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Sen Joe Manchin (D-WV) gets over in stop-gap Budget Bill…

Democrats work WITH Republicans to get support for their red state fellow party members…..

In this case ?

It’s about support for coal miners 

That’s IS even the lefties like it or not….

It’s what IS  what Democrats need in the long run to get majorities back in Congress…

Ahead of an expected House vote Wednesday, Republicans have bristled at the idea that Democrats outplayed them in negotiations over the spending resolution to fund the government through September. But on Tuesday, local media in West Virginia provided a clear example of how Democrats think they benefited from negotiations. Republicans signed off on language that would save health benefits for an estimated 22,000 miners whose insurance was running out; Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who had campaigned for the money and is up for reelection next year, got the credit.

Morgantown’s newspaper quoted Manchin before mentioning any of the Republican support, essentially handing him credit for the user fees that Manchin had wanted.

Charleston’s newspaper illustrated its report with a photo of the United Mine Workers of America’s president, but Manchin was the first lawmaker quoted and got a pullout interview to talk up the bill…..


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Donald Trump is making his way back to the GOP Center….

No surprise here….

All the Trump bullshit to get elected is just THAT…

Bull Shit….

Image result for Trump

Trump & Co. has to deal with Congress and the Courts and an energized Democratic base….

Initially, Trump sought to follow ‘take no prisoners ‘ Steve Bannon’….THAT worked on the campaign trail….

But That has run him into a brick wall with the courts and lawmakers and most other things…They are their OWN power centers…

He IS the President…(He is learning on the job)

You simply cannot go Rogue and operate like a businessman who just watches TV and Conservative Cable News programs.


Trump will move to a better place…

Failure to do so will cut short his time living in new house…

The office makes the man…

The Man does NOT make the office…

Can his base follow along?


Do they abandon him?

President Trump is abandoning a number of his key campaign promises on economic policy, adopting instead many of the centrist positions he railed against while campaigning as a populist.

Trump will not label China a “currency manipulator,” he told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, despite a campaign pledge that he would apply the label on his first day in office. He also said he was open to reappointing Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet L. Yellen after saying last year that the central banker should be “ashamed” of what she was doing to the country.

And he embraced the Export-Import Bank, a government agency that he mocked last year and that has long been despised by conservatives who labeled it crony capitalism.

The statements represent a move toward the economic policies of more centrist Republicans and even at times align with the approach of former president Barack Obama. Should he follow through on the newly articulated positions, it would suggest that the candidate who ran as the ultimate outsider is increasingly adopting a more moderate economic agenda.

The reversals come amid a period of rapid evolution for Trump on both foreign and domestic issues….



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Is the Congress gonna pay for Trump hunting down ALL illegal’s?…

Plans are in the works for the Trump Admin to find detention centers for over 30,000 illega’s….

The Border patrol may told to stop letting ANYONE across the border that is undoucmented for ANY reason….

And ICE may be directed to begin raids….

The Attorney General has already instructed his US Attorney’s to consider the mere act of BEING undocumented as a crime to be charged by arrests…

Of course Congress would have to approve money for all this and chances are against dealing with the cost…

Republicans have ALREADY pushed back any spending on any of this ….And won’t be able to spend Billions on Trump’s campaign promises…

And the number of deportations has drasticly dropped as Trump’s efforts have been publicized in the media…

Congressional Democrats, who have opposed Trump’s immigration agenda, have expressed skepticism that Congress would agree to approve funding for many of the expensive initiatives.

For example, Trump has called for CBP to hire 5,000 new agents and Immigration and Customs Enforcement an additional 10,000. The DHS assessment said the cost of hiring just 500 agents would reach $100 million.

Republican leaders have proposed delaying a decision on Trump’s initial request of $1.5 billion for the wall and an additional $2.6 billion for more border security next year until after a new spending bill is approved this month in the hope of averting a government shutdown….

Government figures show the number of people illegally crossing the border from Mexico has dropped sharply in the first two months of Trump’s administration. The DHS assessment states that 2,100 detention spaces previously reserved by CBP and ICE during an immigration surge late last year are unused….


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Democrats to Trump…Tax Reform?..Show us yours first…

Why do I think there isn’t gonna be a tax reform bill if it’s contingent on Trump showing his financial’s via his tax returns….

As President Trump focuses his attention on overhauling America’s tax code, he has considered turning to the other side of the aisle to reach a bipartisan deal. But an obstacle has already surfaced, dimming the chances that a “grand bargain” will be achieved: Democrats are sounding the alarm that reshaping the tax code presents Mr. Trump’s biggest conflict of interest yet.

A tax code overhaul gives Democrats the chance to again bring up Mr. Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns and to press for details of how his business deals are financed. That focus could also affect which tax code items, such as interest deductibility, are included in the overhaul.

“The American people want to see what this is about,” Senator Ron Wyden, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, said of Mr. Trump’s presiding over tax code changes. “Are our interests being protected or are these deals that somehow promote his interests?”

Representative Hakeem Jeffries, a New York Democrat, said this week that tax code changes should be delayed until members of Congress can review Mr. Trump’s tax returns to see how an overhaul of the tax code might benefit him. And last week Terri A. Sewell, an Alabama Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee, declared at a hearing that it was “imperative to know how such tax reform affects the president.”

Mr. Trump, as president, is legally exempt from the kinds of financial conflicts of interest that other government officials are required to avoid. But that has not stopped questions from swirling beyond Democrats about how he and his family could profit from the presidency….


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Congress will not go along with large cuts to the State Dept and Foreign Aid…..

While the story for the most part by others is Trump and Congress are on the same page….

When it gets down to to nitty gritty?

Congress is NOT gonna rubber stamp Trump and Bannon efforts to shrink America from the rest of the world…..

President Trump’s proposed cuts to foreign aid are hitting a wall of resistance on Capitol Hill, with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) declaring the plan “dead on arrival.”

The blowback is centered on Trump’s plan to reportedly ask for a 37 percent cut to the State Department’s budget, a reduction lawmakers characterized as misguided and dangerous.

“It would be a disaster,” said Graham, a frequent Trump critic and chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that oversees the State Department. “A budget this lean would put those who serve overseas for the State Department at risk. And it’s not going to happen.”

Asked whether Trump’s proposed cuts to the State Department would pass, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) replied, “Probably not.”

The White House is preparing a budget blueprint to be released on March 16 with top-line numbers for government agency spending. Administration officials on Monday said the plan would include a $54 billion defense budget hike paid for with equivalent cuts to nondefense programs….



Things gonna get interesting come budget time….

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Some Republicans in Congress admit they have toooo much on their plates…

Some people might remember how President Bill Clinton stated off with plans to change a LOT of things …

He sent Congress this and that to work on….


He was told to slow down…

The US Congress doesn’t work THAT fast….


The same hold true decades later….

President Trump and GOP leaders on Capitol Hill have promised voters that 2017 will bring the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare, a long-awaited overhaul of the tax code and funding for a “great wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Now, some in the party are wondering whether Republicans have bitten off more than they can chew.

Conservative naysayers inside and outside the Capitol argue that it’s not just about the GOP-controlled Congress’s slow start in carrying out Trump’s agenda.

There’s serious concern that Trump and GOP leadership have simply identified too many big-ticket, politically thorny items to tackle in year one. They also see tough times ahead in prioritizing what to do.

“It’s not just the fact that there are a lot of items but the enormity of those items,” said GOP Rep. Daniel Webster, who learned how to manage a legislative calendar while serving as Speaker of the Florida state House.

Another Republican lawmaker was even more blunt: “There’s no way we can do all these issues.”….


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The guys who put this place together did NOT want a King….

As a matter of fact they left the King behind when they crossed the Atlatic ocean  to come to America….

In the  protests in the streets STILL going on more than THREE weeks after Donald Trump became President

We…The People…

STILL Do NOT Want a King….

If the Republicans in Congress aren’t ready YET on this?

It could be up to States Attorney General’s and the Federal Courts?

“I alone can fix it,” he declared in the most memorable line of his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention last summer.

But as he heads into his third full week in office, Trump has seen his controversial immigration order blocked by a federal judge. Republican allies in Congress are grumbling about not being consulted. Foreign leaders are refusing to buckle to his bluster. A rebellion is brewing within the emboldened federal bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, his own aides are bickering and providing the news media a steady stream of leaks about palace intrigue.

The establishment that he vowed to blow up is more potent in practice than it seemed when he was making it his political foil during an election season.

In fact, it was built to be that way. Trump’s difficulties come partly from the constraints faced by all presidents in a system in which there are three branches of government, each empowered to impose checks and balances on the other. That is a far different environment from Trump’s previous career running a family-owned real estate and branding empire.

Other Trump frustrations are the result of his unique circumstances and personal predilections.

He and the top echelon of his White House team have virtually no government experience and made dramatic moves before he had his Cabinet in place to give him a sounding board and reinforcement. That helps explain Trump’s error — and subsequent reversal — of including an estimated half-million legal U.S. residents in his order that people born in seven Muslim-majority countries not be allowed entry into the United States.

Not since his election-night victory speech has Trump sounded many persuasive or conciliatory notes toward the opposition or seemed to factor in the deadweight of his unpopularity with the majority of the electorate that voted against him. Instead, he has continued to tweet insults at critics and dissenters….


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Trump on Healthcare replacement….‘insurance for everybody’….

That’s what the guy said this weekend….

No details as usual…..

And of coures no cost estimate’s….

Problem is?

Trump doesn’t DO the details….

Congress does….

And within his adopted Republican party there are questions and doubts already….

And the Democrats, who WILL be needed in the Senate for a replacment, are just watching this whole thing swing in the wind….

President-elect Donald Trump said in a weekend interview that he is nearing completion of a plan to replace President Obama’s signature health-care law with the goal of “insurance for everybody,” while also vowing to force drug companies to negotiate directly with the government on prices in Medicare and Medicaid.

Trump declined to reveal specifics in the telephone interview late Saturday with The Washington Post, but any proposals from the incoming president would almost certainly dominate the Republican effort to overhaul federal health policy as he prepares to work with his party’s congressional majorities.

Trump’s plan is likely to face questions from the right, after years of GOP opposition to further expansion of government involvement in the health-care system, and from those on the left, who see his ideas as disruptive to changes brought by the Affordable Care Act that have extended coverage to tens of millions of Americans….


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Conservatives push for Congressional Term Limits….

No chance of this passing…

But it continues the pushing against the political establishment by some in BOTH parties …..


People I have spoken to ain’t happy if this is gonna result in MORE Donald Trump types getting elected….

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) have already offered a constitutional amendment that would limit senators to two six-year terms and House members to three- two-year terms. Several other lawmakers are preparing to roll out similar legislation.

And the far-right House Freedom Caucus, to which DeSantis belongs, has been discussing whether to take a formal position in the coming weeks to support restricting congressional terms.

Term-limit proponents have a key ally in Trump, who will be sworn in as president on Friday. On the campaign trail, the political outsider and billionaire business mogul vowed to press for term limits and end the “decades of failure in Washington and decades of special interest dealing.”

But Trump faces huge hurdles in trying to enact such reforms. For one, the institution of Congress is slow to change, run by leaders like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) who’ve spent decades roaming the halls of the Capitol.
Second, changing term limits requires a constitutional amendment, meaning any proposal will need to clear a two-thirds threshold in both the House and Senate, then be sent to the states for ratification.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who is starting his 10th House term, has said he’s “always” backed term limits but that he won’t be the one leading the charge. Instead, he said he’d leave it to the Judiciary Committee to take up the issue — yet another hurdle…..



I’m against the idea….

You don’t the politican?

Vote’m out….

Barack Obama would have beat Donald Trump and had a 3rd term saving all of us from the Bull Shit show going on….

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Russia will NOT respond to Obama actions…Will wait for Trump….

After President Obama’s expulsion of 35 Russian ‘s from the United States and new sanctions imposed on them….

The Russians Foreign Minister said Russia would respond in kind against the United States….

‘That isn’t gonna happen….

Russian President Putin has decided to take the hit and wait for a President Trump Administration to try and see if they will UNDO the actions President Obama has made….

The political dynamic is VERY different…..

The question is?

Will a President Trump be able to undo American/Russian Foreign Policy all BY HIMSELF….Or with Obama out of office?

Will Congress seek to blunt a Russian President’s chess moves ….

In a rare break from the diplomatic tradition of reciprocal punishment, Russian President Vladi­mir Putin said Friday he would not deport U.S. diplomats in a tit-for-tat response to U.S. hacking sanctions, as Russia looks to cultivate relations with the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

“We won’t create problems for American diplomats,” Putin said in a statement released by his press service Friday afternoon, adding that Russia retained the right to punish U.S. diplomats in the future. He said he would “plan further steps for restoring the Russian-American relationship based on the policies enacted by the administration of President Donald Trump.”

The surprising decision came just hours after the Russian Foreign Ministry suggested that Putin expel 35 U.S. diplomats and close two properties used by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow as part of a growing diplomatic slugfest over Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election….



Trump is most certainly going to try to spin this as a example of how he can work ‘deals’….And Both he and the Russian will try to make Obama the bad guy…

But if the focus remains on the cyber hacking influence actions of the Russians?

Putin WILlLbe looked at CONTINUING to help Trump help HIM to get what HE wants….

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Despite the Media picture?…Both parties Do and have ALWAYS worked together in Congress…

The below linked piece isn’t gonna get much attention in the media because it doesn’t fit the fight/fight narrative that is peddled around that Democrats and Republicans CANNOT work together to get anything done in Congress…….

That is NOT true mostly…..

While the Media and other ‘s point to Obamacare and Merrick Garrilick as prime example of two major American political party Federal legislators political knife fighting….(The Republicans blocking all things Obama?)

The fact is the parties HAVE worked together to pass budget, defense, and several Healthcare Bills….

Even as a Majority party since 2010?

Republicans have and will STILL need Democrats to get legislation done…Not every bill…Nope….But Most….

And less democracy IS the way things get done….

NOT more OPEN decentralized posturing that GOP wingnut’s beatdown John Boehner as Speaker…..

The more people at the table?

The more mouths to feed…..

Which sounds right but actually gets less done…

Strong leadership in Congress works and will be tested….

But it must be done outside the spotlight’s to work….

In 1985-86, new laws garnered an average of 341 votes in favor of passage in the House (78 percent of all representatives) and 83 votes in favor in the Senate. In 2013-2014, those numbers were nearly identical: an average of 321 votes in the House (73 percent) and 81 votes in the Senate.

Why do we still see so much bipartisanship?

Even as Congress has become more partisan in certain respects, it still exists in a constitutional system of bicameralism and separation of powers, with frequent periods of divided government as well. This almost always requires that congressional leaders put together broad coalitions to succeed in legislating.

Interviews we conducted with longtime members of Congress and congressional staffers revealed that changes to congressional process are simply adaptations to the challenges of intensely divided parties, small congressional majorities, tight budgets, and large deficits. Open and deliberative processes of the past, while once a means of building consensus, now often foment obstruction and political point-scoring — opportunities for which minority party lawmakers are more than happy to take advantage.

In fact, leadership-led processes are often more flexible and better suited for negotiating compromises in this environment. Leaders can selectively involve other lawmakers in negotiations, avoiding potentially recalcitrant committees, committee chairs, or other would-be power-brokers. Leaders can also more easily craft legislative packages across committee jurisdictions, finding creative ways to formulate or fund a policy that would be stymied within a single committee.

The secrecy that comes with leadership-led approaches to lawmaking — while often condemned — is actually beneficial too. Working in the public eye makes it difficult for lawmakers to have the open discussions necessary for productive negotiations, and it limits the willingness of negotiators to float ideas that may draw heavy skepticism within their parties.



The ‘Replacement ‘ for the Affordable Healthcare Law, Obama care, most certainly will HAVE to have Senate Democrats imput, even though a LOT of dissatisfied Democrats want Democratic US Senate Minority Leader Schumer to NOT do ANYTHING with the Republicans….

Schumer has already said that he IS open to working with Republicans on certain things…..

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What Trump can do…What he needs an Ok from Congress to do….

Donald Trump runs his mouth about all the things HE can do right off the bat after he gets sworn in….

Turns out that he actually CANNOT do a LOT of things he advertised in the media…..

Some of the things he would like will cause problems for Republicans in Congress, who will probably needs some help from Democrats to get the the votes to pass…..

Doesn’t Need Congress

Suspend immigration from “terror-prone regions”

End foreign trade abuses

Choose Supreme Court nominee

Leave the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Label China a currency manipulator

Limit federal regulations

Roll back environmental regulations

Rescind Obama’s actions on guns

Approve the Keystone XL pipeline

Tighten lobbying restrictions

Freeze federal hiring

Overturn protections for certain undocumented immigrants

Cancel payments to U.N. climate programs

Propose term limits on Congress

Might Need Congress

Deport undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes

Renegotiate or withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement

Impose tariffs on companies moving overseas

Stop funding “sanctuary cities”

Needs Congress

Repeal and replace Obamacare

Build a wall

End Common Core

Pass a security bill

Cut taxes

Pass an infrastructure bill

Pass an ethics bill

Restrict lobbying by former members of Congress

Pass a child care bill

Pass a law enforcement bill


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The only legislation crafted in response to Columbine never went anywhere.

America is incapable of Controling gun’s even after mass shooting’s…..

The 1994 assault weapons ban became only the third piece of gun control legislation approved since 1968, but massive resistance left the law riddled with so many exemptions it was basically useless. The director of federal affairs at the National Rifle Association, the country’s top lobbying group for gun owners, portrayed the bill as an effort to “disarm” the American public, arguing in congressional testimony that advocates of the ban were “merely interested in eliminating any type of firearm whenever presented with an emotionally charged opportunity to do so.”

In an effort to appease the gun lobby and assure passage of the bill, Feinstein whittled down the list of firearms to be banned from 670 to 19. The TEC-9s used in the 1993 San Francisco shooting made the list, but the law exempted any weapon manufactured before the ban took effect from any restrictions.

The company that made TEC-9s, Navegar, ramped up production as the bill moved through Congress, and in the first eight months of 1994, it produced three times as many guns as it had in 1992. The company was allowed to sell every single one of those, and anyone who had purchased one could legally resell it to whomever they wanted.

That’s how Feinstein’s seemingly momentous assault weapons ban set the script for every other ineffectual attempt to implement gun laws in the United States. It unfolds the same way each time: A horrifying shooting happens and lawmakers pledge to prevent the next one. But often nothing comes out of Congress. On the rare occasions legislators do act, resistance from the gun lobby leaves the new law downright impotent. The massacre is soon relegated to a place on a list we recite after the next mass shooting, which starts the process anew. For more than two decades, it’s been America’s consistent cycle….


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The Obama Admin moves ahead with final wave of Rules and Regulations….

While Trump & Co. and Congressional Republicans have warned against this….

As usual….

Outgoing Presidential Administrations almost ALWAYS move to cement in last minute rules and regulations…

There is actually a law that Congress can use to stop these actions….

Federal agencies are rushing out a final volley of executive actions in the last two months of Barack Obama’s presidency, despite warnings from Republicans in Congress and the reality that Donald Trump will have the power to erase much of their handiwork after Jan. 20.

Regulations on commodities speculation, air pollution from the oil industry, doctors’ Medicare drug payments and high-skilled immigrant workers are among the rules moving through the pipeline as Obama’s administration grasps at one last chance to cement his legacy. So are regulations tightening states’ oversight of online colleges and protecting funding for Planned Parenthood.

Also moving ahead are negotiations on an investment treaty with China and decisions by the Education Department on whether to offer debt relief to students at defunct for-profit colleges. The Department of Transportation may also go ahead with a ban on cellphone calls on commercial flights and a rule requiring that most freight trains have at least two crew members on duty.

Some agencies are pulling back, fearful that Trump and the GOP-led Congress will use a seldom-invoked legislative tool to permanently wipe out their 11th-hour regulations. For example, the Interior Department has failed to release a long-awaited rule to protect streams from coal mining pollution — and indications are it might never issue it.

But other agencies have signaled full steam ahead despite the threat of Republicans consigning their work to oblivion, in a dynamic that will be crucial to deciding how much of Obama’s legacy survives the ascendant Trump era.

“As I’ve mentioned to you before, we’re running — not walking — through the finish line of President Obama’s presidency,” Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy wrote agency employees the day after the Nov. 8 election. “Thank you for taking that run with me. I’m looking forward to all the progress that still lies ahead.”….

Trump has promised to wipe out as much of Obama’s regulatory agenda as he can, saying he will cancel “all illegal and overreaching executive orders” and eliminate “every wasteful and unnecessary regulation which kills jobs.”

One powerful weapon at Republicans’ disposal is the Congressional Review Act, a 1996 law that essentially allows lawmakers and the president to impose a death penalty on regulations they oppose…..


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Governor’s and Insuarance companies will seek to influenece Obamacare Health Program adjustments…

While Republicans in Congress pledged to REPEAL the Affordable Healthcare Law in its entirety ?

THAT simply is NOT gonna happen….

The Healthcare Insurance program has been effect for 3 years and effects teens of millions of Americans….

Republicans are gonna have to fashion the needed changes to the law without disrupting those who benefit from the programs….Changing the Law puts THEIR ownership on it…..

They also will be well aware that any MAJOR changes could dash their 2018 re-election hopes….

(Then the Democrats can campaign against THE Republicans for essentially the same thing and see if it works in undermining the GOPer’s?)

Republican leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) are rushing to send an ObamaCare repeal bill to incoming President Trump within his first few months in office.

But Ryan, who has released a 37-page report on a potential replacement plan, has given no hints about when the full legislative text could be released or when the policies could go into effect.

One state health leader said he is not yet panicking because he believes Republicans will take two years “at the absolute minimum” to make any major changes to ObamaCares.

“You can’t whipsaw a part of this economy that dramatically this fast,” the state health leader said, citing the huge pressure from industry groups. “So, we can breathe deeply and not have knee-jerk reactions.”

The lack of certainty about the law’s fate, however, could cause damage to the marketplace even before an official repeal bill reaches Trump’s desk.

“Given the uncertainty, I honestly can’t fathom why any insurer would want to come forward and offer plans for 2018, without some guarantees that there’s going to be a balanced, viable market,” said Sabrina Corlette, a researcher with the Georgetown University Center on Health Insurance Reforms.

He [ Spokesman for The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC),] also acknowledged that the healthcare law has been in almost full effect for three years and in place for six — hinting at the need for incremental changes.

“The time to fix the law is long past due and state regulators have the experience and knowledge to assist the new president and Congress to make health insurance work for all Americans,” the NAIC spokesman wrote in a statement…..


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Nancy Pelosi ‘Gets It’….

Democratic US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has had an ‘awaking’……

Up to last week she was a sure lock to do another two years as Minority Leaders unchallenged….She probably has the votes to keep her job…

But an interesting thing has developed for the 76 year old popular House Democrat from California….

Image result for pelosi

A young Rep from Ohio , who she has supported in the past announced that he would run for HER job…..

Pelosi is a very smart politician …She CAN hear the murmurings from around the House and  outside about her age and the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the White House because the Democratic party  FORGOT about the Rust Belt Democrats, many of whom did NOT vote 2 weeks ago or Voted for Trump….

She has also watched Minority Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer make up leadership spots for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the Senate  to bring THEIR views on board….

Centralized power IS the only way to run large organizations and in the House and Senate it WILL remain that way for BOTH parties….

But the Democrats, including Pelosi are gonna have to let more younger and different voices sit at the head of the table next to the leadership…

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is calling for more engagement with younger lawmakers within the ranks of House Democrats as she faces a leadership challenge from Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio).

Her proposals include creating vice chair positions on each committee to be filled by members who have served on the committee for fewer than four terms. She also put forth a provision that would make the Assistant to the Leader role an elected one, served by a member who has been in Congress for fewer than three terms.

The letter comes as Ryan, Pelosi’s challenger for the party’s top position in the House, argues that Democrats need to act soon to remain, in his words, “a national party.”

“I’m pulling the fire alarm right now is what I’m doing in the Democratic Party. I believe we’re in denial of what’s happened. I’m pulling the fire alarm because the house is burning down,” Ryan told Fox Business Network Monday. “And we better get our act together or we’re going to cease being a national party. We’re going to be a regional party that fails to get into the majority and fails to do things on behalf of those working class people that were the backbone of the Democratic Party for so long.”…



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