliatory tone toward Sanders and appealed for party unity in her victory address.

“There’s much more that unites us than divides us,” Clinton said, before reciting a list of policy priorities she and Sanders share. “In an election we will have to work hard together to prevail against candidates from the other side.”

She also directly went after Donald Trump, calling him a divisive candidate and ripping his rhetoric and policies.

Despite the lack of resolution, Clinton is increasingly turning her focus toward Trump, who’s poised for another big night Tuesday in his bid to clinch the Republican nomination.

Clinton unveiled a new line of attack against him on Monday, mocking his lavish lifestyle and accusing him of indifference to problems of non-billionaires, such as the national minimum wage.

“Don’t just fly that big jet in and land it, go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of and then go back, get on that big jet, and go back to, you know, your country club house in Florida or your penthouse in New York,” Clinton said at an event in Delaware.
Clinton didn’t spare Ted Cruz, either.

“When you hear Trump and Cruz and the Republicans talking about their economic policies, they want to go back to what failed us before,” Clinton said, after praising her husband’s economic plans as president. “They talk a good game, but if you look at what they are actually putting out, they want to slash taxes on the wealthy.”



Bernie Sanders is a unknown in Nevada…Hillary Clinton is NOT….

Take a look at the Nevada Democratic party people…

It looks nothing like the Vermont (or Iowa) Democratic party…

Bernie Sanders doesn’t do well at all with people who ain’t white…

Hillary Clinton does….

After New Hamsphire and Iowa?

It’s just about over for the Democratic Senator from Vermont…

Unlike the first two states on the map, in Nevada, minority voters are poised to play a major role in picking the Democrats’ winner. Nonwhite voters make up just less than half of the state’s population, while white voters are much more dominant in New Hampshire (92 percent) and Iowa (88 percent).

“Politically, Vegas is such a melting pot,” said Yvanna Cancela, political director for the Culinary Workers Union Local 226. “So looking into a presidential year, New Hampshire and Iowa are important but Nevada really tells the story of where America’s at just because our electorate is so diverse … it does tell the story of how people are leaning and what messages will actually be persuasive.”

Of course, Sanders has the option of waving the white flag in Nevada and focusing on states where he’s faring better in the polls. But passing on Nevada raises real questions about his ability to compete on a national level. After all, in terms of its demographics, Nevada, far more than Iowa or New Hampshire, mirrors the country as a whole—and provides a far more accurate microcosm of the Democratic party….


Jeb Bush goes after Hillary on Iraq?

Does he REALLY want to go THERE?

Arguing that Clinton, as secretary of state, “stood by” while Iraq fell apart and as the Islamic State, also known as ISIL or ISIS, took root across Iraq and Syria puts Bush on offense, shifting the conversation away from whether the war itself was a mistake. (Bush admits now, after stumbling on this question for four days in May, that the invasion was a bad idea.)

“ISIS grew while the United States disengaged from the Middle East and ignored the threat,” Bush will say, according to excerpts of his speech released Monday by his campaign. “And where was Secretary of State Clinton in all of this? Like the president himself, she had opposed the surge … then joined in claiming credit for its success … then stood by as that hard-won victory by American and allied forces was thrown away.”

Bush’s speech is also an attempt to harden negative perceptions about Clinton’s globe-trotting tenure as America’s top diplomat.


“If Jeb Bush wants to spread blame for the situation in the Middle East, he doesn’t need to look much further than his next family reunion,” said Brad Woodhouse, president of Correct The Record, the organization tasked with running Clinton’s rapid-response operation. “Jeb championed former President George W. Bush’s destructive foreign policy from Day One, from the invasion of Iraq based on faulty intelligence to the strategy regarding ISIS.”

Clinton’s official campaign held a conference call Tuesday afternoon, putting senior policy adviser Jake Sullivan on the line with reporters to argue that Clinton’s tenure in Foggy Bottom was spent rebuilding relationships with allies after George W. Bush’s “policies that for eight years set the cause of American leadership back.”



Whose BROTHER got America into Iraq… and THOUGHT we had won there?


With his call for support of Sunni allies, he echoes a main theme of the Obama approach. And his support for increasing the Pentagon budget reflects to a considerable extent the policy of the Obama administration. But that has faced opposition from some Republicans in Congress who have sought to freeze military spending as part of efforts to cut back the size of government…


Hillary Clinton proposes a $350B new College education pay plan….

Something NEEDS to be done about the current studernt loan program, which makes the government money, while saddling students and their parents with HEAVY debt….

Clinton will discuss the plan, a litmus test of sorts for progressives, at campaign stops Monday and Tuesday in New Hampshire. And at a yet-to-be-announced stop later in the week, Clinton will offer additional proposals intended to help nontraditional students — such as those who are already parents — complete their degrees, the campaign said. And the plan’s roll out is timed to coincide with college students heading back to school, potentially luring a voting bloc critical for President Barack Obama that Clinton needs to court as well.

A senior campaign official called the combination of ideas and the intense emphasis on the issue of paying for college a “bold transformation of how we would do higher education financing in our country.”

The compact’s baseline goals are to allow students to attend a four-year public college without taking out loans for tuition, attend a community college tuition-free, push states to spend more on higher education, encourage institutions to cut costs while boosting graduation rates and reward innovation.

“This is a real political organizing opportunity,” the official said. “We have heard everywhere Hillary Clinton goes, literally everywhere she goes … from young people who are being held back or families who have no idea how they’re going to pay for” college.


Biden’s gonna run?


Maybe Not….

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his associates have begun to actively explore a possible presidential campaign, which would upend the Democratic field and deliver a direct threat to Hillary Rodham Clinton, several people who have spoken to Mr. Biden or his closest advisers say.

Mr. Biden’s advisers have started to reach out to Democratic leaders and donors who have not yet committed to Mrs. Clinton or who have grown concerned about what they see as her increasingly visible vulnerabilities as a candidate.

The conversations, often fielded by Mr. Biden’s chief of staff, Steve Ricchetti, have taken place through hushed phone calls and quiet lunches. In most cases, they have grown out of an outpouring of sympathy for Mr. Biden since the death of his son Beau, 46, in May.

On Saturday, the New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd reported that Mr. Biden had been holding meetings at his residence, “talking to friends, family and donors about jumping in” to challenge Mrs. Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two nominating states.

One longtime Biden supporter said the vice president had been deeply moved by his son’s desire for him to run….



A Biden nomination run COULD mean some trouble for Hillary….

But could also fall flat….

The Media WOULD love it FOR SURE….


Activists expect more from the people running for President….

The NY Times is out with a piece that points to recent speak outs by Black and Latino activists ….looking for more attention ….

Two weeks ago at the Democratic Netroots get together Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley where interrupted by Black activists that pushed hard for the two spent more time confronting the concerns of Black poverty and police encounters….

Hillary Clinton did make the trip to event….

Their actions have made the Democratic nomination group redouble their mention’s of action’s needed by the Black community, which traditionally votes for Democrats in large numbers and now do NOT want those votes to be taken for granted…..

 On the Republican side…..

Latino’s are beginning to confront Jeb Bush, who DOES ask for a pathway for illegals , IN THIS country already…But has to tow the line on illegal immigration in general to get thru his parties primaries, as people like Donald Trump push for harder anti-immigrant actions…

In the space of a few hours last week, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jeb Bush showed how their parties’ two best-funded candidates are grappling with insistent, intensifying demands from activists on the left and the right who are deeply disenchanted with the political establishment.

Before a heavily African-American audience in South Carolina, Mrs. Clinton sought to outflank her Democratic rivals who have struggled with questions of race. “It’s essential that we all stand up and say, loudly and clearly, that, yes, black lives matter,” she said on Thursday. “And we all have a responsibility to face these hard truths about race and justice honestly and directly.”

But Mrs. Clinton offered little in the way of ideas to satisfy activists in search of far-reaching solutions to systemic discrimination.

Later the same day in rural New Hampshire, Mr. Bush sought to strike a balance between his view that Republicans must be inclusive to win and a desire not to give in to what he called excessive political correctness.

“A Republican will never be elected president of the United States again unless we campaign like this,” he said, spreading his arms wide. It was an implicit rejection of Donald J. Trump’s incendiary remarks about immigrants.

Yet, talking to reporters after the event, Mr. Bush was nearly incredulous that Martin O’Malley, a Democratic contender and former Maryland governor, had apologized for telling demonstrators who interrupted him at Netroots Nation last weekend that “all lives matter.”

“We’re so uptight and politically correct now that you apologize for saying lives matter?” he said, dismissing “black lives matter” as “a slogan.”



While the activists get media cover like this in the NY Times….

Most American that actually vote prefer a middle line in their policy views recent polling has suggested…Both Bush and Clinton will be seeking to find a balance that doesn’t go to far either way….

Hillary knocks NY Times/WSJ reports on her emails….

Both New York based media outlets published i initial reports that several Inspector General’s had asked the Dept. of Justice to investigate HER CRIMINALLY concerning her emails while at the State Department…

Not so…

The DOJ has received questions on the email related to their classifications…

There is NO criminal investigation , nor was one asked for….

After calls form the Clinton people and info from the DOJ….

Both papers have since walked their stories back…

Hillary Clinton on Friday panned reports that the Justice Department has been asked to investigate whether she possessed classified information on her private email server, saying they contain “inaccuracies.”

“There have been a lot of inaccuracies, as Congressman Cummings made clear this morning. Maybe the heat is getting to everybody. We all have a responsibility to get this right; I have released 55,000 pages of emails, I have said repeatedly that I will answer questions in front of the House committee,” she said during an economic speech in New York.

“We are all accountable to the American people to get their facts right, and I will do my part, but I will also stay focused on the issues”

The new email troubles for Clinton stem from a New York Times report late Thursday night that said two inspectors general have asked Justice to determine “whether sensitive government information was mishandled in connection with the personal email account” of Clinton.

A second report in The Wall Street Journal said that the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community told Congress that at least four emails from her server should have been classified as “secret.”

The Journal added that Justice initially referred to the potential probe as criminal but has since walked that back.

“The Department has received a referral related to the potential compromise of classified information. It is not a criminal referral,” a Department of Justice official told The Hill in a statement….


Hillary Clinton Update..Let the GOPer’s Own Trump….

The longer Doald Trump keeps up his media stealing political rants?

The longer the Clinton people will continue to smile….

On Saturday in Arkansas, Mrs. Clinton referred to Mr. Trump as “the Republican front-runner.” Of his rivals, she said, “The sad truth is, if you look at many of their policies, it can be hard to tell the difference.”

She called Mr. McCain “a genuine war hero” and said Mr. Trump’s comments about him were “shameful,” but she didn’t elaborate. Instead, Mrs. Clinton was quick to say it was also shameful “that it took so long for his fellow Republican candidates to start standing up to him.”

Mr. Trump helps Mrs. Clinton, said Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist and former Clinton aide. “It exposes the G.O.P. as the radical right-wing anger society it has become, and has the potential to motivate her base,” he said.

And with Mr. Trump dominating cable news, it’s been days since Mrs. Clinton was the subject of a news media storm over her treatment of the press or her handling of emails related to the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya.

The strategy is simple, said Steven A. Elmendorf, a Washington strategist and lobbyist. “What any Democratic candidate wants is to make sure that the Republican Party owns Donald Trump,” he said….


Could the 2016 President election be over BEFORE next November?

Politico is out with a piece today that says it very well could be…..

The piece points to just about every Presidential race in the last few decades as actually over way before election day….


Because the sitting President BEFORE the next election usually sets the tone for the vote….

President’s will good rating tend to set the mark for next election….

Only in the case of Bill Clinton the author of the piec points out that did NOT happen….

I just did a post on how Hillary Cllinton’s handlers have decidied to link her to her former boss and the guy who out foxed for the White House….Barack Obama….


Did her people get an early look at the piece?

The end of the 2016 presidential election is actually much closer than you might think.

In every game there are decisive moments that determine the ultimate outcome. We like to think that presidential elections are dramatic fall campaigns pitting party against party, but the truth is that the most decisive moments often occur long before the general election kicks off. If history is any guide, the outcome of next year’s presidential campaign will likely be determined before the Republican Party has even selected their nominee. That uncomfortable fact means that the longer and more divisive the Republican primary, the less likely the party will be to win back the White House in 2016.

In eight out of the last nine presidential elections these decisive periods of time can all be traced back to the run up to the general election—not the fall campaign. With the exception of the 2000 election—which was an outlier on every front—voters locked in their attitudes about the direction of the country, the state of their own well-being and the presidential candidates—and their political party—prior to the start of the general election. Once voters’ views solidified, subsequent campaign events or activities simply served to reinforce their initial perceptions about the candidate and party best prepared to lead the country.

In general, the job approval ratings of the incumbent president, regardless of whether they are running for reelection, serve as a proxy for the electorate’s mood and have historically been the most accurate predictor of election outcomes. And the public’s view of the state of the economy and its expectations for the future are the strongest drivers of the job approval ratings of the sitting president. Since 1980 there have been five presidential elections where the incumbent had a job approval rating near or above 50 percent prior to the start of the general election. In each of these elections, the incumbent’s party won the election. In the three instances when the incumbent president’s job approval fell below 40 percent prior to the start of the general election, their party lost each time.

Conventional wisdom has it that the 1980 presidential election was an exception to this rule, but in truth that race only bolsters the pattern.



What adds even m0ore to this is the fact that Republicans are pushing even harder against several things that polling tells them an American majority are FOR…..

Gay Rights….

Healthcare availability…

Immigration reform….

Woman’s right’s….

Economic equality…..


Big labor does NOT want a Sanders endorsement from its members…

Anybody surprised at this?

Not me…..

I have pointed out that Sanders assection in the polling would bother establishment Democrats….

The AFL-CIO’s constituent unions — as distinct from divisions of the federation itself — remain free to make endorsements however they wish. But they can’t make those endorsements acting through local and regional divisions of the AFL-CIO, as Trumka reminded everyone in the memo.

His message wasn’t anything new for the federation’s state leaders: They know that endorsement decisions belong to the national leadership. Still, it was unusual for Trumka to call them out in a memo. “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one before like this,” said Jeff Johnson, the president of the AFL-CIO’s Washington state labor council.

Johnson agreed that it was important for the AFL-CIO to speak with a single voice. But “there’s a lot of anxiety out there in the labor movement,” he said, “and we’re desperately searching for a candidate that actually speaks to working-class values. The Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders camp is very, very attractive to many of our members and to many of us as leaders, because they’re talking about the things that need to happen in this country.”

Similarly, Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman said he agreed that Trumka had to lay down the law. More tellingly, though, he added: “Bernie Sanders has spent his life actually fighting for working people. He’s made no secret of it, and he’s used it as his mantra. And that I respect very much.” When asked about Clinton’s candidacy, Tolman was less effusive: “Who? Who? Please. I mean with all respect, huh?”



Now people please repeat after me….ELECTBILITY’…..Ok?