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NY Atty. General brings on lawyer to probe Trump Admin…

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is staffing up to do investigations against the current United States sitting President in the area’s of….. ‘potential conflicts of interest, and possible violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which prohibits anyone holding a federal “office” from accepting payments from foreign entities.’

Schneiderman has hired  at least one of former US Atty. for the Sourthen Dist. Preet Bharara staff members to head his efforts….

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Schneiderman has tapped public-corruption expert Howard McMaster from the office of former Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, The Wall Street Journal reported. Bharara was fired by Trump last week even though he was in the middle of a number of investigations, including one allegedly involving stock trades by Trump’s Health And Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

Schneiderman spokesman Eric Soufer confirmed McMaster’s hiring, and told the Journal that McMaster will work on a range of “civil and criminal investigations … including public corruption,” and potentially litigation against the Trump administration.

Last month, at a meeting of the National Association of Attorneys General, Schneiderman revealed that his office was discussing strategies and doing research to determine what kind of action could be taken to address concerns about Trump’s potential conflicts of interest, and possible violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which prohibits anyone holding a federal “office” from accepting payments from foreign entities.

“Certainly, my office is looking at anything that’s passed on to us and doing our own research,” Schneiderman said. “We’ve had meetings with people discussing these matters already.” But, he added that it was “premature to say one way or another how this is going to proceed.”

Schneiderman emphasized that it is “not sustainable” for Trump to “refuse to divest from all of his vast holdings and refuse to disclose what those holdings are.” Schneiderman called Trump’s situation “so far beyond the bounds of anything that anyone has ever attempted that people are having trouble coming up with a clear legal strategy to address it.”…



A good amount of the staff and cabinet people brought on by Trump ARE from New York and have had business ties that a New York Atty. Gen could have investigative authority over….

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Apple Computer under investigation by NY and CT….

Has Apple used it’s Mega Size to corner the online streaming business?…

While Apple was preparing a splashy introduction for a new service that would stream music over the Internet for a fee, the attorneys general of New York and Connecticut were quietly investigating the Silicon Valley giant’s negotiations with music companies in search of potential antitrust violations.

The attorneys general wanted to know whether Apple pressured the music labels — or whether the labels conspired with Apple and one another — to withdraw support for popular “freemium” services offered by companies like Spotify in favor of Apple’s paid music subscriptions.

A freemium service typically starts free and is supported financially by advertising. Companies with freemium business models hope a free service is compelling enough to persuade consumers to pay for a more sophisticated offering — one typically free of ads.

Universal Music Group on Tuesday confirmed it was cooperating with the industrywide investigation, a continuing effort led by the attorney general of New York, Eric T. Schneiderman, and the attorney general of Connecticut, George Jepsen.


The New York GOP see’s the States Attorney General ripe for removal….

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They are NOT gonna  beat New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s job….

He’s polling 30% over his Republican opponent …..

So they might as well try to go after Eric T. Schneiderman, the state attorney general, who has been doing his job , but remains  almost invisible to the New York voters outside Manhattan…..

Eric T. Schneiderman, the state attorney general, has a big problem for an incumbent seeking a second term: Many New Yorkers barely seem to know his name.

New York Republicans, vastly outnumbered and hungry to reclaim a statewide office after years of famine, are energized at the prospect of taking on Mr. Schneiderman, a Democrat, and say they have a realistic chance of dethroning him in November.

As he accepts his party’s support for re-election on Wednesday at the state Democratic convention in Melville, on Long Island, Mr. Schneiderman is facing a hodgepodge of criticism from Republicans, some of it contradictory: He is too hostile to business and Wall Street, too listless in the office, too much a Manhattan liberal.

But he also suffers by comparison to his immediate predecessors, who used the attorney general’s office to build great political cachet. Eliot Spitzer became the sheriff of Wall Street. Andrew M. Cuomo resurrected his political career. Both vaulted themselves into the governor’s mansion.

Both also may have been exceptions as high-profile attorneys general. Democrats say that governors usually command most of the spotlight in Albany, making it difficult for other state elected officials to become well known.

Mr. Schneiderman’s name recognition has remained stubbornly mediocre since his election in 2010: More than half of voters polled by Siena College last month had no opinion of him.

And Republicans sense an opening.

“How are you in office for three years and nobody knows who you are?” said E. O’Brien Murray, a conservative political operative who is leading a “super PAC” seeking to unseat Mr. Schneiderman.

With Mr. Cuomo, now the governor, in a strong position to win a second term, Republicans have turned to the attorney general’s race as their best hope of winning a statewide seat, a feat they have not accomplished since George E. Pataki won a third term as governor in 2002. Republicans have even chosen a former Pataki aide, John P. Cahill, as their candidate….