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Former Gov. Phil Bredesen is entering the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate from Tennessee .

Democrats step up their national recruiting for the 2018 elections…

This is for the US Senate seat that Bob Corker is not running for re-election….

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According to multiple sources, Bredesen began calling major donors this afternoon to confirm that he is in the race. He has been mum about a campaign since U.S. Sen. Bob Corker announced he would step down next year, only acknowledging that he was contemplating a run. A formal announcement of his intent to run has not yet been made.

Bredesen was elected governor in 2002 and served through 2010. He was the mayor of Metro Nashville from 1991 to 1999. His entrance in the Senate race means there will be a contested primary next August, something attorney and political newcomer James Mackler was hoping to avoid. However, it’s possible a competitive primary could spur interest in the race from Democrats who have been used to having a slate of candidates on statewide ballots that range from bad to abysmal in recent years. And along with a possibly competitive governor’s race and a national atmosphere predicted to be like 2006 and 2010 — as far as flipping seats — Bredesen’s entrance should make for a very interesting race indeed….



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Popular Former Gov. Phil Bredesen a Democrat, could run for Tennesse US Senate seat…

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Former Gov. Phil Bredesen, the last Democrat to win a statewide race in Tennessee, is considering a bid to succeed retiring Republican Bob Corker in the U.S. Senate.

Bredesen said in a statement Monday that he is mulling an entry into the race after several people urged him to reconsider his initial statements that he had no interest in running.

“In the days ahead, I’m going to do some research, talk with people and carefully think this through,” he said. “I’ll make a decision quickly.”

Bredesen, who turns 74 next month, is a wealthy former Nashville mayor who was first elected governor in 2002. He had largely withdrawn from politics and public life since completing his second term in early 2011.

Bredesen acknowledged that it would take a vast amount of money to wage a successful bid.

“Set against that, I love solving problems and in Washington right now there is plenty of material,” he said.

Republican U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn jumped into the Senate race shortly after Gov. Bill Haslam announced he wouldn’t run with a video calling for a “conservative revolution” and saying that “too many Senate Republicans act like Democrats or worse.”

A Blackburn primary victory could make a moderate Democrat like Bredesen competitive, said Kent Syler, a political science professor at Middle Tennessee State University and a former Democratic congressional staffer…..



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Rep. Marsha Blackburn will run for Corker’s Tenn US Senate seat…

Republican Bob Corker has had enough, so he won’t run for re-election….

As expected?

Rep. Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee will run to replace him in the US Senate…She is a true beliver conservative anti-establishment type….

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Rep. Blackburn continues a trend of conservative, anti-establishment Republicans hoping to claim a Senate seat.

Roy Moore, the Alabama candidate backed by Breitbart and Steve Bannon, beat incumbent Sen. Luther Strange in last month’s special election — even after Trump and Mitch McConnell endorsed him. Blackburn will similarly go after Democrats and establishment Republicans alike…..



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Will Peyton Manning run for the US Senate ?

If he does?

He’ll talk a BIG pay cut…..

Would he be THAT dumb?

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Talk about a Hail Mary.

It’s “possible,” but not likely that former NFL star Peyton Manning will trade in his football retirement for politics.

Just one day after Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) announced he will retire when his second term is up, he floated the possibility of Peyton running for his seat in the Senate, Politico reported.

“If he were to run nobody in their right mind would consider running against him,” Corker told Politico, saying he had spoken with Manning Wednesday morning…..



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Sen Bob Corker of Tennessee might not re-up for another term…

Republicans want to hold on to their majority in the US Senate…

Corker staying there  would be one seat they wouldn’t have to worry about though Democratic chances in the state should not be good….But internal fighting among GOPer’s could help Democratic candidates next year…

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Republican Sen. Bob Corker said Monday he is unsure about running for re-election, injecting fresh doubts into the GOP’s efforts to tighten its hold on the Senate majority next year.

The Tennessee lawmaker, a sometimes critic of President Donald Trump, expressed his ambivalence in a brief statement, even as he sits on more than $6.5 million in a campaign account.

“While we are in a strong position, I am still contemplating the future and will make a decision at the appropriate time,” Corker said.

He emphasized that “everyone in the Volunteer state knows … running for re-election has never been an automatic for me.”

Corker, 65, chairs the influential Foreign Relations Committee and has been regarded as a shoo-in for a third term. His name surfaced as possible secretary of state in the Trump administration, a job that went to Rex Tillerson.

Corker raised eyebrows last month when he told Tennessee reporters after a town hall meeting that Trump “has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful.”….



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