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Is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo losing his ‘mojo’?

New York Post veterean reporter Fred Dicker pens a piece today arguing that the Governor , who is mentioned continually as a 2016 canidate for President after he runs for a second term in 2014 , is just about maintaining his high (above 60%) approval numbers….

Gov. Cuomo has veered sharply away from the reform and pro-business policies he followed during his first two years in office and is “adrift’’ on a course of murky proposals, frequent indecision, and political obsessions focused on re-election next year and the presidency in 2016, insiders have told The Post.

The insiders, some of whom have known Cuomo for decades, said the governor has become so obsessed with maintaining what until recently were record-high job-approval ratings that he has refused, for fear of alienating politically potent liberal voting blocs, to make tough decisions to cut costs for fiscally troubled local governments, reduce regulations to attract businesses, and approve hydrofracking for natural gas.

“It’s all about maintaining his numbers now, not about the best policies for the state,’’ said a source who knows Cuomo well.

“If he makes the political tough decisions, his numbers will go down, so what he’s trying to do is avoid anything controversial. That’s why he’s adrift,’’ the source continued.

The insiders describe Cuomo as hypersensitive to criticism and prone to argue at great length with anyone who says his administration has, as one of its own members put it, “run off the tracks.’’

“He’s running around like a banshee, blaming his staff and everybody else for the problems of his own making,’’ said a highly knowledgeable source, adding, “I’ll be a dead man in Albany’’ if his identity is disclosed.

Cuomo signaled his new direction in a State of the State Address last month that was so devoid of serious, game-changing initiatives that he had to rely on two catastrophes — the Sandy Hook school massacre in Connecticut and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy — for its principle news-generating proposals….



Alright…Here’s Carl Paladino…The GOP guy running for NY State Governor…In a reporter’s face…..

Fred Dicker and Carl Paladino<br /> (State of Politics)

[ Fred Dicker and Carl Paladino – State of Politics ]

The guy IS scary…..

I’m glad he has no chance of winning against Andrew Cuomo the current New York State Attorney General…

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is taking a very unique approach to dealing with the media. He nearly came to blows with the New York Post‘s State Editor Fred Dicker tonight after Dicker asked him what evidence he had forallegations that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo had had “paramours.” He accused Dicker of being Cuomo’s “stalking horse,” complained that the reporter had sent “one of your goons” to follow his 10-year-old daughter, and threatened, “I’ll take you out.” The videotape, from State of Politics, is really quite remarkable…….More…..

Hrer’s the video of the encounter taken with a cell phone…….

HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS!…the ride has just begun in the quest for the US Senate seat from New York…..

We here at the Dog have been telling anyone who will listen that New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will be the next New York Sate Governor….forget current Governor Paterson….he’s gone……

Well it turns out that the Republicans have come to that conclusion also…….Merlin has tipped us off to the fact that The New York Post’s Fred Dicker …a serious Albany political reporter is now reporting that several key Republicans are asking Rick Lazio to drop his bid for governor and join Harold Ford Jr. in taking on Kirsten Gillibrand…..who will be an easy target…..

This turn events can only embolden Harold Ford to decide to take on Gillibrand in the democratic primary since her only friends in the state are Chuck Schumer and left-wing of the democrat’s( unbelievable, isn’t that, with her record!) …….

Most of the established New York media have come down in favor of a Ford run so that they can sell newspapers……

And judging by the comments on the net’ on the Ford run….people seem to be saying…..’let him run’…..

Poor Chuck Schumer….just when he though he had ‘it’…..’it’ falls apart…..