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The Clinton and Bush families can stay friends now…..

Hillary Clinton IS gonna be the Democratic nominee…

Jeb Bush is NOT gonna be the GOP nominee….

The two families have actually grown friendly…

That won’t be hurt by this years Presidential campaign anymore….

(The Bush family might end up voting for Hiullary if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee?)

George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton

A photo of Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush smiling in embrace recently surfaced at former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral. The image gives light to the intimate relationship between the Bush and Clinton families—particularly that of Hillary and George W.

In the most recent Democratic town hall on MSNBC, Ms. Clinton told Chris Matthews her vote for the Iraq War—a manifestation of the Bush administration—was born from her agreement with between George W. Bush to secure $20 billion toward rebuilding New York City after 9/11.

“I’m sitting there in the Oval Office, and Bush says to me, ‘What do you need?’ And I said, ‘I need $20 billion to rebuild, you know, New York,’ and he said, ‘You got it.’ And he was good to his word,” explained Ms. Clinton. “Literally, that same day, I get back to the Capitol, and the Republicans are trying to take that money away. We kept calling the White House, Bush kept saying, ‘I gave them my word, I’m going to stick with it.’ So, you know, I had a different set of experiences.”

Despite the Bush family being Republican and the Clinton family being Democrats—especially as the polarity between parties is arguably broader than it ever has been in the past few decades—the two political dynasties have maintained a surprisingly close relationship…..


image….David Chalian/Instagram

We want Bush!…The Clinton Team looks for Another Bush vs Clinton contest…..

The Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Campaign people agree with the Republican Establishment …..

(So do I)

Jeb Bush for President…..

The Clinton’s think they can go 2 and 0!.*…..

There is an obvious subtext to the panicked effort to purge the GOP of Donald Trump: to allow the party’s true hero to emerge to vanquish Hillary Clinton and restore peace and justice throughout the land. To most GOP elites, of course, the savior is Jeb Bush, complete with the Clark Kent glasses and aw-shucks good guy demeanor. The Chamber of Commerce crowd is so convinced that Jeb is the man that it (so far) has placed a more than $100 million bet on that proposition.

There’s just one problem—the Clintons want Jeb Bush to be the GOP nominee, too.

It was Trump himself who picked up on this fact when Hillary Clinton singled out Bush for criticism over his remark that “I’m not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.” Bush later said he “misspoke.” (This is supposed to be the safe, gaffe-free candidate, right?) By going after Jeb directly, and far from the first time, the Clintons want to “elevate” him, Trump charged, because they know they can beat him.

Here’s something you don’t hear, well, ever, in Washington: Donald Trump is right.

Regardless of whether Clinton survives her primary battle with an ever growing list of potential foes—that before long may include Joe Biden, blast-from-the-past Al Gore and heck, at this rate, maybe even Michael Dukakis—Republicans ought to think hard about the reasons why Bush might be the easiest of the serious GOP contenders for the Clintons to beat. And it’s not just because they’ve done it before.




Bill Clinton and George HW Bush are the Best of friends these days….

Back in the day….Clinton, Bush and Perot debate….Clinton won the job….