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Anti-Trump Protests pop-up around the Country….

The President-Elect DID lose the popular vote…..

And will have to deal with THAT as he moves to govern….

The protest’s are ALL in Democratic area’s….

The Democrats will need support in the South and MidWest to unseat Trump and the Republicans in four years from now….

In addition?

The Democarst COULD EVEN the scire if they can get voters to approve a Democartic Mjaority in the US House and Senate….

Below is a rundown of some of the protests seen across America:

New York

Thousands of protesters in New York City marched to Trump Tower and Trump International Hotel, shutting down Fifth Avenue and shouting chants like “Not my president” and “hey, hey, ho, ho Donald Trump has got to go,” according to NBC’s New York affiliate NBC 4. The protests led to at least 65 arrests, NBC 4 reported.

Any number of colorful chants at Union Square tonight pic.twitter.com/WfeMCWaulE

— Andy Campbell (@AndyBCampbell) November 9, 2016

New York City protests against Donald Trump’s presidency. They haven’t stopped coming. pic.twitter.com/qwZlBe2i0L

— Phil McCausland (@PhilMcCausland_) November 10, 2016

The protests remained peaceful, but some burned American flags and effigies of Trump, according to NBC 4. Police put barricades in place at Trump Tower to keep protesters from entering the building.

At the Columbus Circle protest. pic.twitter.com/246jMvrb59

— Tiara Chiaramonte (@tiarachiara42) November 9, 2016


In Oakland, California, thousands of people gathered in the city to protest Trump, carrying signs with messages like “Donald Trump is a rapist,” Fox affiliate KTVU reported. Some protesters vandalized local businesses, and police made a few arrests, according to KTVU. Two police officers were injured and two police cars were set on fire, according to the Washington Post.

#OPD in riot gear, in case protesters get out of hand. #Oakland @KTVU pic.twitter.com/LHZkG8K9Rt

— Alyana Gomez (@AlyanaGomezKTVU) November 10, 2016

It’s a dumpster fire on Broadway from 20th to 14th in #Oakland. Anti-Trump protest pic.twitter.com/ngwSUQs1hp

— David DeBolt (@daviddebolt) November 9, 2016


Thousands of protesters converged on Chicago’s Trump Tower, at times blocking traffic. The protests were peaceful for the most part, but police arrested at least five people, according to the Chicago Tribune. The protesters shouted chants like “Not my president” and “”No Trump, no KKK, no fascists USA,” per the Chicago Tribune.

.@realDonaldTrump #protest in #Chicago outside #TrumpTower. Thousands of #protesters. @cbschicago #election2016 pic.twitter.com/YqnaugFLWK

— Mai Martinez (@MaiReports) November 10, 2016

Washington, D.C.

A vigil near the White House Wednesday night evolved into a protest as demonstrators marched to the new Trump International Hotel in the city, according to NBC Washington. At the hotel, protesters chanted “No racist USA! No Trump! No KKK!” and lit an American flag on fire, NBC Washington reported.

“White males for equality for all.” #Trump Hotel #protest, Washington DC. pic.twitter.com/Eh9s1OUQ1v

— Lacy MacAuley (@lacymacauley) November 10, 2016

Los Angeles

Thousands of demonstrators in Los Angeles shut down the 101 freeway and yelled chants like “Not my president,” and “Respect all women,” according to the Los Angeles Times. Protesters also burned a paper mache Trump head in front of LA City Hall.

Protesters now burning a piñata of Donald Trump’s head on the steps of LA City Hall @ABC7 pic.twitter.com/Cq5lRFsaEW

— Jory Rand (@ABC7Jory) November 10, 2016


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Breaking…Trump cancels Chicago event due to security concerns…

Demonstrators celebrate after Donald Trump cancelled his rally at the University of Illinois in Chicago on Friday.

The Trump rally was greeted by protesters….

They got involved in push and shoving in the streets….

Chicago Police officers where called in to deal with the situation…

While other politicians have not challenged Trump’s running against certain things…Others seem to have taken to the streets…Those who have overlooked his winking at the aggressive action by his supporters now will blame the actions in the streets by protestors….But the concept that Donald Trump can continue to push anger and action against those who he points out and go un-answered is naive….

Seasoned mainstream politicians do NOT go THERE….

Trump…The tough guy…The KING does….

This si NOT the 1960’s……Or is it?

What is America in for?

How far have we gone that certain people in America are going to start taking it to the street to protest a Rich guy who spews hate and belligerence….


.He has been working to change things in America…He has cast away civility and the rules he want to follow are HIS rules

How will this play is the question?

Will Trump as the target in this situation give him the news cycle coverage he NEEDS and chases…


Will it add to his recent slide in the polls?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled one of his signature rallies on Friday, calling off the event in Chicago due to safety concerns after protesters packed into the arena where it was to take place.

A demonstrator is removed by Chicago police during a rally for Donald Trump in Chicago on March 11.Photo: AP

The announcement that the billionaire businessman would postpone the rally until another day led a large portion of the crowd inside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion to break out into raucous cheers. Meanwhile, supporters of the candidate started chanting “We want Trump! We want Trump!”

There were isolated physical confrontations between some members of the crowd after the event was canceled.

There was no sign of Trump inside the arena on the college campus, where dozens of UIC faculty and staff had petitioned university administrators to cancel the rally. They cited concerns it would create a “hostile and physically dangerous environment” for students.

Before the announcement the event wouldn’t take place, a handful of intense verbal clashes took place between Trump supporters and protesters as the crowd waited for his arrival. For the first time during his White House bid, the crowd appeared to be an equal mix of those eager to cheer on the real estate mogul and those overtly opposed to his candidacy…..



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Could Illinois vote to be able to recall Chiacgo Mayor Rahm Emanuel?

The take no prisoners Emanuel is in serious political trouble for actions his police department has been involved in…..

The Chicago Mayor has had a rough time running his city in the past….

It’s catching up on him….

Emanuel has said he won’t step down.

“We understand there’s a desire by some to insert politics into this discussion, but the mayor’s focus is not on his own personal politics,” Emanuel spokesman Adam Collins said in a statement. “His focus is on taking the action necessary to finally and fully address an issue that has challenged Chicago for decades, and reform the system and culture of policing in Chicago.”

Under [ state Rep. La Shawn] Ford’s proposal, two city aldermen would have to sign an affidavit agreeing with a recall petition and organizers must collect more than 88,000 signatures from registered voters in the city. At least 50 signatures must come from each of 50 wards.

The proposal would pre-empt local law, so it needs approval from two-thirds of each chamber of the Illinois Legislature to pass during the session that starts this month. The bill would be effective immediately if signed into law, a scenario that can pose legal questions because it would target someone currently in office, said David Melton, executive director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform….


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Rahm Emanuel and Jimmy Fallon go for a splash in 32deg lake Michigan…

How far does a guy go to get someone on his show?

Freeze his ass is how far…..

Rahm Emanuel and Jimmy Fallon are pictured. | AP Photos


Comedian Jimmy Fallon took a quick but icy dip in Lake Michigan – dressed in a full suit and tie – then screamed and darted out quickly with a shocked expression on his face.

“The Tonight Show” host made good on his promise to make Sunday morning’s so-called “Polar Plunge” with Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a condition for the mayor appearing on Fallon’s show in New York, following an exchange of tweets and challenges.


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On Rahm Emanuel and Chicago….


The White House Chief of Staff job was Easy I guess…..

Emanuel has brought his combative nature home to Chicago and it looks like he’s gonna be around for a while….

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel cakewalked into office, from his former position as the White House chief of staff to President Obama, to succeed the two-decade reign of Richard M. Daley. Like Daley, Emanuel faced weak opponents who grumbled at his supersize war chest, thickly padded by financiers from Hollywood to Wall Street. But unlike Daley, Emanuel promised two things Chicagoans do not hear often: pledges for more government transparency, and to make “tough choices” to fix the city’s ballooning budget deficit.

Now, midway into his inaugural term, the honeymoon is over. Emanuel faces scrutiny from groups Daley never alienated: public sector unions, liberal progressives and minority coalitions on the city’s South and West side. Since his election, Emanuel’s approval numbers started dropping, and some are charging him as racist — a “murder mayor” deaf to the marginalized swaths of Chicago suffering from escalating street violence, inadequate transit and the largest mass school closing in U.S. history. While he reigns as mayor in a city traditionally ruled by Democrats, many consider him a Republican in donkey blue clothing, who, like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), swept into office and immediately hauled out the budget cleaver.

“Daley didn’t make enemies of labor unions, but now, the police, the fire, everybody essentially is now in opposition to Rahm and that didn’t have to happen,” says Dick Simpson, a former Chicago alderman who now teaches political science at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

To the surprise of no one familiar with his Washington reputation, many see the mayor as combative, refusing to take public input seriously, and allied so closely to his tight pool of corporate benefactors that the nickname “Mayor 1%” and Twitter hashtag #OneTermMayor have gone viral. Even some members of his party — a tribe that rarely breaks ranks — are scratching their heads in public. Most notable: Cook County board president Toni Preckwinkle, who told the Chicago Reader two weeks ago that his decision to close so many schools was “a terrible idea” and “demoralizing.”

“The closings are going to take place almost entirely within the African-American community, and given the problems we already have with violence, I think it’s very problematic,” she said.

In any other city, the insurgency might suggest Emanuel’s chances for reelection are in trouble, especially with two more years of drumbeating by his opponents. But this is Chicago, where term limits go to die, and where incumbents luxuriate in the home rule advantage…..


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Daily Pix: Chicago, Winterscape…TALKANDPOLITICS….


From December ’08:

Chicago Skyline, signature building on the left.

More sizes.

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Obama has his re-election crew in place and is working it…..

The Obama 2012 operation is just about up and running in Chicago folks….

And may this Dog remind everyone one thing…..

While things where in fact closer that the media lead on in the Democratic primary up until the caucus state’s run …..

Obama’s handlers ran circles around the Hillary operation…..

I think I’m probably see more comparison’s to the Democratic primary in the media since John McCain really didn’t put up too much of a fight…

(I still say he didn’t want the President job)

They were organized…


So we have the Republicans wandering around with Huckabee in the lead in the polls…..And as Jack points out here with no campaign organization to speak of….

We have Mitt Romney hiring staff and on the outs with Conservatives who vote overwhelming in the primaries….

Then we have a media icon retread in Newt Gingrich….

Followed by a group wannabee’s……

And the Operation ready to hit the ground running

(They have already sent staff out to contact big Democratic money contributors I have posted  here)


I hate to say it….

But things don’t look for the GOP right now….

And that’s even if Obama himself is actually having a slight drop in the polls a has most Democrats scratching their heads

……in trying to figure when is he gonna come of the silent mode……

Few campaigns have ever been as devoted to grass-roots organization as Barack Obama's presidential campaign was in 2008.

Few campaigns have ever been as devoted to grass-roots organization as Barack Obama’s presidential campaign was in 2008.

(Linda Davidson)


No office space has yet been rented. No committee has been formed. No official announcement date has been locked down. But by sometime next month, the president’s team is likely to be a functioning, legal entity with a plan.

That should send a message to potential Republican candidates, who have spent the winter trying to convince themselves that they can wait and wait and perhaps wait some more before they get moving. Obama’s team believes otherwise. They know what time and effort are required to build a robust organization capable of winning a general election – and how important the work done this year will be.

The president has already made the pivot. After the midterm shellacking, he has repositioned himself, moving to the center when needed (the tax deal with the Republicans late last year) while keeping a close eye on his restive liberal base (winning the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and announcing that his Justice Department would no longer defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act).

He has rebuilt his White House around his new chief of staff, Bill Daley, and his 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe, with Vice President Biden continuing to play a central role. The new White House team is steadier and more strategically focused than it was before the midterms – although whether it can win the budget battles with congressional Republicans is another matter.

The next piece to fall into place will be the campaign operation. The Chicago-based reelection team will be under the direction of campaign manager Jim Messina, who recently stepped down as White House deputy chief of staff. David Axelrod, who has returned to Chicago after two years as senior adviser to the president, will again play the central role he did four years ago…..



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How about a woman replacement for Robert Gibbs as White House Press Secretary?

If I’m correct the last woman to hold the office was Dee Dee Myers in the Clinton Administration….

Are there any good ones from Chicage available?

Politics Daily has a  list of a ‘few good women’ to choose from…

The White House is looking for a successor to departing press secretary Robert Gibbs, and the top prospects — as usual — are men. But Politico’s Mike Allen says new chief of staff Bill Daley would like a woman in the job.

A woman as the face of this administration — why, that would be something new and different.

The most important qualities in a press secretary include access to the president, clarity of expression, ease on camera, and good relations with reporters. The names in the mix so far are deputy press secretaries Bill Burton (who’d be the first black press secretary) and Josh Earnest, and vice presidential communications director Jay Carney.

It’s unclear how much influence Daley will have over the choice. MSNBC says he’ll have input, but incoming senior adviser David Plouffe will lead the search and have “the biggest say.” It’s also unclear who if any of Washington’s major female players would take the job. Some of them have spouses and-or children; at least one already knows exactly how consuming the job would be because she’s already done it. 

Still, Plouffe et al should take this seriously. There would be no better way to dilute the “Club Men” impression the Obama White House gives off. Here are some possibilities, some more famous than others and some more feasible (those who are declared Democrats, for a start):

Gwen Ifill. Former New York Times reporter, current moderator and managing editor of PBS’ “Washington Week in Review” and senior correspondent on “The PBS NewsHour,” and author of “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.” She’s poised, well informed, funny and friendly on the air. She’d be a pioneer as the first black woman to hold the job…….

More on the list……

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The headlines from around the country on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Heated Campaign Ends as Votes Are Cast

Uneasy Electorate to Recalibrate Balance of Political Power

With polls showing the public disquieted over a weak economy, voters headed to the polls Tuesday in elections that could alter the political landscape……

New York Times…..

Economy dwarfs other issues

For voters, conflicting reports have instilled a level of anxiety about nation’s financial future…..

Washington Post…….

Record turnout possible

Voting is underway in one of the most hotly contested state elections in years – an election that could see unprecedented voting numbers……

Boston Globe…….

Bitter campaigning ends; polls open

Republicans express confidence, Democrats remain hopeful this morning. “It’s going to be tough,” says DNC Chairman Tim Kaine. Republican Rep. Mike Pence says of voters: “There’s a lot they want to get undone in Washington, D.C.”

LA Times….

Voters head for polls under sunny skies

Illinois voters today will pick someone new for a U.S. Senate seat long enveloped in high drama, elect the state’s first governor since the last one was thrown out and decide whether the state will join what the pundits predict will be a national Republican surge…..

Chicago Tribune

Dems, GOP make final push

Republicans head into Election Day today with a significant advantage over Democrats in terms of ballots cast, according to figures released Monday by the Colorado secretary of state’s office.

Denver Post……

3 Senate candidates express confidence facing voters

All three main candidates in a historic race for Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat claimed the advantage of momentum Monday, as voters prepared to make a final decision today in a contest that’s been such a tossup no two polls have managed to agree…..

Anchorage Daily News…..

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Sneak picture from Tranformers 3…

KING OF THE HEAP photo | Shia LaBeouf

The Transformers 3 star (Shia Lebouf ) has a bloody good time with his stunt double in Chicago…….

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Healthcare revisited……Internal dissent……..and Organizing…again….

I have highlighted the fact that I believe President Obama wants a healthcare bill …….period……..I am even more convinced after I have started reading Richard Wolfe\’s book about Obama , Renegade.…..in the early part of the book Wolfe describes how Obama embraced the  Judge Robert’s appointment to the Supreme Court ( he actually wrote to DailyKos supporting it) …a fact few people know….. it just illustrates to me that Obama …like Bill Clinton…is a politician…and is always willing to compromise, knowing how to get what he wants in the end……..by fighting for a Robert’s pick, Obama, at the time, hopped to establish his independency, which would desensitize and disarm republicans to the fact that he was a black senator from Chicago…a condition that helped him get elected president …..

So aanyway…..I have come upon a piece in mydd.com by desmoninesdem that touches on the internal democratic problem……Obama wants a healthcare bill…with  Ted Kennedy gone he’s below 60 votes in the senate……while the progressives and liberals in his party want a ‘public option’….it may be impossible to do so…….my belief is Obama will take a bill with out it. desmoniesdem points out that this litmus test is straining the internal cohesion displayed with the democratic party that backed Obama’s march to the presidency, and that the Clinton/Obama questions will get thrown into the mix as a loyalty test. Obama got the left wing of his party starting in the primaries in Iowa…and has had them wanting ever since……

He further reveals that these groups are beginning to organize (a’ la election style) grass route organizations in several states, to exert pressure from the bottom ……This may be all good….But the simple thing is Obama has the votes for a bill without the ‘option’ ….Will he fight the battle for a bill with the option?………Only he will know the answer…..

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