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Alabama Republicans…Stay home if ya want to…don’t vote for Roy Moore or Doug Jones…Red State

…by Carl Arbogast @ Red State…

Whatever the case may be, no reason exists to vote for Doug Jones. The notion that staying home “is not good enough” comes only from Democrats who want to shame you into voting for their guy. But why on earth would people vote for the person who upholds ideals and supports policies that are a 180-degree departure from their own? That’s crazy talk.

Doug Jones is a liberal. And yes, a Democrat winning in Alabama would be a significant setback for the GOP in advancing a legislative agenda in Congress.

Well, that’s too bad. 

Too many Republicans have made their bed, and now they have to lie in it. Of course, Moore could still win which means Republicans would have the votes they need but would also have to answer for every goofball thing Moore ever said and will have to answer questions regarding the accusations over Moore’s dark past.

That said, don’t allow yourself to be bullied into a voting for a liberal Democrat. It’s not necessary. Stay home if you have to. But don’t sacrifice your ideals for political expediency…..


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Doug Jones turns to the black vote in the wanning days of the Alabama US Senate race…

The problem?

Black voters are NOT worked up about Democratic chances is a Red state…They seem resigned to Roy Moore getting the spot….

For Democrats to win a Senate race in a state as red as Alabama, which President Trump carried by 28 points last year, everything needs to break their way. Doug Jones must persuade significant numbers of Republicans to back him in next week’s special election over Roy Moore, but victory also requires a level of black turnout not seen since Barack Obama’s 2008 election. Even with so much working in his favor, that remains a very tall order.

Two dozen interviews with African Americans on Thursday in this rural town of 6,500 showed that Jones still has his work cut out for him. The conversations revealed deep distaste for Trump but also disillusionment with the political process.

Paulette Williams, 62, will vote for Jones, but she lamented that most people she knows are apathetic and predicted that he will not win. She said Republicans are going to pull the lever for Moore despite allegations of sexual misconduct against him, but too many Democrats can’t be bothered.

“People died to have the right to vote. Now that people have the privilege, they waste it,” said Williams, who retired after 33 years as a technical inspector at a pulp and paper mill. “People talk more about the Alabama-Auburn game than politics. Everything President Obama implemented, Trump is trying to reverse: civil rights, equal rights, helping the poor, all of it. But they’re more interested in Alabama versus Auburn than what’s going wrong in the country.”…



Only Barack Obama earned excitement in Southern state blacks along the lines of Bill Clinton….

image…Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Alabama, waves to a supporter as he walks in a Christmas parade last Saturday in Selma. Jones is trying to shore up support among black voters in his race against Republican Roy Moore. (Jeff May/AP)

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Top Republicans get dragged into accepting Moore in Alabama…

They don’t like it….

But with polls could be showing Roy Moore pulling ahead of Doug Jones and Donald Trump saying he’s FOR Moore this time?

Things have gotten away from them…

…….there’s a clear sense of resignation among GOP senators who have tried to block Moore from winning the race, acknowledging that the explicit seal of approval from Trump has left them no good options in the Dec. 12 contest. McConnell has acknowledged that he can’t force Moore out of the race.

“That’s up to them,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said of the RNC’s renewed involvement in the race, throwing up his hands.

“I can’t blame them. Let’s face it, they represent the Republican Party,” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) added, speaking about the RNC. “Frankly, I think if he gets elected, that ought to be — that ought to settle an awful lot of the questions.”

The RNC sent $50,000 to the Alabama Republican Party to help Moore in the final week of the campaign. Moore campaigned with former White House strategist Steve Bannon on Tuesday night in Fairhope, an affluent suburb in a county Trump won with more than 70 percent of the vote.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said flatly that she does not think the RNC should be supporting Moore. On his Twitter account Tuesday, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, one of Moore’s loudest critics in the Senate, showed off a $100 check he made to the campaign of Moore’s Democratic foe, Doug Jones.

“I don’t understand that move,” South Dakota Sen. John Thune, the third-ranking Senate Republican, said of the RNC’s decision. “I guess that’s consistent with what the president wants to see happen, but it’s not consistent with what I’ve been saying. I just think, again, we’re putting ourselves in a situation where we’re going to have a cloud of uncertainty and a cloud of distraction come January.”

McConnell and allies of the majority leader say his position hasn’t shifted since The Washington Post last month printed the first allegations that Moore preyed on teenage girls when he was in his 30s. More than a half-dozen women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct, including some who were teenagers at the time.

“Look, I’ve made my position perfectly clear,” McConnell said. “I had hoped that Judge Moore would resign — in other words, withdraw from the race. That obviously is not going to happen…..


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Less than 2 weeks from Alabama US Senate Special election…Close w/ Moore ahead …

Image result for Roy Moore

The RealClear Politics Average has Republican Roy Moore up by +2…

A pro-Trump outfit is out with two polls.…One from Nov. 13 to Nov. 16 with Democratic Doug Jones up by +8% pts…and a second poll from Nov. 26 to Nov. 28 with Moore up by 2%pts….

Almost all of the polling after Nov.16 show Roy Moore ahead by 2% to 6%….


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Republican Roy Moore pulling ahead in two of the latest Alabama US Senate race polls…

The worst is probably over for the former Alabama judge….

With two weeks to go ?

The latest polling has him edging back ahead of Democratic Doug Jones….

Jones is advertising heavily in Alabama….But the state IS a Republican majority state….

There are reports that Black voter’s are not energized there and they are the strongest Democratic vote bloc in that state….

The race IS close…But it appears Moore is back ahead in the polling….

The RealClear Politics polling average now has Moore at a +2% margin….

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Democrat Doug Jones is outspending Roy Moore 7-1 in Alabama US Senate race ad dollars….

The election is two weeks away and the Democratic ads have flooded the airways in the state for the special US Senate election….

The polling shows a tight race in the Red state that shoul;d have GOper Moore way ahead…

Doug Jones and Roy Moore both released new television ads on Monday. But many Alabama voters will see only one of them.

That’s because of the massive disparity in TV ad spending between the two candidates in the Alabama special election to a Senate seat, where Jones, the Democratic candidate, is outspending Moore roughly 7-to-1.

The imbalance is stunning, with just two weeks to go in the campaign: Jones has aired more than 10,000 spots on broadcast TV in Alabama since the primaries, while Moore, the embattled GOP candidate, has run just over 1,000, according to figures compiled by Advertising Analytics.

“I saw probably 40 to 50 Doug Jones ads, and I saw one Roy Moore ad” over the Thanksgiving break, said Daniel Deriso, an aide to Democratic Birmingham Mayor-elect Randall Woodfin….


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Could Doug Jones pull it off in Alabama by keep the Red State social values?

Politico argues that Democratic  Alabama Special election US Senate race candidate Democratic Doug Jones , who currently leds in the polling averages by a hair, CAN win in that Red State….

But….Only if he makes sure he doesn’t rock the deep South Red State’s social issues boat….Alabama is NOT New York, Califonia or even ….

THAT is what the Republicans are using to make sure their party people support Republican/Conservertive Roy Moore who has sexual harassment /assult issues and a checkered past….Related image

Moore looks like a prophet to some, because he’s warned all along that Washington would force its values on places like Alabama. In 2006, 81 percent of Alabama voters supported a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, and less than 10 years later their vote was overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States. Jones should be able to affirm that decision, while also making clear that he does not think it mandates the government to exert pressure to change the teachings of Alabama’s churches or faithful. This may sound obvious, and it is, but that is exactly why Jones should say it: Demogogues like Moore prey on the fears of evangelical voters, relying on Democrats’ unwillingness to make even basic attempts to speak their language or appeal for their votes.

None of this would require Jones to compromise his integrity, though national Democrats and some activists might get queasy if, say, he does promise to vote “present” on abortion. If that happens, they should remember: Jones would represent another key vote on protecting Obamacare, the social safety net, voting rights and criminal justice reform. It would also mean that Alabama would no longer be sending two pro-life votes to the Senate, which would be extraordinary in itself and could play a deciding factor in key votes. And even more importantly, a morally repugnant candidate would be kept out of the world’s greatest deliberative body and denied a national platform to spread his noxious, divisive views….



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New Fox poll has Obama more favorable in Alabama than Trump and Democrat Jones in the lead…

It IS beginning to seem that Republican Roy Moore IS in danger of losing in Red State Alabama to a Democrat…..Doug Jones….

With nine women now causing Moore of unwanted behavior?

He’s losing supportive among those who one would expect to stand by him no matter what…

And if Barack Obama is ahead of Donald Trump down there?

Republicans ARE REALLY in trouble…

A new Fox News poll shows former President Barack Obama is more popular in Alabama than Donald Trump.

The poll, conducted from Monday to Wednesday and released Thursday, shows Obama with a 52 percent favorability rating in the state, compared to Trump’s 49 percent.

Trump won Alabama by 28 points in the 2016 presidential election, while Obama lost the state by about 22 points in 2008 and 2012.

Obama had a 45 percent unfavorable rating in the poll, while Trump had a 48 percent unfavorable rating.

Trump’s job approval rating in the poll was listed at 52 percent, while 47 percent disapprove of his job performance.

The same poll showed Democrat Doug Jones leading Republican Roy Moore by 8 points in the Alabama Senate race in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against Moore.

The poll showed 50 percent of likely voters support Jones, while 42 percent support Moore.

The last Fox News poll on the race, conducted in mid-October, showed Jones and Moore were tied. Another recent poll from the Senate’s GOP campaign arm showed Moore trailing by double digits….


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How bad would it be for GOPer’s if Dem Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate seat?

 over at FiveThirtyEight explores the negatives for Republicans  if Doug Jones wins the special elkection for the Alabama US Senate seat….


He also looks at the postives if Doug Jones wins the election that has pitted national Grand Ole party against the Alabama state party….

How bad is it for Republicans if Jones wins? It’s really bad. Having Jones in office would reduce the GOP margin in the Senate to 51-49, meaning that Republicans could afford only one defection on legislation such as tax reform. For example, if both Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska opposed a bill and everyone else voted along party lines, it would fail by one vote.

Moreover, whoever wins the special election will serve out the remainder of former Sen. Jeff Sessions’s term, which runs through January 2021. Having Jones in office already would make it considerably easier for Democrats to win the Senate in the 2018 midterms: With a win banked in Alabama, flipping Flake’s open seat in Arizona1 and Republican Sen. Dean Heller’s in Nevada would be enough to put Democrats in control of the Senate — provided (and it’s a big provision) that Democrats didn’t lose any of their own seats.

To play devil’s advocate: One could argue that control of the Senate in 2019 and 2020 isn’t all that high-stakes…

How bad is it for Republicans if Moore wins and remains in the Senate? It’s really bad. The inverse of Jones sometimes voting with Republicans is the likelihood that Moore would sometimes vote against Republican leadership. Moore’s policy positions actually aren’t all that different from Republican leadership on issues such as health care and taxes — he’s a culture warrior but not an economic populist. However, he likes to pick fights with the Republican “establishment” and might try to undermine Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. (That McConnell has said Moore should get out of the race would likely only make the antagonism worse.) A good analogy might be to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who has somewhat heterodox political views and is generally an unpredictable vote for McConnell.

But let’s not neglect the much greater consequence, which is that Republicans — if they didn’t expel Moore — would be seen as aiding and abetting, or at least tolerating, someone who has credibly been accused of being a serial child molester…..


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First Alabama Senate race tied poll yesterday…Now Jones leads poll is out….

Republican Roy Moore is in serious trouble down their in Red State Alabama ….

In the week since there surfaced reports that he spent time with a 14 year old?

It has become common knowledge that he aslo spent time with high school females….

Moore, who has been kicked off the judges bench a few times is known to be ‘different’ and in tounch regularly with ‘man up above’….

Republicans in his home state are used to the Moore antics and have his back, GOPer’s in Washington do NOT….

Image result for gones/moore alabama

While polling up to the revelations had Moore as the run away favorite in the December 12 Specail Election for the US Senate seat that Jeff Session gave up to become Attorny General?…..

That was then…

The new poll has Doug Jones, a Alabama Democrat, is ahead by 4% points with the undecided’s at 9%…..

A new JMC Analytics poll in Alabama finds Doug Jones (D) now leading Roy Moore (R) in the U.S. Senate special election run off, 46% to 42%, with 9% undecided.

Interesting: “While 38% of poll participants said they were ‘less likely’ to vote for Moore in the aftermath of the allegations, 29% said it made them ‘more likely’ to vote for him and 33% said it made ‘no difference.’


We still ahve a month to go …..

Moore has huncked down and will be on the ballot….

But the untinkable may just happen next month…

A Democrat could win in Red State Alabama….

And the Grand Ole partties majority in the US Senate for the enxt year could be down to 51/49…..

Politics sure can be interesting, eh?


The new RealClear Politics average is Moore +1.7 today 11/12/17….

image of Moore and Jones…al.com

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Really?…Can a Democrat win the Alabama Special US Senate race?

Probably NOT….

But The WashPost is running a dream wish piece today trying to seel the notion that Democrat Doug Jones has a prayer of upsetting Roy Moore, who is controversial to say the least ….


We’re taking about Red state Alabama….

(Realclearpolling on the race)

Moore, the controversial ex-judge, has said that “homosexual conduct should be illegal” and Muslims shouldn’t serve in Congress. He would continue the “divisive” and “hateful” rhetoric that has been present in Alabama and inject “chaos into chaos” in Washington, Jones said.

Jones claims ties to both parties but no blind loyalty to either. A mild mannered ex-prosecutor, he said that he was nominated for U.S. attorney by a Democratic president — but confirmed by a Republican-led Senate. He also highlighted his recent meetings with labor heads and business leaders.

“People are going to look back at this race and say Alabama made a choice,” Jones said.

At the same appearance one evening late last month, a young man asked Jones why moderate Republicans such as his parents should cross party lines and support a Democrat like him. Another man took issue with his support for abortion rights. A third told the story of a Republican friend who didn’t like Jones campaigning with a “national” Democrat — former vice president Joe Biden.

In an unexpectedly competitive Senate race that both national parties are watching closely, Jones is trying to pull off a challenging and at times conflicting two-step. In a state where Democrats make up less than a third of the electorate, Jones must turn out as many of them as he can — and win over enough Republican voters, too.

The result has been a strategy that includes criticizing Moore, casting himself as a pragmatist and making a direct appeal to the Democratic base by embracing some liberal positions — and touting his role prosecuting two Ku Klux Klan members who bombed a black church in Birmingham in 1963, killing four girls.

It has also involved a lot of sidestepping…..


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Could Democrats grab a US Senate Seat in Alabama?

Oh Shit!

If this Special Election race to replace Attorney General Sessions went to the Democrats I think the media and Republican heads would explode ….

Looking for another poll on this race…

Could bad news about WTH out here Moore be sinking his chances of an expected win and give Democrats that unexpected seat?

Is the Steve Bannon angle the kiss of death for GOP candiadtes for office?

Republican Roy Moore (left) and Democrat Doug Jones.

A new Fox News poll in Alabama finds Roy Moore (R) in a dead heat with Doug Jones (D) for U.S. Senate, 42% to 42%, with another 11% unsure.

Among just the 53% of Alabama registered voters who are “extremely” or “very interested” in the race, Jones has a one-point edge over Moore, 46% to 45%….


image…Republican Roy Moore (left) and Democrat Doug Jones.  (Associated Press)

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Alabama Us Senate Special Election Update…How does Democrat Doug Jones run?

Very gingerly ……

He must blacks and what ever scant white vote he can muster…..


Steal some the white voters who might be worried enough about knucklehead Judger Moore to actually vote for a Democrat….

Image result for Doug jones/alabama

….The former U.S. attorney and civil rights advocate, whom Democrats now believe has an outside shot of upsetting firebrand Roy Moore in a Dec. 12 special election, is staying away from challenging the presidential attacks on professional athletes’ anthem protests and defense of Confederate monuments, which are designed to motivate Trump’s base.

His problem: Jones is going to need the state’s Democratic-leaning African American population to turn out for him, and taking on the president would likely be an attention-grabbing way of motivating them. But Jones is also likely to need a good deal of support from white suburban voters — including many who lean Republican in a state that supported Trump by 28 percentage points last year — to keep the race close. Two recent polls have the contest within single digits.

So Jones is betting that focusing on Moore’s own contentious past statements, rather than Trump’s jabs about the NFL, will be enough to energize the base voters he needs without alienating conservatives who are wary of Moore. The former judge was ousted twice as the Alabama Supreme Court’s chief justice for refusing to comply with federal orders on hot-button social issues — and his provocations have gotten no less dramatic since then.

Jones “obviously has to put together a multiracial coalition — that’s imperative for a Democrat in the South. For a Democrat in Alabama, that can be a difficult needle to thread: to try and energize African-Americans who trend more progressive while holding onto enough white voters who are hesitant to vote for a Democrat,” warned Montgomery-based Democratic pollster Zac McCrary. “What’s different in this case is you have two accelerants: Donald Trump and Roy Moore.”….



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Doug Jones…The Democratic guy running against Roy Moore for the US Senate in Alabama ….


They still have Democrats running for things in Alabama…..

They don’t get much with the odds …

But stranger things have happened lately in national politics, eh?

Image result for doug jones alabama senate race

The victory of former judge Roy Moore in Alabama’s Republican Senate primary gives Democrats a choice — whether to actually compete for the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Democrats have not seriously contested an Alabama Senate race since 1996, but they think they have a credible candidate in Doug Jones, a former U.S. attorney who successfully prosecuted members of the Ku Klux Klan who bombed a black church in Birmingham in 1963, killing four girls. Several progressive groups think they have a clearer shot at winning the general election in December than they would have if Sen. Luther Strange, the establishment candidate who lost resoundingly to Moore on Tuesday, had won.

Clearer, but not necessarily easier.

After a string of high-profile defeats in special House elections, two of them in the Deep South, Democrats are approaching the Jones campaign carefully. The 63-year-old lawyer, who has never run for office, has raised less than $300,000 despite securing the Democratic nomination a month ago. Moore raised more than $1.4 million but was outspent by Strange. Alabama, which gave a 28-point victory to President Trump last year, has not elected any Democrat to statewide office this decade.

In an interview conducted before Moore secured his win, Jones said he had a unique opportunity to break Democrats out of their rut. He would offer “political checks and balances” on the Trump administration, reach out to independents and provide a sober contrast with firebrand Moore…..


image of Jones (l.) and Moore..abcnews.go.com

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