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Kneeling isn’t hurting the NFL…Overexposure is….

The idea has been brought up that the kneeling during the national anthem was the causing the National Football owners a loss in viewership….

A few of those owners have been quietly expressing frustration with the continuing of the action by their players…

But the Wall Street Journal is out with different reason for a decline in people watching NFL games…

Too much product ….

Image result for National Football League

Media executives are rallying around an explanation for the National Football League’s declining TV ratings: too much football available in too many places.

Total NFL ratings through the first seven weeks have declined 5% compared with last year and about 15% versus the same stretch in 2015, which was a very strong season for the league.

The league’s aggressive media strategy in recent years has led to a flurry of new offerings: an increase of Thursday night games; games available on Verizon mobile phones and Amazon’s streaming service; highlights on the NFL-owned cable channel RedZone and social-media platforms; and full-game replays on an NFL subscription service called GamePass.

The fear among TV executives is that this has backfired, devaluing the programming.

“I think there’s a question mark for the NFL, which is just to think hard about how they are licensing,”…



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Astros beat Dodgers 5-1 to capture first World Series championship

…Story from the NY Daily News…

From laughingstock to lift off. George Springer and the Houston Astros rocketed to the top of the baseball galaxy Wednesday night, winning the first World Series championship in franchise history by romping past the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in Game 7.

Playing for a city still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, and wearing an H Strong logo on their jerseys, the Astros brought home the prize that had eluded them since they started out in 1962 as the Colt .45s. “I always believed that we could make it,” All-Star second baseman Jose Altuve said. “We did this for them.”

For a Series that was shaping up as an October classic, Game 7 quickly became a November clunker as Houston scored five runs in the first two innings off an ineffective Yu Darvish. Hardly the excitement fans felt during the Cubs’ 10-inning thriller in Cleveland last fall.

Well, except for everyone wearing bright orange. “We’re coming home a champion, Houston,” Springer said after accepting the World Series MVP trophy named this year after Willie Mays for the first time…..


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Lady Gaga and five former presidents…..One America Appeal….

Photo of Lady Gaga and five former presidents goes viral
The former President’s got together to sponsor a concert aimed at raising money for the victims the series of hurricane’s this fall….They have made $31 million so far….
Lady Gaga poised with them has gone viral…..
image….Twitter/Lady Gaga
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Megyn Kelly ain’t doing too good over at the ‘Today Show’

Image result for megyn kelly/today

Turns out that former Fox Cable star isn’t what NBC audiances like and want to watch….And she can’t get bookings to show up either….

Megyn Kelly’s slot of the ‘‘Today’’ show desperately needs a ratings boost after less than a month on the air.

On Thursday, Hoda Kotb, the ever-upbeat popular ‘‘Today’’ host from another hour, appeared as a guest. They chatted. They danced. They tried to get the audience on its feet dancing, too

Critics hated the moment.

‘‘I’ve never been so embarrassed,’’ tweeted BuzzFeed News’s Kate Aurthur. ‘‘I feel nothing but second-hand embarrassment for Megyn Kelly,’’ chimed in media critic Ian Miles Cheong. Vulture called the clip ‘‘22 nearly unbearable seconds.’’

Last year, Kelly was a rising star on Fox News, earning national headlines for her dogged questioning of presidential candidate Donald Trump. But her short tenure on NBC’s ‘‘Megyn Kelly Today’’ continues to be challenging both for her and the network.

The show premiered on Sept. 25, and its ratings continue to tank.



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LA Dodgers beat Chicago Cubs 11-1 to advance to first World Series since 1988

…from the LA Times….

Enrique Hernandez celebrates his grand slam. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Dodgers rout Cubs 11-1 to advance to World Series


Bottom of the ninth. Kenley Jansen pitching.

Kris Bryant flied to left.

Anthony Rizzo flied to deep right.

Willson Contreras lined to short.


image…Enrique Hernandez celebrates his grand slam. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

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Eminem knocks ‘kamikaze, racist, orange’ Trump and his supporters…

In the four-minute freestyle, filmed in a car park in Detroit and titled The Storm, Eminem called out the US president on issues including his behaviour towards North Korea, his support for white supremacists and his penchant for tweeting.

In the rap he refers to the US president as “a kamikaze that’ll probably cause a nuclear holocaust”. In a reference to the orange superhero the Thing from the Fantastic Four comic books, he raps: “Racism’s the only thing he’s Fantastic Four / Cause that’s how he gets his fucking rocks off and he’s orange.”

Eminem, who has criticised Trump in the past, also waded into the NFL national anthem protest saga and threw his support behind the player Colin Kaepernick, who was first to take a knee and who inspired widespread protests that have extended outside of football and enraged Trump….


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Harvey Weinstein’s Stories….Update…Police Probes

The movie mongrel has reportedly been a sexual predator for a long time and lot of people knew that….

His position of power protected him….

But no more…

For more than twenty years, Weinstein has also been trailed by rumors of sexual harassment and assault. This has been an open secret to many in Hollywood and beyond, but previous attempts by many publications, including The New Yorker, to investigate and publish the story over the years fell short of the demands of journalistic evidence. Too few women were willing to speak, much less allow a reporter to use their names, and Weinstein and his associates used nondisclosure agreements, monetary payoffs, and legal threats to suppress these myriad stories. Asia Argento, an Italian film actress and director, told me that she did not speak out until now––Weinstein, she told me, forcibly performed oral sex on her—because she feared that Weinstein would “crush” her. “I know he has crushed a lot of people before,” Argento said. “That’s why this story—in my case, it’s twenty years old, some of them are older—has never come out.”

Last week, the New York Times, in a powerful report by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, revealed multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Weinstein, a story that led to the resignation of four members of his company’s all-male board, and to Weinstein’s firing from the company.

The story, however, is more complex, and there is more to know and to understand. In the course of a ten-month investigation, I was told by thirteen women that, between the nineteen-nineties and 2015, Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them, allegations that corroborate and overlap with the Times’s revelations, and also include far more serious claims….



An Italian model-actress met with Los Angeles police detectives for more than two hours Thursday morning, providing a detailed account of new allegations that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her at a hotel in 2013.

She is the sixth woman to accuse Weinstein of rape or forcible sex acts. Los Angeles police Capt. Billy Hayes confirmed that the department has launched an investigation into the matter.

It is the first case related to Weinstein to be reported in Southern California. New York police already have two active sex crime probes and London’s Metropolitan Police is investigating allegations made by three women….


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Sinatra told Trump to ‘go fuck himself’ if he didn’t like his performing fees….

He, he, he……

The young Donald Trump complained about Frank Sinatra’s price to perform at Trump’s Atlantic City Casino opening back in 1990….Sinatra wasn’t pleased, eh?

Image result for sinatra/trump

Frank Sinatra told Donald Trump to “go f*** himself” after the now-President took issue with the singer’s financial demands, a new book has claimed.

Old Blue Eyes was due to perform at the opening of Mr Trump’s Atlantic City casino in 1990 when the magnate was said to have told him his costs were “a little rich”. On hearing the news, Sinatra gave his manager Elliot Weisman – who has written the new book – two options, either to pass his message to Mr Trump or give him his number and he would do it himself.

According to Weisman’s book, Mr Trump also cut the support acts including Sinatra’s dying friend Sammy Davis Jr….



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Arnold Schwarzenegger at 70…Rich, Having fun…And Going after Donald Trump….

The Terminator is living the ‘Life’!

Image result for arnold schwarzenegger

Welcome to the strange and wondrous political afterlife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a rural Austrian kid who parlayed his success as perhaps the greatest bodybuilder of all time into a lucrative career as Hollywood’s top action hero, then parlayed that into becoming the improbable Republican governor of California for two terms.

Now, six years after leaving Sacramento, he’s still reinventing himself—as a kind of globetrotting do-gooder, promoting a handful of causes like fighting climate change and gerrymandering. But mostly, he’s having a hell of a good time. Wherever he goes, everybody knows him. Everybody loves him. With a net worth estimated at $300 million, he zips around the world in private jets and has restaurant owners pick up his tab because they’re just so honored he chose to eat there. Constant selfies. He sounds off on whatever he wants, but has no actual responsibility. His perfect day is waking up and not knowing what country he’ll eat dinner in.



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Star Trek is back as a TV series ….

The NY Times goes into the creation of the new installment of the iconic Sci-Fi-Fi world of Trekkies….

It’s  back this weekend on CBS….

Space, in the “Star Trek” universe, may be an alluring and infinite frontier, but time is a much rarer and more vexing commodity.

On this planet, swaths of time pass between installments of the “Star Trek” film franchise, and 12 years have elapsed since the last “Star Trek” television series ended. These projects have covered vast stretches of continuity — whole centuries of future history and countless days in characters’ lives — while their one- and two-hour time limits imposed tight storytelling constraints.

These are among the challenges that will be taken on by a new series, “Star Trek: Discovery,” whose first episode will be shown Sunday, Sept. 24, on CBS. Further episodes will be released on the network’s streaming service, CBS All Access.

Set a decade before the adventures of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew of the original “Star Trek,” the new series embraces the narrative traditions of the serialized TV age. Its central story line plays out over a 15-episode season, and its characters can be morally ambiguous and untrustworthy to viewers as well as to one another.

“Discovery” is also a series that has weathered several challenging years of development and production, multiple delays and the sudden departure of its co-creator Bryan Fuller. All the while, it has striven to stay relevant and true to the guiding philosophy of “Star Trek” at a volatile moment.

“The world got pretty horrible in the last couple of years,” Alex Kurtzman, the other co-creator, said. “More than ever, as the world as gotten darker, people need ‘Star Trek.’”

As he and his colleagues have worked on “Discovery,” Mr. Kurtzman said they have asked themselves: “How do you honor the optimism and hope of ‘Star Trek,’ while also reflecting a brutal time? That is a reason to make a television show”…….


image….Michelle Yeoh, left, and Sonequa Martin-Green in “Star Trek: Discovery.” 


To follow the show you HAVE to sign up to CBS’s All Access sreaming service @ $9.99 a month…..

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Coco and Ice-T…And little one makes Three!….

I has been pointed out that we haven’t had a Coco post in quite a while….

Well she’s a mommy now….

And she’s still a body model…..


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Snoop Dogg hugging up on Martha Stewart?

In case you didn’t know, lifestyle entrepreneur Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Doggco-host a food show. And there’s one thing the duo wants viewers to know: They have chemistry in the kitchen.

To promote the show’s second season, the Emmy-nominated hosts recreated the iconic and oh-so-sensual scene from the film “Ghost.”….


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The Hyped fight of the Decade has the Boxer Mayweather winning….

The winner in the REAL?


LOTS of Money…..

Floyd Mayweather also moves to 50 – 0 in the boxing ring….

It was closer than many thought it would be…But the result was no surprise….

Floyd Mayweather Jr. lands a hit against Conor McGregor during the 10th round at T-Mobile Arena. The fight was later stopped in that round and Mayweather was declared the victor by TKO.

In the end, the equation we all knew coming in turned out to be true: The best boxer in the world beat one of the best mixed martial artists in a boxing match.

How we got there, however, was completely surprising.

In his return from a two-year retirement, Floyd Mayweather improved to 50-0 with a 10th-round TKO over an incredibly game Conor McGregor in their pay-per-view superfight at T-Mobile Arena. But the storyline was just as much about McGregor, the UFC lightweight champion, in defeat than it was about the 40-year-old Mayweather in victory.

McGregor, 29, who was making his debut as a boxer, never fought recklessly or overly aggressively, in contrast to his prediction of a first-round knockout. What he did was present Mayweather with a poised and credible challenge, teasing a bright future in the boxing game should he consider it.

“He’s a lot better than I thought he was,” Mayweather said. “He used different angles. He was a tough competitor, but I was the better man tonight.

“We talked about how he’s a tough competitor, and I think we gave the fans what they wanted to see. I chose a hell of a dance partner to dance with. Conor McGregor, you are a hell of a champion.”

Mayweather, who officially announced his retirement after the fight, was true to his prediction throughout the fight’s build when he promised it wouldn’t go the distance. He also stuck to his guns about standing in front of McGregor looking for a finish.

After a slow start in which Mayweather gave away the first three rounds in order to pick up McGregor’s rhythms, the former pound-for-pound king began his attack…..


image …nydailynews.com

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Hillary Clinton see’s the ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie….

Clintons attend private screening of 'Wonder Woman'
© Twitter

Hillary and Bill Clinton attended a special screening of Wonder Woman at a Brooklyn movie theater Saturday.

The couple viewed the movie at Alamo Drafthouse in New York, the same theater chain that drew backlash for offering female-only screenings of the film when it first opened.

The Brooklyn theater tweeted out an image of the Clintons on Sunday morning.

“Honored to have hosted [Hillary Clinton] & [Bill Clinton] last night for a special screening of WONDER WOMAN!” the theater tweeted…


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NBC looks to bring back‘The West Wing,’ ‘ER,’ ‘The Office’ And ‘30 Rock’….

…from the Huffington Post….

Image result for the west wing TV show

…..NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt told Deadline that he’s casually spoken to the creators of “The West Wing,” “The Office,” “ER” and “30 Rock” about bringing their respective series back to the air. “The Office” and “30 Rock” ended a mere four years ago, while “The West Wing” concluded in 2006 and “ER” in 2009.

Of the shows on Greenblatt’s wish list, it seems most likely that “The Office” will reemerge. He said NBC’s executives “often” discuss the show with creator Greg Daniels, weighing the option of introducing a new cast. “I’ve talked to Greg four times over the past few years,” Greenblatt said. “It’s always, ‘Maybe some day but not now.’”

The other three are more questionable, but Greenblatt said he’s talked to Tina Fey about “30 Rock” (“I don’t know, maybe,” Fey said), Aaron Sorkin about “The West Wing” (“You know I love that show and some day I’d love to revisit it, but it’s not going to happen right now,” Sorkin said), and John Wells about “ER” (“There is nothing concrete,” Greenblatt said).

The reactions from Daniels, Fey, Sorkin and Wells sound wishy-washy, but that’s how every revival starts. “Will & Grace” required “months of complex and difficult negotiations” to get everyone on board, according to Deadline. Lauren Graham first talked about a “Gilmore Girls” update in 2010, saying it would possibly be a movie. (It became a four-episode series on Netflix last year.)

Of course, some of these NBC shows are easier to resurrect than others. “ER” can pick up with more medical chaos at County General Hospital, and “The Office” can return to Dunder Mifflin, where Dwight Schrute had become regional manager. But “30 Rock” and “The West Wing” are trickier. The former had a satisfying ending, sending its characters in different directions in the wake of “TGS” getting canceled. And “The West Wing” concluded with President Barlet ― whose staff was the heart of the show ― leaving office. Bringing it back would presumably require a new White House crew, and what is “The West Wing” without C.J. Cregg and Josh Lyman? (Then again, “Will & Grace” is pretending its series finale never happened, so who’s to say what’s possible?)….


image…TV Series Finale

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What is up with Kyrie Irving?

Image result for kyrie Irving/lebron james

The Cleveland Cavaliers basket ball player wants out from the NBA winning team that stars Lebron James?

Please understand….

Lebron James IS the franchise….

Every player in the NBA would do just about anything to play alongside LeBron James and experience the accompanying trips deep into the playoffs.

Every player, that is, except for Kyrie Irving.

News broke Friday — first reported by ESPN.com and later confirmed by The Washington Post and others — that Irving has demanded a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, and, in doing so, is willing to step away from that coveted role of playing next to LeBron.

So what gives? First, it should be noted that this isn’t exactly a surprise. There has been tension among the Cavaliers since James returned to Cleveland — a move that came less than two weeks after Irving committed to a five-year max contract extension on the opening night of free agency in 2014. When Irving signed that deal, both he and the Cavaliers envisioned him being the face of the franchise.

Then James decided he wanted to go back to Northeast Ohio, and the plans to feature  Irving understandably were set aside. It has worked out beautifully — Irving has thrived playing next to James, winning a championship, becoming a shoe-selling star and being the face of the upcoming version of NBA 2K.

But what’s clear now is that Irving’s desire to be the face of a franchise has never gone away, and after three years biding his time, he doesn’t want to wait any longer……


image  of James and Irving…

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