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Congress is working on a bill to allow concealed weapons to be carried across state lines…

The National Rifle Assoc is alive and well….

It is unknown if this effort will succeed ….

But it is in the works…..

It is an attempt to overide strict ‘carry’ gun control laws in some states…

The legislation allows firearm owners with a concealed carry permit issued by their home state to carry the firearm into any other state (all allow some form of concealed carry, although many are highly restrictive). The gun owners wouldn’t have to reveal they are carrying a weapon, though the bill does require they be eligible to possess a firearm under federal law (which requires a background check), carry a valid photo identification and a concealed carry permit. Gun owners from states that don’t require a concealed carry permit will need to obtain some credential from their home state to take advantage of the new law’s provisions. What form that would take isn’t specified in the House bill.

Representative Richard Hudson, a Republican from North Carolina and the bill’s main sponsor.
Photographer: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP Photo

Hudson criticized existing state laws governing the right to carry a weapon secretly as “confusing” and “difficult to navigate.” A summary of the bill posted on his website said that under current law, “a North Carolina resident cannot travel to Delaware without having to reroute their trip to avoid driving through Maryland” if they want to keep their weapon concealed. …


The Supreme’s refuse to rule against Maryland’s assault weapons ban…

This has to be a surprise to assualt gun advocates…

The Supreme Court refused Monday to hear an appeal from gun owners and dealers in Maryland challenging the state’s ban on military-style rifles and detachable magazines.

The Maryland General Assembly enacted the ban in 2013 after a gunman killed 20 children and 6 adults at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit upheld the ban. That court said the weapons are excluded from Second Amendment protections because they are the kind of weapons most often used by the military.

“Put simply, we have no power to extend Second Amendment protection to the weapons of war that the Heller decision explicitly excluded from such coverage,” Judge Robert King wrote in the majority opinion, citing a landmark Supreme Court case from 2008.

Maryland’s Firearm Safety Act of 2013 bans the AR-15 and other military-style rifles and shotguns, often referred to as “assault weapons,” and detachable large-capacity magazines….


New Q Poll has voters AGAINST Trump/GOP Tax Cut plan by a wide margin…

From the November 15th , 2017 Quinnipiac poll….

24. Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling – taxes?

                                                               COLLEGE DEG
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom    Yes    No
Approve              34%    75%     6%    31%    40%    29%    36%    47%
Disapprove           55     11     88     57     50     60     57     38
DK/NA                11     14      6     12     10     11      6     15
                     AGE IN YRS..............    WHITE.....
                     18-34  35-49  50-64  65+    Men    Wom    Wht    Blk    Hsp
Approve              31%    31%    36%    35%    48%    37%    42%     7%    19%
Disapprove           57     60     56     51     42     52     47     89     66
DK/NA                12      9      8     14     10     12     11      3     16

TREND: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling – taxes?

                     App     Dis     DK/NA
Nov 15, 2017         34      55      11
Oct 11, 2017         37      49      14
May 11, 2017         34      54      13

30. Do you approve or disapprove of the Republican tax plan?

                                                               COLLEGE DEG
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom    Yes    No
Approve              25%    60%     4%    20%    30%    20%    25%    34%
Disapprove           52     15     81     54     49     55     54     38
DK/NA                23     26     15     26     21     25     20     27
                     AGE IN YRS..............    WHITE.....
                     18-34  35-49  50-64  65+    Men    Wom    Wht    Blk    Hsp
Approve              26%    25%    23%    24%    36%    25%    30%     7%    13%
Disapprove           52     56     54     49     42     49     46     78     57
DK/NA                22     19     23     27     22     26     24     14     30
                     ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME..........  ECONOMIC CLASS.......
                            30-    50-    100-                        Upper
                     <30K   50K    100K   250K   >250K  Wrkng  Middle Middle+
Approve              20%    23%    28%    24%    22%    24%    28%    21%
Disapprove           53     46     52     59     69     46     52     60
DK/NA                26     30     20     17      9     30     20     19

31. Do you think the Republican tax plan will increase your taxes, reduce your taxes, or will it not have much impact either way?

                                                               COLLEGE DEG
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom    Yes    No
Increase taxes       35%    16%    54%    33%    31%    40%    33%    27%
Reduce taxes         16     33      8     13     20     13     17     20
Not much impact      36     43     27     41     39     33     41     39
DK/NA                12      9     11     13     10     14      9     14
                     AGE IN YRS..............    WHITE.....
                     18-34  35-49  50-64  65+    Men    Wom    Wht    Blk    Hsp
Increase taxes       36%    35%    39%    31%    26%    33%    30%    56%    48%
Reduce taxes         13     17     18     14     23     15     19      5     14
Not much impact      37     40     31     41     42     38     40     30     21
DK/NA                14      7     12     14     10     14     12     10     18
                     ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME..........  ECONOMIC CLASS.......
                            30-    50-    100-                        Upper
                     <30K   50K    100K   250K   >250K  Wrkng  Middle Middle+
Increase taxes       32%    33%    36%    41%    45%    33%    37%    36%
Reduce taxes          8     16     19     14     24     16     16     17
Not much impact      44     37     34     37     28     37     36     37
DK/NA                16     15     10      8      3     14     11      9

32. Do you believe that the Republican tax plan will lead to an increase in jobs and economic growth, or not?

                                                               COLLEGE DEG
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom    Yes    No
Yes/Believe          36%    78%     8%    31%    43%    30%    38%    47%
No                   52     12     80     56     47     57     54     39
DK/NA                12     10     11     13     11     14      8     13
                     AGE IN YRS..............    WHITE.....
                     18-34  35-49  50-64  65+    Men    Wom    Wht    Blk    Hsp
Yes/Believe          30%    36%    36%    38%    50%    37%    43%     9%    20%
No                   53     57     51     50     41     51     46     79     57
DK/NA                17      7     13     12      9     12     11     13     22
                     ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME..........  ECONOMIC CLASS.......
                            30-    50-    100-                        Upper
                     <30K   50K    100K   250K   >250K  Wrkng  Middle Middle+
Yes/Believe          29%    35%    41%    32%    33%    39%    36%    32%
No                   53     48     50     60     62     45     53     59
DK/NA                18     16      9      8      5     16     10      9

33. Who do you think will benefit the most from this plan: low income Americans, middle class Americans, or wealthy Americans?

                                                               COLLEGE DEG
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom    Yes    No
Low income            6%    11%     3%     4%     7%     5%     5%     8%
Middle class         24     53      4     22     28     21     25     34
Wealthy              61     22     88     65     58     63     62     48
DK/NA                 9     13      4      9      8     11      8     10
                     AGE IN YRS..............    WHITE.....
                     18-34  35-49  50-64  65+    Men    Wom    Wht    Blk    Hsp
Low income            5%     7%     7%     4%     8%     5%     6%     -      7%
Middle class         23     24     23     25     34     27     30      4     10
Wealthy              62     66     60     59     50     58     54     88     73
DK/NA                 9      3     10     11      8     10      9      8     10
                     ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME..........  ECONOMIC CLASS.......
                            30-    50-    100-                        Upper
                     <30K   50K    100K   250K   >250K  Wrkng  Middle Middle+
Low income            8%     4%     5%     6%     8%     7%     5%     4%
Middle class         16     27     28     22     19     26     25     22
Wealthy              66     56     60     66     70     57     61     65
DK/NA                 9     13      7      6      3     10      9      8

The poll also has extensive questions about gun control and the broad support it has....

Looser state concealed carry laws equal more gun deaths…

Not surprising at all….

States that have more relaxed criteria for allowing residents to carry concealed handguns have a higher rate of gun deaths than states with stricter requirements, according to a study released Thursday.

Researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health found that states that have so-called “may issue” laws — which give law enforcement officials wide discretion to decide who can receive a concealed carry permit — have lower gun death rates than states that call for little discretion once basic criteria for obtaining the permit is met, also known as “shall issue” laws.

The study found that states with “shall issue” laws had handgun homicide rates that were 10.6 percent higher than “may issue” states. Additionally, “shall issue” states had firearm homicide rates that were 8.6 percent higher and overall homicide rates that were 6.5 percent higher than “may issue” states.

On opposite ends of the spectrum, Louisiana, a shall-issue state, had a firearm homicide rate of 9.96 per 100,000 residents in 2015; Hawaii, a may-issue state, had a firearm homicide rate of 0.75 per 100,000 residents in 2015….


NRA against outright ban of ‘bump-stock’ auto firing device for assault rifles…

What a SURPRISE!….


Anybody who even thought the National Rifle Assoc. was gonna back any legislation against anything doing with gun ownership was sadly mistaken….

The powerful U.S. gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, said on Sunday it would oppose an outright ban on bump-stock devices that the killer in the Las Vegas massacre of 58 people used to turn rifles into automatic weapons and strafe a crowd with bursts of sustained gunfire.

The NRA, which has seldom embraced new firearms-control measures, stunned gun control advocates last week when it issued a statement voicing willingness to support a restriction on bump stocks.

On Sunday, the organization said it was open to regulation but opposed any legislation banning the devices.

“We don’t believe that bans have ever worked on anything. What we have said has been very clear – that if something transfers a semiautomatic to function like a fully automatic, then it ought to be regulated differently,” Chris Cox, the NRA’s chief lobbyist, said on “Fox News Sunday.”…..


Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) to intro a sweeping Federal background Check Bill…Update…Gun Stocks Rise…

In light of the  mass violence in Las Vegas Sen Murphy is getting ready to sponser a bill in Congress requiring increased background checks ….

The Bill will go nowhere just as other efforts after similar mass shootings….

Murphy acknowledged that it’s not yet clear if stronger background checks would have prevented Sunday’s shooting, but argued that it could have saved dozens of others who are shot, on average, each day in the United States.

“The fact is 80 other people died from guns yesterday and stronger background checks laws would have saved many of them,” he said.

Murphy noted he was still working out the timing of when he would introduce the legislation.

A group of Democratic senators, including Murphy, introduced legislation in 2016 that would have required a background check for nearly every sale or transfer of a gun.

But senators rejected both that measure, and a GOP alternative, last year, just days after the shootings at the Pulse.

Given those votes, any background check or gun control bill faces an uphill and unlikely path forward in a GOP-controlled Congress. ….



Murphy is looking for a background check law…

He is CAREFULLY NOT looking to ban certain types of weapons …


Gun stocks rose Monday following the deadliest mass shooting in American history late Sunday night. A gunman in a hotel room at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas killed at least 58 people attending an outdoor concert and wounded over 500 more.

Shares of Sturm Ruger (RGR) were up 4%, while American Outdoor Brands (AOBC), the company formerly known as Smith & Wesson, gained more than 3%. A company named Olin(OLN), which owns the Winchester brand of ammunition, rose 6% to an all-time high.

The stocks have tended to rally in the immediate aftermath of mass killings, which sadly have become more routine…..


Republican House members move to relax gun control rules…

They are looking to make easlier for people to purchase gun suppressors….(WTF would you need these for?)

The second effort is aimed at allowing person with concealed permits to transport their weapons across state lines….

(Some states would still not allow possesion of those weapons without their states license)….

The efforts could very well make it thru the House, but fail in the Senate….Maybe?

The last few years tragities haven’t stop some American’s efforts to keep their guns  and have more freedom to do whatever they want with them….

Some ‘American’s LOVE their Guns’……

They Do….

House GOP leaders are moving forward with plans to vote on two gun-related measures in the coming weeks, the first time Congress has taken up the controversial issue since Donald Trump became president.

A bill easing regulations on the purchases of gun silencers — also known as suppressors — could reach the House floor as early as next week.

Another measure allowing concealed carry permit holders to take their weapons to other states is also expected to move through the House Judiciary Committee and onto the floor this fall, possibly in October, according to GOP lawmakers and aides.

Both proposals are almost certain to pass the House, despite intense opposition from gun-control groups. In the Senate, Democrats will likely block the measures. Trump would almost certainly sign such bills if they ever got to his desk.

Nearly five years after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, left 20 children dead and spurred an impassioned debate over expanding background checks for gun sales, the GOP-controlled Congress and the Trump administration are clearly moving in the opposite direction. Republican congressional leaders and Trump administration officials — at the urging of the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups — are looking to roll back restrictions on guns imposed during the Obama era….


The only legislation crafted in response to Columbine never went anywhere.

America is incapable of Controling gun’s even after mass shooting’s…..

The 1994 assault weapons ban became only the third piece of gun control legislation approved since 1968, but massive resistance left the law riddled with so many exemptions it was basically useless. The director of federal affairs at the National Rifle Association, the country’s top lobbying group for gun owners, portrayed the bill as an effort to “disarm” the American public, arguing in congressional testimony that advocates of the ban were “merely interested in eliminating any type of firearm whenever presented with an emotionally charged opportunity to do so.”

In an effort to appease the gun lobby and assure passage of the bill, Feinstein whittled down the list of firearms to be banned from 670 to 19. The TEC-9s used in the 1993 San Francisco shooting made the list, but the law exempted any weapon manufactured before the ban took effect from any restrictions.

The company that made TEC-9s, Navegar, ramped up production as the bill moved through Congress, and in the first eight months of 1994, it produced three times as many guns as it had in 1992. The company was allowed to sell every single one of those, and anyone who had purchased one could legally resell it to whomever they wanted.

That’s how Feinstein’s seemingly momentous assault weapons ban set the script for every other ineffectual attempt to implement gun laws in the United States. It unfolds the same way each time: A horrifying shooting happens and lawmakers pledge to prevent the next one. But often nothing comes out of Congress. On the rare occasions legislators do act, resistance from the gun lobby leaves the new law downright impotent. The massacre is soon relegated to a place on a list we recite after the next mass shooting, which starts the process anew. For more than two decades, it’s been America’s consistent cycle….


Trump does it again…Second Amendment People Could Stop Clinton?

WTF does THAT mean?

Some people take it to mean that Donald Trump is saying that the ‘gun people’ could actually go AFTER Hillary Clinton with their guns?

There are calls for the Secret Service to step into this…

THAT isn’t going to go anyplace…

(Trump’s campaign has issued a clarification and defense of Trump’s intention in his comments…)

Trump CAN and DOES say things that would get other people locked up…

The bottom line here?

Donald Trump has put his ‘foot in his mouth’ again…

Make no mistake…

His supporters (and some die hard Sanders people) will have NO PROBLEM with this comment…

But this isn’t the primaries…

The media reaction to this has be swift and negative…

And Hillary Clinton’s numbers continue to climb daily in the polls…

It’s almost like Donald Trump WANTS to throw the election in November…

Oh, Anyone who thought Donald Trump would be able to ‘cool it’?

Forget it….

Trump is gonna be Trump….

Donald Trump on Tuesday said “the Second Amendment people” may be the only way to stop Hillary Clinton from getting to appoint federal judges if she wins the presidential election in November.

“Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the Second Amendment,” he said as an aside while smiling. “By the way, and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what, that will be a horrible day.”

The reference to the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, could be interpreted as a joke about using violence to stop Clinton or her judicial picks.

Trump was speaking at a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he repeated his regular claim that Clinton intends to “abolish” the Second Amendment, presumably by appointing liberal justices to the Supreme Court. But Trump punctuated that line with an aside, suggesting that Second Amendment supporters might be in a position to stop her even if she’s elected.

The Trump campaign rejected the notion that Trump was inciting violence against Clinton or anyone else with his aside at the Wilmington rally. Instead, the campaign said the Manhattan billionaire was simply appealing to the collective political muscle Second Amendment supporters possess.

“It’s called the power of unification – 2nd Amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified, which gives them great political power,” Trump’s senior communications adviser Jason Miller said in a statement emailed to POLITICO. “And this year, they will be voting in record numbers, and it won’t be for Hillary Clinton, it will be for Donald Trump.”


Republican’s attack Obama for mentioning Gun Control and Dallas police shootings…

Anyone surprised at THIS?

Republicans laced into President Barack Obama’s comments in the wake of the Dallas shootings of 12 police officers and two bystanders that killed five in which he made reference to “powerful weapons” as an aggravating factor to the situation.

Speaking to reporters earlier in Warsaw, Poland, the president called the shooting a “wrenching reminder of the sacrifices” law enforcement makes for the American people, but also remarked “that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes it more deadly and more tragic, and in the days ahead we are going to have to consider those realities as well.”

Ben Carson lit into Obama within the first hour of his remarks.

“Now is definitely not the time to get political,” the former Republican presidential candidate and Donald Trump surrogate told “Fox & Friends” when asked about Obama’s comments. “Now is the time to use logic and ask ourselves, why do we have a Constitution? Why do we have a Second Amendment? They’re always saying you don’t need a high powered weapon to hunt deer. The Constitution is not about deer hunting. It’s about people being able to defend themselves from an overly aggressive government or an external invasion.”


Democrats keep the pressure up in the House…Update….

In the era of Donald Trump and showmanship with social media…..
The Dempcrats use the stage to confront Republicans on doing SOMETHING against gun violence …
This sit-In is unprecedented in the US House….
While the Republicans have tried to cut the pictures from the chamber…Democrats HAVE found a way get the images out….They have found a way to use social media to bring their story out…And directly confront the Republicans and the National Rifle Association
This IS bare knuckle politics….
Democrats ARE taking this back to the 1960’s Civil Rights protests….
Donald Trump has started this…..
Democrats are taking it 100 steps forward…..
 By Hunter   @ Dailky Kos

 House Democrats and their Senate allies are continuing their sit-in to demand action be taken on America’s gun violence epidemic. There’s word that Republicans will attempt to take back the floor tonight to vote on a veto override of the administration’s new fiduciary rules, but Democrats are vowing to keep the floor afterwards.

If Paul Ryan does order the House gaveled back into session, good news: That will mean the C-SPAN cameras will get switched back on, giving America a better view of the sit-in. Right now members are relying (quite effectively) on Periscope videos by individual participating members. That footage, in turn, is being used by C-SPAN to report on events from the floor.

Some highlights from the last hour: Sen. Elizabeth Warren brought Dunkin’ Donuts. Jim Clyburn, Elijah Cummings and others have given rousing speeches calling for action; later tonight members plan to read aloud from Martin Luther King Jr’s Letters from a Birmingham Jail.

Stay tuned to see what happens. There’s been no attempt to end the sit-in so far—but if there is one, it’ll be broadcast on C-SPAN. Won’t that be nice.

Wednesday, Jun 22, 2016 · 9:39:59 PM EDT · Kerry Eleveld

GOP leadership reportedly aiming for a 10PM ET vote:



The American Civil Liberties Union has been against the use of the No-Fly list also….


The Protest is over ….Dem’s said for Now?…..The House will reconvene  July 5…Dem’s are unsure what will happen then…

Democrats are still searching on how to deal with the politics of this…

Republicans are using the rules of the House as the majority party….But the Senate Republicans HAD a vote….Ryan went hard against a vote….

Democratic Senate Guns filibuster ends on a ‘understanding’…

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Ct) spent more tha 15 hours proventing the US Senate from doing any business yesterday….

He did so in a effort to move the Republican majority to consister two amendments about the purchasing of guns….

One on strengthening background checks and a second on blocking suspected terrorists from buying a guns or explosive’s…

The Republican leadership has indicated that they will consider Murphy’s request which is actually just for vote by the Senate….

The Republicans do have a majority in the legislative body…..

Chances of either actions passing in the Republican majority House are remote at best….

But this action will serve some Senator’s well in the November elections….

The Connecticut Democrat took to the Senate floor around 11:20 a.m., pledging to “stand on this floor and talk … for, frankly, as long as I can.”

Though Murphy said he wanted a deal on strengthening background checks and blocking suspected terrorists from buying a guns or explosive — and suggested one was possible — it’s unclear if the move pushed the Senate closer to passing a bipartisan compromise.

Instead, Murphy indicated that there is an “understanding” to allow for votes on two Democratic proposals, but acknowledged “there’s no guarantee that those amendments pass.”

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said he is still trying to work with Democrats to see if the two parties could find an agreement on suspected terrorists buying guns but said he’s skeptical of Democrats’ intentions.

“We’re trying to find out … whether this is an effort to find a solution and common ground or whether this is just an effort to try to embarrass people,” the Senate’s No. 2 Republican told The Hill Wednesday evening. “I haven’t yet concluded which one it is.”

Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) shot down talk of an agreement Wednesday night, calling talk of “so-called negotiations… little more than a smokescreen.”
“We are still waiting for Republicans to find the courage to stand up to the National Rifle Association and join with Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of terror suspects,” he said.

Murphy’s effort won the support of dozens of Democratic senators, including Sens. Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), as well as Hillary Clinton, the party’s presumptive nominee, and her rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)….