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Democrats turn on their own…..

Donald Trump and ray Moore have been acused of misdeeds that make John  Conyers and Al Franken look like Boy Scouts….Yet?

Democrats are now going after their people while the above Republicans  march on….

Republicans are STILL beating on Nancy Pelosi…..

If it hasn’t become clear to you ?….It should….

Republicans want to win and keep their power…

They don’t give a shit about much of anythibng else….

If you show weakness?

They will pounce on you and then do it again….

Democrats on the other hand?

They are doubting and worried about doing the ‘right thing’…..

No woman should be subject to these actions…..

But the spotlight should apply equally to Democratic lawmakers, Republicans lawmakers , Media guys and YES…..Even a NY Real Estate guy who fell into the American Presidency….

The sexual harrasment wave has changed directions….

The media is now featuring the daily male news anchor that is getting fired along with  Republicans and Democratic talking points against Conyers and Franken and yes…Pelosi….

While Donald Trump is working hard against his Grand Ole’ party?

Democrats are working hard to support them….

Go Figure?