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Political Roundup for August 24, 2017…Kelly try to get a handle on his boss’s info input?…RRH Elections….


Kaisch/Hickenlooper:  Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) has ruled out a unity ticket against both parties with Ohio Governor John Kaisch (Himself).   Kaisch and Hickenlooper have appeared together several times recently, but it appears that Hickenlooper has some semblance of human dignity and refuses to latch himself to a fail independent candidacy with someone more self-obsessed than President Trump (R?).

Trump-Information:  Chief of Staff John Kelly has established protocols to ensure all information reaching President Trump has been vetted by Kelly before Trump reviews it.  Unless Secretary of Defense Mattis has Cyber Command working on taking down Twitter and the Oval Office’s cable connection, this is only a minor fix.  It was so much easier when Sir Robert Warpole controlled the flow of information to the Hanoverians.


RNC-Primaries:  President Trump’s threat to primary Republicans who refuse to fall in line behind his agenda could complicate things for the RNC, who really cannot take sides in primaries especially against incumbents….


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Political Roundup for June 20, 2011…Red Racing Horses…Huntsman trouble?


By: James_Nola….

PresidentPataki: George Pataki will go to Iowa. Does anyone care? 

Perry: Former Newt Gingrich aide Dave Carney, who previously managed Rick Perry’s 2010 campaign and is expected to play a key role in any Perry Presidential campaign, says Perry is still “weeks away” from a decision. He says Perry is 50-50 on a run. Unlike Cherri Daniels, Anita Perry is supportive of a run.

Huntsman: If you’re Jon Huntsman, this is not the story you want to see less than 48 hours before you officially announce your candidacy. The Huntsman family business, Huntsman Corp., did business in Iran until January 2010. His younger brother, Peter, who runs the company, admits that they only shut down Iranian operations to avoid damaging the reputation. Is it the company’s reputation they were worried about, or Jon Huntsman reputation, as the issue was first brought up after Huntsman was named Ambassador to China. Making matters worse, the company sells polyurethane, which can be used to make missile fuel. Politico also says that the issue was brought to their attention by an opponent of Huntsman, so other candidates may use this against him.

Romney: Romney has gotten two big name backers in Nevada. Lt. Gov Brian Krolicki and Rep. Joe Heck will serve as co-chairs of his NV campaign. Romney is heavily favored to win the forgotten early state’s caucus.

More Romney: Romney is heavily favored to win the Presidential primary in MA. He leads with 49%, to 10% for Bachmann (this is pre-debate), 9% for Palin, 8% for Cain, 6% for Pawlenty, 5% for Paul, and 4%(!) for Newt. Newt is almost in Jon Hunstman territory. For perspective, only 8 more people support Newt than Huntsman in this poll.

Even More Romney (+Cain): Romney and Cain are coming under fire from social conservatives for refusing to sign the SBA pledge to only appoint pro-life judges and cabinet members. It may end up being a bigger issue for Cain, who has some social conservative support. Many social cons are already suspicious of Romney and unlikely to support him. Many conservatives are dismissing Romney’s refusal to sign, because it is not surprising, but they are going after Cain.

Bachmann: CBS has a hit on Bachamnn and whether or not she really “raised” 23 foster kids. They claim that because she may have only had some of them for only weeks, she can’t really claim that she “raised” them. I’m no Bachmann supporter, but I think this is just ridiculous. Does it really matter whether or not she raised the kids from birth until they were adults? Its still a very good thing that she did and something that not many people have the strength to do. She should be commended for helping these 23 kids, not attacked for her classification of it.

Pawlenty: Gallup has Obama trailing “Generic Republican” 44-39……More.….

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