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Joining Donna Brazile…Eliazbaeth Warren backs away from the DNC primary was ‘rigged’ remarks…

The blowback at ex-Democratic national Committee chair Donna Brazile was immediate and STRONG…..

While Sanders people might be trying to complain about the way things went last year?

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Democrats on a whole KNEW and where ok with Hillary Clinton, not so good run….She bailed out a broke party and went on to lose the election after beating Donald Trump by almost THREE MILLON votes….

And just when Democrats are trying to move forward?

Recrimantions about last year to make Bernie sanders peoiple happy has NOT gone over well with the people who are ACTUALLY Democrats…

Warren has gotten the message to cool it…

And is doing so…

So is coming out of her shell with the press and learning that it isn’t sdo easy being out there…Hillary Clinton would agree with her…

The change in her view of the Democratic primary came six days after she shocked Democrats by unexpectedly wading into the party’s civil war and validating former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile’s allegations that Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters controlled party operations before Clinton was the nominee.

Warren told the Springfield Republican on Wednesday there was “some bias” within the DNC when the ultimate nominee, Clinton, and Bernie Sanders were battling for the party’s nomination. But she also said “the overall 2016 primary process was fair and Hillary made history.”

It’s a marked change from her comments last week when Warren said in three national TV interviews that the process was rigged. She was most explicit in a back-and-forth with PBS’s Judy Woodruff in which she said: “We recognize the process was rigged, and now it is up to Democrats to build a new process, a process that really works, and works for everyone.”

On Thursday, a spokesman for Warren, Lacey Rose, said, “Senator Warren believes there was bias at the DNC but when asked in an interview on Wednesday she clarified her belief that the broader primary process was fair.”…


image from last year…chicagotribune.com

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A Bernie Sanders supporter organizing for Democrats in Nebraska….

Democrats ARE working to widen their appeal beyond just the big cities…

Trying to lead the Nebraska Democrats to electoral success might sound as full of professional potential as running business development at Sears or chairing the Log Cabin Republicans, but Kleeb, 44, sees far more potential in her downtrodden state party.

Jane Kleeb, chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party and activist against the Keystone XL pipeline, poses on Sept. 19 at a solar barn she helped build. The barn sits along the proposed path of the Keystone XL pipeline in Bradshaw, Nebraska. 
HuffPost is hitting the road this fall to interview people about their hopes, dreams, fears ― and what it means to be American today.

The first thing you have to do, Kleeb said, “is you just have to show up.”

Visibility is a theme Kleeb keeps coming back to ― whether its a booth at the state fair, a pamphlet-wielding volunteer at a livestock auction house, or on the ballot. It represents an improvement over the status quo for the state’s Democrats, who have been defined by low morale after years of neglect from the national party.

“I can’t expect a voter to all of a sudden ― if they’re an independent or even a moderate Republican ― to vote for Democrats if they never see us on the issues that they care about,” Kleeb said.

In this context, refurbishing the office feels like a tastefully bedecked war cry: a rebuttal to the naysayers that even in blood-red Nebraska, there is a Democratic Party, a party with history, one that stands for something, and ― this is the part Kleeb really wants to drive home ― one that’s actually trying….


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Sanders people don’t want Tim Kaine as Hillary’s VP….

Politico does a piece that is inspired by Sanders people STRONG disapproval of the push in the media for Tim Kaine on the top of the list for Hillary Clinton’s  Vice President….

Julian Castro has had the same pushback from the left…..

Progresives probabaly would like Clinton to take Sanders of Elizabeth Warren as running mates….

THAT is VERY unlikely …..

“An establishment Wall Street Democrat like Tim Kaine … will do nothing but confirm to progressives she’s learned nothing from this primary,” Jordan Chariton told Politico Magazine, who reports for the Bernie-friendly online talk show The Young Turks.

As many as 22 million potential voters in November are thought to be Sanders-leaning Democrats, and they’re looking for evidence that Clinton is paying some heed to the surprisingly strong insurgency of the socialist from Vermont. Bernie’s success was a clear anti-establishment uprising, strong enough that his supporters expect their agenda will now help shape the future of the party. But choosing Kaine may send them the opposite message: This is her party now, and you aren’t the ones calling the shots.

“Tim Kaine would be a perfect addition to the ticket,” said People for Bernie co-founder Charles Lenchner when asked by Politico Magazine how he would interpret such a pick “in that he would add no progressive backbone that might inconvenience Team Hillary when it’s time to govern.”

Partly it’s the way he navigates tricky subjects. On abortion, he carries a perfect score from Planned Parenthood regarding his Senate votes—but Kaine is also a devout Catholic who says, as he did on Meet the Press last Sunday, “I don’t like it personally. I’m opposed to abortion.” On the budget, Kaine rejected the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission recommendation to reduce Social Security benefits as a Senate candidate in 2012, but he embraced the underlying anti-Keynesian principle of the commission proposal: “two or three dollars of cuts for every dollar of revenue.”

Kaine also appears partial to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, loathed by Sanders and his backers.



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Sanders supporters are warming to Hillary Clinton….

‘Time and Love’ was the old Laura Nero song….

Well at least the time factor in the Democratic party is working for Hillary Clinton….

Reemeber all the dire warnings from Bernei sanders supporters about hating  Hillary Clinton?

That was then….

With Sanders out of the race and Trump continuing to dispaly his lack of much of ANYTHING except that he is the Greatest?

The Sanders supporters are coming home….

Donald Trump would like for Bernie Sanders supporters to ditch the Democratic Party and support him. There is very little evidence that they will do that, mind you, but it’s certainly possible that they might just stay home — which would help Trump.

Well, we have some bad news for the Trump campaign. Sanders supporters aren’t just rallying around Clinton; they’re doing it rather quickly. And it’s a big reason Clinton just extended her lead over Trump into the double digits, 51 percent to 39 percent.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that Sanders backers, who polls have shown were reluctant to jump over to Clinton and even flirted with supporting Trump, are coming home faster than we might have expected.

Last month, 20 percent of Sanders supporters said they would back Trump over Clinton in the general election. This month, that figure is down to 8 percent.



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… To Bernie folks-from an Hillary Indiana Canvasser…. Your supporters have been so nice to me!

While Conservatives are NOT happy with other Republicans supporting Donald Trump?
Demofcrats seem to be getting along with their differences…. 


A Big ‘TY’ (and much LOVE) to Bernie Supporters Here In  Tippecanoe Co.,  Indiana

I just knocked my last 80 doors or so for Hill this evening. (Thank goodness that it didn’t rain. Conditions in the feild were fairly miserable on Sat.)

Today I spent most of my time in a warm, dry office with plenty of junk food and the ability to use the facilities whenever I so chose. The *click* that you hear when a voter hangs up is rather different from the “NOT Hillary! She should be in JAIL!!” exclamation that so often accompanies a slammed door.

I would like to publicly thank the Bernie supporters here in Tippecanoe Co., Indiana. Maybe it’s “Midwestern Nice,” or the bunker mentality that we red-state Ds have. We are so used to losing elections, that we tend to be a bit more gracious than Repubs.

As far as I can tell, only one Bernie supporter has ever slammed the door in my face. And even he didn’t demand that I “get the ____ off my [his] property.”

The other few hundred or so have been willing to have very pleasant, well-mannered and downright friendly D-to-D conversations with me. I respect their “votes of conscience.” And I always tell them that I gave Bernie money when he first started running (which is true: the golden rule of canvassing is that one must never utter untruths to voters).

One of the weird things about being a trusted user here on Kos is that I get to see some of the hidden comments and/or deleted diaries.

Personally, I am a bit astonished by the on-line internecine vitriol. I don’t spend a lot of time in the blogosphere, for me it’s mostly an outlet. (“Venting” if you will.) And as a red state D, I find D-on-D violence to be more than unhelpful; frankly it makes me quite queasy.

Our real opponents are the Repubs, and anyone who has lived through Reagan and Dubya may share my views on this score. But if you don’t have these memories, perhaps you might consider watching a Trump speech on C-Span. (Air-sickness bag recommended.)

I will sit out the rest of this primary season as an observer. I figure I have 2-3K doors under my belt, recently. It’s enough.

So I’m not going to buy a plane ticket to California and sleep on a supporter’s couch. (Yes, I’ve done that sort of thing. It’s an interesting experience. You might consider trying it.) Frankly, I’d rather give my $$ to the DSCC, since Hillary (if elected Pres) would be in a better place for Supreme Court Nominees.

That said: I feel compelled to publicly thank Bernie supporters here in Indiana. It’s always such a relief to knock the door of a Democrat. And for those of you who are unaware of the situation here in Indiana, let me explain that there is no party registration, and so campaigns unavoidably include a lot of hard-core Repubs on call or walk lists. (Plus our local state party and most county parties are extremely weak. It’s not at all unusual for D voters to take R ballots in a primary, because that’s often their only way to have an effect on the outcome.)

Life in the field has its ups and downs, but there is nothing more comforting than speaking to another family member. Even if we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything.

Let me say it again – loud and clear: THANK YOU to all the Bernie supporters whose doors I have knocked. You have been extremely kind, gracious and supportive.

I could NOT be more grateful. And I am saying this from the bottom of my heart.



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Trump supporters are angry at those who do NOT support their guy…

I just did  piece on Sanders supporters….

Here’s piece on Trump’s….

The outsiders seem to attract more REALLY angry people….

So angry that they get nasty and sometimes threatening….

The fight for their party’s leadership turns nasty?

Death threats — including threats that describe death by hanging.

References to where you live.

Not-so-subtle allusions to your family.

Warnings that your personal information will soon become public — or perhaps it has already.

These are just some of the reports coming in from low-level GOP officials around the country about the threats they claim to have received from pro-Trump forces. As Trump accuses other politicians and the party at large of denying him delegates, ominous messages believed to be coming from freelance Trump backers — usually hiding behind anonymity — have injected fear and anxiety into the usually low-stakes delegate selection process at the local and state level.

It will likely be sometime before we know whether the GOP confab in Cleveland will be a full-blown contested convention, but the current backlash from Trumpites portends some dark days ahead if Trump is denied the nomination.

From Indiana to Colorado to Tennessee, those involved in the delegate selection process are receiving harassment and even death threats from Trump fans who believe that the system has been “rigged” against the real estate mogul…..


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