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The New York City Mayor with undertones of the Democratic 2008 Presidential Primary race…

MAGGIE HABERMAN @ the Washington Post does a piece today on the strikingly similar parallels between the current New York City Democratic Primary for the job of Mayor and the 2008 Democratic Primary run….

As back 4 1/2 years ago, Bill de Blasio , like Obama has run as a progressive looking for Change…..


Christine Quinn, as Hillary Clinton, is the establishment candidate…..As back then ….Everyone thought Quinn would be the sure winner like Hillary…

But unlike back then…..Anthony Weiner jumped in….Zoomed to the top of the charts…Sucked all the air out the campaign for a while….Then crashed and burned…..

Weiner and Mike Bloomberg are probably the reason Bill De Blasio is on the way to becoming then next Mayor of New York City….Weiner initially knocked Quinn out of first place and voters anger at Mike Bloomberg has kept Quinn  from coming back….

We’ve covered the race here at the Dog pretty regularly ….

I confess I saw Weiner as the eventual winner but, the second go around on the social media thing just was too much for voters and the local media, which had never wanted him, just went to town on him and he lost it….The new spin is he’ll be back running again….I doubt that….

And his wife now will be undistracted in working with Hillary Clinton in upcoming run for President….

Hundreds of miles from Des Moines, there are distinct echoes of that Obama-Clinton classic here in New York, where voters go to the polls Tuesday to decide the finalists in the race to succeed three-term Mayor Mike Bloomberg. If there is a runoff, the likeliest person to get there with de Blasio is Bill Thompson, the lone black candidate in the race.

De Blasio has vaulted ahead of Quinn and the rest of the Democratic pack on an anti-Mike Bloomberg message that has morphed into a story of “two cities,” a populist attack that has some hallmarks of Obama circa 2008. The city’s public advocate is running as an antidote to 12 years of a city government he says has catered to wealthy Manhattanites at the expense of middle-class residents in the outer boroughs.

“There are clear similarities in terms of the sudden rise of Bill de Blasio and the possibility that his elevation wasn’t recognized until it was too late,” said Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-Brooklyn), a Thompson supporter. “If you kind of trace the trajectory of the Clinton versus Obama dynamic, it was a very similar narrative.”

De Blasio has used social media and featured his biography and biracial family heavily, while employing one of the ad makers who was part of Obama’s two campaigns for president. His initial ad featured his son Dante, whose large Afro made a “visual statement that could help elevate his dad above the boring-old-white-guy stigma,” as New York Magazine put it. Treated as a second-tier candidate at best for much of the race, de Blasio is now all but assured a spot in a runoff and has a shot at clearing the 40 percent threshold to clinch the Democratic nomination outright.



Bill DeBlasi RAN Hillary Clinton’s first campaign for the Senate up until he pushed aside towards the end…..

New York City has had Republican Mayor’s for 20 years……

NYC  population circa 2010…..

44%… White

27%… Hispoanic

24%…. Black

A Look at the NYC Mayors race from the UK’s Guardian…6/28/13


This piece basically repeats what was said when the Marist and Quinnipiac polls came out this week….

Marist has Anthony Weiner up 5% points over Quinn…..The Q Poll has Quinn up by 2% over Weiner and has him tied with Thompson, who lost to Bloomberg four years ago…..

There  are two story lines here….

Weiner has gained as Quin has faltered……

Thompson has gained…..

It is this Dogs view that a possible run off would involve Quin or Thompson AND Weiner…..

It is also this Dogs view that Anthony Weiner would win in a one on one against either….

The New York City mayoral race is a zoo, and we’re all witnesses to it. Over the past two months, I said Anthony Weiner was stronger than initial polling suggested, Christine Quinn might not make the runoff (held if no candidate reaches 40% in the first round) and Bill Thompson probably would end up in the second round. The polling that came out this week makes me doubt none of these beliefs, yet the race remains very unsettled.

This week Marist and Quinnipiac released polls with slightly different, though, mostly consistent results. Marist had Weiner at 25%, Quinn at 20%, Thompson at 13%, Bill de Blasio at 10% and John Liu at 8%. Quinnipiac put Quinn at 19%, Weiner at 17%, Thompson at 16%, de Blasio at 10% and Liu at 7%. You’ll note that both surveys paint Quinn, Thompson, de blasio and Liu in nearly the same place and any differences are within the margin of error. Weiner’s higher percentage in the Marist poll may, as Mark Blumenthal noted on Wednesday, be because he’s in the news a lot and is benefitting from Marist pushing undecideds harder.

That should not be mistaken for Quinn having any sort of strong support. The Marist poll finds that among those who strongly support a candidate Weiner’s lead over Quinn’s extends to 17pt – 40% to 23%. Quinnipiac has her unfavorable rating among Democrats climbing to 31% – 12pt higher than in May and by far her highest of the year. What is going on?

While many analysts were stuck claiming that Weiner was a product of name recognition, they failed to recognize the same and perhaps to a greater extent was true of Quinn. I wrote in March that Quinn didn’t have a record that some Democrats would like once they got to know it. Anti-Quinn advertisements have been running in New York, and they clearly have had an effect.

Quinn had also been polling particularly strongly among African-Americans and Latinos in prior Marist surveys, which didn’t make much sense. Quinn is seen as a kind of heir apparent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg who polls worst among minorities. The latest Marist poll has her falling back to third among blacks at 19% and second among Latinos at 16%. Those numbers may fall further.

Weiner, meanwhile, has seen his numbers climb. In the ballot test, he’s at his high point in both the Marist and Quinnpiac polls. He’s cut his deficit in a potential runoff against Quinn from 15pt down to 2pt per Marist. Marist has his net favorable among Democrats rising from 0 to +16pt in the last month alone, while Quinnpiac show the percentage of Democrats thinking he should run for mayor up to 52% from 41% last month.

It’s easy to say that Weiner’s rise is because more people are hearing his name, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true.



My reasoning is that the Black vote will not be enough for Thompson to beat Weiner  who is a carismic campaigner…..In addition, Weiner will carry the Jewish vote along with East Indians who will be sensitive to his wife ‘s  Huma Abden’s background….Finally, Weiner should somewhat split the black vote (Which tends to NOT be that strong in NYC) in my opinion…..I agree that Chritine Quinn is probably NOT gonna be able to keep with Weiner and Thompson….She’s too closely tied to Bloomberg who is NOT liked very much and who manoeuvred a third term with her assistance….

The Washington Post does a review of the currant NYC Mayor Race….Anthony Weiner and everyone else…

The piece IS about Anthony Weiner and everyone else…..

My question is Can Christine Quinn hang on against Weiner in a final face off?

A rush of city officials, ambitious pols and gadflies are seeking to take the place ofMayor Michael Bloomberg, a municipal giant who has served three terms, played on a national stage and is one of the most consequential mayors in the city’s history. There is no obvious heir apparent. The result is arguably the most significant and screwball race in the country, a Cannonball Run that could elect the first Democratic mayor here in more than 20 years.

Weiner is by far the most politically gifted and attention-monopolizing candidate in the Sept. 10 Democratic primary race. But it’s not yet clear what that gets him, in a crowded and still-volatile field. The putative front-runner is Christine Quinn, the speaker of the City Council and Bloomberg’s preferred choice. A potentially historic figure as the first female mayor and a lesbian, and the only Democratic contender to have wielded significant power in city government, Quinn leads in public polls but has yet to inspire much excitement. (Her campaign-season memoir, relating her past struggles with bulimia and alcoholism, has so far sold 100 copies, according to the New York Times.) Bill Thompson, a mild-mannered former city comptroller whonarrowly lost to Bloomberg in 2009, is the only African American in the race and is making sure that everyone knows what he looks like this time around. The city’s politically talented comptroller John Liu would be the first Asian American mayor except for a nagging federal investigation, and the campaign of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has prominently featured his black, former lesbian wife in an effort to boost his progressive appeal.

No candidate is likely to get 40 percent of the initial vote, triggering an Oct. 1 runoff between the top two finishers. The Democratic nominee will face off against the Republican primary winner and assorted third-party candidates in November’s general election…..



Christine Quinn leads in NYC Mayor Polling a year out….

The Election is in November 2013….

The chances for a Democratic Mayor are overwheleming this time….

New York City has NOT had a Democratic Mayor for 19 years…..

Quinn Holds Solid Lead for New York City Mayor

A new Quinnipiac poll in New York City finds Christine Quinn (D) way ahead of her other Democratic challengers for mayor with 29%, followed by Bill Thompson (D) at 10%, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio (D) at 10%, City Comptroller John Liu (D) at 9% and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer (D) at 4%.

Big caveat: The mayoral race isn’t until 2013….


More on Quinn …Here…..


Note….Anthony Weiner has been whispered in the same sentence as the 2013 Mayoral race a few weeks ago…

NYC Mayor Race poll has Christine Quinn leading the field….

This folks is a Surprise to this Dog….

If I lived in the ‘city’ it probably wouldn’t be….

Quinn has become a focal point in various ‘push and pull’ issues such as gay marriage and no-lay offs for city teachers…..

But she has a ‘Bloomberg’ problem….

She generally gets along with the New York City Mayor….

But Quinn, A Democrat, who is gay….

Loses nearly half of her support if she were to get a Bloomberg endorsement…

A point to remember here…

By elction day in Novembet 2013 ……

New York City will have had 20 years of Republican Mayors ……..

Bill Thompson and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz come in second depending if Markowitz runs or not….

All these people mentioned are Democrats…

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was the top pick among registered Democrats to run for New York City Mayor in 2013.

James Keivom/News

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was the top pick among registered Democrats to run for New York City Mayor in 2013.

Two years before voters choose their next mayor, Democrats say their favorite candidate is still “undecided” – but City Council speaker Christine Quinn is gaining fast.

Quinn, who has raised more money than any of the other contenders, was the top pick among registered Democrats in a recent poll by Marist College and NY1 with 20% saying they would back her if the 2013 election were held today.

A quarter of the Dems – 25% – said they’re still undecided.

“This is a campaign story still to be told,” said pollster Lee Miringoff


The 2013 NYC Mayor race …..

A little something on the race fianaces up to now…..

Bill Thompson during a 2009 campaign rally. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

Thanks to a technicality over how the Department of Sanitation issued their fines, Bill Thompson’s mayoral campaign does not have to pay $619,125 in fines for illegal postering during the 2009 campaign, a judge ruled recently. The ruling was first reported by City Hall News.

So far, Thompson raised $251,130, and had about $265,507 on hand. If the fine would have been upheld, it would have drove his campaign into debt while many of his likely rivals — John Liu, Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio and Scott Stringer, are busy raising money…..More….

Bill Thompson will run for New York City Mayor in 2013…..

Thompson (the ex-NYC Controller), who just bearly lost to Mike Bloomberg has decided to not primary Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who is running for her spot for the first time this year…This will leave the field open for Harold Ford Jr. to run against her in the democratic primary and leave Thompson time to get a leg up on anyone running for New York City Mayor four years from now…….

When asked about Cuomo running for the  New York State Governor spot, which Governor Paterson was not elected to he answered…..“People could have used that same line and said, when I was running, ‘Don’t you think it’s wrong to run against Mike Bloomberg?’ I don’t think there are any goods or bads. Everybody has to be held to their own decision.”

He did say that the current junior senator from New York still needs to introduce herself to voters…..

Bill Thompson could be a spoiler in the U.S. Senate race in New York…..

Polling info that the Political Dog has sniffed out reveals something that political junkies know to be true…..That is…that Kirsten Gillibrand is in a very weak position …..

She was appointed to the U.S. Senate by New York Governor Paterson after Hillary Clinton went to Secretary of State job…..

A Siena poll just released has her ahead of Bill Thompson(who just lost to ‘Money Mike’ Bloomberg for NYC Mayor  by a hair ) by just 9%…and a Quininipac poll has her behind Thompson by 13%!.

I have been posting here that Gillibrand has never caught on in the downstate New York City region and this just cements that view…..

What is worst is Gillibrand loses to both Rudy and Pataki in both polls!

Now I don’t believe Rudy , or  Pataki are going to run….tThedemocrats in New York State have a problem that will affect their party nationally…Kirsten Gillibrand was a bad pick by a guy who isn’t going to be Governor in a little  more than a year from now…While Chuck Schumer might be happy with here and she is taking in money..she still is the wrong person for the job….

Me…I hope Thompson primaries her….

The Q poll…..

The Siena Poll…..

Andrew Cuomo gets ready to run for New York Governor…..

A while ago, I said to everyone that would listen that Andrew Cuomo, the Attorney General of New York State, would wait for the late fall, or early fall spring to seriously begin to displace current sitting Governor Paterson…..Well, today brings a piece on the front page of the New York Times about Cuomo starting to ‘shop around’ for a ticket for his fall run. It is a given that even though Paterson is starting to run commercials, and hire staff (like Harold Ickes) to bring up his poll numbers….he’s gone

The only republican to be seriously running for governor is Rick Lazio and he will be running uphill for the next year since Cuomo has huge numbers in polling against every republican including Rudy Giuliani…..

Like the last person to be Attorney General (Eliot Spitzer), the job seems to be a spring-board to the governors mansion…..while the democratic front-runner, Cuomo must be careful with the states minority voters and politicians …….He has gone out of his way to mend fences because they haven’t forgotten Cuomo’s stepping all over Carl McCall’s feet in his bid to become governor years ago….

The names floated in the piece for Lieutenant Governor are Bill Thompson, the black outgoing NYC Controller who barely lost to Bloomberg for Mayor…..The upcoming District Attorney from Nassau County, who just got re-elected to her second term, Kathleen Rice….and Janet DiFiore, the District Attorney of Westchester County….

Stay tuned folks…this one will be interesting……

Update:….Lazio today attacked Cuomo for undermining Paterson…..(why is he getting in democratic business?)

Cory Booker for 'Money Mike' Bloomberg?……Why?

Cory A. Booker, the Mayor of Newark New Jersey…the one with the ‘D’ for Democrat behind his name, spend Sunday in Queens, New York campaigning with Michael Bloomberg, who has at various times had a ‘D’ , ‘R’ and now a ‘I’ behind his name, but is on the GOP line, and the Independent line, in the upcoming vote for the Mayor of the City of New York……………

Now when I saw this…… I wondered……Why is a democrat from Jersey coming over to Queens, New York to campaign for the NY City Mayor?……Why?

Could one of the reasons be the fact that Mr. Booker has received $26,000 in  campaign donations from the right hand accountant of Bloomberg, Martin J. Geller… the contribution has to be perfectly legal……but ?????

Now, to be fair, Geller is allowed to give money to whoever he wants to…in New York, New Jersey or China for that matter…but after receiving the money in April of this year…..Booker shows up in a majority black area with the Mayor, give us a break…even the little kids around the way can figure this one out…….

All that money…….all that money…maybe that’s why Anthony Weiner didn’t run…..not because he got engaged to you know who………