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Clinton’s Campaign discounts most polls…And Media slants…Confident they have a Winner…

Clinton handlers David Plouffe and Jim Messina talked to the Washington Post PLUM Line and gave their view that Hillary Clinton’s lead across the board in the STATES, where the Electoral votes are gained are what give’s Clinton a good lead….

Their views are of couse counters to the ‘horse race’ race that the Media always seeks to portray to keep readership high and ad dollars coming their way….

Their internal polling is showing them that Trump has a ceiling in most of the swing states he would need to win to actually get elected….Public polls show the race tightening in those states by Clinton still is ahead in the enough of those polls to continue to HAVE more than  the 270 electoral votes needed to become President…Even during her rocky two weeks in the polls she NEVER fell below the 270 figure…

Both Clinton people acknowledge that Hillary will have to do well on the Trump show tonight and that could be tough because several media outlets are already moving to crown Donald Trump the winner as soon as he shows up….

DAVID PLOUFFE: Some polls closely capture where the race stands. But they’re very incomplete. The Clinton campaign is doing large samples for modeling surveys of everybody on the voter file. So you have a very good understanding of how you believe 100 percent of the electorate will be allocated on election day.

When you look at how 100 percent of the vote is likely to be allocated in Florida, I get very optimistic….I can get Donald Trump to within two or three in Pennsylvania, but I can’t get him to a win number. The same is true in Virginia and Colorado. I know everybody goes crazy about the latest Cheetos poll, but I feel very confident about both New Hampshire and Florida. So that puts her over 300 [in the electoral college]. Trump has to pull off a miracle in the electoral college.

PLUM LINE: Who do you think the undecided voters are?

PLOUFFE: My sense is that Trump has got more of his vote in the bank than Clinton does. There are still a decent number of Latinos who are undecided. She’ll win a vast majority of those. Almost every African American undecided voter will side with her. There’s a good chance that college educated voters — and this is where the debates are important — will break decisively in her favor.

The debates are a stage that should suit her more than the day-to-day campaigning. She has an opportunity to convince some of those undecided voters, but more important, to give people who might not be sure they’re going to vote — but who would support her — a little more passion. She’s got the opportunity to talk directly to people. Even millennial voters….

This race is being covered in a way that suggests it’s a dead heat. And it’s not. She’s got a small national poll lead. But more importantly, she’s got a decisive electoral college lead. The debates are a chance for voters to see her in a more unfiltered way….


On how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are working to keep the Presidency in Democratic hands….

Politico does a long piece on the above…..

The piece promotes the keep Joe Biden from running this time part, but goes into in detail about how Obama came to form a political relationship with Hillary Clinton and how he would pull out ALL the stops to help her get back into the White House, this time as President….

Although the two tan against each other in 2008…..

Image result for hillary clinton/obama

Barack Obama came to think early on in his Presidency that Hillary Clinton would be the best person succed him as President and help keep HIS policies in place….

For Clinton, it was at first a try to change her 2008 efforts mistakes and do things HER way….

But with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders threatening her?

She has come much more to the left than she originally planned to…..

The piece IS a process pice and it does make Obama look cunning and the Svengali for the continuance of his wants and the contiuance of the Democrats in power….

Joe Biden was leery about a run off and on , but the piece points to his boss working for a long time to convince Biden to defer to a Clinton run….

Warren NEVER really was into running for the Presidency, but Bernie Sanders was and threw everyone a curve ball….

But as others have observed…After the Nevada Primary Sanders would be looked as a problem that would NOT stop Obama’s efforts to get Clinton the nomionationn and the White House…..

The piece points to the Obama White House starting early on to provide help and guidance to Clinton’s efforts…..

There where times when Obama would be NOT happy with Clinton’s actions against HIS policies …But Clinton was running….He wasn’t and she would do whatever she had to deal with HER issues…Not his….(TPP)….

One of the most important if hidden story lines of 2016 has been Obama’s effort to shape a race he’s not running in an anti-establishment environment he can no longer control. Over the past two years, he has worked quietly but inexorably on Clinton’s behalf, never mind the not-so-convincing line that he was waiting for the Democratic electorate to work its will. He has offered his former rival strategic advice, shared his top talent with her, bucked her up with cheery phone chats after her losses, even dispatched his top political adviser to calm the Clintons during their not-infrequent freakouts over the performance of their staff, according to one of the two dozen Democrats I interviewed for this story.

The affable traveling press secretary joined Clinton world as a lowly advance staffer on the 2008 campaign, gained Clinton’s trust at the State Department and was one of a few staffers who remained with her between Foggy Bottom and the 2016 campaign, serving as a one-man press team in her personal office. Image

The one thing he wouldn’t do was endorse her before she cleared the field. And once, when things were darkest after Clinton’s devastating defeat to Senator Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, Clinton’s staff urged him to break his pledge and rescue her—but his team refused, a senior Democrat told me.

Clinton’s view of Obama is more conflicted, people close to both politicians told me. She has repeatedly said, “I’m not running for Obama’s third term,” while taking pains to emphasize their differences on issues such as free trade and Syria. And she started the campaign committed to earning the nomination without his overt help.

But Clinton has been pulled closer to the president out of mutual self-interest and circumstance as the long primary season has worn on: Both Sanders’ unexpected success and Obama’s 80 percent-plus approval ratings with registered Democrats have forced the former secretary of state into a tighter embrace than she anticipated. Indeed, her campaign’s internal polling showed that one of the most effective attack lines against the socialist from Vermont was his 2011 remark that Obama’s moderate governing record was “weak” and a “disappointment” to progressives.

“When he could sense the end, it was like, ‘Who gives me the best chance to win?’”

Clinton and Obama have something else in common: They both failed to anticipate seriously the rise of Trump. Early on, they were looking out for challenges from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Sanders on the left, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio as the most dangerous Republican in the field. But Trump’s ascent has only increased the urgency of the president’s last White House mission. “Mr. Trump will not be president,” Obama declared flatly back in February.

Obama’s ultimate goal in his final year has been strikingly ambitious, according to those I spoke with: not only blocking from office the birther who questioned his legitimacy as president, but preserving the Democratic Party’s hold over the presidency during an era of anti-establishment turbulence. Obama, always one to embrace a grand goal, talks in terms of creating “a 16-year era of progressive rule” to rival the achievements of Roosevelt-Truman and to reorient the country’s politics as a “Reagan of the left,” as one of his longtime White House advisers put it to me.



Trump Campaign head unhappy with Clinton people calling her guy names?

You’ve GOTTA be Kindding me , Right?

Donald Trump has called Hillary Clinton almost EVERY name in the book….

He’s hasn’t spared calling her Husband names either…..

Image result for kellyanne conway

And Kellyanne Conway is going after David Ploffe for calling Trump and bit off?

(Oh, and then she pivoted to Obamacare?)

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway laced into David Plouffe on Tuesday, days after the former campaign adviser to Barack Obama called the GOP nominee a “psychopath.”

Responding to that comment and Hillary Clinton’s speech tying Trump to white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan last week, Conway had three words on Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade & Friends”: “Shame on them.”

“I mean, the name-calling has reached a fever pitch and it just tells ya, they got nothin’. They got no game,” Conway told host Brian Kilmeade, suggesting that if Clinton “were really strong on the issues” and if Plouffe “was that proud of his boss Barack Obama’s Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, then he would go out there and he’d talk about that.”….



Christie would be a “very strong” general election candidate…”But “… Obama Camapign Manager

But David Plouffe echo’s thoughts expressed here at the PGog when qualifies his statement with this….

‘but is likely to struggle in the 2016 GOP primaries’….

“Gov. Christie, this is probably a kiss of death for him, for me to say this, he would potentially be a very strong general election candidate,” Plouffe told ABC News’s “This Week.”

But the former White House adviser warned that “in the current Republican Party,” a more centrist candidate like Christie “can’t win.” And, Plouffe said, decisions like the one last week to bar NBC and CNN from hosting Republican presidential debates were “completely foolish” because it would draw candidates further to the right.

“What’s going to be said on those stages to secure the Republican nomination is going to cause huge problems in the general election,” Plouffe said. “It happened with Mitt Romney, it will happen in ’16.”



The Plouffe Fingerprints…Talk and Politics


by mac @ Talk and Politics

Just a short reflection today – on the baffling campaign of Obama this year – seemingly doing everything right and disciplined so far. From framing the opponent during the summer season, to staying on message, to good planning and timing with ads and rebuttals, to keeping expectations low towards November – to getting out the vote and letting folks feel the fear of more Bushonomics and possibly pointless wars overseas.

And this has the feel of David Plouffe fingerprints all over it. He ran the brilliant campaign in 2008, and then went on leave for two years, which led to the disastrous midterms. Now he’s back, with a low profile, but probably doing most of the strategic work – which shows in the absence of gaffes and crises.

Well done….

(Ah, mac… do you think Hillary could hire him for 2016?)

Reading “Game Change” – two years after ’08……Talkandpolitcs……

From Talkandpolitics…..

Inspired by a great post over at Moe’s – a favorite blogger – we’ve just started reading this book about the historic ’08 race behind the scenes..

’08 elections – with lots of insider goodies..

First impression (100 pages) – way better than that boring Plouffe book. This is more drama, more fictional style – and lots more of interesting quotes and even thoughts of some of the key players in pivotal points.

But check out the review at Moe’s,

we’ll be back with more later.

One small bit from the opening – when the shocking Iowa turnout for Obama first hits the Hillary-camp:

Losing always tests a politician’s composure and grace. Hillary had never lost before, and she found little of either trait at her disposal. Presented with the carefully wrought, sound-bite-approved text of the concession speech she was soon supposed to deliver before the cameras, she sullenly leafed through the pages, cast them aside, and decided to ad lib. Her phone call to congratulate Obama was abrupt and impersonal. “Great victory, we’re three tickets out of Iowa, see you in New Hampshire,” she said, and hung up the phone.

The advisers in the room were all longtime intimates of the Clintons and had experienced their squalls of fury many times. But to a person, they found the display they were witnessing now utterly stunning— and especially unnerving coming from Hillary. Watching her bitter and befuddled reaction, her staggering lack of calm or command, one of her senior-most lieutenants thoughtfor the first time, This woman shouldn’t be president.


"Audacity to Win"….a book review from talkandpolitcs…….

We are happy to add another source to our everwidening site……This one is Talkandpolitics ….

This piece is on the new political director for the White House  David Plouffe…and his new bookAudacity to Win…..

Time for a little book review here at Talkandpolitics.!

This time it’s the book from David Plouffe, the Obama Campaign manager and political consultant who was reluctantly talked into taking the job – of building a start-up organization pushing a largely unknown young senator from Illinois to become the first African-American president of the United States of all time. In retrospect an unprecedented achievement and a transforming incident in the early years of a new century – and still an ongoing development in a very young presidency.

So we started out with quite high expectations of Plouffe’s written account of the Obama campaign – both in terms of analysis and reflections on the nature of campaigns, and as a close-up of the people involved. In this respect, the book actually became a stretch and maybe a bit disappointing. The people remained remote and cartoonlike, and it was little added to the campaign that we didn’t know already. But a few highlights there were – so let’s run through them.

First, the personalities. One of my favorites was the notoriously gaffy Joe Biden, who when first approached by the vetting team plunged into a twenty minute soliloquy about why he didn’t want to be a veep after thirty-six years in the Senate, and at the same time pushing his case, having changed his mind about Obama and adding real value. Pure tactics, but fun.

The campaign staff of Plouffe, Gibbs and Ax (David Axelrod) were also fun to follow, all equally excited about the unlikeliness and momentum of the project. Ax is potrayed as a likable messy person spilling food into his gadgets, dislocating things, but with a strategic mind and mostly putting things straight. Their relations to the candidate are scarcely revealed, there are some cheers, some snaps – but mostly remote and rational interaction.

Other issues were the fear and respect of Hillary Clinton, which runs through several turning points – and the entrance of Sarah Palin which really messes things up for a while – even though she boosts the Obama campaign funding. Which plays into the maybe biggest factor for the campaign success – webfunding and new technology – raising a whopping $750 million. Many factors in concert – but still – no internet, likely no president Obama.

Another interesting little trivia in the book is the upfront education of NY Times’ chief national political correspondent Adam Nagourney and his staff about delegate math. A few phonecalls from Plouffe, and the whole picture changed, tipping a lot of superdelegates and turning the race. Not sure how the Times feels about this story being published though.

But all in all – it’s an okay read and a nice replay of the magic and emotions of the campaign race of 2008. As Plouffe is back on board just this week, it adds some value to the book, learning about his style and philosophy. He’s a wizard with media and message – which might seemed to have shaped some of the SotU speech and midterm strategies already. We could probably expect more of Plouffe-style communication in the coming three years of this presidency, which should be better for all parts moving forward.

Have a great week-end!


Obama moves to strengthen his political operation which has quite frankly been terrible…..

The Dog remembers arguing with Merlin that the White House political team had made a lot of bad moves since President Obama got his job…..The Dog blamed the problems on Rahm Emanuel…..Merlin named Patrick Gaspard as the White House Political Director, a tittle he holds…..

Well… both guys just got one upped.….The President….who is nice guy...and has been always a bit too laid back…got punched in the jaw from the Scott Brown thing in Massachusetts….

He has successfully changed the direction of the media by attacking the banks and financial institutions….but the members of Congress are not fooled one bit…..

With Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that the House would no longer abide by the Senate outline for the Healthcare Bill…..The president got the point that the Bill was in trouble…..

President Obama wanted this bill…but has never really done a darn thing to sell it….instead, he’s been busy traveling to summit meetings, sending troops to Afghanistan, taking a vacation and other stuff that give absolutely no cover for Congressmen who would vote for his HUGE Healthcare Bill (which is the right thing ) and then get ambushed back home by the Republican’s as “Tax and Spend”…liberals….

So David Plouffe is being brought back and Patrick Gaspard will be asked to run his stuff past Plouffe’s operation before making any moves…..I don’t know if Rahm Emanuel will have the last say…or David Axelrod ……starting in a few days, on political matters……

But clearly as the Dog has mentioned…..This Presiodeny needs to be better at selling its agenda…..

Because the GOP …..who, don’t control the Legislative or Executive branches is kicking the Democrats butts…

The Dog is particularly happy to read this ……..

The long and messy legislative fight over health care is a leading example of how Mr. Obama has failed to connect with voters, advisers say, because he appeared to do whatever it would take to get a bill and not explain how people could benefit.

and this……which the Dog pointed out last week…..

The White House intends to send Mr. Obama out into the country considerably more in 2010 than during his first year in office, advisers said, to try to rekindle the relationship he developed with voters during his presidential campaign.

Barack Obama needs to remember that being the President of the United States means persuading people to accept your agenda…not ordering people to accept it…..that doesn’t work in the real world…..not even in military sometimes…..