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NY Giants Bench Eli Manning…Will go with Geno Smith….


Plenty of Big Blue alumni are questioning the way the Giants decided to bench Eli Manning.


I have been preaching that old Eli Manning is long gone….

NY Giants fans that I talk to think the guy is the second coming…

He isn’t…

The two time Super Bowl ring guy has long passed his peak….

In a team with just two wins in the session ?

It is rocket science that a coach putin his other quarterbacks….

Yesterday the sports talking heads were complaining about two things…..

Eli’s number of consecutive game starting numbers and Geno Smith….

This dog really doesn’t care….

Eli needs to take a rest….


For next season?

The NY Giants need to get rid of the coach, and general manager….

They need to draft a moving QB and go on a search for Offensive linemen…..

The NY Giants need a future….

That future does not include Eli Manning…..

The Giants are benching Eli Manning to start Geno Smith on Sunday in Oakland and to play Davis Webb at some point late this season too.

“Geno will start this week,” McAdoo said in a statement Tuesday. “Over the last five games, we will take a look at Geno, and we will also give Davis an opportunity.”…



The NY Giants need to seriously think about Eli Manning’s retirement….

I know…I know ….

The guy has TWO Super Bowl rings….

But the Guy is a whiz at throwing the football to the OTHER team….

I know…I know the guys is getting a LOT of money to play and NOT playing him is a waste….

I know that last week I watched Ryan Nassib throw MORe complete ions and TD’s that Eli and THAT made me VERY HAPPY….

I hope us Giants fans do NOT have to watch Eli Manning make money this season playing catch with the guys in the OTHER Jersey’s….Or just plain throwing passes into the grass….

If ever there were a number to best symbolize the Giants’ offense this preseason, it came Thursday night. Eli Manning played two no-huddle series against the Patriots’ backups, attempted four passes, completed one and threw for a total of how many yards?


The big round digit pretty much sums up what the starters accomplished in five preseason games. Not only did Manning show the ineffectiveness that has beset him for the last month, but the first-team defense finished the preseason with no sacks and no takeaways.

Meanwhile, the bench players put the finishing touch on their own zero, giving the Giants enough energy to complete a 5-0 preseason with a 16-13 win over the Patriots at MetLife Stadium. Josh Brown’s 37-yard field goal with 38 seconds left won it. It is the first perfect preseason for the Giants since 2006.

“There were a lot of bright spots,” Tom Coughlin said of the preseason, “and some things we definitely need to improve upon.”

That record will be forgotten if Manning is unable to flick the switch when the regular season begins Sept. 8 in Detroit. He completed 20 of 41 passes for 188 yards and a TD in the preseason.
“Well, I thought we had a good week of practice,” Manning said, providing the inevitable silver lining to every cloudy game performance. “We didn’t get much going tonight, but we’re getting ready for Detroit, that first game. We got the starters out healthy, so that’s always the most important thing.”

Manning might have missed on that last part as well. Fullback Henry Hynoski left the game with a sprained shoulder.

Last night’s dud was just the latest example of Manning seeming out of sync with his starting receivers…


Payton Manning is gone from the Colts…Will he come to the NY Jets?

The handwriting was on the wall….

The players Manning played with where gone…

He’s  in his 30’s….

And he’s been hurt…..

The $64,000+ question is would he play in the same town (and stadium) his younger brother is in?

Colts release Manning; Jets will pursue

Colts release Manning; Jets will pursue

Peyton Manning is no longer a member of the Indianapolis Colts. The team announced Wednesday they have released the four-time NFL MVP, meaning the quarterback will become a free agent likely…

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WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!….The New York Giants BEAT the New England Patriots AGAIN….21-17!

Four years after they beat the Brady  and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl….

The New York Giants rise to occasion and do it AGAIN…..

While the Giants Offense moved for the first period and half of the second….

New England came alive during the end of the second period to lead the Giants into the second quarter…

And  after Madonna,  Nikki Minaj and M.I.A danced thru half time…

The Patriots came back strong…

But in the end it was the Giant passing attack that took them home setting up a short run for the go ahead score by Ahmad Bradshaw…..

Brady couldn’t catch up with the game ending ‘hail mary’…..

It was a New York (or New Jersey ) state of mind…..

Eli Manning’s status as a legendary clutch quarterback continues to grow, as does the number of Super Bowl rings in his collection.

Manning led the Giants to their second Super Bowl in four years by engineering a nine-play, 88-yard touchdown drive in the final minutes of Super Bowl XLVI for a 21-17 win over the Patriots.

“I’m proud of our team, we fought hard all season and came out strong,” Manning said during the postgame trophy ceremony. He was named the game’s MVP.

The Giants did not give the ball back to the Patriots until there was 57 seconds remaining, not enough for Tom Brady to lead a scoring drive of his own.

Brady would advance the ball to their own 49, but a Hail Mary attempt was knocked away and the Giants were Super Bowl champions for the fourth time in their team history. It was their second straight Super Bowl win over the Patriots.

Ahmad Bradshaw capped the winning drive with a 6-yard run. The running back tried to put the brakes on before the goal line to leave the Patriots would even less time, but tumbled into the end zone.

Manning started the drive with a masterful 38-yard throw to Mario Manningham, who tiptoed the sideline for an equally impressive catch. Manning would hit four more passes on the drive, dinking-and-dunking his way down the field before Bradshaw punched it in.

“Great game plan, Mario Manningham had a couple of plays on the go route,” Manning said. “It was great job by everybody on the team.”

The score gave the Giants their first lead since right before halftime when the Patriots scored a touchdown to go up 10-9. And, after receiving the second half kick, the Patriots once again marched right down the field to go up 17-9.

“We got to halftime, I said we can play better than this, everyone agreed, the rest is history,” Tom Coughlin said……


NY Times Photo…Doug Mills


The New York Giants vs. The New England Patriots Super Bowl XLVI

Usually I am blogging about my opinions of Pro Basketball but this week, I believe it is important to cover one of the biggest weekends of the year.

Super Bowl XLVI weekend is upon us ladies and gentlemen and I couldn’t be more excited. Many of my peers who know me are shocked that I am involved in Football. After the NBA had a lockout for 3 months last fall, I was turned to Football by one of my best friends Nick Binioris. He insisted and persuaded me to watch nothing but Eli Manning and the New York Giants. The loyal Giant fan held high hopes that I would embrace the culture of the game. Week after week, I started to watch and learn what the G- Men were all about. Long story short, Nick was successful. This Sunday I will be rooting for the Giants. Now some may say “Gee he’s just hopping on the bandwagon just like every other New Yorker.” The difference is come next year win or lose, I will still be a Giant fan.  I know some people who will get off the wagon if they lose on Sunday. Over the last two weeks, New Yorkers have gone above and beyond to prepare for this epic battle. I am convinced all Models in New York are sold out of Eli Manning jerseys. Sundays game is not just about the Giants and Patriots. This game has  3 significant meanings to it.

1.) THE REMATCH– In 2008, the Giants upset the Patriots in what was “supposed” to be a perfect season for New England. Quarterback Tom Brady seeks revenge and his 4th Super Bowl ring.

Married Ladies Allegedly Want to Bang Eli Manning…..

Every once and a while I run across something crazy ….

This is one of them…..

From Jezebel……

Married Ladies Allegedly Want to Bang Eli Manning

Some of you may care about the outcome of the upcoming Super Bowl (unless, like many, you’re already convinced of the grossness of both teams and are rooting for Legionnaire’s disease). However, as always, cheating website Ashley Madison is asking the tough questions: who would married ladies rather do, Eli Manning or Tom Brady? Oddly, 54% of women picked the doofy Manning because of his supposed “boy next door” looks. Shutdown Corner theorizes that ladies might also feel threatened by sleeping with a man who’s also been with Gisele Bundchen. Sadly, Ashley Madison did not calculate the percentage of women who would rather contract Legionnaire’s disease than have sex with either quarterback; we suspect that number might be high…..



The women out thee…..

Any comments?

The Mannings of New Orleans will root for the Colts……

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning with his father, former NFL quarterback, Archie Manning, after the Colts’ 30-17 win over the New York Jets on Jan. 24.

Archie and Olivia Manning’s galleried Greek Revival home is well known in this legendary city. It is a recommended site for visitors touring the city’s famed Garden District. While the building, a tan house with a front porch swing, is storied for its architecture, it may be most famous for being the childhood home of the N.F.L. quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning.

But outside its black wrought-iron fence on a recent afternoon was a white Kia Sorento with “♥ Saints ♥” and “Who Dat?! Here We Come!!” written on its windows in white shoe polish.

Such a sight would not usually be remarkable, but with the New Orleans Saints making their first Super Bowl appearance in the franchise’s 43-year history Sunday against Peyton Manning and the Colts in Miami Gardens, Fla., it illustrates the predicament of Archie Manning, a former Saints quarterback.

“I appreciate the Saints, but I can’t cheer against my own son,” he said in a telephone interview.

Regardless of the outcome of the Super Bowl, Archie Manning and his family will continue to be revered here. They are lauded by city leaders as national ambassadors and praised locally for their charitable and civic involvement, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation four and a half years ago.

The family operates a football camp in the area, and Archie makes appearances on behalf of the Saints.

While Peyton attended Saints games growing up, he never talked about someday playing in the Super Bowl, let alone against his hometown team, Fountain said.

Fielkow, the City Council president, called the Saints’ and Colts’ conference titles “the dream scenario for New Orleanians.”

“As the season unfolded and you saw the success that the Saints and the Colts were having,” he said, “you kind of hoped that this would be the ultimate matchup.”

And it is one that is a win-win for this vibrant city, regardless of Sunday’s outcome.

The Dog calls the game for the Saints……

Who DAT!…..Here They Come!