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Superman Renounces His American Citizenship…The Oligarch Kings…

From Comics Alliance

Its official – DC comics have sold out.  Not simply the entire run of Action Comics 900 which is set to reprint due to exceptional demand but if you believe the pundits in America’s media and politics, the entire nation.

What on earth has caused such a furore?

Well it seems that the latest line in the long running comic book saga has Superman renounce his American Citizenship.  And this has fairly hit the fan in America.  The New York Times no less has felt moved to comment, and was followed in no particular order by an unseemly scramble from Huffington Post, The Drudge Report, Boing Boing, and thence out into the mainstream through Fox TV and “The O’Reilly Factor” .  Even Mike Huckabee, never a man to wear his underpants over his trousers, had a say –  though strangely I can never remember anything he says.

American’s take their comics seriously.  Very seriously, and they make their characters national models of virtue or evil.  They are marketed not just for kids, or spotty lonely adolescents with no friends and an onanism habit, but as main stream entertainment for adults.  A huge film industry has pumped out entire franchises of Spidermen, X-Men and Fantastical Fours.

In America there are any number of these comics, all competing in a huge industry.  This is not the land of “The Beano” or “The Dandy”.
A simply visit to the web site Comics Alliance will show the sheer variety of subject matter and skill of the artists.

But Superman – the Man of Steel- (does anyone else see Stalinist overtones here?) saying he is no longer willing to be seen as a
spokesman for the American Way has fairly got establishment knickers in a twist……