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Booker vs Warren….Contrasting Democratic 2020 front runners…

Ezra Klien over at Vox spoke to both and did his view of how different the two go at things in the Donald Trump world….

Two different theories are emerging in two of the Democratic Party’s most interesting leaders. I’ve recently interviewed Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker (both conversations are available, in full, on my podcast), and have been struck by the contrast in their responses to the Trump era.

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Elizabeth Warren: Democrats have to become what Trump only pretends to be

Warren, whose new book is titled This Fight is Our Fight, believes that the antidote to Trumpism is an authentic, liberal populism. In her view, Democrats must become the thing Trump only pretends to be — warriors against the rich, powerful interests that have overwhelmed American democracy.

“I actually do think the fight metaphor is right,” she told me when I asked whether Trump’s angry faux-populism could only be countered with an angry real populism. “This is how democracy works now … everything we hold dear is truly under assault.”

To Warren, being in a fight means, well, fighting. She has been rare among national Democrats in attacking Trump in much the terms Trump attacks everyone else….

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Cory Booker and the politics of love

If Warren thinks Democrats need to become what Trump merely claims to be, Booker believes they need to become what Trump clearly isn’t. In his view, the opposite of Trump’s angry, resentment-fueled politics is a compassionate, love-fueled politics. The opposite of a president who makes politics feel like a war is a politician who at least carries the possibility of peace.

“I really believe this is the response to the era of Donald Trump, and I’m sorry if it sounds corny, but I don’t think it’s corny at all,” Booker says. “It’s gotta be about love. it’s gotta be about the connections we have to each other.”

Like Warren, Booker is uncomfortable with the attacks he’s launched on Trump. But unlike Warren, he thinks his discomfort is a strength, not a weakness. “I called Donald Trump a liar on national TV, and when I got off TV, I felt bad, because it violated my values,” he says. “I can say he was lying, which is the right thing to do, because he did lie, and he does lie quite often. But I didn’t like to be crossing a line and condemning his soul.”…

But while Booker’s gentler approach frustrates Trump’s fiercer critics, it’s easy to imagine it appealing to voters who just want to move on from an ugly, conflictual era in American politics. Like Warren, Booker believes Trump fights for himself. But unlike Warren, he believes Democrats must show that politics doesn’t need to be a constant fight, that peace is possible.



My money is on Booker right now….

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2020 Democrats for President…Kamala Harris?

We’ll continue to spotlight the increasingly long list of Democrats mentioned as possibles for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination….

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Now’s the time prospective presidential candidates start taking the subtle but crucial behind-the-scenes steps that get them noticed by the political intelligentsia, and Sen. Kamala Harris is quietly following the script.

She’s making speeches to key national constituencies. She’s due for an appearance at a Washington think-tank panel full of chattering-class presidential favorites that the national media will be reporting and analyzing, probably for days. She’s been fundraising for colleagues and making sure that she is forming relationships with key national reporters.

They’re all boxes that prospective presidential candidates routinely check. It’s a chance to ultimately convince insiders they’ve got the gravitas and the fundraising chops to be taken seriously.

The California Democrat, sworn into office four months ago, insists she’s not thinking about a run for president. Her inner circle forcefully tries to tamp down 2020 speculation – after all, there is no upside to being seen as a new senator focused more on national political ambition than on California.

But the speculation is not going away, not with the absence of a clear Democratic presidential frontrunner and the party desperately in search and in need of a new generation of leadership.

 “A lot of activists in the party would love to see a new leader step forward,” said Roger Hickey,” co-director of the progressive strategy group Campaign for America’s Future.

Harris is being closely watched….



Sen Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.)…Democratic 2020 Presidential list growing…

This time there will be no step asides for Hillary Clinton in 2020….

(My feeling is Clinton IS putting herself in position to run , if asked anyways)

Early handicapping?

Right now the pundits have Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as their fab two…But this Dog discount’s both are way too far either to the left or niche players …..Kirsten Gillibrand has just announced that she is focused on getting re-elected next year….New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to be building a foundation for a run after handles his re-election run next year….There are more names being mentioned , but those seem to be wishful thinking or outright long…long shots….

My early feeling is that Cory Booker is in the lead…..

Someone to also watch is a woman who seems to fit into where Democrats NEED to regain momentum …..

Sen. Amy Klobucher , one Michigans Democratic Senators….

Like others who spoke at a Democratic Party fundraiser here, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) said that so much has changed nationwide since President Trump took office.

“Back in January, on that inaugural stage, I was officially displaced as the most famous Slovenian American by Melania Trump,” she joked. “That was hard on me.”

“Every time I look at her,” Klobuchar deadpanned, “it’s like looking in the mirror.”

The crowd burst into laughter, but then Klobuchar — known as one of the funnier members of Congress — turned serious, strongly criticizing President Trump for his late-night tweets, and his attacks on immigrants, Muslim refugees, federal judges and the news media.

“Donald Trump kind of likes it when we talk about him, right? But here in Iowa, you pride yourself on being first. First in corn production, first in hogs — first in caucuses,” she said. “Let’s be the first Democratic Party dinner where the rest of the night we don’t even mention his name.”

That line earned strong applause from about 300 Democrats and independents who showed up Sunday night to hear a little-known senator from a neighboring state who may one day compete in their presidential caucuses. The party’s base, intently focused on winning back statehouses and seats in Congres in 2018, is already being courted and prodded by potential 2020 candidates….

Before the speech, Klobuchar said that Democrats have done a good job this year “sussing out what kinds of things [Trump] is really going to do. But I think it’s time now to start moving forward with an economic agenda and start putting it out there for people.”

That agenda is being shaped by the bustling “resistance” and an increasingly active left. For much of Barack Obama’s presidency, Democratic activists expected Hillary Clinton to run as his successor. They worked, with some success, to move her to the left on issues including health care, wages and criminal justice reform; they found more success when Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) waged a stronger primary challenge than anyone had expected.

Sanders, who will turn 79 in 2020, has deflected questions about a second run. But his influence on the party, and candidates’ view of where the party has moved, is unmistakable….



He, he, he…..

Here’s The Hill’s list of 43 possible Democrats that could run for the parties nomination in 2020….

Excuse me….

Not ALL of them are Democrats….

Joe Biden gets back in the running….

Joe Biden has tried for the Presidency several times only to drop out….

He’s been next in line for the job for 8 years…

While he’s four years older to Donald Trump….

The Democrats don’t have anyone in the lead now for 2020….

Democrats are waldering around lost ….while…

 Donald Trump IS a HOT MESS trying to undo all that Obama and Biden did for 8 years…


Joe Biden is reportedly …..


Talking to people and making the rounds….

This dog sure is happy to hear about this….

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Joe Biden has been saying yes to nearly all the political invitations coming his way, with new ones arriving almost daily. Privately, the former vice president and his staff have started talking about how to begin planning a strategy with a roughly 18-month timeline so that if he decides on another presidential run, he’ll be best positioned to get it off the ground.

Biden will be 77 by the time of the next Iowa caucuses, but Biden 2020 just might happen.

He will be in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Sunday night for a speech at the state Democratic Party dinner. After that, he’ll appear at a fundraiser for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and deliver, by turns, a speech to the Florida Democratic Party, an address to investment leaders’ SALT Conference in Las Vegas in May, and commencement addresses at Harvard University, Colby College and Morgan State University. It’s the kind of schedule that would fit with a candidate in the early stages of a White House run, but adviser say that at this point his activities are guided only by keeping his commitment to staying involved and helping rebuild the Democratic Party.

While former President Barack Obama is holding back to avoid being drawn in directly with his successor, Biden will be stating a case, and making sure people hear him state it. The former vice president, according to people who’ve spoken with him, is eager to be much more political, though not directly anti-Trump.

“He doesn’t sit still well,” said a Biden adviser. “He wants to have a voice. The more stuff he does like this, the more people hear his voice.”….



Biden is going to New Hampshire already…



Speaking at an annual Democratic Party dinner in New Hampshire on Sunday evening, former Vice President Biden drew a groan from the crowd when he addressed the elephant in the room.

Addressing a crowd in Manchester, Biden told the first-in-the-nation state that though his visit “caused a lot of speculation–guys I’m not running!”….


Sen. Warren says again…She will NOT run for President…

She didn’t run in 2016….

She won’t run in 2020…

Count her out….

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said Tuesday she has no plans to run for president in 2020.

“No,” Warren answered when asked on NBC’s “Today” show if she was plans a White House bid. “I am running in 2018 for senator from Massachusetts.”

Host Matt Lauer appeared to question her response, saying “a lot of people are already printing up those bumper stickers for 2020 that say ‘she was warned, she was given an explanation, nevertheless she persisted.'”

Warren did not respond to his comments.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) created a rallying cry for Warren’s supporters in February. McConnell rebuked Warren after the Senate voted to prevent her from speaking during a protest of then-Sen. Jeff Sessions‘s (R-Ala.) nomination as attorney general….



NY Democratic Governor Cuomo moves to left for 2020…

The New York Governor seems to be setting the stage for something he wanted to do four years ago….

Run for President….

Something his Dad backed down from in the last minute…

The governor denies any presidential hopes, but the state’s 2017-18 budget— passed on Sunday, nine days late — contains many elements of a possible campaign platform, including issues like holding down taxes, increasing a child care tax credit and extending a tax on the state’s wealthiest earners.

Such initiatives have also been interspersed with attention to moderate social reforms, including gun control and paid family leave, dappled with more progressive policies like protections for transgender residents and a rejection of fracking.

Many of those moves were a departure from the early years of Mr. Cuomo’s first term, when his centrist tendencies saw him stray from the liberal platform, often to the chagrin of his own party.

“I had good friends in this area who couldn’t distinguish him from a Republican,” said Jeanne Zaino, a professor of political science at Iona College in Westchester County, the well-to-do area where Mr. Cuomo now lives.

Mr. Cuomo announced his plan to make state colleges tuition-free in January alongside Senator Bernie Sanders. CreditSam Hodgson for The New York Times

But after a surprisingly difficult primary challenge on the way to his re-election in 2014, Mr. Cuomo’s leftward tilt began, including support for a tiered $15 minimum wage — an idea he had earlier dismissed — in 2016.

The election of President Trump brought about another adjustment to Mr. Cuomo’s political compass. He began positing that a socio-economic disconnect was the reason Mrs. Clinton lost, arguing at a fund-raiser that the election had proved to Democrats that “there is a middle class that we have not been attentive to, and it’s a middle class that’s been suffering for a long time,” The Daily News reported.

While some similar post-mortems were offered by others, Mr. Cuomo’s position as governor of New York — the president’s home state — may have given them extra weight, even as he began to criticize Mr. Trump’s policies on immigration and abortion, and subsequent proposals to cut federal funds to the state.

New York Gov Andrew Cuomo 2020?

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Sharp eyed New Yorkers KNOW this already as their Governor travels around the state announcing  job generating infrastructure projects….

After studiously avoiding the event for six years, Andrew Cuomo finally made an appearance in Washington during the presidential showcase formally known as the National Governors Association winter meeting.

The New York governor’s visit was fleeting — he hobnobbed at a Friday evening reception with his Democratic colleagues before returning home the same day — but it’s a step onto the national stage guaranteed to fuel speculation about his 2020 intentions.

“We need to win back the middle-class while pushing progressive values,” Cuomo said at a private dinner that included fellow governors Dannel Malloy, Jay Inslee, John Hickenlooper and Terry McAuliffe, according to a person who attended, before reviewing the “Middle Class Recovery Act” he’s currently pushing in Albany.

Cuomo, of course, insists that he’s not thinking about a presidential run in four years, even as he takes more steps to join the national conversation — in the days before the Washington trip, he urged congressional Democrats to “stand up” and “fight” to protect Obamacare. But New York operatives, state lawmakers and long-time associates see the 59-year-old governor as carefully laying down markers for his future, whatever it may hold, after Hillary Clinton’s unexpected defeat.

The cornerstone of that argument, and the way Cuomo sees himself as different and potentially more viable than more obvious 2020 prospects like Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown or even home-state Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has always been that Cuomo gets done what other politicians — usually legislators — simply talk about…..



The Expanding Early 2020 Democratic Presidential field….

Less than fours years out….

The list of Democrats who COULD be in the running for the 202 Democratic Presidential nomination is growing….

Few are looked at as serious….

But they may be still on the list….

Most are NOT houshold Democratic names….

But neither was Bill Clinton or Barack Obama….

The list has Senators, Governors and retired politicians …..and just plain rich people like you-know-who types….

At least a dozen senators are widely thought to be in the mix — including Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren, New Jersey’s Cory Booker, California’s Kamala Harris, Ohio’s Sherrod Brown, Oregon’s Jeff Merkley, New York’s Kirsten Gillibrand, Connecticut’s Chris Murphy, and both Minnesotans, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken. But the depleted bench of Democratic governors is also stocked with possible White House hopefuls, expanding the list of credible presidential prospects to as many as two dozen.

“You say there are 7,000 Democrats who think they’re going to be president? Well 3,500 of them have a good shot at it,” said Democratic strategist Erik Smith, a veteran of multiple presidential campaigns, including Barack Obama’s. “There are so many candidates who have held back over the last 10 years. A lot of them didn’t get into the race because Hillary Clinton was running in 2007, and then a lot stayed out in 2016 because she ran again, so you have a whole generation that’s been waiting in the wings for years. Those calls are definitely happening.”…

New York’s Andrew Cuomo is high on the list of expected candidates, Washington’s Jay Inslee has caught operatives’ attention with his strident anti-Trump proclamations in recent months, and both Montana’s Steve Bullock and Virginia’s Terry McAuliffe are also surfacing on long-lists. Colorado’s John Hickenlooper pointedly refused to rule out a run just this week….

And there are More…..


Some one HAS mentioned Hillary Clinton also…..