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Waiting in the wings and soon to be appearing?…Barack Obama…

The Hill does an update piece on the return of Barack Obama to the Democrats national scene…

Look for him to come back on stage this fall…

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He has indicated that he wants to help the party climb back into the majority , something they lost during his two terms in office…

While some think he could overshadow the emerging 2020 Democratic Presidential sweepstakes entrants….I think Obama at least owes the party his services in trying to regain its footings….(Sanders people can’t be happy with this)

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have Obama’s 63% approval numbers , but will be out with a book  and has her own Super Pac up and running for what she says is to also help out the Democrats in 2018 and 2020…

One aide describes the beginning of a “delicate dance” that aims to put Obama in the Democratic fray but prevents him from remaining the face of the party.

Aides will huddle with Obama in the coming weeks to plot out what shape the former president’s fall schedule will take. Advisers close to him say that while he will play an active role in helping his party rebuild, much of his work will be behind the scenes.

He is likely to take on fundraising, for example, something he has done for the Democratic National Committee and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee since leaving office.

In recent months, Obama has played a larger behind the scenes role than was publicly known….



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Democrat’s ramp up their organizing efforts….

Politico does a spotlight piece on Democratic ‘Organizing for Action’ group….

Fresh off a huge win for anti-Trump forces in the Obamacare repeal fight, the Democratic activist group is gearing up for its next showdown this fall—battling President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts with the same state- and district-focused strategy it employed on health care. The organization inspired by Obama hasn’t heard from him in months, though a person close to the former president said he’s likely to lend his support later this year to OFA as well as the Democratic National Committee and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. That could include fundraising and other help, but not a direct leadership role.

In the meantime, OFA isn’t sitting still. It’s already looking at plans to go into 2018 with a massive voter registration drive that could become its main project ahead of the midterms.

First, though, OFA will spend Congress’ August recess sending organizers to town halls and district offices. It has a calendar of “accountability” (read: protest) and “appreciation” (read: drop-ins like the one to deliver cupcakes to Sen. Joe Manchin’s West Virginia office last week) events, based on senators’ votes on repealing Obamacare. They’re showing up to cheer for John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, and yell at people like Jeff Flake and Dean Heller.

“Our members are home. And it’s time to go talk to them,” OFA executive director Katie Hogan, said of lawmakers.

Every version of OFA when the initials didn’t stand for Obama for America (its presidential campaign inception) has struggled. When it was reconstituted after the 2012 campaign as a vehicle for promoting Obama’s second-term agenda, few people understood what its mission was or how it wanted to measure success. Some Democrats remain bitter that Obama favored OFA over the DNC as his main political arm, and others wonder how effective OFA can be as a nonprofit barred from engaging directly in campaigns.

Yet six months into a presidency geared toward undermining the legacy of the man these young operatives still revere—more as someone who shaped not just their politics but their entire political consciousness—OFA has found new life. It’s become the lead organizing hub of the Trump resistance….


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Obama wants Deval Patrick to run for President….

Politico is out with a look at another name to add to the LONG list of Democrats to run for President….

Least you think it’s too early to be talking about this….


The line IS forming folks……

Obama has had kind words  about Deval Patrick and Kamal Harris….

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The former Democratic Massachusetts Governor seems to be on the fence though…

Barack Obama is nudging him to run. His inner circle is actively encouraging it. Obamaworld’s clear and away 2020 favorite is sitting right here, on the 38th floor of the John Hancock Building, in a nicely decorated office at Bain Capital.

And Deval Patrick has many thoughts on what he says is Donald Trump’s governing by fear and a dishonest pitch to economic nostalgia, while encouraging a rise in casual racism and ditching any real commitment to civil rights.

Obama strategist David Axelrod has had several conversations with Patrick about running, and eagerly rattles off the early primary map logic: small-town campaign experience from his 2006 gubernatorial run that will jive perfectly with Iowa, neighbor-state advantage in New Hampshire and the immediate bloc of votes he’d have as an African-American heading into South Carolina.

Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s close adviser and friend, says that a President Patrick is what “my heart desires.”

David Simas, Obama’s political director in the White House and now the CEO of his foundation, used to be Patrick’s deputy chief of staff and remains perhaps his biggest fan on the planet.
Obama himself—who is personally close to Patrick, and counts him among the very small group of people whom he thinks has actual political talent—has privately encouraged him to think about it, among others.

Obama veterans light up at the mention of his name. In self-assurance, style and politics, they see the former Massachusetts governor as a perfect match, the natural continuation of Obama’s legacy….



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Trump disapproval at 57 percent….Poll

But the guy STILL has Republicans backing him….

Almost 60 percent of Americans disapprove of the job President Trump is doing, according to Gallup’s daily tracking poll.

The disapproval rating, 57 percent, is slightly lower than when Trump reached record disapproval of 60 percent during mid-June, according to the poll.

Between the disapproval and approval ratings, there is a 20-percentage-point difference, with 37 percent of those surveyed in the latest poll saying they approve of the job Trump is doing.

The approval rating is also near the daily poll’s record low mark of 35 percent that occurred in late March.

The past two Democratic presidents, former President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, never faced a 60 percent disapproval in the Gallup survey….


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Obama meets with another head of state after Trump….

He has previous met with Chancellor Merkel of Germany, and  Canadian PM Trudeu after they have spoken to Donald Trump….

Former President Barack Obama will be in South Korea Monday, giving a speech at an international forum hosted by a local newspaper.

The Korea Herald said Obama will also meet informally with former President Lee Myung-bak and current President Moon Jae-in.

The meeting comes shortly after President Trump hosted Moon at the White House.


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Obama will campaign for Democrat Ralph Northam Virginia’s run for governor…

Barack Obama eases back into politics….

Former president Barack Obama is making his first campaign foray of 2017, agreeing to stump for Democrat Ralph Northam in his bid to be Virginia’s next governor.

David Turner, a spokesman for Northam, said the former president agreed this week to hit the campaign trail for Northam, but said he wouldn’t “go into any further detail about the private conversations that Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam had with President Barack Obama.”

An aide to Obama confirmed that the former president agreed to campaign for Northam during a congratulatory call, although no events have been planned.

The HuffPost first reported Obama’s plans to campaign for Northam.

The Virginia governor’s race, one of just two gubernatorial contests this year, is shaping up as the next high-profile electoral contest in the era of President Trump. It follows a couple of Democratic losses in high-profile special elections to fill congressional vacancies, including the House race in Georgia earlier this week that became the most expensive in U.S. history…..


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Obama greeted by up to 100,000 in Berlin visit…

Another time Barack Obama outdoes Donald Trump with crowds….

The former President had a good time hanging with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and speaking about not closing up America from the rest of the world behind a ‘wall’…..

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The former US president, Barack Obama, has made a call for international engagement as he told an audience of tens of thousands in Berlin that “we can’t hide behind a wall.”

Obama was discussing democracy and global responsibility with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, as the country marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It was Obama’s first speaking event in Europe since leaving the White House in January.

At the 18th-century monument in Berlin that has also heard celebrated speeches from Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, Obama and Merkel took questions about shaping democracy from a teacher, an actor, a social worker and a student.

After lauding Merkel as someone who had done “outstanding work,” Obama launched a defence of his own presidency and the values of liberal democracy championed by both leaders.

Citing the rise of nationalism and xenophobia in parts of the world, Obama told the crowd that “we have to push back against those trends that would violate human rights or suppress democracy or restrict individual freedoms.”

In questions to both leaders on the refugee crisis, Obama said nation states had a duty to help people in need but also to make clear to their own populations the interconnected nature of the world….



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ex-President Obama is back….

Barack Obama sit down on stage in Chicago and speaks about organizing by young people into the American political system…

He was greeted by warm applause and gave a folksy intro…..

He also acknowledged some misses that he had as President ,for his party ,and the country…

Obama WILL be under pressuer to speak up FOR the party , which is rudderless right now as Trump is constantly splashed across the media…

Ex-President’s tradionally do NOT do that, though…

Former President Barack Obama returned to his adopted home on Monday for his first public event since leaving the White House, pledging to work toward preparing the next generation of political leadership in America.

In opening remarks during a conversation with six young people in front of an audience at the University of Chicago, Mr. Obama spoke fondly of starting his political career on the city’s South Side, where his presidential library will eventually be built.

“This community taught me that ordinary people, when working together, can do extraordinary things,” Mr. Obama said. “This community taught me that everybody has a story to tell that is important.”

Mr. Obama said that he still cared about problems like economic inequality, climate change, justice issues and the spread of violence. But he said that it was a lack of leadership that prevented the country from making more progress on confronting those problems.

“The single most important thing I can do,” he said, is to “help in any way I can prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton and to take their own crack at changing the world.”

Mr. Obama has spent the three months since Inauguration Day on an extended vacation even as his staff begins setting up an office in Washington and planning continues on the library in Chicago. He is also starting to work on a memoir.

But on Monday, the former president began what will be a series of public appearances in the United States and Europe.

Aides have said Mr. Obama does not intend to use his platform to directly challenge President Trump, despite his successor’s aggressive efforts to reverse many of Mr. Obama’s legacy-making accomplishments.

But the first event on Monday offered an example of the pressure the former president will be under to speak out….


image….Joshua Lott for The New York Times

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Obama going to Germany to meet with Merkel….

He, he, he…..

This probabaly did NOT make the Trump White House happy when the travel memo hit ….

Image result for obama/merkel

Former President Obama will join German Chancellor Angela Merkel for a forum in Berlin next month in his first appearance alongside a foreign leader since leaving office in January.

The discussion, titled “Being Involved in Democracy: Taking on Responsibility Locally and Globally,” is in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, which began in Germany in 1517. Obama was invited to Germany for the anniversary last May. The Obama Foundation is co-sponsoring the discussion.

“President Barack Obama’s attending the Kirchentag in Berlin, which will ring in the Reformation Summer, underlines the international character of our 500th anniversary celebrations,” Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, the Evangelical Church in Germany Council chair, said in a statement.

“Anyone who is pious also has to be politically minded,” he added. “I am looking forward to enthusiastic debates during the Reformation Summer 2017.”

Despite tensions that emerged after revelations in 2013 that the National Security Agency had tapped Merkel’s and other German officials’ phone lines, the American and German leaders were seen as having a cooperative relationship. During a trip to Germany in November, Obama called Merkel his “closest ally.”….



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Seriously?…The Democrats HAVE to get back into Winning in the Political Game…

Hillary Clinton BEAT Donald Trump by almost 3 Million votes….

Barack Obama is up to a 60% approval rate…..

Obamacare support is approaching 50%…..

And Donald Trump is the President of the United States….

Republicans continue to win BIG in state and local elections since 2010….

What gives?

What gives is Democrats are all right in the collective American population….

But are losing their shirts, pants and political underwear in elections….

Americans on the Right are scared of the changes that are occurring in this country as it advances thru the 21st century….

Most other Americans are just going thru their lives and do NOT want to mount the fight the mostly right leaners are waging….

The question for the Democrats is?

Can Donald Trump actually be the catalyst to help Democrats comeback on the nations political battle field?

….Every path back to power runs through figuring out how to get voters to believe again that the Democratic Party, founded on and forever about a fairer economy, is aware that millions of Americans feel the economy’s been unfair to them and think Democrats have no real plans to do anything about it.

“Trump is talking about the economy of the past, bringing us backward to an economy that doesn’t exist anymore. Rather than going back into the coal mines, we’ve got to show how hardworking people in Appalachia can contribute to the new economy,” says Moulton, who is often talked about as a candidate for statewide office and beyond. “The message has to be: ‘We need you, we want you to be a part of the economy.’ We’re not going to pretend that it’s going to be 1955 again, but there’s a new economy coming and America’s not going to succeed if it’s not responding.”

This has echoes of how Bill Clinton campaigned in 1992—as a champion of globalization who would make it work better for ordinary Americans—but that was before so many of the factories had closed, before the culture felt different, before the internet made everything more immediate and more immediately infuriating. Yet Obama and his 21st-century Democrats beat back the Clinton restoration in 2008 in large part by running against the incremental, crabwise approach of the ’90s. Bill Clinton was a Southern Democrat who grew up in a world of political constraints, and there aren’t too many of those anymore; what the base wants now is Warren-like progressive passion, without any of the liberal self-loathing they sensed in the Clintons.

Over emails, texts and phone calls, ad hoc networks of younger Democrats have started to form, eager to talk about a new start for the party.

“Part of the work I’m doing right now is recognizing there is nobody left. It’s pulling together my peers,” says Eric Garcetti, a 45-year old Mexican-American Jewish mayor of Los Angeles who is widely assumed to be part of the party’s future in California and potentially beyond. He wanted Clinton to win. But there’s a certain freedom in moving past Clintonism.

“It’s maybe the end of … ‘The era of big government is over,’” he says.


The Politics of Obstruction

It’s been 10 years since Democrats didn’t control at least one wing of the federal government, and a lot of them, argues Ruben Gallego, an Arizona Democrat elected to the House in 2014, have forgotten what that’s like. Those who do, he says, are all basing their thinking on what they did to George W. Bush or what Mitch McConnell did to Obama. “They’re scared of the unknown. This is a new world for them. And they’re trying to find solace in what they know,” Gallego says….

Many Democrats want Obama now to be the field marshal on the campaign trail and the architect of the revival, if only out of penance for the eight years of Democratic decimation on his watch—a record that culminated in his sharing a limo from the White House to the Inauguration with a man once thought to be the most unelectable major-party nominee in generations.


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Obama, Pelosi, Schumer will lead Democrats…Says Biden…


But they are now OLD SCHOOL….

WHO will be picked to run for President in 2020?

Can Democrats find a young face, that will include not just the coastal Democrats and the Left leaners…But the Rustbelt and emerging SouthWest Democratic supporters?

Biden acknowledged that the Democrats have had a hard time finding a direction after Hillary Clinton lost last month’s president election to Donald Trump.
“Well, like after every presidential election where the party loses, there is no single leader,” Biden said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“There are voices that hopefully will be heard.”

He continued: “Hopefully, I’ll be able to have a voice in the direction of the party. The president of the United States will. Obviously, Chuck Schumer will. Obviously, Nancy Pelosi will. There is going to be governors that will emerge. So it’s a contest of ideas of which direction to take the party.”


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Obama Admin moves to nail down final actions….

Some agencies have stopped in place….

But others are moving ahead to finish business in their pipelines mindful that Bracak Obama IS the President of the United State until Januaray 20th , 2017…..

Federal agencies are rushing out a final volley of executive actions in the last two months of Barack Obama’s presidency, despite warnings from Republicans in Congress and the reality that Donald Trump will have the power to erase much of their handiwork after Jan. 20.

Regulations on commodities speculation, air pollution from the oil industry, doctors’ Medicare drug payments and high-skilled immigrant workers are among the rules moving through the pipeline as Obama’s administration grasps at one last chance to cement his legacy. So are regulations tightening states’ oversight of online colleges and protecting funding for Planned Parenthood.

Also moving ahead are negotiations on an investment treaty with China and decisions by the Education Department on whether to offer debt relief to students at defunct for-profit colleges. The Department of Transportation may also go ahead with a ban on cellphone calls on commercial flights and a rule requiring that most freight trains have at least two crew members on duty.

Some agencies are pulling back, fearful that Trump and the GOP-led Congress will use a seldom-invoked legislative tool to permanently wipe out their 11th-hour regulations. For example, the Interior Department has failed to release a long-awaited rule to protect streams from coal mining pollution — and indications are it might never issue it.

But other agencies have signaled full steam ahead despite the threat of Republicans consigning their work to oblivion, in a dynamic that will be crucial to deciding how much of Obama’s legacy survives the ascendant Trump era…..


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Open Thread for November 26, 2016… Early 2020 Democratic Presidential prospects?

Yea It’s early…..

And unless a mircle happens with the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania ?

The White House will be occupied by one Donald Trump if he doesn’t quit or get kicked out…..


I’m asking….

Who would the Democrats be looking to early to run for the Presidedncy in 2020?

Here’s some people  floated by others….

Bernie Sanders. Just after Trump was elected, the self-described “democratic socialist” from Vermont was asked if he’d run in 2020. “We’ll take one thing at a time,” he responded. “But I’m not ruling out anything.” Sanders’ unlikely 2016 surge won him national recognition and popularity across party lines, especially with young voters. But Bernie will be 79 in 2020, older than any major party nominee in America’s history. This obviously presents concern; though at 70, Donald Trump is already older than any other President beginning his first term.

Elizabeth Warren. The progressive populist has so far denied interest in running, but she has a sizable following and a definite lane — which would open up significantly if Sanders chose to sit out. Many fear the Democrats would be unlikely to nominate another female candidate following the misogyny that led to Clinton’s defeat, though the Massachusetts Senator could be the best choice to override that.

Cory Booker. Here’s a reality TV star who’s actually highly qualified to run for President. Booker’s time as mayor of Newark, NJ was chronicled on the Sundance Channel series Brick City and — to make him even more viable as a 21st century candidate — he’s especially adept at social media. He hasn’t been vocal about a Presidential run, but that could be because of his current duties, serving in the U.S. Senate.

Sherrod Brown. Representing the swing state of Ohio, this Senator could likely make a study campaign run, albeit without the name recognition of those just mentioned. His name floated around as a possible Vice President choice for Hillary Clinton this summer.

Kirsten Gillibrand. The New York Senator filled Hillary Clinton’s seat when she was named to Barack Obama’s cabinet. Her name recognition is growing, often around her activism to raise awareness of sexual violence on campuses.

Julian Castro. The Obama Cabinet member comes with a compelling American dream narrative and serious comparisons to the man who appointed him. He was raised in a low-income San Antonio neighborhood by a single mother, only to become mayor of his hometown by his mid 30s, and later, like Obama before him, enjoyed a breakthrough moment by giving the keynote speech at the 2012 Democratic convention….


The Hill adds ….

Amy Klobuchar

One of Clinton’s more vocal congressional supporters, the Minnesota senator’s name is a regular in future presidential speculation too.

Like President Obama, she’s a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and has spearheaded work to curb sexual assault in the military along with Gillibrand and others. She’s very popular in her home state and has a background in law enforcement as a county prosecutor.

Along with Gillibrand and Warren, Klobuchar, 56, is part of the group of women who could attempt to succeed where Clinton fell short in breaking the presidency’s glass ceiling.

Al Franken

A less common pick, the former Saturday Night Live cast member could be an interesting foil to the reality show superstar turned President Elect.

Franken, 65, has sought to ditch the “funny man” reputation since he arrived in the Senate, but has started to open up a bit more recently as he stumped for Clinton and bashed Trump.

Some are buying into the early speculation, with the “Draft Al Franken 2020” super-PAC registered on Wednesday.

Martin O’Malley

O’Malley served as the odd man out during the Democratic primary, taken far more seriously than Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb but unable to get past the low single-digits in the polls.

But many Democrats saw O’Malley’s bid as a low-risk test drive for a future candidacy, as the 53-year-old former Maryland Governor staked out a number of progressive positions and sought to position himself with one foot in either camp of the party.

He’s now angling for a post atop the DNC, which could put him at the center of the effort to reshape the party.

Kamala Harris

The newly-minted incoming senator for California has drawn comparisons to the rise of another young, black Democrat—Barack Obama.

A presidential bid would be on an ambitious timeline for the 52-year-old Harris, who would be just a few years into her first term in the Senate as the body’s first Indian-American senator (her mother is Indian and her father is Jamaican). But she has drawn praise for her progressive tenure as the state’s Attorney General and had the field almost entirely cleared for her 2016 Senate bid….

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Obama and Holder to lead 2020 Democratic Redistricting efforts…

With the 2020 US Cencus count Democrats will be trying to turn back some of gains Republican’s made six years ago in drawing Congressional District maps for political gains in the US House of Representatives District footprints….

As Democrats aim to capitalize on this year’s Republican turmoil and start building back their own decimated bench, former Attorney General Eric Holder will chair a new umbrella group focused on redistricting reform—with the aim of taking on the gerrymandering that’s left the party behind in statehouses and made winning a House majority far more difficult.

The new group, called the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, was developed in close consultation with the White House. President Barack Obama himself has now identified the group—which will coordinate campaign strategy, direct fundraising, organize ballot initiatives and put together legal challenges to state redistricting maps—as the main focus of his political activity once he leaves office….

The NDRC aims to tackle a central problem for Democrats: they complain about the need for redistricting reform all the time and have dozens of aligned interest groups pushing their own efforts, but none of has gone far—and that’s left the party on the ropes every cycle. Lower Democratic turnout in midterm years has enabled Republicans to win governor’s races and statehouse races that consolidate power state capitals and Washington by being the ones to draw the maps that everyone needs to run on.

They argue that Democrats have been losing races in large part because they’ve let Republicans tilt the field….


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Hillary Clinton says Trump owes Obama and America an Apology about the Birther Falsehood…

Donald Trump has been peddling  the falsehood that Barack Obama was NOT born in America….

Millions of Americans have belived him….

Todays reluctant declaration by Trump that he was actually wrong isn’t gonna stop most of those people from believing Trump’s statement over the years…

By embrassing the media and casting aspersions on the nations first mixed race President?….

Trump has made a LOT of Blacks unhappy and white’s agree with his seemingly racist comments….

A reversal today could close out ANY chance for Donald Trump to become President….

Oh,….And Hillary Clinton thinks Trump should be giving Barack Obama , his Family and America  an apology….

No matter what Donald Trump says now, the Republican nominee will not be able to undo what he has already wrought by questioning President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, Hillary Clinton said Friday. And he owes both Obama and the American people an apology, she added.

“For five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. There is no erasing it in history,” Clinton told an audience at the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium workshop in Washington. “Just yesterday, Trump, again, refused to say with his own words that the president was born in the United States.”
Story Continued Below

Clinton’s comments came minutes before Trump was scheduled to speak in the same city about Obama’s citizenship, which his campaign said in a statement Thursday night that he accepted. Trump himself declined to say earlier Friday whether he believes Obama was born in the U.S., teasing a forthcoming “major statement” on the matter.

“Now, Donald’s advisers have the temerity to say he’s doing the country a service by pushing these lies. No. He isn’t. He’s feeding into the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country. Barack Obama was born in America, plain and simple. And Donald Trump owes him and the American people an apology,” Clinton said…..


MSNBC snap poll on does Trump owe Obama an apology?




Jim Sciutto Retweeted
Sara Murray ‏@SaraMurrayRep Clyburn: “We are used to dog whistles but the thing we are not used to are the howls of wolves. These are howls” (h/t @KilloughCNN)

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President Hillary Clinton won’t have a easy time Governing…

Both her husband Bill Clinton and Barack Obama came into the White House  with MAJORITIES in the US House and US Senate…..

Hillary Clinton will NOT have that….


Some of the Republicans that will vote for him come November?

Will turn against her after she wins….

Along with that…. She will have pressuers on her from the Left also….

Weither anyone likes it or NOT?

She WILL HAVE TO work somewhat from the Middle….(Obama has been , but has been able to get some things done within the Excutive branch)

Clinton and her campaign have been trying to make a bipartisan-sounding pitch. “I will be president for Democrats, Republicans and independents,” Clinton said in a speech the night she clinched her party’s nomination on June 7. Her running mate Tim Kaine addressed disaffected Republicans from the DNC stage last month: “we have a home for you here in the Democratic party.”

The campaign hopes that inclusive tone can stretch into next year. “Our sole concern right now is in continuing to build a coalition of support to elect Hillary Clinton as the next president,” said campaign spokesman Brian Fallon. “We are keenly aware that how you approach the campaign influences the situation you inherit when it comes to governing. Republicans and Democrats alike believe in increased investment in infrastructure. Republicans and Democrats alike believe we need to act to reform our immigration system.”

Fallon added that the Democratic nominee remains optimistic about at least gaining seats in the House. “The composition of the Congress that a potential President Clinton would be working with is not at all predetermined,” he said.

Neither is Clinton’s victory, although with a six point lead over Trump nationally, according to the Real Clear Politics polling average, many Republicans are now girding for that eventuality.

Republicans operatives on the Hill, for instance, are already planning to block Clinton’s agenda by strategically targeting individual Democratic senators who will be up for reelection in 2018. …

Meanwhile, Clinton is facing similar pressure from the left when it comes to sticking to her campaign promises.


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