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There COULD be another Govt. Shutdown….

The House Freedom Caucus conservatives have dug in their heels on immigration reform….

The Senate Democrats won’t just take the deal offered to them on immigration’s DACA/Dreamers policy…

Trump is asking for a $25Billion pot of money…..


House Freedom Caucus members are likely to oppose another continuing resolution needed to keep the government funded beyond Feb. 8, yet again raising questions whether House Republicans can pass one given that Democrats are also expected to oppose it.

“The general consensus is not to support another CR,” caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said after the hard-line conservative group’s weekly meeting Monday night.

While the caucus lacked a quorum to take an official position on the CR or immigration, which they also discussed, “there was overwhelming consensus of the people that were there” to vote against another stopgap funding bill, the North Carolina Republican said.

“I think there’s a concern that we continue to agree to a strategy to do just another short-term CR and those strategies fail to materialize,” Meadows said….


Republicans are considering attaching more of Democratic leaders’ must-pass legislative items to stopgap spending measures to avert additional government shutdowns and close out funding for this fiscal year, says a senior White House official.

The possible strategy is, in part, a lesson from the most recent Washington funding fight, White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short said Monday. Attaching a six-year extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program to the continuing resolution Congress passed last week and President Donald Trump signed into law ending a three-day shutdown put pressure on Senate Democrats to relent….


In the end…What does Senator’s Flake and Collins do?

The House Conservatives are NOT going into the budget and tax bill write-up supporting promises Mitch McConnell made to several senators to get them to vote yes to advance the tax cut/givaway bill in the US Senate….

If they get the door closed in their faces?

What di they do?…

Today, those promises are on shaky ground….

Collins told reporters this week that she’s “confident it’s going to happen before the end of the month,” citing “a very clear commitment” from Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. But House Speaker Paul Ryan said he had no part of this deal. And House conservatives say they see no way these bills—which they’ve derided as “bailouts” for insurance companies—pass the lower chamber before the end of the year….

As for Flake, who told Time Magazine he has an “an iron-clad guarantee that we’ll get it done” regarding the fate of roughly 800,000 immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children, he declined Wednesday to answer TPM’s questions about when a meeting will take place and what has been discussed so far.

“We’re negotiating, let me put it that way,” he said.

Though DACA officially expires next March, tens of thousands of young people have already lost their temporary legal protections and some have even faced deportation.

Bill Hoagland, a top staffer for decades on the Senate Budget Committee and now the senior vice president of the Bipartisan Policy Center, told TPM Flake “might be buying a pig in a poke.” ….



If Flake and Collins join Sen Corker in opposing the tax cut/giveawy bill and the budget?

There ain’t gonna be a Senate vote….

And THAT could mean a Government shutdown until SOMEONE blinks.?…

The US Congress has a LOT of things that they should do… but won’t get to all of them….

The Washington Post provides a list of things the Congress has on their plate to tangle with in the next week or two before they recess AGAIN for the Holidays…

They will NOT take care of all of the outstanding things….They NEVER do….But this sesion of Congress has produced little if anything in major legislation….

The deadlines that are printed in the media are always flexible and the lawmakers know that….

THE BIG IDEA: December is going to be a wild month on Capitol Hill. As lawmakers return today from Thanksgiving, they’ve got so much on their plates that many are holding off on making Christmas plans.

Republicans are pushing for the biggest overhaul of the tax code in three decades in the same bill that they’re trying to knock down a core pillar underpinning Obamacare, and they expect to do it with no Democratic votes. But they’ll need support from the other side of the aisle to avoid a government shutdown on Dec. 8, and the minority leaders are determined to get concessions — perhaps on immigration.

By the end of 2017, a year that will be remembered for a surprising lack of legislative results despite unified GOP control of government, Congress also needs to find a compromise to reauthorize the law that allows for foreign intelligence surveillance on U.S. soil.

Meanwhile, the dark clouds from cascading sexual harassment scandals hang over the Hill and everyone is wondering who will be the next to get exposed. A special election in Alabama on Dec. 12 could narrow the GOP’s already small margin for error in the Senate.

Here’s a brief rundown of what to watch on the Hill in the weeks ahead:

1. Keeping the lights on: “Both sides have floated the possibility of a short-term stopgap to push negotiations (from Dec. 8) until just before Christmas. But informal talks have been abortive,” Mike DeBonis and Ed O’Keefe report. “The first step toward a resolution will be reaching an agreement on government spending levels for 2018 and perhaps beyond, lifting caps imposed under a bipartisan 2011 budget deal. … Under current law, Congress may appropriate no more than $549 billion for defense programs and $516 billion for nondefense programs next year, a cut from current levels. But the Trump administration and defense hawks want to boost defense spending to more than $600 billion, and Democrats are demanding a dollar-for-dollar increase in nondefense spending.

Talks before the Thanksgiving holiday focused on raising spending levels somewhere between $180 billion and $200 billion over the next two fiscal years combined but went nowhere … Aides from both parties warned that if a spending accord is not reached this week, hopes for the passage of a broad appropriations bill before Christmas would be dim.”

2. The House and Senate must reconcile their tax plans.

Senate Republicans are seriously considering several last-minute changes to their tax bill to win over reluctant lawmakers ahead of critical votes planned for this week.“The lawmakers attracting the most concern from leadership and the White House are Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Steve Daines (R-Mont.), who say the current version of the bill favors corporations over other businesses,” Damian Paletta reports. “There are numerous members demanding changes, and their needs don’t all overlap. Together, the requests put Republican leaders in a difficult position, as they attempt to accommodate individual holdouts on a one-off basis without losing other members or creating a situation in which the bill collapses under the weight of disparate demands. At least six GOP members have raised concerns about specific provisions in the GOP tax bill, though none has flatly said they plan to vote against it this week. Johnson came closest, saying he opposed the measure but later suggesting he could support it with changes.”….


Texas PPP Poll 11/7/13…Mixed Results for Ted Cruz…Bad ones for Perry…

In Texas …The Texas Conservative Republican Ted Cruz is the First choice of his state voters in this polling sample….To Run FOR President….


He Drops to Four place in the behind Bush, Christie, and Paul when matched AGAINST Hillary Clinton in a 2016 run…..


Tea Party types DO NOT run as well against Hillary as others, something I have gone out of my way to emphasize here repeatedly…..

The Poll has REAL Bad news for Rick Perry…That…. Even in his home state….

-Although Cruz has abysmal favorability numbers in most of the rest of the country, his net approval rating in Texas is the same as it was in June. 47% of voters approve of him to 41% who disapprove. It was 42/36 last time around so he’s better known now but as his profile has risen equal numbers of voters have grown to approve or disapprove of him.

And then there’s the bad news:

-50% of Texans say that Cruz has been bad for the state’s reputation to only 37% who think he’s been good for it. Among independents those numbers are even worse with 58% feeling he’s hurt the state’s image to only 36% who think he’s been helpful.

-Even in Texas 56% of voters say they opposed the government shutdown to only 38% who were supportive of it.

Hypothetical Presidential match ups with Hillary Clinton for 2016 are a little bit closer than you might expect for Texas….



Ted Cruz keeps working the Media for the Conservative Vote…..

We ALL know the Healthcare Law is here to stay…

Mitch McConnell has announced he will no longer entertain defunding the law as a reason to shutdown the Government….

The President is NOT gonna let anyone take the Law apart…..

So what do we have a day after the Government is back up and running?

Texan Republican US Senator Ted Cruz on a TV show announcing that HE will do ‘anything’ to keep Obamacare in the news but threatening to use his power in the Senate AGAIN …..

He’s clearly ONLY speaking to Tea Party types in the GOIP on this…..

This guy is gonna keep on pimping the system for his own personal gains, eh?

The sooner he burns out….(And he Will)

The better for Democrats and Especially Republicans….

“A government shutdown is off the table,” McConnell told National Review’s Robert Costa on Thursday. “We’re not going to do it.”

While Cruz has received much criticism from Democrats and moderate Republicans, tea party activists have rallied to support Cruz. In a recent Pew poll, Cruz’s favorability rating among tea partiers soared to 74 percent, up from 47 percent in July. By contrast, his favorability among more moderate members of the Republican Party is 25 percent.