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For Democrats in 2018 as in last year…It’s where the votes are…Not how many Democrats vote……

Charlie Cook  Report is out with a analysis piece today that points to this….

While Democrats have an OVERALL enthusiasm lead in their voters right now for House races coming up next year?

Republican’s have a HIGHER enthusiasm  lead in their OWN House districts right now…GOP voters are about where  they are in 2010 when they swept away the Democratic majority in House….

Remember…..Hillary Clinton won the OVERALL vote last November, but lost the election because of WHERE the vote was….

If Cook is right?

(He admits his view is overly aimed across the board and doesn’t factor in local issue’s, candidates  and other factors)

Then the effort by Democrats across the country running for House seats that went over to the GOPer’s back after the 2010 election will have to go out in some GOP country and  sell the same thing as Republicans are pushing, but better….Democrats are strong in their districts , but that isn’t enough…


Eight years after the rise of the Tea Party, the GOP remains engaged in intra-party warfare. Capturing all levers of political power in Washington has done nothing to temper the deep-seeded tension between the forces of the traditional “establishment” wing of the party and its populist/libertarian infused “anti-establishment” wing. There are plenty of reasons for why this feud continues. A big part of the blame falls at the feet of outside interest groups and professional agitators who use chaos and indignation to raise money and line their own pockets. Meanwhile, the president, normally a unifying figure for the party, has only helped to sow these long-standing divisions with his attacks on GOP leadership. The question now is if these rifts are going to rob Republicans of the momentum and energy they need for what is shaping up to be a difficult mid-term election.

Recent polling has shown that the in-fighting and name-checking from President Trump is taking a toll on perceptions of the GOP and its leadership, especially among its own members….


Polling continues to point to Trump’s minority support status….

Public Policy Polling is out joining the others in showing a President coming up on 100 days in offoce that has Most America distrustful of a lot of his domestic and foreign policies….(They want him to play less Golf)

The April 2017 poll isn’t good news for other Republican lawmakers in leadership spots either…

PPP’s newest national poll finds that the Democratic enthusiasm that led to strong finishes in special elections in Georgia and Kansas over the last week is a national phenomenon.

Democrats lead the generic Congressional ballot 47-41. But what’s more notable is the enthusiasm imbalance. 63% of Democrats say they’re ‘very excited’ about voting in the 2018 election, compared to only 52% of Republicans who express that sentiment. When you look at the 2018 House picture just among the voters most excited about turning out next year, the lead for Democrats grows to 19 points at 57-38. Republican leaning voters are comparatively disengaged, with the GOP holding advantages only among voters who are ‘somewhat excited’ (48-40) and ‘not that excited’ (46-31).

One reason for the comparative lack of Republican excitement may be the continued unpopularity of Donald Trump. Only 43% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 50% who disapprove. The core promise of Trump’s campaign was to ‘Make America Great Again,’ but only 35% of voters actually think he’s accomplished that goal to 55% who think he hasn’t.

Foreign policy has taken on a larger role in the national discussion in recent weeks and Trump’s leadership on that front isn’t inspiring a ton of confidence. 39% of voters think he will get the United States into World War III during his Presidency, to just 40% of voters who don’t think he’s going to have that effect. Trump has continued to attack the Obama administration’s approach to foreign policy lately, but by a 51/39 spread voters think Obama had a better handle on foreign policy than Trump. And by a 51/43 split, voters would rather still have Obama than Trump as President overall….