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The confused Conservatives….Red State…

The soul searching continues as they watch Donald Trump do ‘his’ thing….

Is Conservatism’s New Philosophy Just Straight Up Chaos?

Of course, you look at the sources for the New York Times, and they disagree with the sources for the Washington Post. Different factions leak different things for different results, after all.

In the world around us, liberals attack conservatives and conservatives attack liberals. (Liberals are also attacking neo-Nazis, but shed few tears). #TheResistance is simultaneously growing in strength and dropping in numbers.

Once respected, authoritative voices in the conservative movement get reduced to the very type of water carrying they once shredded liberal commentators for being. Liberal commentators get reduced to being the very type of conspiracy theorists they once shredded conservative commentators for being.

The nation, just like the White House, is in a state of absolute chaos. Morals get abandoned for just a little bit more power, more clicks, more ratings, and more support. Ironically, in an era where very few people will claim that Donald Trump represents them, it is evident now that he is perhaps the perfect representation of the country.

What happened to conservatism that its most vocal leaders, its most influential voices, its authorities are all now supportive of the type of chaos that Donald Trump represents?…


RedState…Conservatives should Stop giving Trump cover by comparing him to Obama…

The Red State piece lectures Conservative’s to stop comparing Donald Trump to Barack Obama who isn’t President anymore…

The piece ask’s that the American Right take a GOOD HARD LOOK at Trump as a guy who is OUT FOR HIMSELF and NOTHING else….

I have pointed out here yesterday that all the media cover that Conservatives were happy with Trump in the White House was a media narrative…

With Trump probably on his way out?

Republicans ARE beginning to wake up and jump off of Trump’s ship that IS talking self inflicted hits….

Conservatives will argue Obama was a worse President than Jimmy Carter. That’s one hell of a benchmark. Many conservatives seem too content to measure Trump to the standards of Obama.

If Trump screws up, he screws up. Comparing him to Barack Obama doesn’t make up for his failure. In fact, it spotlights Trump’s incompetence by arguing what he’s doing is no worse than Obama’s behavior.

Conservatives should beware of lowering their standards for a man who only a few years ago was writing checks to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump has no core beliefs. He is an opportunist. He doesn’t deserve loyalty from people involved in the conservative movement for decades. He certainly should not have his behavior excused by saying, “Well what about _________?”


Over at Erick Erickson Resurgent Trump’s get’s no cover either….

Martyrdom doesn’t really become Trump, but he loves to play the sympathy/underdog card. He is President of the United States, but can’t deal with being seen as anything but the victim, or Rocky coming back from impossible odds. It worked for the campaign, but it’s low-rent, classless idiocy coming from the Oval Office….


Conservatives lose their ideology to Trump anti-liberalism….

The NY Times does an Op-Ed piece on how they see the Grand Ole’ Party has given up its basic views of how things should be to support just about ANYTHING Donald Trump does to make American Media and Liberal pissed off…

Never mind that Trump is bent on changing reality to fit his idea of how things should be in his alternate Universe…

Never mind that he is unashamed rot keep trying to get in bed with the Russians, people the old American Right Wing was adamantly against…

Never mind that Trump is willing to cut off benefits for millions of Americans to make just about 1% of them RICHER…

Never mind that Trump has REVERSED himself on just about EVERY Foreign Affairs promise he made on the campaign trail…

With the Donald Trump show playing in the nation’s White House Republicans are happy they RULE….

Now when they step out of the Washington DC bubble?

They see a population that is NOT happy with the Trump/Ryan Healthcare cuts, or his Un-Presidential ways…

But Donald Trump REALLY wasn’t supposed to win, was he?

Donald Trump campaign on doing what he IS doing…

Turning things UPSIDE DOWN…..

So the NY Times piece points to anguish of America’s Left, which after shock and disbelief in Trump’s lost of the popular vote, but win of the Presidential election….

Liberal’s, Democrats and those who are afraid of losing their healthcare are angry and out in the streets protesting…

And as the NY Times points out?

THAT suits the Conservative’s that packed away their ideology and have unflinchingly supported Trump FINE…

If there was one principle that used to unite conservatives, it was respect for the rule of law. Not long ago, conservatives would have been horrified at wholesale violations of the norms and traditions of our political system, and would have been appalled by a president who showed overt contempt for the separation of powers.

But this week, as if on cue, most of the conservative media fell into line, celebrating President Trump’s abrupt dismissal of the F.B.I. director, James Comey, and dismissing the fact that Mr. Comey was leading an investigation into the Trump campaign and its ties to Russia. “Dems in Meltdown Over Comey Firing,” declared a headline on Fox News, as Tucker Carlson gleefully replayed clips of Democrats denouncing the move. “It’s just insane actually,” he said, referring to their reactions. On Fox and talk radio, the message was the same, with only a few conservatives willing to sound a discordant or even cautious note.

The talk-show host Rush Limbaugh was positively giddy, opening his monologue on Wednesday by praising Mr. Trump for what he called his “epic trolling” of liberals. “This is great,” Mr. Limbaugh declared. “Can we agree that Donald Trump is probably enjoying this more than anybody wants to admit or that anybody knows? So he fires Comey yesterday. Who’s he meet with today? He’s meeting with the Soviet, the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov! I mean, what an epic troll this is.”

Given the enthusiasm of the president’s apologists, it is likely that much of Mr. Trump’s base will similarly rally to him as it has in the past.

But perhaps most important, we saw once again how conservatism, with its belief in ordered liberty, is being eclipsed by something different: Loathing those who loathe the president. Rabid anti-anti-Trumpism….



One should NOT get the impression that comes from the above piece that ALL Conservatives are in step with Trump…

They aren’t…

The REAL hard rightwingnuts are extremely unhappy that Trump has NOT started building a war, nor has gotten a vote on COMPLETELY repealing Obamacare, and other campaign promises….

But those guys are being drowned out by most of the Trump true believers 

Conservative Blogs begin to question Donald Trump’s SOP. aginst the media and making shit up……

Listen As Trump Talks About A Terrorist Attack That Never Happened

by Susan Wright @ RedState

….Would we be correct in calling this “fake news,” or is it just the usual Trump BS?

While President Trump was basking in his desperately craved adoration from a crowd of about 9,000 fans in Melbourne, Florida he set about to talk about the rash of Islamic terror attacks around the world.

In defending his executive order banning Islamic refugees and travelers from 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., Trump said, “When you look at what’s happening in Germany, when you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden — Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden!”

“They took in large numbers, they’re having problems like they never like they never thought possible,” he went on.
And a problem they most certainly are.

That being said, the attack he’s saying happened on Friday night in Sweden… didn’t happen.

He just randomly made it up, because he knew the crowd would swallow it whole.

In the land o’ Trump truth has become subjective.

The hypocrisy is also astounding, as his loyalists scream about the media and the “fake news” out of one side of their mouths, but promote their own falsehoods out of the other.

Fake news….


Don’t Be Like Them

By Erick Erickson @ Resurgent

….I am no defender of the American media and have been not only quite critical of the media, but have applauded President Trump taking them to the woodshed.

But if you think the American media is an enemy of the American public, you do not really know what a true enemy is. And not only do you not know what a true enemy is, but you now pave the way for, when the left eventually returns to power, an established precedent of treating the opposition like the enemy.

You can say Barack Obama started it, but that’s just a child’s argument. Regardless of who started it, it is not right and frankly it is not American behavior.

Hate on the media all you want. I will gladly join you. But when you label people you disagree with or who you think are obstructing you or lying about you as “the enemy,” you reduce the word in the same way the left does by calling every opponent a racist or bigot. Not every bad person is an enemy. Sometimes they are just bad and I would submit the press is bad, but not an enemy.

Just as there is real racism, there are real enemies. Broadly labeling the press an enemy now will give you little credibility when the real enemy rears its head.

Do not be like them….


Erick Erickson Would vote for Trump….Red State…

Yes, I Would Vote for Donald Trump For President
By: Erick Erickson (Diary) @ Red State

The conversation about Donald Trump is very refreshing. Let’s be honest about it. It is really refreshing to see the establishment go into hysterical, pile-on mode. I’m actually proud of Rick Perry for being bold in his statements. Perry is owning the anti-Trump issue and he’s making it about principle and issues. But the number of denouncements from pundits and the press have gotten to crazy levels. And now the establishment that hates Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% is piling on him too for daring not to pile on.

But it gets better. Donors and consultants are ganging up to try to get the candidates to all unite and gang up against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a non-traditional candidate who is running a non-traditional campaign and kicking the asses of traditional campaign consultants. They do not like that he is taking advantage of the system they created. I’ve been critical of Trump. I’ve reminded people that Trump has been a Democrat donor with Democrat positions on healthcare, abortion, immigration, etc. I wish Donald Trump could go a news cycle without making news. The media is fixated on Trump in the same way the media fixates on the one guy with a confederate flag at a tea party rally as if that guy represents the whole movement.

But here’s the thing. The Establishment always tells conservatives they need to vote for the nominee. They ridicule conservatives as taking their football and going home if they don’t get their way.

Well, I’m not voting for Donald Trump in the Georgia primary…..


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