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Hillary Clinton regrets not going ‘BIG”….

Never mind that the stuff wouldn’t work….

Obama and Trump and others ALWAYS throw out BIG crazy shit that they KNOW won’t work , but that people want to hear….

Clinton was NEVER THAT person….

She now relializes that she made a mistake….

Policy papers don’t get ya to the White House….

Dreams DO….(It is what defines candidates running for office)

(Like Single Payer Health Insurance?)

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A cash payment to guarantee a basic income for every American. A nationwide “carbon-dividend program” to tax fossil fuels and redirect the revenue to citizens. Taxing an individual’s net worth instead of their annual income as a way to reduce income inequality.

Hillary Clinton considered proposing each of these transformative ideas during her ill-fated presidential campaign last year, she writes in What Happened, the memoir she is releasing Tuesday. The former secretary of state discarded all of them, however. They were too costly, she writes. Her campaign “couldn’t make the numbers work.”

“We decided it was exciting but not realistic, and left it on the shelf. That was the responsible decision,” Clinton writes about the cash-payment proposal, which was based on Alaska’s program of distributing the state’s oil royalties in dividends to its residents. She is now having second thoughts. “I wonder now whether we should have thrown caution to the wind and embraced ‘Alaska for America’ as a long-term goal and figured out the details later.”

Another reason Clinton does not list, but that is left in the reader’s mind, is this: She didn’t need to go big to defeat either Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary or Donald Trump in the general election. She didn’t need to mimic their embrace of bold but unachievable ideas, to risk making promises she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep. Clinton, both she and seemingly everyone else knew, was going to win the presidency anyway….



Running for office and telling people what you can actually DO in office are TWO DISTICTLY different things ….

Hillary Clinton has just figured that out….

It has cost her….


The 2016 Presidential Primary Endorsement Score…Hillary WAY out front….

FiveThirtyEight gives a rundown on the endorsement race, which usually is a pretty good indicator of who will win their parties nomination….

Hillary Clinton has ten times the number of anyone else….

In 2008 she started off strong also….But in the middle she suffered from mass defections to Obama

Before any votes are cast, presidential candidates compete for the support of influential members of their party, especially elected officials like U.S. representatives, senators and governors. During the period known as the “invisible primary,” these “party elites” seek to coalesce around the candidates they find most acceptable as their party’s nominee. Over the past few decades, when these elites have reached a consensus on the best candidate, rank-and-file voters have usually followed.

Latest Endorsements
9/17Hillary Clinton endorsed by Gov. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H. +10
Jeb Bush endorsed by Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala. +1
9/13Hillary Clinton endorsed by Rep. Ann Kuster, D-N.H. +1

Of course, not all endorsements are equally valuable. We use a simple weighting system: 10 points for governors, 5 points for U.S. senators and 1 point for U.S. representatives (there are roughly five times as many representatives as senators and 10 times as many representatives as governors)…