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Most people will get less taken out of their 2018 paycheck…There could be a catch…

….A tax cut is a tax cut, if people spend the extra money and don’t save it and then don’t get a tax refund next year, because the tax cut was put into their paychecks then it is their own fault for not being prudent with their money….

I know most people will get a tax cut…but the IRS is going to be directed to give more money back upfront by decreasing the amount of money withheld in their weekly or biweekly pay checks…the issue at heart is…many will not realize to save the money and when April of 2019 comes around people who usually get refunds won’t because it will have already been given out throughout the course of the year and Americans will be sure to spend it without realizing that they won’t be getting the same refund they are use to because of the tax cut and how the IRS is going to distribute that tax cut through decreased withholding on pay checks and give it to the people up front…


Obama’s three big mistakes….

A bdog highlight….

This is a follow up to Jonathan Alter’s “Tell me again why Barack Obama has been such a bad president?”

Obama’s three big mistakes

By David Frum, CNN Contributor

Over at Bloomberg, Jonathan Alterposes a question to non-supporters of President Obama:

“Tell me again why Barack Obama has been such a bad president?

I’m not talking here about him as a tactician and communicator. We can agree that he has played some bad poker with Congress. … (But) what, specifically, has he done wrong on policy?”

OK, I’ll play.

Obama made three crucially bad economic decisions in the first year of his presidency:

1) Obama deferred to Democrats in Congress on the writing of his fiscal stimulus. He fought for a big total, but he paid much less attention to what was included in the total. The predictable result: a stimulus that most economists condemn as very poorly designed.

Congress larded up the stimulus with ancient Democratic wish lists utterly irrelevant to the crisis at hand: $15 billion for more Pell grants, $9 billion for community and rural development, $20 billion for the renewable energy tax credit and so on. $87 billion was used to bail out state governments that had overspent on Medicaid. About $140 billion was put toward individual tax rebates that — most economists warned — would do little or nothing to stimulate economic activity….