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Chicago Mayor disses Trump…President threatens to send in the ‘Feds’…

Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea by the President…


True to Trump’s usual uninformed comments?…

There ARE ALREADY “feds’ from the FBI, DEA and ATF on the ground IN Chicago…..


Sending more law enforcement help to Chicago would NOT be Trump’s idea…

Obama had them there already….

“You didn’t get elected to debate the crowd size at your inaugural,” Emanuel told reporters. “You got elected to make sure that people have a job, that the economy continues to grow, people have security as it relates to their kids’ education. It wasn’t about your crowd size. It was about their lives and their jobs.”

[Chicago Democratic  Mayor] Emanuel added that American families did not care about crowd size, saying: “They were talking about jobs, education, health care, security.”

Earlier this month, a spokesman for Emanuel’s office said that the mayor agreed that “the federal government has a strong role to play in public safety”, listing federal funding for summer jobs and at-risk youth, passing gun laws and “holding the criminals who break our gun laws accountable for their crimes”.

Trump used the word “carnage” to characterize the United States in his inaugural speech, last Friday, although crime rates around the country remains low….


There where 52 people shoot over the weekend in Chicago……

Oh, Snap!

Is it the Wild West out there?


At least 52 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago–seven of them fatally. Police are blaming gangs for most of the widespread incidents.

The Chicago Tribune reports that after Friday’s severe storms through Monday at 6:30 a.m., violence erupted throughout the city.

Saturday night and early Sunday, at least six people were shot near the annual Puerto Rican festival in Humboldt Park. A 15-year-old girl was among the injured.

A Shakespeare District lieutenant told theSun-Times Media Wire that the girl was not seriously injured. “She’ll be fine,” the lieutenant said. “She just got caught in crossfire, unfortunately.”

Another bulk of violence occurred late Sunday into early Monday morning–when at least 18 people were shot, the Tribune reports–including a 1-year-old girl.