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Samsung’s S6 ….

The Good The upscale Samsung Galaxy S6’s smooth glass-and-matte-metal body, improved fingerprint reader, and convenient new camera shortcut key make the phone a stunner. Samsung’s decluttered take on Android 5.0 brings the beauty inside, too.

The Bad Longtime fans will bristle at the Galaxy S6’s nonremovable battery and absent expandable storage. The phone has an intensely reflective backing and looks embarrassingly like the iPhone 6. Battery life, while good, falls short of last year’s Galaxy.

The Bottom Line Worldly looks and top-notch specs make the impressive, metal Samsung Galaxy S6 the Android phone to beat for 2015.

8.9 Overall

  • Battery life8.0
  • Features9.0
  • Design9.0
  • Camera8.0
  • Performance9.0

Apr ’15

The Galaxy S6 is Samsung, reborn.

Gone is the utilitarian plastic build of every Galaxy S past. So long; bye-bye. In its place, the electronics giant paves both sides of its marquee phone in glass, and ties the package in an aluminum alloy bow. Samsung even tops itself with a double curve-screen variant, the Galaxy S6 Edge …..


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The 2016 Presidential Campaign and Cellphones…

Ever changing Presidential campaign will have journey into the smartphone/Cellphone market to reach young and other voters in the next year and a half….

Today, as Hillary Clinton prepares for the formal launch of her campaign, and as Jeb Bush and Scott Walker are neck and neck in the polls, roughly two out of every three American adults, or 64 percent, own a smartphone, according to a new report from Pew.

The new mobile reality is changing the state of news and advertising, and it will also change the dynamic of American politics — especially during the 2016 campaign season, journalists and political operatives said.

“Mobile is going to be the big thing in 2016,” Chris Lehane, the Democratic strategist and Clinton White House alum, told the On Media blog. “It is what any sophisticated campaign will be trying to figure out and then maximize in 2016 — and all the campaigns from both parties will be in a race to see who can figure out the tools to best lever the power of mobile.”?

On the consumption side, the rise in mobile will “change politics the same way it is changing American life broadly,” said Ben Smith, the editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed. “People will organize and persuade on mobile devices and apps, the same way they live on them more broadly.”

Sixty-eight percent of smartphone owners now use their phone to follow along with breaking news events, while 33 percent say that they do this “frequently,” according to the Pew report. Though mobile usage is highest among younger Americans, news consumption is “common even among older smartphone owners,” as “four-in-ten smartphone owners ages 65 and older use their phone at least occasionally to keep up with breaking news.”



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The New Blackberry 10…When it comes out IS still up in the air…

It’s gonna be tough trying to climb back into the market for these guys….

Research in Motion said on Tuesday that its coming line of BlackBerry 10 phones would include the company’s popular BlackBerry Messenger service, a feature still absent on its tablet computers.

But during his presentation to software developers in San Jose, Calf., Thorsten Heins, the president and chief executive of RIM, still did not offer a specific date for what he called “our most important launch ever.” Mr. Heins said, however, that the new phones, which have been delayed twice, will be on sale at some point early next year.

At the meeting, the company displayed the second version of a prototype BlackBerry 10 phone. Outwardly, it appeared little different from a prototype given to developers in May. But the software on the phone demonstrated on Thursday looked much more refined and advanced. In addition to BlackBerry Messenger, it included apps for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare, which were integrated with the phone’s calendar, datebook and e-mail apps.

RIM also showed how corporations and governments would be able to segregate their data and app from users’ personal selections and information.

The software linking all the features, Mr. Heins said, will allow users to perform a variety of tasks from a single screen without switching applications.

Although creating new phones and a new operating system has clearly been a struggle for the company, Mr. Heins made no effort to temper expectations.

“We are convinced that the BlackBerry 10 platform will shape the next 10 years as profoundly and significantly as BlackBerry shaped the last 10 years…..



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Apple Rivals Try To Outshine the iPhone 5 With New Stuff….

Apple Rivals Try to Outshine Next IPhone With Cool Features

The new Nokia Lumia 920 is displayed during a news conference in New York, on Sept. 5, 2012.

Photographer: Jin Lee/Bloomberg

The Smartphone markets sets up for the iPhone5 rollout from Apple with new products of their own….

Nokia released a lineup of Lumia models yesterday with the latest Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Windows Phone software, aiming to win back U.S. market share with better camera and mapping technology. Google’s Motorola Mobility (GOOG)division, meanwhile, unveiled a Razr phone whose 4.3-inch screen spans the entire device — without the typical frame or bezel.

The companies are racing to offer consumers more options before Sept. 12, when Apple Inc. (AAPL) is expected to unveil the next iPhone. Apple’s rivals are trying to prove they can break more ground than the Cupertino, California-based company, which hasn’t radically changed the iPhone’s design since its 2007 debut. As Samsung Electronics Co. and Research In Motion Ltd. also prepare new phones, the pressure on Apple is mounting.

“You are seeing a much more competitive market — features and functions are coming at Apple pretty fast,” said Al Hilwa, an analyst at Framingham, Massachusetts-based IDC. “You can certainly see a narrowing in the edge Apple has, but they still have an edge in usability and design. A lot depends on what Apple announces.”

Dual Events

Both Nokia and Motorola Mobility held events in New York yesterday to introduce the new phones. To make it easier for media to attend, Nokia even ferried reporters from its event to the Motorola press conference in a large blue bus — with the words “I love Nokia” emblazoned on the side.

Motorola Mobility updated its phone lineup with three models, including one with an edge-to-edge screen. The products, which will be offered by Verizon Wireless, marked the company’s biggest release since Google paid about $12.5 billion to acquire the phone maker in May.

The centerpiece of the lineup is the Razr M, a full-screen smartphone with a 4.3-inch display. The phone, which went on sale yesterday for $99 with a two-year contract, has a 1.5- gigahertz dual-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera.

Apple will announce a new iPhone with a larger screen and thinner body at its Sept. 12 event, according to two people familiar with the matter. Apple kept the iPhone body the same in last year’s upgrade, so the design overhaul represents the first since 2010…..


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On the phone’s in downtown Brooklyn, NY, USA…..seancapersblog….

More @ seancapersblog.

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Turn your Android phone into a wifi hotspot….

One good advantage of having an Android phone is the tethering & wireless hot spot feature. For instructions on how to turn your Android phone into a portable WiFi hot spot.

Read More » @ Dfraggd

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The fastest texting person in the world?….and getting paid to prove it……

I don’t text…….

……but most kids do…and some of these young people are doing it  so fast that they can win money.….

Here’s the story of a recent texting contest..held in New York City…for prize money……

Ha Mok-min is feeling like a gunslinger these days. At the English-language cram school she attends during the winter break, students jealous of her international bragging rights line up to duel with her.

“They come with their cellphones boasting they can beat me,” said Ms. Ha, 16, her deadpan manner lending her the air of a champion accustomed to — even weary of — fame. “I let them try.”

She and another young South Korean, Bae Yeong-ho, recently conquered the world with their thumbs. Their Team Korea won an international competition held in New York this month to determine who can send text messages the fastest — and most accurately — on a cellphone.

“When others watch me texting, they think I’m not that fast and they can do better,” said Mr. Bae, 17, a high school dropout who dyes his hair a light chestnut color and is studying to be an opera singer. “So far, I’ve never lost a match.”

In the New York competition he typed six characters a second. “If I can think faster I can type faster,” he said.

And here’s the money part……

Since their return home with $50,000 in prize money each, Ms. Ha and Mr. Bae have become something approaching heroes to what Koreans call the “thumb tribe” — youngsters who feel more comfortable texting than talking.

And that’s the rub…isn’t it?….

They are losing their personal communication skills and maybe damaging themselves  physically…..

But in the piece …… Ms. Ha seems to have used her skills to amass at least $67,000 so far…..not too bad for a 17 year old, Korean student, that speaks english and can move her fingers very fast on a minature keyboard…..

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Cheap Mobile Phone calls….. anywhere…….using the net'….

Here’s a piece on how you can replicate the cheap, or many cases, no extra charges like when you use your compurter…when you use your cell phone……..by routing your calls thru an internet phone service……

Check it out……here….


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Beepers, Cellphones and texting…….

I’m getting a little old these days…I don’t use my phone to do texting…….I don’t know how…and don’t want to know how, to tell you the truth.

First it was carrying a beeper……that was cool…everybody knew you where important enough to have one for work……Then people carried TWO beepers!…….One for work, and one for home…….Then came Cellphones…….Same thing……for work……and almost all the early users were males…like the beeper carriers.   Then someone woke up and realized that EVERYBODY could have a phone and it was on!

Now everyone has a phone, even grandma’s and little kids……..So what came next?……Texting!…….What I don’t understand is how my son and everyone else can text ……AND DRIVE?…..I mean, how can they watch the road, and text?…….Can someone please explain?

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