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Chris Christie is back on the hook for Birdgegate?

A local Jersey judge is letting a case against the Governor proceed after Gov Christie skirted Federal charges….

A judge has found probable cause to charge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie with official misconduct for his role in the Bridgegate scandal, according to reports Thursday.

Presiding Bergen County Municipal Court Judge Roy McGeady cited testimony from the federal trial of two former Christie aides convicted of scheming to close approach lanes to the George Washington Bridge in 2013 as revenge against a mayor who refused to endorse Christie’s successful re-election bid.

McGeady’s ruling stems from a complaint filed last year by retired Teaneck firefighter and political activist Bill Brennan, a Democratic candidate for governor who is seeking to have Christie prosecuted for second-degree official misconduct.

That crime is punishable by up to ten years in the slammer.

A Christie spokesman said McGeady was “violating the law, pure and simple.”…..


Chris Christie isn’t finished with Bridgegate…

Not by a long shot……

It would seem that, for now, the postponement to mid-November of the Bridgegate trials of former Port Authority deputy executive director Bill Baroni and Christie’s former deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly works in Christie’s favor. The summer could allow him to regain national footing, and it wouldn’t be all that surprising if we see something of a Christie bounce.

But there is something going on in the pre-trial maneuvering that could turn into a real headache for the governor.

Last week, Bridget Anne Kelly’s attorney, Michael Critchley, filed a request with the presiding judge to be given the power to subpoena Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher. That’s the law firm Christie hired last January – at public expense – to investigate his administration and produce the so-called “Mastro Report” that exonerated him from any culpability in both Bridgegate and allegations leveled against him by the Mayor of Hoboken relating to Hurricane Sandy relief aid.

Critchley wants to look at the work product – interview transcripts, notes, and so forth – to see what people actually said and whether they square with the final report. Only one problem: Gibson Dunn told Critchley those notes and other work product don’t exist.

Would that be a big deal? Yes. Yes it would. It would be a big deal for a number of reasons but the most immediate would be that Christie hired Gibson Dunn on the State of New Jersey’s dime….