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Bill O’Reilly is costing Fox News Ad money…And legal Money also….

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Fox News has paid $13 Million in sexual harassment settlements against actions by their franchise ‘ O’Reilly Factor’ star….

Publicity about this has caused over 20 of the network’s many sponsors to go elsewhere….

“The O’Reilly Factor” is facing a growing advertiser revolt, as 20 companies have pulled their commercials from the show amid a scandal involving the host, Bill O’Reilly.

Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, BMW of North America, Mitsubishi Motors, Lexus, Constant Contact, Bayer, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Orkin, UNTUCKit, Allstate, Esurance (which is owned by Allstate), T. Rowe Price, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, Credit Karma, Wayfair, The Wonderful Company, TrueCar and the Society for Human Resource Management are pulling ads from “The O’Reilly Factor” after a report about five settlements with women who alleged sexual harassment or verbal abuse by O’Reilly.

The decisions signal the potential of financial damage for “The O’Reilly Factor,” the most popular show on cable news, and its network, Fox News….



Bill O’Reilly disses the idea of a Woman President…..

This guy is REALLY a certified KNUCKLEHEAD…….

(England, Germany, India and Israel seem to have done alright with Women running the show, eh?)

O’Reilly: ‘There’s gotta be some downside to having a woman president’

by Hunter @ Daily Kos…..

Probably the best part of this Bill O’Reilly clip is the reactions on his guests’ faces as he pipes up with this stuff.

“There’s gotta be some downside to having a woman president, right? Something. Something that may not ‘fit’ with that office. Correct?”

Oh, do go on. This ought to be good.

“There haven’t been that many strong women leaders throughout history. […] But you know, when you’re President of the United States, you have to deal with people like Putin, you have got to deal real ornery mullahs in Iran—look, the mullahs in Iran, they think women are like subspecies.”

Forget Iran, Republican legislatures throughout the various states think of women as a lesser subspecies. Bill O’Reilly has more than a little trouble with it himself from time to time. Being president means you have to deal with blowhards like Bill O’Reilly, and if you can do that without throttling him then you can probably deal with the likes of Vladimir Putin. (For starters, maybe you don’t give him a what-you-think-of-clever nickname like “Put-put”. Gawd.)

There are going to be a lot of people who have a problem with a woman president, whether it happens in two years or in twenty. Most of them, as it turns out, are going to be interviewed on Fox News, a network which we can expect to be asking this same “can a mere delicate woman possibly handle the difficult task of presidentin”” on every show before every election until it finally happens, and for four to eight years after that besides. Anyone who has been, say, a secretary of state probably has the chops to negotiate with foreign leaders; if there are Americans that have problems with the notion, you can’t pin that one on the Iranian mullahs. They’re not the ones piping up on American television with magic-based explanations of how the female body works, or explaining away various once-held rights of American women by explaining that pregnancy demotes them to “host” status.

We know the good people of the Fox Nation are going to have a difficult time reconciling themselves to the notion of a female president. It’s 2014, and they can’t restrain themselves from “asking the question” as it is.

President Obama vs Fox’s Bill O’Reilly

The President grants the opposition press a sit-down ….

And fights his way thru…..

President Obama went one-on-one with outspoken conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly Sunday, in a pre-Super Bowl matchup that turned out to be almost as exciting as the football game that would follow.

Obama re-fought a number of old fights with the forthright commentator during the brief but highly contentious discussion that aired live just two hours ahead of the Super Bowl kickoff.

O’Reilly opened the chat with a direct question about the flawed rollout of the Affordable Care Act, to which Obama issued a measured response.

Bill O’Reilly’s brief 10-minute interview of Obama was tense and full of rapid-fire questioning.


Bill O’Reilly’s brief 10-minute interview of Obama was tense and full of rapid-fire questioning.

“We all anticipated there would be glitches … I don’t think I anticipated or anybody anticipated the degree of the problems of the website,” he said.

O’Reilly didn’t waste any time in throwing back a counterpunch, asking Obama if it was ‘the biggest mistake of your presidency to tell the nation … you can keep your insurance?’

“You’ve got a long list of mistakes I’ve made,” Obama shot back. “This is one that I regret.”

Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly concede Republicans are losing on Same-sex Marriage….


Both Conservative loud mouths see the handwriting on the wall even if their fellow Conservatives don’t….

The issue has begun to turn into a Civil Right….

Plain and Simple…..

Conservatives who oppose same-sex marriage must accept that they’ve “lost the issue,” radio host Rush Limbaugh argued Thursday.

“This issue is lost,” the conservative firebrand said. “I don’t care what the Supreme Court does, this is now inevitable – and it’s inevitable because we lost the language on this. “

Limbaugh went on to assert conservatives “lost the issue when we started allowing the word ‘marriage’ to be bastardized and redefined by simply adding words to it.”

“Marriage is one thing, and it was not established on the basis of discrimination,” he continued. “It wasn’t established on the basis of denying people anything. ‘Marriage’ is not a tradition that a bunch of people concocted to be mean to other people with. But we allowed the left to have people believe that it was structured that way. “

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the legality of same-sex marriage earlier this week.

Another notable conservative, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, said on Tuesday that same-sex marriage advocates have a more convincing argument than opponents, who do nothing but rehash scripture to make their point.

“The compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals,” O’Reilly said Tuesday on Fox. “That’s where the compelling argument is. ‘We’re Americans. We just want to be treated like everybody else.’ That’s a compelling argument, and to deny that, you have got to have a very strong argument on the other side. The argument on the other side hasn’t been able to do anything but thump the Bible.”


MSNBC’s Ed Schulz demands Sean Hannity show him the ‘tapes’ On Obama NOT wanting Bin Laden taken out….

This is just Media ‘wars’ bullshit…

But Schultz caught Hannity red handed….

Ed Schultz

MSNBC’s Ed Schulz responded to claims made by conservative talk show host Sean Hannity during his show Wednesday night.

Hannity recently said that if President Barack Obama “had it his way,” Osama Bin Laden would still be alive. He also said he thinks he could corroborate this claim with video evidence.

Schultz first took to Twitter to fire back at Hannity and challenged him to “show his tape.” Schultz also tweeted that Hannity’s tape “doesn’t exist,” followed by the hash tag, “#obamaderangement.” Hannity responded and said, “Ed even u can figure this out, he did NOT support gitmo, EIT, Rendition, without which no Bin laden.” His tweet was accompanied by the hash tag, “#obamaderangementsyndrome.”

Schultz addressed Hannity on his MSNBC show by first responding to claims made by Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. “I recently read that Bill O’Reilly says that MSNBC doesn’t deal in facts,” Schultz said. “Well he should check out his own network before he starts throwing out accusations. Bill, tell your buddy Sean Hannity to explain his attack on the Obama administration.”

Schultz told Hannity to “stop with the distractions.” He played multiple video clips of Obama repeatedly stating his intentions to capture and kill Bin Laden. Schultz said that he had shown his tapes, now wants Hannity to show his. “Your move, Mr. Intellectual Honesty,” Schultz said of Hannity.