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Daily Manila….Romney is the kind of guy that would have ended up with gum in his hair in my high school….

As I think Mitt can be such a spaz

lets see how this bullying crap plays out.

Romney is the kind of guy that would have ended up with gum in his hair in my high school.

And I can just imagine what it would have been like for him at South Boston High.

And because of course the guy that he allegedly hazed was “gay” at a time when most people didn’t know what gay was.

and is now so conveniently dead

and as the story comes out the day after the President “comes out” (I was stunned there was gambling going on here!) for gay marriage.

I just have to say I guess Mitt was too young to be wife swapping.

Or going without a bath to dodge the draft.

It all reminds me of what the church lady would say.

“How convenient.”

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Daily Manila…..Romney…..

Romney looks like the only well known candidate who the GOP has that can appeal to independents. Palin is a turn off to many. Heck, pro or con, too much of the Democrats voting base is better educated than she is.

As to Mitt’s appeal, he looks like he stepped out of central casting, has a management background in industry, and so far has not pandered all that much i.e. he has not denied his support for Romney Care or the fact that he believes global warming is being accelerated by man made pollution. Neither are popular stances among the right wing who may think that the only thing perfect about him is his hair.

Still, if George “No new taxes!” Bush 41 can get elected with the help of the right wing, maybe so can Mitt.

Also, as a thrid party candidate is a real possibility I think, Palin might be the lure to keeping the children at home for tea.

Secretary of the Interior for her, right Cory?

Or was that your job?

PS to James B: There is a long way to go and frankly the economy is so bad that no election can probably cure it. Like the hunter who accidently (he claims) shot his friend while hunting in the woods and then brings the friend to the hospital, his friend might be doing better if the hunter hadn’t gutted him first.

I mean will more sweatshop like working conditions fix it?

Both Party’s dabble in that.


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Daily Manila….Can Sarah fill the void?

Sarah Palin is the most Maver-ickky one of them all!

She may take over the world now that Oprah is retiring.

Evolution of TV!

Afternoon TV was once dominated by Merv Griffin who was different than the soaps.

He was replaced by Phil Donahue who discovered real life was a better soap opera than the soap operas.

Then came Oprah who was a soap opera and who has ruled ever since.

Can Sarah fill the void?

Can the nut who predicted rapture over the weekend become Pope?

Only in America!

Charlie Sheen knows!


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Daily Manila….Gingrich is running….

Just a drive by.


Gingrich is running. He hates Obama care.

Romney is running on his health care plan (see today’s Boston Globe.) He says Romneycare is not Obama care and although he thinks it was good for Massachusetts he thinks it should be up to the States to decide what kind of program they want.

And then comes the man who shot Osama Bin Laden!

Reminds me of the name of a famous John Ford film.

Right now I am staying with real candidates like Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen.

But Romney/Gingrich would be a great ticket.

Because Romney Care is a true compromise.

And support for Obama care will be stalwart support.

Who will be the candidate of compromise?

Which leaves issues like who picks the next Supreme Court Judge’s something the Tea Party conservatives better concentrate on.

An issue which effects the outcome of Senate races.

And then there is the Great Poets Society run by the First Lady.

A Rev. Wright inspired event!

I should have been there!

“He’s the man who shot Osama Bin Laden!
Obama shot Osama Bin Laden!
He is the greatest of them all!”

Now where is the coffee and cake?


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Hawaii is really part of Great Britain…..Daily Manila for the Royal Couple….


Hawaii is really part of Great Britain.

Tell the Royal couple it’s a great place to honeymoon!

Unless there is an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or tsunami!

PS: What did the natives serve Captain Cook for lunch when he discovered the Sandwich Islands?

A big “hero” sandwich?



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Daily Manila….Military Budgets

The military budget is now up to 20% of the whole federal budget. (I do not know if that percentage included the wars either.) Gates knows that and he knows they have to cut.

Problem is the capital budget items cost more and more and the bases are needed less and less. The Joint Strike fighter is needed to replace our aging fighter aircraft where metal fatigue and other structural problems are not easily remedied. This shows how overbuilt the post WW Two designed B 52 was as it will fly until 2030.

War is changing now anyhow. Iraq and Afghanistan are in a way a mop up of the Cold War. N. Korea and Iran ditto.

And to think the assassination in Sarajevo that really started it all was just 96 years ago.

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Daily Manila…..The people who have to pay for all this….do have something to say about it……

“Actually a new poll shows those who think health care reform didn’t go far enough outnumber those who want the government totally out of health care by 2 to 1. Didn’t go far enough?”

How would they know.

Its’ like the poll in the Globe this weekend that says the MA Governors race is a dead heat between Baker and Deval.

The same paper that said Martha Coakley had a 15% lead over Scott Brown.

Anyhow maybe Scott and Jack are right.

Senator Kerry was quoted as saying he thinks the Democrats are having problems because the voters are stupid this weekend.

Cue Sideshow Bob!

How about allowing nationwide competition by the existing firms

and tort reform which were two of the things they didn’t do.

And never will.

What we need instead is a Great Society solution to a 21st Century problem.

That creates 17,000 new jobs in the IRS

And only God knows how many other new Federal government jobs.

Health care is going to increase by about 9% here in MA next year.

And more and more and more.

Year after year after year.

The people who have to pay for all of this

are the ones who will see their coverage exhaust their savings

so thanks for the middle class tax cut Obama

he can get the revenue through this back door instead.

The people who have to pay for all this

do have something to say about it.

And they will.

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Daily Manila…..Breaking news from around the world!

Breaking news from around the world!


Kim Jong-il threatens war with US if Pastor goes thru with plan to burn Koreans!

Says only he can do that!


Donald Trump sends agent to try to buy the fourth most important Mosque in Islam!

Agent fails so Trump says “Your fired!”


President Obama takes the gloves off. Develops dishwater hands!

Note: The window over the White House sink faces Mecca!

More stories as they arrive!

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Daily Manila…..Taxcuts and Democrats?

Tax cuts from a Democrat?


It’s classic Bait and Switch!

And shows that their on the run.

Next they will promise to repeal the Community Reinvestment Act.

As this country sits in it’s own sh*t.

Keep raiding the Treasury while you can Democrats.

Because the Republicans time is coming.

To make this country safe for small business again.

A business like selling sausage outside a ball park.

Without fear of new taxes.

Or health inspections.

And creating new jobs at extended care facilties!

PS: Cue the stem cell issue!

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Daily Manila……Change

“last tuesday showed that that change thing is over sold”

Watch out!

Change comes from vending machines too.

It would be nice to see Tea Party candidates Angle, Paul, McMahon, and Miller (if he prevails) get elected and bring some “change” to the GOP Country Club Mitch McConnell is running. Adding a few more RINO’s would be good too.

These victories are the real “Summer of Recovery!”

As to the Democrats, the spoils of their victory of 2008, a victory that came at the cost of this countries prosperity, have been distributed.

Time to throw the bums out?

I think so.

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Daily Manila….Bear Market?


Just as soon as the Yogi and Boo Boo finish eating this bear market alive they will get a new picnic basket from Ranger Smith and boom, it will be a bull market once again creditied of course not to any extention but rather to back to school shopping.

Or maybe it will be credited to the explosion of tatooed 19 year old working girls starting up their own video “massage” sites.

I wonder if they ever report their taxable income?

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Daily Manila…..Quayle, Mulkowski and dirty tweets…..


Looks like Dan Quayle’s son Ben has won the GOP primary in Arizona.


Also Lisa Mulkowski (R) is in deep doo doo in the GOP primary in Alaska with Tea Party favorite Joe Miller 2,000 votes ahead with 95% of precients reporting and 7,600 absentees to be counted.


“scholars will sift through the collected tweets of Sarah Palin”

Palin or not, if you don’t wash “tweets” promptly off your car, they can ruin the finish.

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Daily Manila…Democrats and the GOP….

More rubbish from the Democrats.

“as opposed to helping the long-term unemployed;”

There will be a bill passed and the point is that cuts could have been made to pay for it.

” opposed to creating new rules in response to the financial crisis;”

The big banks won BIG with this new law. Small and medium size banks are supposed to be less competitve now.

“and opposed to increasing lending to small businesses.”

The Republians are small business. This one is silly even if it were true.

Throw the bums out will be the call.

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Daily Manila …….Rumblings

He’s back!

“Independents” just lash out at whomever is in power”

This is a fork. Q: What do we do with it? A: We eat with it.

This a spoon. Q: What do we do with it? A: We eat with it.

This is a knife. Q: What do we do with it? A: Lash out blindly at those that would make us eat with a fork and spoon.

The moral of the story?

Sometimes when the golden bell of freedom rings it sounds like DUNG!

And the oil keeps flowing!

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Daily Manila……’Shake Down’…….

Your getting there but I think I should try to “shake you down” for five cents a word when I post here.

How about four cents?


Should I pay you?

How about you buying stock in my company that sells some oil from the gulf in a bottle labeled “Obama Oil!” using an 800 number?

We could advertise on Limbaugh.

And I have not given up on making my home beer brewing kit into a home refinery.

You can even use “Lite” crude!

Just think of it!

With China now liberating the Yuan from the dollar, America will be on the march to wealth once again! (Our product will become cheaqp enough to sell!)



I’m a capitalist Manila…..You can pay ME……He, he, he……..

Just Kidding!

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