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Why other countries and our spys worry about the American President ….

Vanity Fair give’s the reason….

Donald J. Trump….

The President of the Unted States IS a security risk…

The piece linked below goes into why and nother foreign country passed on information to America’s Intelligence community…That information was reported to the American President….The American President then went on and passed the informationon to the Russians…He did so at a meeting CLOSED to American media , but open to Russian media….

The reaction in the country that obtained the information was astonishment…That country now must make sure (and American Spys agencies) that information reported to the American President is sanitized….

The source for the information?

The other country doesn’t say…..

So there is the new president, shaky as any bounder might be in the complicated world of international politics, sitting down to a head-to-head with a pair of experienced Russians. How can he impress them? Get them to appreciate that he’s not some lightweight, but rather a genuine player on the world stage?

There’s also the school of thought that the episode is another unfortunate example of Trump’s impressionable worldview being routinely shaped by the last thing he’s heard, be it that morning’s broadcast of Fox & Friends or an intelligence briefing in the Oval Office. As advocates of this theory point out, the president was likely told that one of the issues still on his guests’ minds would be the terrorist explosion back in October 2015 that brought down a Russian passenger plane flying above Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people on board. With that seed planted in the president’s undisciplined mind, it’s a short leap for him to be off and running to the Russians about what he knew about an ISIS scheme to target passenger aircraft.

Yet there is also a more sinister way to connect all the dots. There are some petulant voices in official Washington who insist that the president’s treachery was deliberate, part of his longtime collaboration with the Russians. It is a true believer’s orthodoxy, one which predicts that the meeting will wind up being one more damning count in an indictment that Robert Mueller, the special counsel, will ultimately nail to the White House door.

But, for now, to bolster their still very circumstantial case, they point to a curiosity surrounding the meeting in the Oval Office—U.S. journalists were kept out. And, no less an oddity, the Russian press was allowed in. It was the photographer from TASS, the state-run Russian news agency, who snapped the only shots that documented the occasion for posterity. Or, for that matter, for the grand jury.

But ultimately it is the actions of men, not their motives, that propel history forward. And the president’s reckless disclosure continues to wreak havoc….


Trump highlights Intelligence Communities own issues….

The BIG story this weekend is about President-Elect Donald Trump not really caring much about the intelligence community he will inherit in a little more than a month….

While he says  he ‘s ‘ Smart’ and doesn’t much need their help to view the world….(And doesn’t like sitting to listen to ANYTHING for long periods of time) and has made a point that some of the stuff given to him is redundant….

THAT isn’t sitting well with the people who he will have to deal with in that world and Congress….

Trump WILL have to come some sort of middle ground on this to be an effect President…..

But his comments highlight a reality about the countries intelligence community….

They do NOT really row tougher often and agencies are distrustfull actually of each other often….

And the Intel business , by its nature , IS  complex and often contradictory ..Something Trump avoids…..

There are splits both within the intelligence agencies and the congressional committees that oversee them. Officials say the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. have not always shared their findings with the F.B.I., which they often distrust. The question of how vigorously to investigate also has a political tinge: Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee, for example, are pushing hard for a broad investigation, while some Republicans are resisting.

Intelligence can also get politicized, of course, and one of the running debates about the disastrously mistaken assessments of Iraq that Mr. Trump often cites is whether the intelligence itself was tainted or whether the Bush White House read it selectively to support its march to war in 2003.

But what is unfolding in the argument over the Russian hacking is more complex, because tracking the origin of cyberattacks is complicated. It is made all the harder by the fact that the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. do not want to reveal human sources or technical abilities, including American software implants in Russian computer networks….


Donald Trump has made a LOT of US Military types unhappy….

And Worried.….

(They join a lot on American Intelligence types in looking at Trump)

Trump has always said he makes his own decisions ….

But recently he seems to be even more dismissive of the countries current militatry leadership….

Donald Trump’s broadside against the top military brass is drawing warnings of a crisis in civilian-military relations should he become commander in chief and begin bypassing generals and admirals now serving under President Barack Obama.

“It would be unprecedented,” said Mackubin Thomas Owens, a retired Marine colonel and former instructor at the Naval War College. “This would be making the military into a partisan prize. The idea you are going to come in and fire all the generals and admirals would be nearly impossible for a variety of reasons, but would also be stupid.”

Wednesday night, the Republican presidential nominee charged the top rungs of the officer corps have been “reduced to rubble,” referring to claims that a number of senior commanders have been cowed by administration officials or removed for disagreeing with them. It’s a state of affairs Trump called “embarrassing to our country.”

He also said that, in drawing up a new strategy to defeat the Islamic State, he would rely on “different generals” — a position Trump’s surrogates underscored on Thursday.

Those are fears that top uniformed officers themselves have expressed privately for months as they have sought — not always successfully — to deflect questions from reporters about controversial proposals put forward by Trump, including his calls to torture terrorism suspects and his questioning of the relevance of the NATO military alliance…..