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Consumer Reports rates the iPhone 8 and 8Plus higher than the iPhone X…

I’m glad i picked up and 8 Plus…NOT a X….

Consumer Reports today shared its final iPhone X testing results, and while the site has given the iPhone X a recommendation, Apple’s new flagship smartphone has been ranked below the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus in the Consumer Reports recommended list.

The iPhone X did make the Consumer Reports list of top 10 smartphones in the number 9 slot, but the site says it did not beat out the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus because of its poor performance on a durability test. Both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus better survived a tumble test for emulating real-world drops and fumbles of about 2.5 feet that can result in device damage, despite the fact that all three devices have glass bodies.

After 50-100 tumbles, one iPhone X model suffered serious body damage, while two others had screen defects. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus ended up with just a few scrapes after the test. Front displays for the iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus all came away unscathed, and the iPhone X did well on scratch tests and water resistance tests….


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The iPhone X reads your face to open itself up…Good or Bad?


I ‘m NOT happy with this feature….

Image result for apple iphone X facial recognition

I don’t mind having to actually press a button to activate my phone…

I’m kinda old school….

It appears I’ve got company on this….

When Apple Inc. unveiled its new iPhone X this week, there was plenty of interest in the new, sharper display, wireless charging, upgraded camera and stratospheric price tag. But the feature that really got people talking was the phone’s 3-D facial recognition system. It is meant to allow you to log in at a glance and to make your phone more secure. But some have concerns about the implications of a technology company mapping millions of people’s faces, and how that might be abused by companies and governments…..


What’s the benefit of Face ID?

Ease of use and security, according to Apple. The iPhone X detects when you’re looking at the display and unlocks automatically, without you needing to fiddle with the screen, Apple says. And it says the system is more secure than Touch ID, the fingerprint scanner that’s been standard on iPhones for the past four years. According to Apple, the chance of someone else unlocking your phone with Face ID is one in a million, compared with one in 50,000 for Touch ID.

 What’s the downside?

Apple software chief Craig Federighi experienced a slight hiccup at Tuesday’s demo: The phone failed to unlock when he first tried to open it using Face ID. Apple later said this was because the phone hadn’t been previously unlocked with a PIN to activate Face ID. What will really make or break the user experience is how long unlocking takes and how accurate it is in everyday use, which we’re unlikely to know until after its Nov. 3 shipping date. Another issue is whether it works better for some people than others. “Many facial recognition systems have a higher rate of error when tested for accuracy in identifying people of color,’’ U.S. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota wrote in a Sept. 13 letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, as he sought reassurances on a number of concerns related to Face ID…..


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