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If Sen. Cotton goes to the CIA…Chelsea Clinton for US Senate from Arkanas?

That’s the wildly crazy idea that Politico’s BILL SCHER floats in one of those …’what do I write because I have to write something pieces ‘…..

I’m posting this as the joke piece of the week….

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She has the Clinton name but little of the Clinton baggage. She wouldn’t hurt for name recognition or campaign cash. She’s vice chair of the controversy magnet known as the Clinton Foundation, but emails released during the presidential campaign by WikiLeaks and the State Department show Chelsea getting caught doing good, seeking to root out corruption by foundation officials and warning of problems with Haiti earthquake relief.

She is an Arkansas native, even though she hasn’t lived there since she was 12. Sure, she lives in Manhattan now and lacks a Southern accent. But her mom bought her first house in New York two months before she launched her Senate bid, proving zip code ain’t nothing but a number. Carpetbagger charges are inevitable. But in the end, what matters is your knowledge and respect of the state and its voters. Chelsea shows no hint of cultural condescension toward her birthplace. For example, as an NBC reporter, she spotlighted efforts to preserve the folk music traditions of the city of Mountain View in the Ozarks….

Arkansas is inhospitable territory for any Democrat. Therefore, the state party has little to lose by turning to Chelsea, and Chelsea has little to lose by returning home….



Why would she do this?

Where did this idea come from?


The Clinton’s work to get back on the horse…

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton had enjoyed poll numbers well above 50% in the past….

But Hillary Clinton’s run against Donald Trump drove her numbers down….

Winning the Presidency would have probably pulled her back up…

But THAT hasn’t happened….

So after a few months of licking her wounds?

The Clinton are quietly working to get back….

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Nearly every poll and mainstream media outlet predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election, and her loss was an embarrassment for the Clinton establishment and Democratic Party. Since the election, the Clintons and their loyalists have been pursuing a calculated public relations campaign to rehabilitate the damaged Clinton brand. This signals an eventual return to politics for Hillary Clinton and the beginning of a political career for Chelsea Clinton…

On March 17, Clinton foreshadowed a return to the public spotlight at the Society of Irish Women’s 19th Annual St. Patrick’s Day dinner in Scranton, Pa. She told attendees of the event, “I am ready to come out of the woods and to shine a light on what’s already happening around kitchen tables at dinners like this to help draw strength to enable everyone to keep going. That’s the spirit of Scranton.”…



The linked piece states that Clinton’s number’s are below Trump’s…


image….ABC News

Will Chelsea Clinton follow in her mothers footsteps to the US Senate from New York?

The NY Daily News is out with a piece speculating that current New York junior US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand gets serious about running for President in 2020?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo COULD pick the Clinton daughter to serve in Gillibrand’s place…..

Gillibrand got into the US Senate replacing Hillary Clinton when she left to become Sec of State….

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At THAT time Caroline Kennedy was thought to be the first in line to replace Clinton, but she mysteriously changed her mind about wanting the job….President Obama after a while sent her to Japan as the US Ambassador…..

She is now back and has to figure out if she eneter politics….

Chelsea Clinton has already indicated she would have no problem doing so….

The 2020 election could put the two biggest names in the Democratic Party on a collision course.

Democratic bigwigs are already rumbling about a Kennedy vs. Clinton showdown, should Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand set her sights on the White House in 2020. Both contenders would be former First Daughters: Chelsea Clinton and Caroline Kennedy.

And we’re told that it’s more than just fantasy football for liberals who have nothing else to look forward to.

“What you’re witnessing is the beginning of Chelsea Clinton’s political career,” says a source who has a longstanding relationship with both the Clinton and Kennedy families…



NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ex-wife was Kerry Kennedy the seventh child of Robert Kennedy , the brother of President John Kennedy…

Image…E! Online

Chelsea Clinton For 2018

……from the Oligarch Kings..


An Oligarch coming to a seat near you 2018

A last hope for the Democrats?  A sign of resurgence?  Or yet another example of zombie oligarchies at their worst?  That surely must be the thoughts of many who realised earlier this week that despite the collapse of Hillary’s campaign we were far from done with the ambitions of the Clinton Political Family.

Oh no.  There is Chelsea being set up for accelerated entry in the mid-terms of2018.

Sure Chelsea has changed a lot over the years.  Gone is the frizzy unmanageable hair and that authentic British dentistry look.  All now replaced during Hillary’s campaign by a young woman who was methodical, deliberate, cautious, detail-oriented, and disciplined.  Chelsea tries to keep an iron grip on her own narrative.  She has her mother’s gift for detail and control, as well as Hillary’s fear that journalists pose a constant threat to that control.

Chelsea deserves her shot at elevated Public Office doesn’t she.  Let’s choose a nice easy seat shall we?  I mean after all she is a Clinton, so why should dear Chelsea have to engage in that grubby business of working one’s way up through the ranks of District Councils, and then thole the joy of a town or city council.  Why should she have to prove her worth to slave away at the thankless task of slogging through the State Legislature.  And as for having to get her hands dirty being a Mayor I mean she is a Clinton.  No you are quite right she should just get to go to the house first shot.

If you needed to know what oligarchy looks like it is this.  Leapfrogging your way to the seats of power pushing aside other doubtless more worthy candidates.

It seems that NY 17th Congressional District may be coming free by 2018, as the incumbent Nita Lowey is now aged 79 and looking like she can be shoved aside – er sorry, encouraged to retire.  Chelsea and her husband have already bought a house in the constituency so they qualify for running.  I mean it’s not as if it looks like a done deal does it?

Not, of course,  that her married name and family do not have um, how may I put this, “connotations” in the New York area.  If she does run it will be with some baggage.  But then I suppose it couldn’t be a Clinton run without trolley loads of encumbrances.  Old man Bill still attracts his enemies like magnets, and Hills is like marmite.  To top it all off the Genealogical background for her hubby is also problematic……


Those Wikileaks Clinton Emails ain’t bad at all….

The more of the email leaks dumped out?

They more that show a campaign in the traditional sense moving thru issue and problems and solving them….

There has been NOTHING damaging to the Clinton campaign…

Indeed the leaks do Hillary Clinton a favor by showing her to NOT be devious ..But instead a cautious politican , who has a sense of what the reality of public and private politics is…It also has show a daughter keeping tabs on her father and Hillary Clinton warning bankers, the one who have given her campaign money, to get their act together….

These are NOT bad things ….

Jullian Assunge  (And his Russian connection it seems) have played themselves from relevance in this….

Here’s how Clinton put it in that 2013 speech, and be prepared, I’m going to quote her at length: “Politics is like sausage being made. It is unsavory, and it always has been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be. But if everybody’s watching … all of the backroom discussions and the deals … then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position. And finally, I think–I believe in evidence-based decisionmaking. I want to know what the facts are.” Clinton is speaking an essential, uncontroversial truth about how things work in a democracy. And yet, for much of the public–and too much of our media–her sentiments are perceived as shifty, further evidence that she can’t be trusted, as if a willingness to compromise were a sign of weakness, not a necessary strength.

As for the rest of the emails, there are the occasional screw-ups and embarrassing moments of candor, but–as with the WikiLeaks dump of the State Department’s diplomatic cables–the most striking thing about them is the careful, intelligent way in which the Clinton staff goes about the business of politics. There is substantive consternation about how to deal with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on Wall Street, a careful massaging of where to come down on Warren’s proposal for a new Glass-Steagall law to regulate banking. Clinton and her advisers believe that Sanders is being too simplistic…

Watching the deliberations unfold, I found myself thinking, Boy, Assange has done a public service. It’s good to know how policy develops in a political campaign.

Some on the left will find Clinton’s attempts to flatter and find common ground with her Wall Street audiences offensive–her willingness to take money for these speeches was a big mistake–but if you look at the content of the talks, Clinton is essentially warning the bankers about the public’s belief that they have behaved badly, while calling for more “transparency” and reform, a message her audiences may not have wanted to hear…..


Chelsea Clinton Update…American Princess?

She could be the first woman to have BOTH parents as President of the America…

And continues the blood line of an American political family….

Chelsea was astonished, her friends say, by the fervor of the world’s curiosity. Realizing that it wouldn’t end with her vows, she wondered what she could do to satisfy the interest. What responsibility she had.

“Her grandmother would say to her: ‘This happened to you. Now what are you going to do with it?’ ” explained Anne Hubert, one of Chelsea’s close friends. “Not ‘What are you going to do in spite of it,’ but ‘What are you going to do with it?’ ”

Today, the woman who could become America’s only two-time first daughter has decided: If the spotlight must always shine on her, she might as well use it in her favor.

She isn’t quite a celebrity. Or a philanthropist. Or a politician, though let’s not rule that out. Now serving as vice chair of her family’s foundation, she has reinvented herself as a champion of uncontroversial causes, her life an endless string of grand entrances, polite speeches, photo-ops — after which she retreats to her eight-figure Manhattan condominium, expecting the media and the public to preserve the boundaries she has cherished since childhood. Polished, practiced and private, Chelsea Clinton is the closest thing America has to a princess….



Chelsea vs. George P….Could the political families keep it going?

Politico Magazine is out with a back to the future musing…..

The kids of the Bush’s and Clintn’s….

And how that probably knocks others out of the box….

The inevitability of another Bush vs. Clinton presidential campaign has dispirited many in the campaign press corps. For obvious reasons, the boys and girls on the bus prefer new candidates to old, more candidates to fewer, and a long campaign to a short one. The press wants a big field that survives the early primaries—necessitating more profiles, additional campaign finance stories, coverage of endless interparty spats and the contemplation of a thousand polls.

The pitting of two political family dynasties against one another all but wrecks the prospect of such an elongated campaign. As many have pointed out, either Bush or Clinton blood has been on the card in seven of the last nine presidential contests. The filling of the executive branch has become almost as hereditary an operation as the elevation of British princes and princesses to kings and queen. Some writers, such as historian Matthew Dallek, believe family dynasties are good for America. Others, including political theorist Rob Goodman, think the incestuousness of it all soils our democratic ideals. But why do voters repeatedly and enthusiastically cast ballots for recognizable family names?


Politico asks ….Why does Hillary Hate the Media?….

Are they kidding?

WTF really LIKES the media and is sane?

And being IN the media for decades doesn’t help ……

If Clinton says yes, she’ll have access to a bottomless pool of Democratic political talent and cash to match all those hyperbolic pronouncements about her inevitability. If she doesn’t run, the single biggest factor holding her back will be the media, according to an informal survey of three dozen friends, allies and former aides interviewed for this article. As much as anything else, her ambivalence about the race, they told us, reflects her distaste for and apprehension of a rapacious, shallow and sometimes outright sexist national political press corps acting as enablers for her enemies on the right.

Clinton isn’t insane, and she’s not stupid. “When you get beat up so often, you just get very cautious,” says Mike McCurry, her husband’s former press secretary, who joined the White House team to find a first lady traumatized by the coverage of her failed Hillarycare initiative. “She [has] had a very practical view of the media. … ‘I have to be careful, I’m playing with fire.’”

And while the white-hot anger she once felt toward the media has since hardened into a pessimistic resignation (with a dash of self-pity), she’s convinced another campaign would inevitably invite more bruising scrutiny, as her recent comments suggest. Public life “gives you a sense of being kind of dehumanized as part of the experience,” she lamented a few weeks ago to a Portland, Ore., audience. “You really can’t ever feel like you’re just having a normal day.”

When asked why Clinton hasn’t done more to reach out to reporters over the years, one Clinton campaign veteran began to spin several theories. She was too busy, she was too prone to speaking her mind and the like—then abruptly cut to the chase:

“Look, she hates you. Period. That’s never going to change.”



Of course a run for President will put her, her husband , her daughter and everyone else she hold dear RIGHT BACK in the media and GOP cross hairs…..

Chelsea Clinton is with child….

The Clinton’s only child is due sometime this fall….

Bill and Hillary Clinton are expecting their first grandchild….

Chelsea is married to Marc Mezvinsky, whose mother is hoping to return to House in Washington , from  Pennsylvania……

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant, expecting her first child with husband Marc Mezvinsky — get the details
Credit: Gary Gershoff/WireImage.com
Welp, she called it! Chelsea Clinton is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Marc Mezvinsky. The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the news during the Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation event in NYC on Thursday, April. 17.

“One more thing to say very quickly,” the 34-year-old addressed the crowd. “Mark and I are very excited that we have our first child arriving later this year. I certainly feel all the better whether it’s a girl or a boy that they’ll grow up in a world with so many strong female leaders…”

“I just hope that I’ll be as good to my child as my mom was to me,” she added. As mom Hillary replied: “I’m expecting a grand child which I’m very excited about. We’re very excited about what’s happening in our family but we’re also very excited about what we’re doing.”

Dad Bill couldn’t help but gush himself following the event. “Excited to add a new line to my Twitter bio…grandfather-to-be!” he tweeted. “@hillaryclinton and I are so happy for Chelsea and Marc!” Chelsea added on Facebook: “Marc and I are so thrilled to be expecting our first child in the fall! Thank you for all of the kind words!”


On Millennials…..Chelsea Clinton

Millennials = Generation Y


Generation Y …..Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation, is the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when Generation Y starts and ends. Commentators use beginning birth dates from the latter 1970s, or from the early 1980s to the early 2000s…....Wiki…..


By  @ Time Magazine…..

Millennials are often portrayed as apathetic, disinterested, tuned out and selfish. None of those adjectives describe the Millennials I’ve been privileged to meet and work with.

Fresh from Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) 2013, my father and I just spent the weekend with more than 1,000 college and university students — Millennials — from around the world at Washington University in St. Louis. Every student who attended made what we at CGI U call ‘commitments’ — specific pledges to tackle a specific challenge, whether on their campus or a continent away. Attendees came from more than 300 colleges and universities, all 50 states and over 75 countries and their commitments ranged across equally diverse areas, including education, climate change, gender inequality, poverty alleviation and public health. CGI U left me both exhilarated and exhausted, but above all, inspired. I left St. Louis incredibly optimistic about our future.

It’s not that the young people I met aren’t aware of the negative stereotypes of them out there. Some of the critiques against them do contain insight. But Millennials are actually remixing their generation’s vices into virtues that are informing their ambitions, their work and helping make the world a better place. Here’s how:

1. They’re All about the Money

It’s a widely-held belief that Millennials are obsessed with money. And it’s also wildly true. Just don’t mistake it for a fixation with getting rich. After all, a survey of university graduates by consulting firm PwC shows that flexible hours and job development trump cash in their ideal workplace. The young people I met and listened to at CGI U were focused on money in the sense of getting back to real growth in the developed world, ensuring that prosperity is more widely shared in the developed and developing world, and for the United States, fixing our long-term fiscal challenges (there was even a fierce competition to see which students led the best campaigns to raise Millennials’ awareness of the soaring national debt).


Chelsea Clinton in her own right comes to TV….

The Daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton made her TV debut as a working woman on NBC’s ‘Rock Center with Brian Williams’

 last night….

No ordinary young lady (two Masters’ and studying for her PhD and the daughter of TWO American icon’s)….

She is striving to move to the place her father is….

And her mother has announced she want’s to go when she stops flying around the globe representing the United States of America….

That is….

Helping people be ALL they can be…

She has made the first journey there by hooking up with NBC and becoming part of the media…

The TV Watch: Chelsea Clinton Finally Embraces Her Celebrity

Brian Williams interviewed Chelsea Clinton on "Rock Center with Brian Williams" on Monday.Peter Kramer/NBC, via Associated PressBrian Williams interviewed Chelsea Clinton on “Rock Center with Brian Williams” on Monday.

Chelsea Clinton gave a perfectly honed and utterly unsatisfying explanation on Monday for why she made her debut as a special correspondent on NBC’s magazine show, “Rock Center With Brian Williams.”

“For most of my life I did deliberately lead a private life and inadvertently led a public life,” Ms. Clinton told Mr. Williams after the show broadcast her profile of Annette Dove, a woman who has devoted herself — and her life savings — to running an after-school program in Pine Bluff, Ark.

Sitting across from Mr. Williams with her back straight and her hands folded in her lap, Ms. Clinton said that she was proud of her parents and was encouraged by her grandmother, Dorothy Rodham, who died in November, to do more with her fame. After years of avoiding journalists, Ms. Clinton said she was ready to become one of them, in order, as she put it, to lead a “purposefully public life.”

It’s a noble sentiment, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense — because of her last name, there are plenty of ways to do good works and publicize worthy causes besides becoming a television newscaster. Given her past reticence, Ms. Clinton’s decision to work at NBC News is almost as puzzling as Caroline Kennedy’s short-lived plan in 2009 to run for the New York Senate seat left vacant by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Both choices seem less like a new vocation than a violation of a long-standing nonaggression pact with the media….



This person writing the piece seems to have chip on her shoulder about Ms Clinton and HOW she is going about her life….

Of course it IS Chelsea Clinton’s life…

And forever reason she choose the media to do her work….

That’s HER decision and HER way….