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Trump will fly to Mexico in the morning….

Then he’ll do a speech  against people IN Mexico?

When will the stunts end?

Donald Trump is jetting to Mexico City on Wednesday for a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, just hours before he delivers a high-stakes speech in Arizona to clarify his views on immigration policy, according to people in the United States and Mexico familiar with the discussions.

Peña Nieto last Friday invited both Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to visit Mexico, his office said in a statement provided to The Washington Post on Tuesday night.

Trump, sensing an opportunity, decided over the weekend to accept the invitation and push for a visit this week, according to the people familiar with the discussions.

Late Tuesday, Trump and the Mexican president confirmed that they will be meeting Wednesday.

“I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Pena Nieto, of Mexico, and look very much forward to meeting him tomorrow,” Trump tweeted Tuesday night. Shortly later, Peña Nieto’s office tweeted that “El Señor” Donald Trump has accepted the invitation and will meet Wednesday privately with Peña Nieto….


Japan has 7.0 earth quake after last weeks 6.2 one…

…from CNN….

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck early Saturday morning in Japan’s Kyushu island, the same region a magnitude-6.2 quake struck two days earlier.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported that the latest quake struck just west-southwest of Kumamoto-shi and about 8 miles south-southeast of Ueki — the epicenter of the late-Thursday tremor that left nine dead.

It was not immediately clear if anyone was injured or killed as a result of Saturday morning’s seismic event. Nor was it clear how much damage, if any, had been caused.

But it did prompt the Japan Meteorological Agency to issue a tsunami advisory for coastal regions of Japan on the Ariake Sea and Yatsushiro Sea around 2 a.m. Saturday (1 p.m. ET Friday). The agency subsequently lifted all tsunami warnings and advisories.
Tsunami advisories are issued when the tsunami height is expected to between 0.2 and 1 meter (0.65 to 3.3 feet). A warning would be for larger tsunamis…..


Breaking….Defense Sec Chuck Hagel to step Down…..

It appears that the President and his team feel that Hagel is NOT a strong person they need at the Pentagon….

Hagel is a sole Republican in the cabinet….

It does appear that Obama White House is NOT stopping it’s efforts to shrink the American military even with the effort against the Islamic state ramping up and a Republican Congress coming end that wants an increase in defense action….(Robert Gates complained about the same issues that have bothered Hagel)….Hagel is being thrown under the bus by White House background accounts leaked to the media right now…..

Confirmation of a replacement for President Obama is going to be interesting…


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is stepping down under pressure, the first cabinet-level casualty of the collapse of President Obama’s Democratic majority in the Senate and a beleaguered national security team that has struggled to stay ahead of an onslaught of global crises.

The president, who is expected to announce Mr. Hagel’s resignation in a Rose Garden appearance on Monday, made the decision to ask his defense secretary — the sole Republican on his national security team — to step down last Friday after a series of meetings over the past two weeks, senior administration officials said.

The officials described Mr. Obama’s decision to remove Mr. Hagel, 68, as a recognition that the threat from the Islamic State would require a different kind of skills than those that Mr. Hagel was brought on to employ. A Republican with military experience who was skeptical about the Iraq war, Mr. Hagel came in to manage the Afghanistan combat withdrawal and the shrinking Pentagon budget in the era of budget sequestration.

But now “the next couple of years will demand a different kind of focus,” one administration official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. He insisted that Mr. Hagel was not fired, saying that he initiated discussions about his future two weeks ago with the president, and that the two men mutually agreed that it was time for him to leave….


President Obama chooses Loretta Lynch for Attorney General…

                                      NY Daily News image of US Attorney Loretta Lynch

Lynch is the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, which covers Long Island and Staten Island, New York…..

From a political stand point of view she’s a good choice….

A Black Female….Not political…..And well liked within the Justice Department….

Republicans are NOT gonna beat her down on her with 2016 in mind…..

Senator Patrick J. Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who is chairman the Judiciary Committee, said this week that with control of the Senate passing to the Republicans, Mr. Obama “has to look at somebody who would be easier to confirm.”

“There are some names that have been out there” that “could easily get confirmed,” Mr. Leahy told a Vermont public radio station on Wednesday, without offering any names. “Others would be far more difficult.”

The White House declined to comment on Mr. Obama’s choice or when he would announce it.

Continue reading the main storyContinue reading the main storyContinue reading the main story
“We’re not going to speculate on this in advance of the president’s decision,” Eric Schultz, the deputy White House press secretary said.

Ms. Lynch declined through a spokesman to comment.

Senator Charles E. Schumer, a New York Democrat who twice recommended Ms. Lynch to the White House as United States attorney, said she would make “an outstanding attorney general.”

She supervised the successful prosecution of a white New York police officer who sodomized a Haitian immigrant, Abner Louima, with a broken broomstick in 1997. The case became a national symbol of police brutality.

As United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Ms. Lynch oversaw all federal prosecutions in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island. The office’s many terrorism cases have given it a reputation as a hub of expertise on national security matters. She also leads the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee, a panel of United States attorneys who advise the attorney general on policy and operational issues….


Daily Real Clear Politics Polling Numbers 10/29/14…Generic Congress and Obama average numbers….

Wednesday, October 29
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Iowa Senate – Ernst vs. Braley Quinnipiac Ernst 49, Braley 45 Ernst +4
Kansas Senate – Roberts vs. Orman SurveyUSA* Orman 44, Roberts 42 Orman +2
Georgia Senate – Perdue vs. Nunn Rasmussen Reports Perdue 48, Nunn 48 Tie
Wisconsin Governor – Walker vs. Burke Marquette University Walker 50, Burke 43 Walker +7
Colorado Governor – Beauprez vs. Hickenlooper Quinnipiac* Beauprez 45, Hickenlooper 40 Beauprez +5
Kansas Governor – Brownback vs. Davis SurveyUSA* Davis 46, Brownback 43 Davis +3
Connecticut Governor – Foley vs. Malloy Quinnipiac Foley 46, Malloy 45 Foley +1
Georgia Governor – Deal vs. Carter Rasmussen Reports Deal 50, Carter 44 Deal +6
Michigan Governor – Snyder vs. Schauer Mitchell Research* Snyder 48, Schauer 43 Snyder +5
Pennsylvania Governor – Corbett vs. Wolf Franklin & Marshall Wolf 53, Corbett 40 Wolf +13
Pennsylvania Governor – Corbett vs. Wolf Harper (R) Wolf 50, Corbett 40 Wolf +10
N.H. Governor – Havenstein vs. Hassan WMUR/UNH Hassan 52, Havenstein 37 Hassan +15
S.D. Senate – Rounds vs. Weiland vs. Pressler SurveyUSA* Rounds 43, Weiland 32, Pressler 19 Rounds +11
S.D. Senate – Rounds vs. Weiland vs. Pressler Rasmussen Reports Rounds 45, Weiland 31, Pressler 21 Rounds +14
Michigan Senate – Land vs. Peters Mitchell Research* Peters 52, Land 38 Peters +14
Iowa Governor – Branstad vs. Hatch Quinnipiac Branstad 56, Hatch 37 Branstad +19
New York 19th District – Gibson vs. Eldridge Siena Gibson 58, Eldridge 35 Gibson +23
South Dakota At-Large – Noem vs. Robinson SurveyUSA Noem 55, Robinson 39 Noem +16
New Jersey 2nd District – LoBiondo vs. Hughes Richard Stockton College LoBiondo 56, Hughes 38 LoBiondo +18
President Obama Job Approval Gallup Approve 42, Disapprove 53 Disapprove +11
President Obama Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 46, Disapprove 53 Disapprove +7
Direction of Country Rasmussen Reports Right Direction 26, Wrong Track 66 Wrong Track +40

…Real Clear Politics…..

NBC says Christie “No Charges’ story was incorrect….

Politicaldog 101 Sept 19, 2014……

Breaking…NJ Governor Chris Christie NOT to be charged in Bridge-gate…

‘This is being reported by NBC 4. New York..

If true…..This comes as NO surprise to THIS Dog and probably others….’


Well….It isn’t true…..

NBC says a report by Brian Williams on the network’s Nightly News program that federal charges have been ruled out for Gov. Chris Christie in the George Washington Bridge scandal was incorrect.

Federal prosecutors say the investigation is ongoing and haven’t made any announcement on Christie’s status.

“The investigation is continuing,” said Rebekah Carmichael, a spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Paul Fishman.

NBC outlets had several reports Thursday and Friday citing anonymous sources saying no Christie connection had been uncovered, while noting the investigation is continuing. However, Williams on NBC Nightly News Thursday night reported that “federal charges are now ruled out for Chris Christie in the affair that came to be known as ‘Bridgegate.’ ”

NBC spokeswoman Erika Masonhall said that was wrong…..



It HAS been MORE than a year since the lanes of the George Washington Bridge where shutdown…..

President Obama authorizes US airdrops for Christians stuck in Iraq mountains…And airstrikes on ISIS/ISIL if need be….

 Obama Authorizes Airstrikes In Iraq Against Islamic Militants


WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama authorizes targeted airstrikes in Iraq against Islamic militants, along with airdrops .

live blog

President Barack Obama announced he had authorized the use of airstrikes against Islamic militants in Iraq on Thursday night.

He added that U.S. troops would not be sent to Iraq.

Obama said Thursday night that he has authorized two operations in Iraq: “Targeted airstrikes… and a humanitarian effort.” Developing…

The White House announced that President Barack Obama is to make a statement on a possible response to Islamic State militants’ gains in Iraq on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. ET, NBC reports.

CBS’ Charlie Kaye reports:

NBC News also reported the same:

CNN reports that the Obama Administration is briefing members of Congress on their planned response to advances if Islamic State militants in Iraq, according to National Journal. Michael Wilner, the Jerusalem Post White House correspondent, also matched that report.

— Andrew Hart

Breaking….Manhattan building explosion and collapse….70 injured…Smokey Scene….Update 8 DOA

View image on Twitter

image …FDNY via twitter….

New Yorkers in Harlem @ 9:30 am heard a loud explosion…..(The sound was heard as far as the Bronx and Brooklyn)

The area at 116 street and Park Avenue erupted in a fireball…..

The explosion was probably a gas line fire @ 1646 Park Ave, a 5 story building that included a church, a piano store, and apartments…..

As I type this there are 16 injuries, no known deaths…..

The New York City Fire Department has over 39 pieces of fire equipment at the scene, 200 firefighters, and numerous police, medical and other emergency services units…. ( 5 alarms )

The New York City Bomb Squad and Arson units are also on the scene…..

Police, Fire and EMS personnel are working the area with masks, unlike the to open breathing at the 9/11 ground zero scene…..

The fire is still burning more than a hour after the explosion…..

The area in New York’s East Harlem has probably impacted over 100,000 people in a several city block area…..


The report is now that TWO buildings collapsed….

There are police and firefighters manually going thru the rubble to see if there are any persons under the collapsed rubble….

Update 11:13 AM….

One DOA reported ……

Update 1:00 PM….

Two now confirmed DOA…19 Injured….

Unknown missing….

President Obama briefed in…

NYC Mayor de Blasio does a presser….

Gas company called on gas smell 15 minutes before explosion…

The blast happened 2 minutes after gas company arrived on the scene….

Smoke condition has abated a good bit….

FDNY works at the scene of a deadly gas explosion in East Harlem where two women were killed and 22 other people were injured in a blast Wednesday morning.


FDNY works at the scene of a deadly gas explosion in East Harlem where two women were killed and 22 other people were injured in a blast Wednesday morning.

Update 1:50 PM….

22 Injured….

12 Missing…..

Metro North Train service still suspended….

Update 10:30 PM….

60 Injured….


Update 9:00 AM 3/13/14…

70 Injured……


Update  7:45 PM 3/13/14….


BREAKING NEWS: Rep. John Dingell (D MI-12), longest serving Member to Retire…

The list continues to grow of retirements from the nation’s Congress….


U.S. Rep. John Dingell, a Dearborn Democrat who replaced his father in the House some 58 years ago and became one of the most powerful members of Congress ever, will step down after this year, capping a career umatched in its longevity and singular in its influence and sweep.

Dingell, 87, told the Free Press that he’d reached the decision to retire at the end of his current term — his 29th full one — rather than run for re-electon because it was time, given a list ofachievements that any other member of Congress would envy, and his continued frustration over partisan gridlock.

It comes at a time when many members of both parties are moving toward the exits in both the House and Senate. Michigan and metro Detroit are not only losing Dingell but U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, a widely respected Democrat with 35 years’ experience, who announced his retirement last year……


…from Daniel G ……

..of the United States House of Representatives WILL NOT SEEK REELECTION.


Last week I mentioned it to “The Dog” that Dingell might be leaving.

Now it has come to pass.





Daniel G.

Breaking….Shooting at Washington D.C. Navy Yard…Unknown Injuries…Situation is still evolving…

Police work the scene on M Street, SE in Washington near the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013. | AP Photo


The Associated Press reported that “several” people were dead, at least 10 had been wounded, and the gunman had been “contained” but was not yet in custody. Some media outlets were reporting that there may have been more than one gunman, but that hasn’t been confirmed by authorities.

At the White House, President Barack Obama was briefed several times on the shooting by Alyssa Mastromonaco, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, the White House said. “We urge citizens to listen to the authorities and follow directions from the first responders on site,” a White House official.

Emergency personnel are on the scene, and employees at the base have been asked to “shelter in place” at the Navy Yard, according to the Navy. Shots were reported at 8:20 a.m. at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters, where about 3,000 people work.

Helicopters were hoovering over the area, aiding in the search for the shooter and recovering the wounded.

Six D.C. public schools and one administrative office were placed on lockdown as Monday’s events at Navy Yard unraveled. The schools are Amidon-Bowen Elementary, Brent Elementary, Eastern High School, Eliot-Hine Middle, Jefferson Academy, Tyler Elementary. And the Van Ness Administrative Building was also locked down in an abundance of caution, DCPS spokeswoman Melissa Salmanowitz said.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is urging residents to avoid the area. “Please stay clear of Navy Yard area until situation is cleared,” Gray said on his official Twitter feed.


While the U.S. does the fighting in Afghanistan…the Chinese have snuck in and are trying exploit the Copper….And there is more….

(originally posted in Dec 2009)

I have written here before that  Afghanistan is a barren place with no value….

I was wrong……you hear me?……I was wrong!…….

Today I sat down and read an astounding story that may be the hidden story of the Afghan campaign…..I fact I’m sure this story is rebounding thru the bowels of the CIA and other Intel agencies around the globe as I type……..here’s the meat of the story…….

After the American-led invasion of Afghanistan, Afghan geologists rescued the Soviet surveys of Aynak and hid them until more detailed exploration could resume.

That exploration — a detailed overflight of much of the country by American surveyors in mid-decade — showed Afghanistan to be far richer in oil, natural gas, iron, copper and coal than anyone had imagined. Aynak, in particular, was judged a world-class copper deposit, not just huge but of unusually rich quality, and the government chose it as the first major mineral concession to be auctioned to developers.

The place is frigging rich in natural resources!


This story is a walking time bomb……while the guest of the piece in the New York Times is about the Chinese sneaking in with their vast money pockets to claim the work in the first area in Aynak……and the American and NATO armies making that possibe….the piece gives a justification for the war!……Come on now folks!

If I was the President of the United States, at some point I would be saying to the American public…..’this war is not just to rub out Bin Laden, al Qaeda and the Taliban’…

….’I would say that this war is to secure an avenue for the Afghans and the United States to SHARE NATURAL RESOURCES…you digg?’

While the Chinese are bidding on a second project in the country….without compitition from the west…..I’m sure that the United Staes is going to figure out a way to get a piece of the fee’s that the Afghan’s will collect from their resources coming out of the ground……

The fact is the Chinese (their government) are willing to take all sorts of risks(war zones, disease ridden area’s, jungles, etc) to corner world’s resource markets…..and they have the money….but the even more short-term political and economic payoff for the U.S. is the fact there is something to get back from the Afghan’s for cleaning up their country…..I smell a deal coming……first a piece of the Iraq oil action…then Aftghanistan….

.maybe George W. Bush wasn’t so dumb after all!

Breaking…NSA Data Leaker ID’s himself……

This guy is looking to have someone legally challange *the US Government for what it is doing in it’s once secret NSA Data mining operation….

He will try to get asylum from the American Government efforts to punish him for his actions….

He joins Julian Assange of Wikileaks in being on the run….

Edward Snowden, 29, was the primary source of NSA disclosures. (Reuters)

…from the Globe…..

A British newspaper Sunday revealed the source of the leak revealing the NSA’s extensive surveillance of US communications.

Edward Snowden, a former CIA technical assistant who now works for a defense contractor with ties to the National Security Agency, asked the Guardian newspaper to reveal his identity.

“I have no intention of hiding who I am because I know I have done nothing wrong,” he told the newspaper in a remarkable, rambling interview that touched on his reasons for the leak, how he took precautions in not revealing documents that could harm particular people, how he became disillusioned, and how he expects his life as he knows it to end. “I don’t want the story to be about me. I want it to be about what the US government is doing.”

“I’m willing to sacrifice all of that because I can’t in good conscience allow the US government to destroy privacy, Internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building.”

The Guardian first disclosed that the NSA has been collecting cellphone metadata — time of calls, their length, their destination, but not the contents of the conversation — for many business calls within the United States and from the United States to foreign countries. Since the disclosure, President Obama and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have acknowledged the program, saying it is an essential tool for revealing possible patterns that could lead to discovering terrorism plots. They said the program was overseen by a secret spy court.

“My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them.” said Snowden, who added that he has been holed up in a hotel room in Hong Kong and hopes to receive asylum, possibly from Iceland……


* US Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) has also expressed  a need to take the program to court AGAIN, the original challenge to the program was dismissed by the Supreme’s .