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The Supreme’s will hold a rare off the books meeting on DACA….

Several Federal courts have rulled that the Trump Admin cannot attempt to end the program….

Congress is stuck trying to legislate and codify a new Immigration policy….

The Supreme Court will hold a closed-door meeting to decide whether or not to take up a lower court opinion that blocked the White House plan to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an amnesty program at the forefront of the debate on illegal immigration.

In an unusual move, the nation’s highest court will consider the possibility of reviewing the opinion without a ruling from a federal appeals court, following a direct request from the Justice Department to decide the case, according to CNN.

The department wants the court to rule on whether the administration must continue to accept DACA renewal applications from participants after federal Northern California District Judge William Alsup blocked President Trump‘s decision to end the program…..


Senate votes down four Immigration Bill proposals…

It appaears that ALL parties are holding fast on their starting positions on the often hard task of dealing with Immigration issues….

Recent Federal judges rulings forbiding Trump’s DHS from stopping the DACA and Dreamers programs have probably taken the heat off efforts to come with a bill anytime soon….

But the issue is still gonna be around…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has with the votes, technically done his part of the deal he made with Democrats that he would bring the issue to the Senate floor for a vote….

Democrats are holding fast on NOT caving on trying to get as much as they can from the Republicans who need 60 votes in the Senate for passage of a bill…

The Republican-led Senate on Thursday blocked both President Trump’s immigration plan and a bipartisan alternative, a failure that cast doubt on whether Congress will ever resolve the fate of hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants.

In a series of afternoon votes, senators failed to muster enough votes for a Republican plan backed by Trump that would have granted legal status to 1.8 million young immigrants and spent at least $25 billion to bolster security along the U.S.-Mexico border. It also would have made changes to family-based legal migration programs and ended a diversity lottery system used by immigrants from smaller countries.

The vote was 39-60, well short of the 60 needed to move ahead.

The Senate also couldn’t produce enough votes for a bipartisan plan that would legalize the same number of undocumented immigrants and appropriate $25 billion for southern border security construction projects over the next decade — not immediately, as Trump wants. The bill also would have curbed family-based immigration programs, but not to the extent Trump is seeking, and it said nothing about the diversity visa lottery program.

The vote was 54-45, short of the 60 necessary to move ahead.

The White House threatened a veto of that plan and in a tweet shortly before the vote, Trump called it a “total catastrophe.”

The failed votes could plunge the nation’s immigration system into further crisis, as millions of “dreamers” are set to lose legal protections when the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is set to end on March 5. Federal court challenges continue, meaning the program may continue under legal limbo until June….



Three Republican senators floated a fallback plan Thursday to protect hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants facing deportation in exchange for $25 billion in border security.

Senate Republican Conference Chairman John Thune (S.D.), Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) floated a measure that would extend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program indefinitely in exchange for $25 billion in border security funding.

It would require DACA recipients to reapply to the program every two years and cap expenditures….


The Senate tries to do something about Immigration as promised….

True to his word?

SenateGOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has opened debate in his chamber of Congress on Immigration reform…

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There are numerous views among his fellow Senators and several bill idea’s floating around….

But immigration is a tough subject for lawmakers , who have taken the lead in the Senate at trying to come up with something of a bill….

The fate of whatever they would approve is gonna have problems in the US House….

But doing something is a MUST for Democrats who have been leveraged by Republicans who know all to well that they probably have less then 10 months before they possible lose their majority in the House…

Stay tuned for more….

With the fate of hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants in the balance, the Senate on Monday began an open-ended debate on immigration — an exceedingly rare step that, in effect, will allow senators to attempt to build a bill from scratch on the Senate floor.

The highly unusual debate, expected to unfold throughout the week, will test whether a series of legislative concepts and proposals championed by President Trump and a variety of Republicans and Democrats can garner 60 votes, the threshold for a measure to pass the Senate. No one has any idea how it will turn out.

“Whoever gets to 60 wins,” Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, told reporters last week. “And it will be an opportunity for 1,000 flowers to bloom.”

The debate kicked off Monday evening with a procedural vote on an unrelated House-passed measure that will serve as a shell for building an immigration bill. By a vote of 97 to 1, with only Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, dissenting, senators took the first step toward consideration of the underlying measure, as expected.

The push on immigration comes against the backdrop of a ticking clock, and months of congressional inaction…..


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A vast Majority of Americans want Congress/Trump to make a DACA/Dreamers ‘deal’ and move on….

The anti-immigration faction in the House is actually defying the feelings of a vast majority of American’s in holding out against a path to citizenship and an assurance of no deportation’s for those the Democrats are trying to protect….

The issue seems to preclude any longterm budget agreement from the American Congress….

Roughly two-thirds of Americans believe it’s very important for Congress to reach a deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, a poll released Monday found.

A Monmouth University poll showed 66 percent of Americans believe it’s very important to address the status of “Dreamers,” the title given to those who benefit from DACA. Both Democrats and Republicans largely agree on the importance of the issue.

However, Americans are split on the Trump administration’s immigration proposal, which would grant a pathway to citizenship for nearly 2 million young immigrants, according to the poll.

Trump’s plan would also include tens of billions of dollars in funding for border security and a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and limits on legal immigration.

While over 70 percent of Americans support allowing Dreamers to automatically become citizens if they don’t have a criminal record, 31 percent support the Trump immigration plan, 33 percent oppose it and 36 percent are unsure, the poll found.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle opposed the Trump administration’s proposal….



Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Chris Coons (D-DE) are planning to introduce bipartisan legislation this week that would include a path to citizenship for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but stops short of offering any funding for President Donald Trump’s U.S.-Mexico border wall, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

The proposal would provide eventual legal status for young immigrants who have lived in the U.S. since Dec. 31, 2013. It would also direct the Department of Homeland Security to conduct a study of what border security measures need to be taken, with the goal of having a comprehensive strategy in place by 2020. It would also provide funding for improved coordination between border patrol agents and local police, but no funding for a physical wall, according to the Journal.

The narrow immigration bill is designed to end the impasse over a two-year budget deal….


Democrats dig in on Immigration….

The Republicans and Trump are offering citizenship to the current DACA and Visa holders in exchange from cutting legal immigration by almost 50% in the future….

Trump spoke about his immigration deal during his State of the Union speech….

The stratgy is not making Senate Democrats( and Republicans anti-immigration types) happy….

Democrats were infuriated by President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union speech, claiming the president put an immigration deal even further out of reach with what they called bigoted remarks during the 80-minute address.

After Trump and his White House team teased a bipartisan theme, the minority party was waiting to hear something conciliatory about how to protect hundreds of thousands of young immigrants facing deportation. Instead, Democrats booed Trump’s reference to “chain migration” and fumed afterward that his remarks conflated immigrants with gang members and did little to give so-called Dreamers any reassurance at all.

“The tone was of a divider-in-chief,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said in an interview. “It was a red-meat appeal to the anti-immigrant base of his party, not the unifying, coming-together appeal that we all know is necessary.”

Trump reiterated his proposal to offer 1.8 million undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship, dramatically scale back legal immigration and spend billions on a border wall. His only explicit reference to Dreamers, however, was his line that, “Americans are dreamers, too.”…

“He’s laying out pillars that are not going to get him a deal from Democrats. A lot of empty rhetoric,” said Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.). “Those words were not helpful.”…



Some House Republicans remain set against immigration reform….

While it appaers that US Senate HAS the Democratic AND Republican votes for passage of some sort of immigration reform….

A group of House Republicans are dead set against any reform….

In the end?

As even Donald Trump wants?

The House will have to go the route of Republicans AND Democrats to get a bill passed …

The question will rest in House Speaker Paul Ryan being able to work with Trump for the vote…

Trump has not gotten behind a compromise shaping up in the Senate; nor are those negotiators likely to endorse a White House proposal expected Monday that will include protections for dreamers but also hard-line steps to increase border security and curb legal immigration.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) has indicated that he will not to bring immigration legislation for a vote until it has wide support from fellow Republicans. Grothman[R-Wisc] — a shambling, strident conservative with a Trumpian tell-it-like-it-is streak who typically votes with the House Republican leadership — is not equivocating about where he stands, especially after it sparked a government shutdown a week ago.

In an interview, Grothman described the tilt in his district toward hard-line immigration policies as “overwhelming” and said he felt “no pressure” to cut a deal ahead of a coming Feb. 8 government funding deadline or the potential final expiration of DACA in March.

“I think there’s some sympathy for people who were brought here, but overall I think their overall anger is at the politicians who let this thing go on so long,” he said, echoing other colleagues in the Republican rank and file. “This idea that we’ve got to do something now or never? Pfft.”…


Trump deal…You can buy my Ok for Dreamers for $25 Billion ‘Wall’ money

The latest….

Trump’s ‘deal’ on the budget and immigration is you give me my $25 Billion of tax payer money for my wall and stuff and that buys you my vote to go along with NOT deporting Dreamers and signing off on the DACA program….

It would take 10-12 years for immigrants to eventually earn citizenship, a timeline Trump revealed during an impromptu session with reporters Wednesday.

Trump has repeatedly said he wants to help young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, known as “Dreamers.” But an official said it was a “dramatic concession by the White House” to expand the pool of people eligible for citizenship.

The larger “Dreamer” population is believed to number 3.6 million people.

In exchange, Trump is asking for $25 billion in large part to build his long-promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a key campaign promise the president has said must be included in a final deal.

The money would be kept in a trust fund so it could not be clawed back by future Congresses.

Officials estimate the wall will cost $20 billion, with the other $5 billion slated to fund new technology and stronger security measures for ports of entry and the U.S-Canada border.

Another $5 billion would be spent to hire more border agents and immigration judges.

That trade-off — wall funding in exchange for DACA protections — appears similar to a deal that Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) offered before the three-day government shutdown.

Schumer portrayed the $25 billion offer of wall funding as a major concession, but on Tuesday declared that money is now “off the table.”…



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Schumer taking the ‘wall’ money off the table seems to have NOT been such move after all….He’s got Trump back in the action…


In response to Donald Trump?…Americans go back to street protests…

For eight years during President Obama’s terms?

People where hopeful….

Protests went away…

There’re BACK.

For December 2017, we tallied 796 protests, demonstrations, strikes, marches, sit-ins and rallies in the United States, with at least one in every state and the District of Columbia. Our conservative guess is that between 58,986 and 81,091 people showed up at these political gatherings, although it is likely there were far more. Because mainstream media often neglect to report nonviolent actions — especially small ones — it is probable that we did not record every event that took place. For 28 percent of the events we listed this month, we lacked an estimate of crowd size.

Nevertheless, we think our tally gives us a useful pool of information to better understand political mobilization in the United States — particularly how reports of crowds change from month to month. The number of protests remains fairly stable month to month, and December 2017 is no exception, although the crowds at 2017’s end were somewhat smaller than they were earlier in 2017….


Democratic lawmakers take hits over shutdown deal…


Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is taking the most heat along with Democratic lawmakers in general…

In the next three weeks?

The pressue on Democratic lawmakers is going increase…

on January 17, 2018 in Washington, DC.

the reactions were nearly unanimous — even organizations seen to be relevant in Democratic politics took hard swipes at the deal. The Working Families Party, a grass-roots group that has been building chapters in several 2018 battlegrounds, said in a statement that Democrats would make it harder to get out their votes.

“Some Democratic Senators are worried that Trump will attack them over shutting down the government for the sake of protecting immigrants,” Dan Cantor, the national chairman of WFP, said. “The truth is, Trump will attack them no matter what. What the Democrats ought to be focused on instead is keeping their progressive base and the broad public fired up against Trump and Trumpism.”

The Indivisible Project, a network of local grass-roots organizations that has become one of the most powerful forces on the left, was just as outraged. “They caved in early December, but promised to use their leverage by the end of the year,” Ezra Levin, Indivisible’s co-director, said in a statement. “They caved at the end of the year, but they promised to use their leverage in January. And now they caved again, but promised to use their leverage in February. Democrats clearly want to keep Dreamers as a talking point, but they need to grow a spine and actually fight for the Dream Act.”

Similar sentiment came out of dreamer organizations all day — frustration that the Democrats, who had been promised and denied immigration deals in the past, considered yet another promise to be a victory….


image…Alex Wong/Getty images North America

House votes for Continuing Budget Bill…The Senate isn’t there…Shutdown COULD be coming…

The dance is going on in Congress….

Republicans holding for strong Immigration curbs in exchange for DACA and the Dreamers….

The Democrats holding tight….Republicans need 11 votes from then in the Senate…

Failure to get the Senate to go along would shut-down the American goverment except for essential service and ignite a political blame game….

President Trump is NOT making things easy….

The House approved a stopgap spending bill on Thursday night to keep the government open past Friday, but Senate Democrats — angered by President Trump’s vulgar aspersions and a lack of progress on a broader budget and immigration deal — appeared ready to block the measure.

The House approved the measure 230 to 197, despite conflicting signals by President Trump sent throughout the day and a threatened rebellion from conservatives that ended up fizzling. But the bill, which would keep the government open through Feb. 16, provided only a faint glimmer of hope that a crisis could be averted before funding expires at midnight on Friday.

In the Senate, at least about a dozen Democratic votes would be needed to approve the measure, and there was little chance that those would materialize. Democrats are intent on securing concessions that would, among other things, protect from deportation young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children, increase domestic spending, aid Puerto Rico and bolster the government’s response to the opioid crisis.

The Senate held only a procedural vote on the stopgap bill late Thursday night, leaving for Friday a more consequential vote when Democrats are expected to block the measure….


Donald Trump says DACA is dead because of Democrats…Do NOT believe this…Something will be done…

There WILL BE a DACA/Dreamer agreement. for the US Budget to get passed….

Democrats can’t NOT have one…

Republicans can’t afford to not have one either…

Donald Trump ‘s words change by the minute

All this is just dancing by everyone…

President Trump said Sunday that the program protecting immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children is “probably dead,” placing the blame on Democrats.

“DACA is probably dead because the Democrats don’t really want it, they just want to talk and take desperately needed money away from our Military,” Trump wrote on Twitter. …


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said on Saturday that it has begun allowing certain young, undocumented immigrants to renew protections under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The move comes after U.S. District Judge William Alsup issued a preliminary injunction this week blocking President Trump‘s decision to end the Obama-era program, which granted temporary reprieve from deportation to hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, often called “dreamers.”

“Due to a federal court order, USCIS has resumed accepting requests to renew a grant of deferred action under DACA,” USCIS said in an update posted online Saturday…..


Democratic National Committee Vice Chairman Keith Ellison (D-Mich.) on Friday called on Democrats to support a “clean” DREAM Act.

“If you are a Democrat who doesn’t like a clean DREAM Act, we’re going to have some problems. And don’t count on me to protect you. You’re on your own with that,” Ellison told Democrats in Pennsylvania in video obtained by the Republican National Committee.

“That’s right, a clean DREAM Act. And there cannot be one single politician in the state of Pennsylvania who is in a state of confusion about how you feel. We’re going to make it perfectly clear to all of them on a repeated basis. And yes, we have a litmus test,” he said.

President Trump announced last year that he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in March, which permits certain immigrants who arrived in the U.S. illegally as children to work and go to school without fear of deportation.

The DREAM Act would provide those immigrants with a path to citizenship and several top Democrats, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), have called for a “clean” bill….


Breaking…Dreamer DACA bipartisan ‘deal’ maybe in reach….

CNN is reporting , from Sen Mile Rounds (R-SD)  the bipartisan US Senate group including Flake, Graham and others has come up a Dreamers/DACA deal…

No response from House GOPer’s and White House…

If Trump goes with it?

It will move…

It will be up to Trump to give the deal cover from GOP right wingnuts…

Stay tuned…